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I am searching for a few threads!

Nothing too complicated. Something simple. I work a lot, so I do not have a very consistent posting schedule.

A few fandoms: 

Game of Thrones. House of Dragons. Hetalia(specifically Denmark or Russia). Fallout:New Vegas. Dorohedoro. Overwatch. Attack on Titan. Naruto. Resident Evil.


Horror/Psychological. Fantasy/Medieval. Romance(will be in most any of my roleplays)

If you have any other fandoms that you like and you dont see them listed here, give me a list and i might be interested!


1. Only will write with over the age of 18, preferably 21.

2. Paragraphs, I write multiple paragraphs a post.

3. Solid characters with personalities and structure.

4. Willing to be patient, I work a lot.


Please PM me for any questions, concerns, or plotting.

Talk to you soon!


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