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Sundogs (Doc Holliday!)

By nanmaun907
Backup thread

Hello! 18 f, looking for a longterm romance roleplay. I just watched Tombstone again for the first time in forever, and like, obviously I haddd to do a cowboy rp lol. I'm looking for someone to play as Doc Holliday while I play my OC, Daisy Earp

So my idea was that I'm the niece of Wyatt, a nurse. i'm the daughter of a long deceased brother, and my mother the same. Me and my uncles are very close, as we have been since I was a child. Lately, your condition has been worsening. It's got wyatt extremely concerned, and with your standoffishness with the doctor, he knew that you wouldn't make it past the month. Out of desperation, and knowing my experience in helping people with consumption, he hoped that I may be able to help. Kate had took off out of town when you got worse, knowing the fun was almost up. Hearing my uncle ask for me, and knowing i have nothing here in Indiana, I come to Tombstone, eager to help the man my uncle is so extremely fond of. With me nursing you, we both find ourselves falling for one another.

If you liked, my discord is: nanmaun

Open to suggestions for tweaking the scene too! I figure we edit history a little bit and make TB more treatable/managable, instead of you just dying lol. We'll say the cures are just few and far between, and few people know how to treat it

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