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The school of Villains and Heroes

Backup thread

The school where heroes and villains work not in harmony but against each other at the end of every year there will be 4 different battles.Fight,knowledge test,sports event and finally best school year that means the better team with the higher skills overall school year.



sophomore's:InsomniaAddict oc 2,



Villain Teachers:Voss/TheEndless

Hero Teachers:InsomniaAddict

Villain Students:InsomniaAddict oc1,SXRILL

Hero Students:Rose525678,InsomniaAddict oc2,

Neutral Students: Carlnimira


Fencing club:

Captain: Carlnimira


Rifle Club:InsomniaAddict oc1,

The maximum characters you can have is 3

Please do not do anything that get me banned cause u get banned too

Rules:Do not get me or you banned

:Do not post randomly

:do not skip the time line so much please and thank

:if you a senior i suggest to have another character because when year one over they head to college if u want me to make a college ask me in a mail not in the rp

Make sure that your Villain or hero is known.

A teacher character does not count as one of your 3

if your characters graduate  then you can make another if u had 3


Video ChatKumospace [Everyone] [Everyone]

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Diagirlow     17d ago

Hiii my name is Diagirlow and I'm going to make a manga and I need someone to play a rp with me and help me about it, I do anything in rp and I don't have any rule. Just dm me on insta, because it's hard for me to check here. My ID is diagirlow on insta.  


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