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Yellow6182╰┈➤ Otillia Galashiels   41d ago
Everytime you talk I get closer to prison

╰┈➤  Otillia Galashiels

  It was a beautiful day at [INSERT SCHOOL NAME HERE], where the sun was shining and the moat around the school was still filled with clear water. Of course, with older students coming back, there would be new students as well.

  Enter; Otillia Galashiels. Second youngest of the Galashiels’ dynasty’s children. Her short yet fluffy orange hair was swaying in the wind, as she had her messenger bag slung over her shoulder, ready for the new school year. She happily smiled, looking around at her fellow peers as she hopped off the bus. For now, all she had to wait for was the gates to open. 
But even then, she was impatient, she wanted to meet new people already! Well, she could, just the issue was that she didn’t know who to talk to. All the royals seemed to interesting in her eyes that she didn’t know who to start with! 


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