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KanedgyThales   33d ago


Thales was in the gardens of Olympus. He spent most of his time in company with the flowers. His father, Hephaestus, strongly disapproved of such. His father said it was too feminine. Personally, Thales didn't care what his father thought. In his opinion, if Aphrodite wasn't forced to marry him, he would never have had a chance with her. Which would mean one of two things: Thales would have a stronger father, or Thales wouldn't be alive.

Naturally, he would prefer to just have a stronger power. Blacksmithing is cool and all, but why couldn't he control lightning such as Zeus? Or be a great warrior such as Ares? Due to this he was much more in touch with the gifts he received from his mother. The goddess of love. Associated with beauty, desire, and sexuality. If any human were to look upon Thales, he would be considered more than attractive due to this fact. Even by gods' standards he was quite handsome. Because he purposely didn't control people, he was often alone.  Which is why most of his time was spent in the gardens. It was quiet, yet full of life. Olympus was quite beautiful. Thales always appreciated beauty, and recognized where it was. One perk of being the freak son between a love goddess and a blacksmith god.

In a way, he wasn't completely alone…he did have a pet cat who was quite attached to him. At least he had something who appreciated him for not manipulating their desires. Eros was the cat's name, after Thales' grandfather. The original love god. His whereabouts were unknown. Such as most of the original gods. Many humans got their stories wrong as they claimed Eros was the son of Aphrodite and Ares.  Hesiod was correct in his book, though. Eros was the fourth god to come to existence. After Chaos, Gaia, and Tartarus. It's possible that he is the embodiment of love currently, like Gaia is Earth.

Thales was always asking his mother for such information, but she claimed herself not to know. 

All these thoughts ran through Thales' head as he walked through the paths of Olympus' garden. The flowers were quite beautiful, which was what attracted Thales to this place. Through the air was a pleasant aroma caused by these flowers. Such that would remind you of better times and make you forget your problems…Almost like a drug. Eros was walking beside Thales, rubbing against his leg and purring. It gave Thales a warm feeling inside. Something he never got from interaction with other gods…One thing did spark his curiosity, though. His mother banned travel to the underworld for him. He did not know why, just that she didn't want him down there… He was already a few centuries old. In his mind he didn't need his mother overbearing anymore. After all, humans do it when they're practically infants. Only 18 or 21 years old. Yet he couldn't blame her. Zeus is overbearing on almost every god that isn't Hades or Poseidon.

After all, they're basically better at ruling than he is. They both control their own domains on their own. Zeus claims he likes the company. Yet there are certain gods he hates. Thales is one of them. Because he isn't very useful in battle Zeus claims it would be better if he took after his father, instead of being ‘feminine’ such as his mother. One person he tried to persuade was Zeus. He failed miserably…which is an understatement. Zeus became furious with the boy and banned him from the palace for a while. Once Zeus cooled down, Thales was allowed entry again.

In the distance, bells could be heard. "Ugh, whoever created this idea of ‘classes’ must be banished" Thales said to himself as he picked up Eros and made his way to where the class for the day was. He believed it was Health…lead by his mother and Persephone. Both goddesses of fertility in their own way, it seemed perfect that they led such class. 

On his way out of the garden, he was greeted by the noise of many of young gods and goddesses on their way to class as well. Oh, how he hated the noise. It was that of immaturity. Many of his classmates were such. At least in Thales' eyes. Their loud and disruptive behavior reminded him of human children. 

One of Thales' pet peeves was immaturity. He claimed it kept fellow gods and goddesses from their true beauty. It was quite a walk to the tree where classes were held from the garden. It was nice to see the roads of Olympia and the life that blossomed almost everywhere. True beauty is what Thales described Olympia as. A place fitting for the gods. While Thales was taking in the sights, a portal opened to his south. It was the people from the underworld coming for class. Persephone and her daughter was leading the group. Persephone had a daughter…? Since when? Thales was starstruck. Eros wiggled around in Thales' arms and slipped out of them. To which he paid no mind. The girl was beyond beautiful. Darker colors lined with purple…a color scheme he hadn't seen much. Beauty is unique.  Even though the color scheme really wasn't, to Thales it didn't matter. Once she glanced his direction, he quickly looked away and picked up Eros. He resumed his walk while petting Eros. Doing anything he could to not look the girl's way…he didn't even know her name. Hell, he didn't even know she existed before he saw her enter Olympia. The crown of flowers he was wearing was left behind. While he often had one with him, right now it didn't matter. 

Once he got to the tree where they normally meet for class, he immediately began to look for his mother. He had to find out who the girl was. In his lifetime, he had never seen any other sentient being impress him this way. The sheer beauty of her, he could not live without. At least, that's how it felt in the moment. 

Putting Eros down, he began to start the hunt for his mother. Thales had never craved information so much in his life. In fact, he had never found another being so interesting and beautiful. Her whole aura gave off a mysterious vibe. 

Eros began to play with some of the flowers once Thales found his mother.

“Mother, I have a question…There was this girl, who was close to Persephone. She gave off this weird aura. Who is she? Please, Mother, tell me.” 

KanedgyHades   32d ago


Hades. God of the underworld. Eldest son of Cronus. Now a father. 


He looked upon the innocent babe Persephone just gave form to. It was a new start. As a father, he could give meaning to life now. Not just death. He was quite unlike Zeus and Poseidon. He wasn't always chasing women. Once he found Persephone, he was content. Now, they have born a child. “Melinoë. That will be her name.”

That was the happiest moment of Hades' life. The birth of his daughter. Now he was having to let go of his little girl and let her do her own thing. Oh, how he despised that. Persephone was always telling him a more positive side to things. After all, without Persephone their daughter would probably be trapped in the underworld with him. 

His one goal was to do better than his father, which was not hard to do. After all, his father almost caused the end of the world and ate him and his younger siblings. Seems easy. He could just watch the humans and see what they do...right?


In the early years of his daughter's life, it seemed like he was scrambling around. Another way he was different from his brothers. He was trying to be a good father and be in his kid's life. One thing Hades was never good at was emotions. 

To even get a suitable wife, he had to abduct Persephone. Binding her to him by feeding her the food of the underworld. The gods made an agreement that ⅓ of the year Persephone would spend with Hades. To many people, Hades was not the ideal partner. Not repulsive looking but his home sure was. Being a son of Cronus, he was one of the best-looking gods in fact. Due to this, his daughter was quite good-looking as well. Even for gods' standards. Due to this, he didn't like when she would go to Olympia. All the other gods would try to get at her. Hades was always protective of Melinoë. It was his dear baby. In his eyes, it would always be that way. He never wanted his baby bird to leave the nest. It worried him. After all, she seemed completely content in the underworld. She can't leave him such as his son did…it can't happen again.

Persephone thought otherwise. She believed it would be good for their daughter to go to Olympia. Hades himself said no. It was far too risky. Olympia is a vast place and there's no telling what the gods would do to get to her. Many gods didn't know Hades had a daughter. Hell, Hades wasn't even sure if Melinoë knew she had an older brother. The boy left centuries ago. Which is another reason Hades strived to be better. Zagreus hated his father's guts. After all, Hades was quite hard on the poor boy. He completely forbade travel from the underworld from the kid. Yet somehow the boy still escaped, to never come back to the underworld.

Hades would not let that happen again. He couldn't let that happen again. After expressing this to Persephone, she claimed that her eyes would be on their daughter always. Because she was a teacher of the younger gods. On one condition, Hades agreed. Which is that Melinoë would be followed by a servant of his. One who would not be seen in Olympia. There's no possible way that Persephone could always watch her. 

Persephone explained how that would lead to the same resent Zagreus has for him. Reluctantly, he permitted Melinoë to travel to Olympia. He walked up to his throne and sat down. Why is this so difficult? In his entire life, no one had just liked him. It was always forced. Persephone is no exception. Down in the depths of Hades' mind, he believed that Persephone only tolerated him because she was forced to be with him. After all, she always seemed to be happier in Olympia. Always with that brat Aphrodite. Which was another reason Hades didn't like the thought of Melinoë going to Olympus. 

He hated Aphrodite. Very few others got his blood boiling such as she. Yet Persephone and Aphrodite were best of friends. Which annoyed him even more. He never mentioned it to her, though. The last thing he wanted was to be so in control of them, they would leave. Of course, Persephone couldn't leave without a war breaking out. After all the agreement was to prevent a war. That doesn't change the possibility of Persephone hating him, though.

That was the thing that scared him the most. He didn't care if she did hate him, just as long as she could fool him into thinking otherwise. In his desperate heart, it was easy to do. The Big Three seemed to have the most problems out of any of the gods, especially Hades. He got the short end of the stick being the eldest.

Persephone and Melinoë had just left. He was alone. Again. It was a feeling that consumed him such as the pit of Tartarus would. He was quite familiar with it, but he could never get comfortable with it. Sometimes, even with his dear Sephie, he still felt that way. Knowing it wasn't real love, it shattered him even more than he was broken earlier.

As long as the feeling wasn't permanent, he could bear it. Behind him he could hear his father laughing from Tartarus. “You're not alone, son. You'll always have your dear father” to which Hades got up and sent millions of ghosts down the pit, to keep his “dear” father company. “Well, Cronus. Now you no need for me. I never had one for you.” Hades said while looking into the deep abyss. Once he turned around to walk back to his throne, Cronus stated: “I know you're aware that your daughter will not be safe there. You know your brothers better than I. I doubt they'll like that you conceived a daughter without their knowing.” Hades just looked over his shoulder and sighed. "You're wrong. They're one of the only ones who know about Melinoë. Also, you should stop talking before the vacuum closes." Hades replied. His father often tried to torment him. Especially after his defeat. Due to Cronus' overwhelming power he could still talk despite being cut into millions of pieces and thrown into Tartarus. Often called the ninth circle of hell, it has no oxygen and is a never-ending abyss where whatever is in it endlessly falls.

One of the reasons Hades was given reign over the underworld was to keep tabs on their father. 


He just hoped Melinoë would never find out about Cronus. The Titan's slick tongue would no doubt trick her.

ﻮ๏๔๔єรร ค


Aphrodite, the Goddess of love. More like the very pure desire of one's soul. She is the epitome of sex. Her powers of control are out of this world and most god feared her for her power. Her appearance can change like a sort of shapeshifting, but of the mind. No one but the gods know what she looks like but even some of the gods and goddesses alike are under her spell. Her hair is a translucent silver that reflects colors easily which is why no one know what she really looks like. 

Her eyes are just as translucent but are powered by her mood. At times a pinkish hue can be seen when she is her normally bubbly self. When angered they have a blackish hue. When envious they look almost green and so on and so forth. She doesn't have many friends but only one that is true and dear and that would be, Persephone. She never had to per sway Sephie to be her friend and the goddess was always kind and it was easy for people to take advantage of her kindness. Sephie was the total opposite of Aphrodite. She felt like a protector to Sephie sometimes and loved her friend with all her heart.

Aphrodite has been teaching at Olympia for a while now, it was Sephie that was new. She was usually used as a substitute but now she was official. She could wait to teach alongside her bestie. Only downfall to Sephie was that no good, temperamental, fiery haired husband of her. Hades. Sephie would write letter about him and then about her daughter. Sadly, she stopped going to the underworld for a while and it was a complete accident. 

It wasn't the first day but like always Olympia was bright and shiny, not to mention loud with all the bustling students. Young God and Goddess learning to hone their gifts in hopes to be great like their so-called great parents. She too herself had children. Thales is her beloved son. He probably takes more after her than his Father. Hephaestus was okay, a devoted husband but he was just so… Blah looking. He was not cute whatsoever. So glad Thales took more after her.

She was setting up class as kids roamed in and out. She wanted to make sure everything was perfect for Sephie. After a little Thales came running up to her talking about Sephie and seeing a girl next to her she had to think about it. Placing a delicately manicured finger in her chin she pursed her lips in thought. “Persephone did mention I think having a daughter at one point… Hrm, but what was her name..?” She loved watching Thales squirm even if just a little bit. He was so adorable. 

“Oh yes that's right I believe who you saw was Melinoe. Isn't she a doll.” She loved that the little Sephie was rather pretty. She loved Pretty things. It sucked that Hades was rather handsome. He just had a piss poor attitude.

ﻮ๏๔๔єรร ɱ


“Honey how many times must I say Cerberus is not a pet. He is supposed to be guarding.” Persephone couldn't help but chuckle at her daughter as Cerberus was play fetch. The three headed beast was fighting over a rope that Melinoe had thrown. “Don't blame me they came to me with the rope.” They both watched Cerberus for a few more minutes before Persephone sent them back.

It was just another day in the life of a god, well in Melinoe case, Goddess. She was kind hearted, She got a lot of gifts from her mother. Sadly she had her Father's temper. Their combined powers are conflicting but with her it made her who she is. WithWith her mother being the goddess of fertility she was able to make people plants either grow or help them with reproducing. Her brother was always better with plants than animals and people she on the other hand her plant growing skills were probably average on best they were nothing compared to her brother.

Now her animal skills were phenomenal she could probably surpass her mom with the right education. Animals just flocked to her whether she wanted them to or not. So she was always around the hellhounds and everything she knew the inner workings of the underworld and how souls went through stages before waiting to their afterlife. She was proud of the work her father did he controlled a whole domain by himself. Just like Poseidon he to control the whole domain by himself but Zeus was never by himself in Olympus he had practically every God up there and let's not forget about the goddesses.

Mel 's appearance was pretty dark and gloomy but it's not like you can wear certain colors in the underworld it just clashes with the environment. But whenever she needed to go up to Olympia she dressed and lighter colors no neons or bright pinks but a splash of purple or red her normal splash was blue. Every now and again Persephone would teach at Olympia her dad Hades would teach at Olympia but because he was part of the underworld he was like a fill ins or substitute.

Persephone on the other hand was a teacher at Olympia she worked with plants and animals. She taught the basics of growth and the way of life. Her co-teacher was Aphrodite and they would also delve into health class from time to time too. It took Persephone a lot of convincing to let their daughter finally go to school.

Melinoë had only ever lived in the underworld. Her father Hades didn't want to lose her or want her to go off on her own like her older brother did. She was a little excited to be starting school it was going to be different Persephone was actually taking a few people up there, something about carpooling. Whatever that meant. She did know she was going to get to see you on teetee Aphrodite. She used to come down to the underworld to visit Persephone, but she hadn't been down for a while.

Just before her Mother and her left for Olympus, she hugged her father and thanked him. She was always curious because her mother talked about Olympia quite often. She would bring up Gammie Demeter. Her brother would have loved Demeter, she wondered if that was where he was. He would often cross her mind. She wondered what he looked like and how he was. She only found out about her brother one night when she was younger and had a strange nightmare about one specific haunted soul. It woke her up and sounded really creepy, so she pattered down to sleep with her mother and father, and he was mumbling about a son. 

The portal to go to Olympia was like a ring of blue flames mixed with some smokey iridescent coloring. Walking through it was odd, the portal was really cold. Coming through to the other side was so different that she could have imagined. The colors and sounds. It was a lot to take in, but it was all so wonderful. She walked right next to her mom with her head held high. 

She felt as if someone was looking at her but then again, a lot of people were, they have never seen anyone like her, but a few others were mostly greeting her mother. She was looking around when she caught sight of a boy with pink hair. He ran away so abruptly at the sight of her she wondered just how weird she must have looked to everyone here.

KanedgyThales   30d ago


Persephone's daughter? She was more than a doll. The girl was pure beauty. Thales had to befriend her. Maybe even more. He had no problem spending his years with someone so jaw-dropping. Aphrodite had an eye for beauty, of course. Thales got it from her. Squirming even more, Thales asked Aphrodite, “Do you know her name…? She's more than a doll, Mother, I don't know this weird feeling in my chest.”. His voice was shaky at this point, and he was blushing a bit. Balling up his fist, he put it to his chest. Surprised, he took his hands in his mothers and put her hands on his heart. Or whatever the god equivalent was. It was pulsating rapidly. A drop of sweat ran down his cheek. One thing was for sure, Thales had never felt this way before in his life. Due to that fact, it worried him. Was he seriously falling for her? Maybe it was a power the girl had. . .Yeah, that must be it…right?

Shuddering the feeling away, he hugged his mother and kissed her on the cheek. After saying goodbye, he went to his assigned group. Today there was groups of two and just to his surprise, his partner was the mysterious girl. Sitting down, Thales felt like his chest was about to explode. One of the human personality traits he often expressed was introverted. This moment was no exception. To the best of his ability, he acted like she wasn't there. Because of his nervousness, he was losing the suppression of his power. Containing a power deviated from Aphrodite was no easy task. Thales learned that quickly. Eros noticed this and walked to Thales, rubbing against his legs. By this point his eyes started to turn an opaque pink. There was a rollercoaster of emotions Thales was going through in this moment. He began to smell even more like the gardens he recently came from. Probably due to his power. Under all this stress, for some reason, it felt euphoric. An intense version of what humans call a ‘high’.

Beginning to slouch a bit, Thales began to hallucinate. Colors began splashing together. He could barely breathe. On the outside, he was clearly out of it. The poor boy was staring into the sky which was laced with clouds, stars, and planets all at once.  Slowly, his mouth opened. His teeth were as white as marble. Whereas his breath smelt like lavender. At this point, his entire eyes were the opaque pink. Not just the pupils. Eros noticed this and lunged onto the young god's chest. The cat growled and hissed at Melinoë before biting Thales' hand, which was resting on his chest as well.

This snapped Thales out of it. He jolted upwards with pain and the scents were no longer as strong. Slowly, his eyes returned to normal. Looking down at his hand, it was bleeding. Most gods blood did glow white, whereas a certain few did glow violet. Thales' blood was violet. Smiling, completely forgetting Melinoë was next to him, he began to pet Eros and baby talk it. “Who's the cutest? You are!”  Is what he said. At this point, the episode he just went through caused him to forget he was about to start class. Also, he was surrounded by mainly goddesses, but some gods as well. Whatever power he let through swayed them into an almost lustful feeling. A longing, to say the least. 

Eros was always unphased by it. Because Eros is a cat, and the power only works on creatures of high intelligence and consciousness. Thales looked around and saw all the new faces staring at him. Looking to Melinoë, he asked: “Why are they all looking at me?” Thales himself was quite beautiful. He could slightly alter his form, but mainly only changed his hair and eye color. His face was quite well-structured. He got the jawline from his father and the rest from his mother, thankfully. For some reason though, Thales never thought that others felt the same. Most gods and goddesses weren't nearly as beautiful as his mother, him or…Melinoë. Thales eyes widened and he blushed a bit.  Clearing his throat, he stated: “You're a new face around here…what's your name?”  After he had got it, he nodded and stated his name. “I'm Thales, Aphrodite's son. Nice to meet you Melinoë.” Once they exchanged formalities, class had begun. Persephone announced that they were in pairs of two because there would be a project. It was to be finished by next session, which was one week Earth time from now. Thales glanced over at Melinoë. It had to be fate that brought them together…for a week no less. Someone so beautiful was hard for Thales not to stare at, but he somehow managed. As he remembered that he was staring at her entrance, he could only hope she didn't see him.

Their project was announced. They were to grow three Aglaophotis. A magical plant that can only grow when infused with a higher being's influence. In this case, it was the students that were the higher beings. It was easy, at least for people with powerful parents. Such as Thales and Melinoë. Which also meant she wouldn't want to hang out as much. If it were a harder project, they would spend more time together. Glancing again, Thales now looked at her hair. It was pitch black. Not surprising, her being from the underworld, but Thales still was silently amazed by her entire being.

Thales was paying no attention to the lecture, just daydreaming. Eros was now asleep in his lap. He leaned forward and rested his head on the quartz table they were sitting in front of. Despite class being in front of a tree, Zeus had no problem making things around it out of marble. Unconsciously, Thales began to play with his pink bubble-gum looking hair. Most lectures lasted about an hour Earth time. It probably wouldn't today, since it was a new year. 

All Thales could do was hope.

ﻮ๏๔๔єรร ค


Aphie adored the way Thales was experiencing a type of reaction to the young goddess. “Quite odd for the child of love to be experiencing love himself. He will be truly a wonder once her can master control.” She inner monologued as she often does. His embrace was very meaningful to her. She truly did treasure Tales.

When she could see Sephie walking to the outdoor type of classroom, she couldn't help but run over to her and practically jump on her. With Aphie being short and Sephie being practically all legs, they were quite the pairing. “I am excited to see you Sephie! How are you? I have missed you dearly. You stopped writing.” She feigned hurt as she batted her large eyes. Sephie just rolled her eyes and laughed.

“Missed you too. I am sorry I haven't written lately. Let's just say Cerby keeps checking the mail lately and not all the mail gets delivered, heh.” She gave an apologetic smile. Aphie got down and gave her an it's okay type smile.

They were still waiting as the young ones were still coming in. While they waited, she searched for her son among everyone. She finally found him in the far back and who would end up sitting near him, Mel. She truly was a beauty, even more then Sephie and perhaps even more than Hades. The young goddess had practically pitch-black hair, though from where she stood, she could swear she was seeing hints of blue.

Once class was able to start. they explain the first assignment. It was pretty basic that everyone should have a problem. They had everyone pair in two. As her and Sephie took turns talking about the assignment. and the properties of magical plants.  

A sudden stir caused both of them to look. It would seem that her son Thales was the cause. Sephie leaned over to her ear. “He is going to be a wonderful god once he can control that.” She was right and of course Aphie knew it. It seemed like almost everyone was caught up in his spell except her, Sephie and surprisingly Mel.

Once he came to attention thanks to Eros the ground began to tremble. It was unusual. At first it was light and then it grew volatile. A three headed very large beast bound over and crashed through the wall. Sephie flushed with embarrassment. Cerberus somehow found a way through a portal and came chasing after Mel. 

His tail alone was throwing gods and goddess around as he was wagging it. All three heads were whining and whimpering like the guardian of the underworld was a pup. Sephie made quick action to shrink him so he would stop destroying things.

KanedgyHades   29d ago

Once his father shut up, Hades realized that his wife and daughter had already left. Often, he had to force himself to think they cared for him as he for them. Over the years, he had convinced himself that they did, even when many actions would suggest otherwise. At least, he had convinced himself that his daughter cared. After all, Persephone was forced to be with him.

Brushing it off, he began to look for Cerberus. His wife and daughter played with the three-headed demon dog as if it were a puppy. Interesting, to say the least. Something was wrong. Cebby was nowhere to be found. Rolling his eyes, Hades began to look where the souls were working. Sometimes Cerberus would wander over there and help the enforcers…or just play with them. With no luck, he thought the worst.

As Hades reached the portal to Olympia, it was still open. The dog probably followed Mel into the portal, which was quite bad. Feeling his head get hot with anger, he walked through the portal. By the time he got there, Cerberus was already shrunk and was having a bout with Eros. Being them about the same size now. Hades picked up his hellhound and nudged the cat away. His voiced boomed throughout Olympia, “Persephone!” which was so loud, it caused Zeus to show up. 

The two were about eye to eye, even though they were both tall. Especially for a god. “Is there a problem, Brother? I may have to enforce some discipline on you.” Zeus said, which pushed Hades even more over the edge. Zeus was a LOT more muscular than Hades, but the three brothers did not often fight. It would destroy almost everything. 

His eyes glowing red, Hades began to laugh. “Oh? What happened last time? You should know your place, cocky ass boy.” Hades said, which in turn angered Zeus. The entire area had a high tension now. The sky was flowing with lightning as Hades body began to exhibit black fog, as a Reaper would.


Out of who knows where, Dionysus walked in between the two. Which was an incredibly ballsy move. Offering the two a drink, the god of alcohol and ecstasy said: “A drink? The kids are trying to learn. Let's take this elsewhere...Far elsewhere.” To which Hades and Zeus punched him into oblivion and Hades said, “As much as I hate it, the dork's right. I'll deal with my part. If we need to talk, it must be where not much damage will be caused.”. Zeus smiled wide, with a sadistic tint. The two disappeared with a flash.


Now they were in the heart of Olympus. Where not much damage would be caused on the outside. Zeus began to lecture Hades on how if he couldn't keep his family in line, they would no longer be permitted in Olympia. To which Hades sighed and mentioned his multiple affairs and family problems. Zeus promptly shut up and shook his head. “Deal with your dog, don't let him in again.”. Zeus said before disappearing. This whole conversation was in the language of the Titans, which is why they went so far. The weaker gods would die at the sound of the language.


Hades quickly travelled back to where Zeus said Persephone would be. Completely ignoring Aphrodite, he said to Persephone: “If the girl is to come here, she must close the portal. Also make sure she isn't followed by Cerb." , while holding up the tiny hellhound in his hands. Looking around the area, for the first time, not everyone was captivated by him and were focused on someone else. A boy with pink hair next to Mel. His faced tensed. “Is that your son, Aphrodite? He must be kept away from my daughter. I can't have her being caught up in your tomfoolery.” he said, finally acknowledging Aphie's existence. Persephone seemed to be in protest of the idea, explaining how the boy would be wonderful when he could control his power to which Hades mentioned until then, they were not to be with each other. Whispering to Sephie, “By the way, that little stunt angered not only me but Zeus as well. See you soon!” before walking away once his piece was said.

Opening his portal, he sent Cerb through and returned the dog to his full size. Once the hound went through, Hades closed it. It was a while since he last was up here, after all. Walking around, he reached the garden. Multiple plants died at his presence. For some reason, he decided to stay and walk through the garden. With each step, more plants died. Once he was finished with his walk, the entire garden was full of dead plants. Smiling, Hades decided it was time to head back. No consideration was put in his head for those who appreciated the life. For he appreciated death. Why was it so repulsive to most? Once he reached the area where the class was being held, it was announced they were to go to the gardens. Slowly looking away, he began to walk the opposite direction. Now he felt the least bit of remorse. The garden should be back to normal within a day, but with Persephone there it would probably be back to normal within seconds.

The portal opened and Hades looked back to his daughter, for some reason still with the boy. It seemed as if Hades always had a chip in his shoulder and this made him realize. It was Aphrodite. That annoying, self-obsessed woman. It was her. Closing the portal, he walked back to Persephone. Who was quite unhappy with the plants being dead. “If it keeps going like this…You'll both be trapped with me.” to which Persephone got even more angry and slapped him. She stated that he was too overbearing and needed to let them live a little. “So, what if Mel has a friend? You live and you learn.” Sephie claimed. Hades sighed and left, being glared at by many. Especially his daughter. At this point he felt like a failure


He messed up, all he could do now is go back home.

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Seeing and meeting other gods and goddesses was beyond exciting for Mel. Just because she was the daughter of the god of the underworld didn't mean she had free reign in the underworld. From the time she knew how to crawl we were areas in the underworld she was not allowed to go as she got older the area is expanded bit by bit but not by much. She wasn't allowed to be near the pool of souls. And Hades was very meticulous they were different pools of souls depending on how their life was led when they were alive.

There were many beings that visited the underworld, like the Fates. She always made sure to stay out of their way when they came to visit. They weren't bad or mean they were actually very nice but it was still creepy how they shared an eyeball one of the Fate sisters spun and wove the thread of life which was really cool. The underworld was like their office they came to work and they would leave. They always drug dad around to meetings and nagged his ear off as he would say. She just couldn't get over the eyeball that rolled around everywhere. Just thinking about it sent a shiver down her spine.

Zeus and Poseidon did check up with Hades from time to time but only through messages it was like they had an aversion to the underworld or something not that they couldn't come. I think Zeus had visited her dad at least six times since she was born from what she could remember and she believes it was about the same for Poseidon. Poseidon always smoke like salt and water but never like fish which was odd since his whole domain was water. It was different he had one time brought her a present it was a seashell. It stays in her room on a shelf along with the one gift Zeus had given her as well.

She didn't really know about any of the other gods aside from Aphrodite because her mom talked about her constantly and her dad despised her. She knew Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus. Dad often sent him commission work for certain weapons or upholstery or stuff like that. The only other God she knew of was Hermes. She never saw him she just heard a lot about him and she wasn't sure whether it was good or bad it was always indifferent.

Olympia was so much different than she had pictured the classrooms were oddly set up. Some classrooms were enclosed like an actual room but parts of Olympia were open like very gardening or open space with pillars and walls but no roof. Oddly enough it was a lot of white marble everywhere for school it was very fancy. She knew Zeus created Olympia so she figured he must really like white marble.

When she entered the open classroom seats were filling up with gods and goddesses there seem to be more goddesses than God's in this particular class. When she saw an open seat she briskly walked over and sat in it. As she was studying the semi desk she was sitting at never actually have sat in one before. She could feel like somebody was watching her, she side glanced to the right of her and noticed the boy that she had seen looking at her when she exited the portal.

This time being close up was very different his hair was so pink it was actually a really pretty shade of pink. She gave a slight smile and he just turned away from her. She wondered if perhaps she just looked really different compared to what people were used to. Her smile faded as she went to look back at the front of the class. 

It was amazing to watch her mom and Aunt Aphie seeming so at peace. It was a bit saddening that her mom wasn't entirely happy in the underworld. She loved her dad and mom and loved the underworld. She was a bit lost in thought when a smell caught her attention. It was coming from next to her. When she looked at the pink haired boy he seemed really dazed and beyond the smell she wondered if he was alright. She noticed all the other students acting a bit weird. 

She watched a cat brought him too and hissed at her in the process. She slowly turned away and looked back to the teachers. It was only but a short moment when there was a rumbling. It only grew intense before a very large three headed guardian hellhound. “Cerby!” She abruptly stood as the hellhound was leaving destruction in his wake as he galloped towards her. After a few moments he shrunk. He jumped into her arms and licked her. “Stop it Cerby.” She giggled at the hellpooch as he plopped himself on her head. She rolled her eyes  when she caught sight of her dad. 

She grabbed Cerby and held him in her arms as she walked over to him and handed Cerby Over. “I am sorry, I forgot to close the portal I think, there was so much to see…. I'm sorry.” She gave her dad a hug before going to sit back down.

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Thales kept playing with his hair, with Eros in his lap. In his world, Eros was often the only one to comfort him. Mother was nice and all, but there was much he felt uncomfortable telling her. Slightly startled by Cerberus' sudden appearance, he looked back in shock as most other gods who never saw the hound did also. Persephone promptly shrunk the three headed dog. Thales was unaware he was still losing control of his power somewhat. The euphoric feeling was still there, but much fainter. Once Hades appeared it seemed only his daughter and Thales noticed. The other gods were still staring at Thales, which made the young god slightly uncomfortable.

Thales watched Hades grab the dog from his daughter, something told him that Hades already disliked him. Now the young gods were no longer staring at Thales. The god of the underworld walked to Aphrodite and his wife and whispered something before promptly leaving.

Persephone seemed slightly startled by what he said, and slightly angered. The lecture soon after started. Beginning to slouch, Thales dozed off. Right now, he was only extremely bored. Mel was not currently running through his head. Which was surprising since after he saw her, he was immediately obsessed. 

Petting Eros, the cat began to purr lightly. The euphoric feeling still present in Thales, he looked to Melinoë and said, “Is all of the underworld as beautiful as you? You know that's why people keep staring, right?”. It took a second for Thales to realize what he just asked. A young god near Thales heard this and seemed shocked. The son of Aphrodite was not known to complement easily. Whispers soon filled the area under the tree with gossip. Thales ignored all of this and continued to pet Eros, turning a rosy shade of pink in the face. Because he was trying to block out the embarrassment he just felt, he did not know if she had responded or not. 

It was way too early for him to have said that. They just knew each other's names. Now he was saying she was extremely beautiful. She must be creeped out…right? It's her first time in Olympus and she already has an admirer. Worse of all, he's her admirer. Thales normally would never bring himself to this. Yet to him, she was more beautiful than anyone he had ever laid eyes on. He felt she must know that. Burying his face in Eros's fur, he quietly sighed and kept trying to block out the whispers. 

After about 10 minutes human time of this fiasco, the bell rung for class to be over for the day. They were dismissed with the project to make the plant grow after a lecture on a few methods to do so. Class really wasn't completely over because of the homework, though. The thought ran through Thales' mind that the girl would no longer want to work with him because of what he said.

He told the girl to follow him if she wanted to keep working. Walking to the garden, he realized all the plants were dead. Falling to his knees, he held back tears. This was the only spot he felt at peace…and now it was ruined. Eros rubbed up against Thales, at an attempt to comfort him. It had no effect. Beginning to get up, Thales at once ran throughout the garden. Surely not all of the plants are dead. he thought to himself as he kept gazing upon dead plants. With no luck, he was clearly depressed. It had been his spot for years. Then an idea came across his mind…"You're Persephonie's daughter…can you ask her to fix the garden…please?" There was a hint of desperation as he asked Mel the question. After he found her, of course. That was the only option left to save it. The nymphs and fae were already gone from the area and word to Olympus takes a while. Zeus would probably get it quickly fixed, but with his own touches. Thats's something Thales did not want. The most narcissistic god in charge of rebuilding something Thales held so dear did not sound good. At all. Statues were the best-case scenario.


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