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[Human] just wanted to summon their familiar for their Summoning 101 class assignment. Instead, they somehow woke a sleeping god, [Deity].

Hilarity and World Ending Consequences ensue. 


  • 1x1
  • The roles aren't assigned so you can pick if you want to be the human or the deity. 
  • This is an open concept/plot but I'm thinking that after the incident, the Deity becomes bound to the Human (because it was a familiar summoning spell) so it can't harm the human due to magical contracts and all that. The main objective would be to undo the spell in whatever form that comes in. We can work together on the plot and motives of the characters.
  • I do want there to be another outside conflict like someone trying to steal the Deity away from the Human or another Deity x Human pair is also at the school and they have nefarious plans etc. 
  • The school is a modern magic university. 


  • Illustration pfp is preferred. Anime is fine. My only request is that the Human character (should you choose them) looks like they're 18+. Deity doesn't need to look humanoid. 
  • Romance? YES but let's make it to about, the 20 post mark before the characters make any sort of realizations. But also, if it doesn't happen that's cool too.
  • At least 2 paragraphs per post, unless dialogue needs to go back and forth for any reason. If you're stuck on what to do next, let's chat and throw some ideas around together!
  • I know life gets in the way, but I would like us to post at least 2 twice a week? Again, just communicate if something comes up.


PM me if you're interested!!

Character: [Human] or [Deity]


Age [ if human ]:

Gender/Presenting gender:

Domain [ if Deity ]:

Magical Practice [ if human ]:





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vicevrsaJournee Young   25d ago

Journee Young

It is 1 am when Journee enters the summoning lab. She'd been putting off this assignment having prioritized her major specific homework. Journee didn't see the appeal or the point in having a familiar but Summoning 101 is a requirement at the University of Magical Studies and so, here she is. 

A basic circle is already marked into the slate floor of the lab. All Journee has to do is draw the correct markings in the correct spots of the circle, set up and light the candles provided in the cupboard, and burn the herbs she collected just before in the incense bowl. 

She is tired. Journee had spent the days and nights prior, working on enchanting projects. Magical objects and the creation of them is a passion of hers. She likes knowing how they work, what makes really intricate enchanting spells tick, and one day, create something new and just as coveted as the objects she studies.

With a loud sigh that echos through the lab, Journee drops her backpack at the preparation table. She pulls out her Summoning text book and opens it to the familiar spell. She looks it over briefly, then grabs a chalk stick from the prep table and goes about drawing the runes. They are pretty simple and she recognizes a few from her own rune work in enchanting. After drawing the symbols, she sets up and lights all the candles she needs around the circle and one in the center next to the incense bowl. Then she pulls out the plants from her backpack, writes the incantation on a note card, then enters the circle. 

Journee takes a seat, places the herbs in the bowl, takes the candle and sets them on fire. She blows out the candle, takes a deep breath while closing her eyes. Journee empties her mind. She meditates until she can no longer smell the spice of the burnt plants in front of her. Journee opens her eyes and reads the card. 

She doesn't realize that one of the symbols she thought she recognized was drawn incorrectly. 

She doesn't realize that the deep pull in her magic is due to the spell reaching out for something beyond the spirit plane. 

She doesn't realize that the entity she's stirring isn't a familiar in the slightest. 

But the long week and the apathetic way she feels toward the assignment blinds her of the danger she has put herself in. So when her consciousness and magic latch on to the sleeping thing, she pulls. 

And pulls. 

And pulls. 

Journee pulls until the thing comes into the material plane. The room descends into darkness and so does Journee. 



bitter.belial.   22d ago


Minding her business in the Nether World, Belial had taken to her daily rounds of torture. Through the long hallway of agonizing screams and shrieks, as she peeked into each room with large, deep red eyes and a sickly grin from where you would assume her ears to be as she was an all black silhouette with barely recognizable feminine features. Belial finished her rounds and right as she went to settle down for the evening, a large black void opened in front of her. She normally would know if such things were being created in her own home, but this was new. She glanced at it, peering through to what she could see, a woman. Her eyes narrowed, as she grew closer, but before she could stop herself, Belial fell right in as she felt her body being pulled with a mysterious force.

Belial now stood in a whole new room, the whole room grew dark with her presence and she looked down at the girl in front of her. She could tell that they were both as shocked as the other. Her red, looming eyes stared holes into the sorceress in front of her, or at least that is what she assumed the woman to be before reaching out a lanky, black arm towards the woman in front of her. “Belial,” Belial clawed hand reached out to make a simple sort of peace that she meant no harm. 

Belial tortured and killed beasts and other demons and even Gods. She punished the things that were more powerful than what this woman in front of her was. Now, when sorcerers or sorceresses found themselves trying to get a piece of Belial's world, she had been known to bring them down to the Nether World to see what it was all about. Morbid curiosity can get someone killed, Belial saw to that.

“Now tell me, how does a mean witch in training summon a being from what should be an untouchable realm to the likes of you,” Belial questioned before sucking the darkness of the room around her back into her own body. Belial then began to look around the room, poking and prodding around at the different things that the girl had. She was pretty impressed that a witch that was still in school could have the magic, whether accidental or not, could summon the likes of an ancient deity into the material world. “I'm not mad, its a nice change of scenery,” Belial added in a soft joke to ease an uncertainty. 



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