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hello and welcome to the arctic world were you can be anykind of arctic animal you want and yes it can be a mytjical beast XD this is a furry ish roleplay and yes there is magic but only fire,ice,earth,and wind magic…be nice and dont use to many op things please and thank you anyone is welcome please dont hate ion others for being a furry,gay,lesbian,bisexual,femboy,trans,autistic,adhd,any kind of race,add,odd,or any kind of ilness or opinion everyone is alowed to be themselves  just follow the rule



oc name:frost


age:15 human years

race:arctic fox/wolf hybrid

magic:ice magic

personality:quiet..avoids people..fights others..abit to be around  if near someone he trusts

backstory:lived in the arctic all his life and is adept to hiding,hunting,and living in the coldest of places..has been alone his whole life since his family died

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Cherry_and_lilifrost:normal   25d ago


walking around the icy arctic terrain near the town of snowville

Cherry_and_lili     25d ago

(none of the characters or thier forms that i use in this roleplay are naked..they are simply just fluffy this isnt going to be a nsfw roleplay this is adventure and fun and fantasy please dont be a creep…yes flirting is ok just dont harrass someone or stalk them unless its vital to the roleplay…dont hate the player for being themselves unless thier being racist,descrimanitive,or just hella rude..please report to my in my pms of those issues ill handle it)


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