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Semester Abroad.

By BooBear96
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Sophia has been studying abroad for their last semester of college and it’s finally the second to last day before everyone flies back home for graduation. Sophia meets up with a group of classmates for drinks before everyone must pack up and return to the states. While out at a bar/party, Sophia encounters Adrian a charming local. Sophia and Adrian  feel an instant chemistry between them. They talk for hours, even long after the rest of Sophie's classmates have moved on to another location. Though Sophia is leaving in 24 hours, Adrian promises to show Sophia a time they will never forget if they spend the following day with them. Thinking it might be exhilarating to soak in the foreign city with an attractive native, Sophia agrees to spend the entire day with Adrian before they have to depart. The next day,Adrian  is true to their word and shows Sophia an amazing time. Feelings blossom quickly. When the sun sets, neither one wants to part from the other, so they spend the night together too, eventually falling asleep in each other’s arms. On the morning of Sophia's flight home, she realizes that they’re not ready to leave yet. Despite the inevitable backlash they’ll face from their parents for blowing off graduation and the possibility that the spark between Sophia and Adrian will fizzle over time, she purposely misses her flight to take a chance on a summer romance with Adrian.


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BooBear96Sophia Grace   34d ago

Sophia Grace had her entire life laid out for her by the time she was ten, her parents wanted her to join the Family Business as a Lawyer. She was born to George and Kathy Watson. Her Father, the lawyer along with his brothers at Watson Law. While her Mother was an interior decorator, which honestly was just her hobby. She went to all the best private schools Atlanta had to offer, she never really wanted for anything. But she was always bored.. Sophia wanted nothing more than to make her family proud so she enrolled at the University of Chicago, pre law which was what they wanted, but they hadn't pegged on her being in love with writing. 

She managed to talk her Academic Advisor into letting her have to majors, Pre Law and Journalism. She was the top of her class when she graduated from UC. She went on to Law School in Massachusetts's, but she was able to snag a study abroad spot for a year at University of  Amsterdam in the Netherland. She fell in love with the country and never wanted to leave but sadly her time was coming to an end. Her flight left at 6pm the next day and she was just sick about it.

It was their last night in Ireland and they were all determined to go out with a bang! They were starting at Costigan's pub and then who knew where the night would take them. After she had gotten ready, she taxied from the university to the bar. Everyone else was already there. “There party has finally arrived!”she said as she walked into the bar. “Oh you're the best.” she said as her friend Quinn passed her a beer. 




Simply_RandomAlpha   34d ago


Despite its small size, the Netherlands is one of the largest exporters of agricultural produce in the world. With its efficient farming systems, it's also a leader in sustainable farming. The region provides countless opportunities to sample Dutch produce and shop locally.

Adrian was born in the US. However, after his older brother died when Adrian was just a baby his parents wanted to go somewhere safe. Clean.

The Netherlands!

It made his father rekindle things with his father's side of the family. They were nice and taught them their friendly ways. Because of it, the family managed to expand their farm. Adrian went from being a city baby to a farmer. All he knows is that he loves it out there. He occasionally went to visit family around the world but it wasn't the best. The air quality is different. They managed to get his grandparents from his mother's side to move with them. His grandma who had horrible asthma attacks rarely used her inhaler.

Is apartment was simple. He wanted to live in the city. But he would always have a room at the farm. It made it easier for the family to get things from the city. They would tell him what they needed before he would drive to the farm to help. He's normally at the flower shop with his mother during tourist season. The shop is closed for the next few days. Renovations. Whoever made orders before then will still get their flowers though.

He joined a few friends at a pub. One if his friends were planning on oriopsoing and wanted the guys support. Adrian is all for it.

The guys stooped lauding and hearing girls shouting. They aren't from around. Adrian took this opportunity to get then another round on him and some snacks. As he waited by the bar he eyes the girls. His eyes landing on one particular girl. She is breathtaking. He didn't know he was smiling until one of his friends placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Close your mouth before a fly gets in.”

“Shut up,” Adrian tells his friend removing his hand from him. He approaches the girls, “Good day. What are we celebrating? Because whatever it is let us pay for your first round.” he smiles at all of them but kept his eye on her.

BooBear96Sophia Grace   34d ago

Sophia Grace

Sophia was caught up in conversation with her friends she had made this semester, only a few of them were from the United States while the others were from all over the world.

She watched as a man from one of the groups that were already there walked back to the bar to order another round. He seemed to be slightly older than her but handsome as hell.

Sophia had promised one inparticular, Quinn from Italy, that they had to keep in touch. They'd already promised to come visit one another at least once a year. "I cannot believe this is our last night.. I graduate three days from now in Boston but I don't want to leave.. I've fallen in love with the City, the land and the People." Since arriving, her blog had prospered. Her love for writing and photography had came back to the surface 

She turned in her swivel barstool as she heard someone talking behind her. "We're celebrating our last night in Amsterdam before we all go back home. We're a group of International Students from all over the world." she told he man, who kept his eyes on her while still talking to them as a group. None of the other girls seemed to be interested as they went back to talking with the group. "I'm Sophia.. I'm from Nashville, Tennessee."

Simply_RandomAlpha   34d ago


Adrian didn’t care that the group ignored her. As long as she was talking to him. Look at that smile. Perfection.

“Hi Sophia from Nashville, Tennessee. I’m Adrian. I’m from here. Although I was born somewhere in Florida.” He replies smiling.

Axel approached them to get the drink he got for the guys. All he did was shake his head as he grabs the tray of drinks.

“He’s single and a virgin. Have fun.” Axel winks at them and quickly dodges a punch. Barely. Adrian got him on the ass.

Fuck. He’s wishing all sort of bad luck on his friend right now. Adrian’s rubs his face with both his hands before running his fingers ala of his beard sighing.

“I apologize for him. You’re gorgeous so you know how friends can be when they see you talking to someone… but for the record I am single.” He says winking at her before leaning against the bar. Eyes never leaving her. Well a few times just to check her out. So she’s an international student. How was she hiding from him for a whole bloody year? “Do you have plans in the next 24 hours? How about I show your around? Give you one last hooray before you go.” He already have a few things planned. Yet he’s not sure in what order they would do what he has planned.

The round of drinks for her and her friends arrived. He hands her shot and raised his. “To graduating.” He says before taking it straight. No facial expressions. No grunting. No breathing heavily. He’s used to it. He did chuckle hearing a few reactions behind him. “A secret shot that locals occasionally take for celebration. It’s take a long time to get used to it.” Then a glass of water was pushed her way. He winks at the  server. She’s on older lady. A family friend. She’s like an aunt.

“Don’t be getting into any mess with the internationals. Your mama won’t be happy.”

“Yes auntie. I’ll behave. I’m always a good boy aren’t I?” He ‘aunt’ laughs walking away to attend to the others. “I’m a good boy. I don’t bite without permission.” He gives her a wink.

BooBear96Sophia Grace   34d ago

Sophia Grace

"Florida, huh? How'd you end up here?" she questioned. She was probably being nosey but he did come up and start talking to her first.

Sophia couldn't help but laugh as another man walked up to them and told her that he was single. "Oh I'm sure we'll have the most fun!" she called. She grinned as she turned back to looking at Adrian. She could feel her cheeks burning as the man in front of her told her she was gorgeous. "Single and sexy." Sighing, she shook her head when he questioned about her plans. "My plane leaves at 6 tomorrow evening. I'm already packed and ready to go... So no, I have no plans.. One last big hooray sounds amazing." She looked toward her friend group, they were already talking about what bar they were going to go to next; that was all they had done on the weekends of the last year, travel this beautiful country and drink.

Who was she right now? She didn't know this man! But he was the most sexy, charming local that she had met to date. "Where have you been hiding for the last year?" she questioned. "To new local friends." She throw the shot back and coughed slightly. "Do I want to know what that was?"

She didn't know what this woman meant by don't get into a mess with the internationals, but she kept quiet until he told her he didn't bite without permisson. “What if I give you permisson then?”

Simply_RandomAlpha   34d ago


Adrian looked back at his friends grinning. They weren't payning no mind to them. They missed they way she smiled. How he made he smile. Adrian hasn't bothered to date in so long. He was too focused on the farm and his family. Plus he was going to get married once but she left him the day off. It was cold feet or anything. She left with all the wedding gifts and one of his friends. Since then he hasn't bothered with any females.

She caught him off-guard when she said ‘single and sexy’. “Why thank you. I know you're sexy but are you single?” he asks looking over the bar and grabbing two beers. It wasn't long before an olive hit his shoulder and landed on her legs. He quickly takes it and pops it in his mouth. He shifts a little to pull out his wallet to pay for the beers. He made sure to have the cash in the air before bending over the counter and placing it under the stacks of coasters. The locals know better than to do what he's doing. He gets away with it because he is like a son to her.

He ignored the question about his family living in Florida. It's always a touchy subject with his parents. But this girl was willing to spend the next 24 hours with him. One last hooray. Then when she gave him permission to bite her an evil grin grew on his face as he pulls her stool closer to him. They each had a leg between the other. He leans in while placing his hand I. Her lower back. His pinky on her butt. He carefully leans in to whisper in her ear. “Then I will bite you but in a very private guy. I would have to take you home to do so.” he kisses her jawline before sitting up straight.

“I have a proposition. Since you are spending the day with me might as well stay at my place. You may lock my bedroom door if it'll make you feel safe. I have a pull-out sectional. I can even take you to the airport. I'll pay for everything in the next 24 hours” he grabs his beer as he got up and extended his hand out to her.

BooBear96Sophia Grace   34d ago

Sophia Grace

"Single as can be." she told him quickly. She took one of the beers and sipped on it. She had an ex boyfriend back in Georgia that she thought she was going to marry.. But then he cheated on her with her Aunt, so that definitely put a strain on their family dynamic. Her Mother didn't take it well, as it was her youngest sister. For whatever reason, they were still together and often tried to weasel their way into family event… that her mother still invited them to!

She giggled as she realized that he was pulling her stool closer to his. "What're you doing?" she breathed heavily as his hands ran down her back. They were like fire. Her skin was burning underneath his touch.  "I guess I'll just have to ask you to take me home then." she said, shivering as she felt his lips on her jawline. She could feel the eyes of both her friends and his group watching them, but she didn't care. She was so mesmerized by the man in front of her. "Oh so that means were actually going to take time to sleep?"

She nodded softly. "Can we stop and get my bags from University? Just one less than we have to do tomorrow." she told him "I'm not taking your bed from you... I can take the couch." She took his hand and hopped off the barstool. "Sooo." she said as her hands snaked around his waist. "Where are we going first?" she questioned as she leaned her chin against his chest, looking up.

Simply_Random     34d ago

International people. They are different. He likes it. He wraps an arm around her. “To your dorm to get your things. Then my place to drop them off. You should put on comfortable shoes.” he got a few things planned for her already. He opened the door for her wane escorted her to his Hummer. He helps her get in the passenger seat. “Safety first,” he says purposely leaning over her to put in her seatbelt. Twice we're their faces inches from each other. He's certain his beard may have touched her. He felt it himself.  “Ready?” he asks once when he was in the car. Adrian already knows which universality she goes to. There's only one that accepts internationals. Soon to be two.

The ride was silent but he didn't mind. Plus it wasn't too far. He followed her inside to help carry her things. “How much luggage do you have sweetheart?” he didn't enter her dorm room. He leans against the frame watching her. Waiting to carry everything for her. He works out since he works at the farm. At the moment he can lift up to 300 lbs. His personal goal is 360. They had a quick exchange. Sophia can hold his car keys to open his trunk and hell hold her things. Fairtrade off in his opinion.

Once when everything we organized in his trunk he helps her get in the passenger seat again. “Safety first,” he says again leaning over her to put in her seatbelt. This time he kissed her nose. “Next up is my place,” he tells her gently closing the passenger door.

His place was about twenty minutes away. When they got there he found parking a block over. He grabs her things and leads the way. He had the second floor. How own private entrance. He set everything down in his room. “You’re still staying in my room doll. Go get ready. I'm running to the store to get a few things. Everything is clean.” he tells her.

He went to a store two blocks away to get a few things. They will be having a picnic somewhere nice. Plus they will need snacks anyways. He even stopped by to see if Jose was giving rides on his boat to he can show her a good time. He said yes and it’ll be the first thing they will do.

He returned and got things ready. “Ready Sophia? Our first activity is ready.” he walks into his room to change his shirt. He decided to go with a blue short sleeve button-up shirt and his black leather jacket in case it gets cold mater. He even got a backpack for a few things to make the picnic better. “Well go in a canal ride later. That's how we'll end the day. Are you allergic to flowers?” first top is going to be a cruise that has wine and cheese. It'll be about an hour long. Then they'll go boat paddling together.

BooBear96Sophia Grace   34d ago

Sophia Grace

Sophia nodded as she listened to him. "I'll change before we leave your house." she told him. "Do I need to wear anything specific?" she questioned as she followed him outside.. "Tha-" her words caught in her throat as his face was inches from her own. "Thank you." she shivered as his beard brushed her body.

"Um. Don't laugh but I have quiet a lot." she told him as she began carrying her bags to the hallway. "I wasn't sure what to expect when I got her.. So I wanted options plus with shopping I needed extra bags."

Soon enough they were at Adrian's apartment. She smiled as he grabbed her things and wouldn't let her help. 'I'm not helpless you know." she said as she followed him. She looked around, it was homey but you could tell a man soloy lived here. "Thank you, Adrian."

After he left, she decided to freshen everything up before he got back. She changed into some leggings with a top and her jean jacket, along with her vans. She had learned that Netherland nights were completely different than the States. "Ready!" she said as she retreated from the batheroom. "Where are you taking me first?" she questioned as she watched him gather items to put in a bacpack. "Not allergic to anything except seafood."

Simply_RandomAlpha   34d ago


She's allergic to seafood. How blizzard. “No worries. I don't even like seafood,” he says unlocking his car to out the things in the trunk. He opens the passenger door for her. “I'll be good and let you buckle yourself. I may steal a kiss if I do it again.” he winks at her.

The drive toe the cruise was longer. He did give her some water and two different age of chips. “So to answer one unanswered question, I'm normally bust helping my family run the family business. I'm only home to sleep…” at a red light he turns to look at her, “I was engaged to someone who was from the US… I avoid your school like a plague.” someone honked at him for not moving fast enough. 40 minutes later they were art the port. “Wait. Wait. I'm 28… how old are you? Auntie doesn't always check IDs. We're going to a wine and cheese boar ride that's an hour long. Have you been?” he asks her as he works the car.

BooBear96Sophia Grace   34d ago

Sophia Grace

She giggled as she climbed up in the passenger seat and buckled in. "Haha, I doubt I would complain but I'll be good for now." she told him.

They made small talk as he drove, he was very attentive, which was a nice difference. "How bizarre!" she said. "My Father wants me to take over the family business as well. What do you do?" she questioned. "You were engaged to someone from the States and now you avoid University... but I'm literally from the States, I go to University and I'm sitting in your passenger seat and will more than likely be in your bed before I leave tomorrow? Make it make sense." She was confused.. He said he was from the States but moved here when he was young and now he was engaged to a girl from the states but he didn't like American's or Internationals as he called them.

She froze when he told her how old he was and then questioned her own age. "Well... I'm only twenty but I have a fake ID..." she told him. She hoped her being younger wasn't that big a deal. “This is exciting! I thought I had explored everything Amsterdam had to offer but it seems I was mistaken!” 

Simply_RandomAlpha   34d ago


Adrian sighs. He tried explaining everything. Nicely. He was born in the US but he was there for only 3 months of his life. He doesn't know anything about the US. Only what he learned from school and hears from the news. His older brother was 15 years old when he died. The courts failed his parents twice. Something a crazy ex and her being the reason why died. Because it was her first offense and they deemed her mentally ill she walked free. As for his ex-fiance, he told her how she left him at the altar. Ran off with one of his best mates. They even took all the wedding gifts. She was from Texas.

When she told him her age, he places both his hands on the stirring wheel and bangs his head. She's a baby. She's not legal. He can go to jail…

“Fuck. Me…” he whispered.

He promised her a good time. He would continue to do but he can't... He just can't do anything thing romantically or sexually.

“Well you may be in my bed but you'll be alone…” he didn't want to add that he didn't wish to go to jail.

He got out of the car and opener the door for her. “We need to try not to drink too much,” he says showing th security their online tickets. Then it was the ID check. Luckily he knew the guy and just let them. His heart was still beating like crazy. Their seat was in the back. He pulls the chair back the chair for her.

“Would you prefer white, red, or pink?” he asks her so they can start the samplings. He's more excited about the cheese.

BooBear96Sophia Grace   34d ago

Sophia Grace

"I'm sorry you had to go through that." she told him “That's horrible.. I can't imagine… I had one serious relationship while I was going my undergrad and well he ended up sleeping with my Mother's youngest sister. They're still together though so I guess it worked out for them.”

She noticed how his demeanor changed a bit after he found out her age. "I turn twenty one in two months..." she said. She didn't understand why he seemed to be so upset. It wasn't like she was seventeen.. Legal age was eighteen right? Just like the states.

She stayed silent as he told her that she would be in his bed alone. "That makes no sense." she whispered to herself. "I want to know why you just freaked out with my age... Why is it such a big deal here?"

Following him down to the first activity, she smiled looking around. Amsterdam was completely beautiful. The people, the food, the land, everything. "White please." she said as they took their seats.

Simply_RandomAlpha   34d ago


Adrian ignores her question. The first white wine they are getting is Moscato with blue cheese, Parmesan, and goat cheese.

  1. Riesling and Cheese Pairings: blue, Asiago, gorgonzola
  2. Sauvignon Blanc and brick, Munster, goida
  3. Pinot Grigio and mozzarella, feta, cheddar

“My family owns two different farms. I even help my mother with her flower shop. If I need extra cash I'll look for security gigs. Now. What are you graduating with? Doctor? NP?” he asks her. The moscsto was amazing with the blue cheese. In his opinion the goat cheese was weird. He didn't even try the Riesling. It was disgusting in his opinion. He enjoyed all the cheeses. There goes his diet.

Adrian watches her. She sounded hurt by his acts. “About earlier. I'm sorry. I just wasn't expecting you to be that young.” he leans back against the chair. Since he was driving he didn't want to drink too much. Plus they still have things to do. For those reasons, he would take two sips of each cup.

“Any birthday plans?” Adrian asks her. Taking the next glass. He was just furious. Not like he'll be there. “Also, what do you expect from this? You didn't hesitate to do this.”

BooBear96Sophia Grace   33d ago

Sophia listened as he spoke about his family business and his mothers flower shop. “This might be a dumb question but what kind of farming do you do?”

 Her favorite of everything they tried was by far the Pinot Grigio with the feta and mozzarella cheese. But she felt as if she was a cheese connoisseur anything. She loved it all.

 She smiled softly as most people assumed that she was a Nurse Practitioner or even a Registered Nurse. “No, actually I’m graduating Law School… Summa Cum Laude.. I started taking college classes at fifteen, so I was to get ahead” She told him. “Like I said, my Father wants me to join him at the family law firm and eventually take over at CEO… But I’ve always wanted to be a journalist or a writer. I have a blog that I do for fun and it’s began doing really well since I came to Amsterdam.”

 She shook her head when he questioned her birthday plans. “I’m sure my Mother will throw some elaborate party but in reality it’s just so she can show of this perfect fake daughter that she has” she explained. She thought for a moment about why she jumped head first with him. “I feel as if every single moment of my life has been planned out since I was born. My Brother didn’t end up the way my father wanted so all of his hopes and dreams were pushed to me. I never went against anything that they said until I came across this Study Abroad program when I was speaking with my advisor.. I promised myself I would actually have fun and live for myself.. While I’ve had so much fun here… this is just the first time I’ve acted without thinking.. Plus you were mesmerizing.”

She giggled slightly as she took another sip of her wine. “So. We have some time left before our next activity. We might as well make it interesting right?” She said. “Twenty one questions? And I already know my first one… You’re friend said you were single and virgin? I’m going to take a guess and say he was lying?”

Simply_RandomAlpha   33d ago


He could understand where she’s coming from. He loves farming but he’s not sure if it’s what he wants to do forever. They have enough family members working there. They don’t really need him. “Beauty and brains. Alright. You’re definitely out of my league then.” At some point he stopped drinking and only ate the cheese. He’s a sucker for cheese. Especially Mac and cheese. His secret is add truffle oil and using evaporated milk when he makes them.

“Okay. Well this changes a few things. I can show you a greater time now that I know you want to do things out of the ordinary.” He gives her a wicked grin. That was until she wanted to play 21 question. He always hated that game. It ends up getting way too personal for his liking. Before he can object she brings up fucking Axel and his comment from earlier.

Adrian leans in as much as he could with the stupid table between them. “You said I was mesmerizing. Do you think I’m a virgin?” He leans back and lifts his shirt to show her his 6 pack that is all tatted. “But to answer your question.” He lowers his shirt. “I am not. Also, before you make any assumptions I am not a whore either. I have the option to sleep around like everyone else. I’m just. Not like that. My body count is 3. Females I was in a relationship with.”

He looks for his Pinot Grigio that he didn’t finish and hands it to her. “I’m clean. I get tested every six months even though though I’m currently not sexually active.” He’s willing to show her his patient portal as well as he hands her the glass. Out of all the glass it seems like she enjoyed the Pinot Grigio the most.

“What about you dove? What’s your status? Do you still have your V-card as they call it?” Adrian licks his lips seductively as he rest his elbow on the table and rest his chin in his palms. This may get personal but it’s interesting. The girl is like a bird who wants to flap its wings as wide as it can go before heading back home. It’s kind of cute. “Another question. What would it take for you to disobey your fathers want? What if you were to stay here? With me?” That is obviously more than one question. She can ask 3 when it’s her turn.

BooBear96Sophia Grace   33d ago

Sophia Grace

“I just really liked school surprisingly and I knew I would have a long college career so I wanted to get it finished as quickly as I could.” She explained. She listened as he told her that their plans had changed now. “Oh I’m excited! I can’t wait to see what we’ll be doing!”

She could feel her cheeks burning as she realized that she had just asked if he was a virgin. “I’m going to blame this on the wine.” She said softly. She watched as he lifted up his shirt and her breath caught in her throat. “Nope. Definitely don’t think you are” she said softly. She smiled as he handed her his Pinot Grigio. “Thank you!” She sipped the wine. How was she going to tell this man that she was twenty years old, living across the world from home by herself but she was still indeed a virgin. “I am actually.” She explained. “I had the one serious boyfriend and that didn’t work out soo.”

She cocked her head as he questioned what it would take for her to disobey her Father. “Wait. Stay here with you?!” She repeated. “Is this you asking?” Her father would be furious but there was some unexplainable about the man in front of her. “Because if you’re asking… then I would absolutely love to not get on my plane and stay with you. I love this city… and the people.”

Simply_RandomAlpha   33d ago

His left eyebrows arched. Everything in him wanted her more. She’s as pure as it can get. Beautiful. Smart. Pure. Honest. She’s like an open book. “His lost. He most likely downgraded.” He says as smooth as possible.

Sophia keeps surprising him. He laughs. “Just an idea dove. You can stay with me until you get a place of your own or we can look for a two bedroom. The view at my place is also nice. It can help with your writing. Maybe. I can also cook. Not sure if you’re able to cook, cook…” he wasn’t sure if he was being persuasive enough. Then again why is he trying? There is an attraction towards the girl. Then again her age… it conflicts him to be honest. He doesn’t want to be that guy who’ll date someone more that three years younger than him. How would everyone feel? Should he even care if they have a connection?

Adrian wouldn’t mind having her around. He can help her live the life she wants. Which apparently isn’t being a lawyer. However it can come in handy if anything was to ever occur.

“How about you take the remaining hours you have with me and this place before decided. Yea?” Another idea. Perhaps another crazy idea.

He take a look around their surroundings. They are heading back now. “What is your next question dove?” They way she keeps looking at him is stirring something within him. He doesn’t know what though. Not completely. She’s digging him. He can tell. He didn’t mean to make her like him in that way. He just wanted her to leave with a big bang. To remember The Netherlands.

BooBear96Sophia Grace   33d ago

Sophia Grace

"Why are you being so nice to me?" she questioned for her next question. “Why me? Like why did you pick me from the bar tonight? You acted like my age was the worst thing and here you are still willing to let me live with you until I get settled?”

Here he was offering her a place to live... In Amsterdam! Her literal dream was sitting right in front of her. "What kind of view does it have?" she asked. "I really want to write a book, but I just don't think I'm ready yet, so that's why I just do my blog... I like that think that I'm pretty good in the kitchen. I use to hangout in the kitchen with my Nanny when I was younger, so she would always let me help and whatnot."

Living in Amsterdam was something that she had thought about from the moment she got here. "I don't know what I would do for work.. I would also have to get my bar license transferred to the Netherlands. But it would still be something to fall back on."

She watched him as she realized they were getting close to where they first started. "Don't take this the wrong way.." she started "Do you believe in love at first sight?" Oh gawd. She went and made it heavy. He's going to run for the hills now. 

Simply_RandomAlpha   33d ago


He is being nicer than normal isn’t he? A valid question. Hmm. How should he answer this? “Good question. Well I love your smile. That’s what attracted me to you.” He began to fiddle with his fingers. “You are young. It’s just a preference of mine.” He tells her avoiding his eyes, “But again you don’t have to accept. I believe in Karma. Something good will come from this.” He finally looks at her, leaning back against the chair smoothing out his beard.

The wine must be kicking in. Look at her go. She’s a chatter box. It’s adorable. He gets to see first hand what kind of drunk she is. “From the from of my apartment your can see the canal. The room I still have at my parents you can see a field of tulips. An amazing view.” He says smiling thinking if it as he looks down to swirl a random glass of wine he didn’t finish.

Adrian arches an eyebrow and looks at her. Don’t take what the wrong way? Normally it means it’ll be offensive when people say that. He lets out a chuckle. “I used too. I just don’t like the feeling that comes after the love is gone… why do you ask Dove?” He could feel the cruise slowing down. He gets up and walks towards her offering a hand to help her up. He kept their hands holding to pull her close to him. Bossy touching. His free hand gently touches her chin and makes her look at him. “Are you trying to say you’re catching feelings for me Dove?” He kept leaning down until the lips brushed against one another. He decided to be a tease and kiss her nose instead.

Adrian’s lets go of her and wraps an arm around her shoulders. “Do you need a break before the next activity?” He asks leading her towards the exit.

BooBear96Sophia Grace   33d ago

Sophia Grace

"I just.. I don't know. When we left he bar, I thought I knew how this night and tomorrow was going to go... And now I have no damn clue." she told him honestly. "I would love to stay in Amsterdam... But what happen's if one morning you wake up and decide you don't me crashing your style? I have to run back to my Father crying over a man who broke my heart?" She rambled. Her eyes went wide and she quickly shook her head. "I didn't mean to say that."

She sighed as she listened to him speak of the view form his apartment and his parents farm. "I bet the farm isjust absoulety gorgoues." she told him. She would love to see it but she wasn't going to bring that up yet.

She looked him in the eyes as he spoke about love and she nodded. "I know too much about the feeling that comes once the love is gone but how are you going to find your great love if you play life safe?" she questioned. She took his hand as the boat slowed down and tied to the dock. She was avoiding his eyes until she help his hand under her chin. "I don't know what I'm feeling for you... But I think I want to find out." she muttered.

She shivered as his beard brushed against her face again. She leaned into him as they walked and she shook her head. “No I think I'm okay…. Where are we going next?”


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What is Sophia trying to do to him? Does she want to give him a try? He wouldn’t even remember how to begin. To start a new relationship after so long. Her words kept repeating. ‘are you going to find your great love if you play life safe?’

Ugh. He ignored what she said after. How she wishes to find out what would happen between them. Yet what she said earlier also bothered him. He wouldn’t hurt her. It’s not in his nature but what if they just don’t work out despite the connection they have? Or she falls for one of his friends and leaves him. He can’t go through that again.

Adrian leads her back to the car. He made sure she was okay. She did sample all the wine. Can’t have her getting hurt. Their next destination was planned for later but by the time they get there the farm should be closing. They can have it all to themselves. “Are you okay after all that drinking?” He asks.

The drive was an hour long. Hopefully she thinks it was worth it. They get to the farm. It was wrapping up. He waved high to a few family members before helping her out the car. Some of them grinned seeing him with her. A girl. It’s been a while. He held her hand to lead her towards the windmill. It’s a walk up there but the view will be worth it.

“It’s a of stairs but I promise it’s worth it. Want my to carry you up?”

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Sophia Grace

"Why are you going quiet on me now?" she whispered as he led her back to his car.

"I'm fine. Just a little buzzed." she told him truthfully. "I'm sorry I went so hard with the wine."

She looked out the window for most of the drive as he seemed to be not interested in talking right now. She hoped she hadn't pissed him off with anything that she had said. She always talked a lot whenever she drank. The drive was scenic and beautiful.

Looking around after the car had stopped, she was confused. She swore she had seen a field of tulips to her right... But there was no way he'd brough her to his farm. "Where are we?" she asked as she took his hand and slid out of the car. "This is so pretty." she told him as she took a moment to spin and look at everything.

"Is this the farm?" she asked, holding his hand as he led her closer to a windmill. Her eyes were wide as she realized they would be going to the top of it. "I'm fine. I promise." she said as she began jogging up the stairs. She was so excited to see the view that she was sure would be breathtaking.

Her thoughts were right. He was right. It was a lot of stairs but the view once she had gotten to the top was unbelievble. It was unlike anything she had ever seen. America had nothing on Amsterdam sunsets. "I can't believe you get to see this everyday.." she said softly.

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Adrian allowed her to jog up the stairs. He wasn't going to do it. He’ll see her when he sees her. “This is the family farm. I thought after having some wine you would like to see this,” he says leaning against the door frame. Watching her soak in the view. There goes the smile he liked so much. Although it's different now. Prettier is the view she's admiring.


Without thinking, he walks up to her and spins her around so he can cup her face and kiss her. He isn't going to hold back. The first few kisses were gentle before his tongue made its way to her mouth. After a few minutes he stops and rests his forehead against her. God she's short. It made him chuckle realizing how small she is. “I'm sorry,” he whispers before kissing her forehead and moving to her side. “Ready to go? I are next activity would go better as the sunsets.” he asks leaning against the railing. Hands in his pockets as he looks down at his shoes. He lost control. He never losses it. She's doing something to him. Something that she doesn't even know she's doing.

Love at first sight’

Can it be? He normally avoids it. Yet here he is. She was spot on when she questioned him. His answer isn't making sense to him now. Perhaps he wants something more. Then again why her? He does love her smile and how happy she looks. Like watching a sunflower as the sun hits it perfectly making it look like a once-in-a-lifetime view. Someone definitely saw it. Someone will say something. Ugh!

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Sophia Grace

"You brought me to your family farm." she said softly.  Nodding as she heard the comment seeing this. "Adrian.. It's the most beautiful view I've ever seen in my entire life.. I thought Tennessee sunsets were something to see... but this is.. I don't even have words."

His family farm was so charming. She could see the tulip field that he had mentioned earlier but it also looked like they had produce fields as well as a little market of some sorts, just from what she could see from the top of the mill.

"Wh-" Before she realized what was happening, Adrian had his hands on her. Her hands instinctively found his waist. She moaned slightly against his lips. This was something she had never felt before. She never wanted to move from this spot.  After taking a few deep breathes she grinned as his forehead was resting against hers. "Why are you apologizing?" she mumbled. “Will you kiss me again?”

"Where are we going next? Let's go." She took his hand, hoping to stop him from whatever he was thinking hard about.

The walk down was a lot easier than the walk up. The crowds were starting to disperse. “Thank you for bringing me here… It might just be my favorite place of the whole night… But I think I would also like to see what it's like during the day?"

‘Adrian. We weren’t expecting you back until Monday." 

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Adrian chuckled when the girl asked for him to kiss her again. She'll have to wait. “The sun hasn't set yet. We still have time but we need to hurry,” he says carefully leading her back downstairs.

He was going to have her run before they got stopped. His plan failed for someone was waiting downstairs for him. “Mama, I was just giving a private tour.”

“Mhmm and why is this beauty the only person on this private tour?” Adrian didn't let go of Sophia’s hand.

He walks to his mother who is also short to plant a kiss on the top of her head. “Go relax mom. I need to see Jose.” before either of them could say anything how father appeared grinning. He went straight toward Sophia.

“Adrian made this the other day. You should have them since you're his new girlfriends. We're so excited to see him give love a chance. Right Mari?”

“Yes, my love. Don't break his heart.” his mother says pointing a finger at her brevity before going to her husband's arms. They gave each other some eskimo kisses.

Adrian shifts her hand to his free hand. Gently tugging on her. They need to go now. His parents are still madly in love. “Goodbye.” he says before pulling Sophia closer to whisper in her ear. “We need to go. If you don't start walking I'm going to pick you up and the flowers will be ruined. I need the sunset for second to last activity.” he let her hand go to roll up his sleeves so she knows he's serious. He’ll throw her over his shoulders. Plus if they won't leave now his parents will bring her inside and start planning a wedding.

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Sophia Grace

Sophia stopped in her tracks, almost running into Adrian's back. "Why'd you stop?" she grumbled. Peaking out from behind the man, she seen a small woman who had the same nose as the man in front of her. She froze. "Mama?" She moved from behind Adrian's shadow and smiled softly as she came face to face with Adrian's Mother. She giggled as she questioned him about a solo private tour.

Watching him interact with his Mama was precious. Here was the macho man who still managed to take a moment for his Mother.

She was grinning from ear to ear as the next thing she knew someone was handing her a bouquet of flowers. “Oh , I'm not his girlfriend… But these are just beautiful! He did this himself? Thank you. It's so nice to meet y'all!.. I guess we're leaving now." His Mother and Father seemed very nice. “But I think we could stay and chat…”

She looked at Adrian who was now pulling her away. "Thank you for the flowers! Your farm is just breath taking!" She laughed as he said he would pick her up. "You wouldn't da-- Ah. I'm going I'm going!" she said.

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Adrian playfully glares at the girl. “Stay and chat?” he repeats about to chase her to his car.

That was until he saw his cousins. “Keep walking,” he says poking her side as he uses the car remote to unlock the car. He's okay with most of his family members but one of them still talks to his ex. It rubs him the wrong way.

“Yes, I made them myself. I'm a jack of all trades,” he says quickly pulling out of the parking spot.

His right elbow rested on the center console as he fiddles with his fingers. his head was running a million miles per hour. He fears his cousin will tell his ex about Sophia. Sophia also told his parents they aren’t doing. Even though she may or may not have wished for them to date. He could be reading everything wrong now. Yet again she asked for him to kiss her again…

Fuck. This is what happens when you stay out of the dating scene for so long. “Little Dove of mine. You didn’t run fast enough.”He says watching the sun starting to set. “Now the activity is ruined.” He says driving. There goes the canal ride. Jose knows a perfect spot to get a romantic view of the sun setting. For now a picnic at the small park on a hill will do. He found parking and helped her out before pulling two bags out. One being a large insulated cooler and the other was holding serval other things. The walk was short and setting up was quick. He does this all the time with his family. They have sandwiches, fruits, baked goodies, and some beer and water. “We may have miss the beginning but it’s better than nothing.” He says  laying down on his side. Resting his head in his propped up hand.

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Sophia Grace

“Yes stay and chat!” She noticed two other men walking toward them, but he didn't even pause before telling her to get in the car.

"What's wrong?" She quickly buckled the seat belt as he sped out of the parking lot. "You seem... tense? Talk to me." she mumbled. She watched as he fidgeted with his hand. "Hey." Interlacing her hand with his own.

She smiled slightly when he told her that she didn't run fast enough. "Well I would've been content staying and chatting with your parents but apparently that was out of the question." she said, throwing up hands up playfully.

She quickly followed him as he headed toward a hill at the park. "We're having a picnic?" she asked as she watched him set everything up. It was precious. "I don't care that we missed the beginning, this is perfect." She took a seat next to him and just grinned from ear to ear. "You have truly gone above and beyond tonight."

She sighed before reaching out and grabbing some fruit. “I'm not getting on the plane tomorrow..” she told him as she decided that she was going to stay in Amsterdam. She didn't know how it was going to play out but she couldn't just run away after feeling this insane connection to the man with her.

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Adrian was trying to enjoy the now. It was doing so thinking of what would happen tomorrow. Not with her. But the fear of waking up to a message from his ex. She still texts him. No matter how many times he changes his number she’s always messaging him. He’s not prepared for her to bring him down memory lane just to say he’s a piece of shit that should’ve been swallowed. He doesn’t get why she’s so hostel toward him when she was the one that left. He never cheated. Never laid an abusive hand on her.

“Well I had a canal boat ride waiting for us. It would’ve been more magical. This was supposed to be our last activity. The fireflies would’ve been out and seeing the lates from down there would’ve been the perfect ending. At least that’s what I think.” He opens a beer with his teeth and hands it to her before opening one of his own. He even grabs a sandwich to eat.

“If that’s what you wish to do. Just know I go for long morning runs in case you wake up and I’m nowhere to be seen. And yes you’re taking my bedroom. I don’t mind the couch.” He spoke while chewing.
They stayed for about an hour before he said they should start heading home. He has the radio on, on low as he drove. When they got back to his place, Adrian changed the bedding for her. He then grabs a few things from the linen closet to get the pullout couch ready for himself. “Do you mind if I shower first?” He asks freeing his hair before removing his shirt. 

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Sophia Grace

After they finished with their picnic, they headed back to Adrian's house.

She still couldn't believe that she had decided to stay. "Can I ask you a question? Like I really need to know." She moved her bags around the apartment so they were out of the way. After helping him change the sheets on his bed, where she would be sleeping, she followed him into the living area before making herself busy with helping him yet again. "Do you want me to stay?" she questioned. "Because I do.. But I also need to know that you want me here just as much as I want to be here. I don't know what's going to happen when I don't get off the plane in Atlanta in two days. So I need to know that this... whatever it is... is worth the risk."

She gulped as she watched him pull his shirt off, revealing muscle and quite a bit more tattoos. “Holy Shit.” she whispered. Her face was hot, she was sure it was red. “I--I. Go right ahead. I don't mind.. This is your house after off.”

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Sophia sounds scared. That was until she saw him shirtless. It had him grin. “I'll answer your concerns after the shower. Make yourself at home.” he gives her a wink before going to his bedroom to get his thing before he showers.

Adrian thought about her concern. He can wait two months. It'll fly by. Hopefully. They may have a few or many tempting situations to ravage one another. Twenty minutes later he was out of the bathroom. Hair washed. The bathroom still steaming. He had on burgundy silk pajama shorts that reached up to his knew with a matching button-up short sleeve. He walks out drying his hair with a towel.

“Sophie…” he calls out to find her in his bed.

Adrian doesn't remember the last time he had a female on his bed. With or without clothes. He puts his towel to hang on his bedroom door before crawling onto his bed. When he got close to her feet he pulls her down and moves a bit more so he was towering over her, straddling her. When his damped hair touched her he lens back to tie up his hair into a messy bun then goes back down using his hands to keep himself hovering over the girl.

“With lots of consideration and I mean I lot. I understand why you're scared. I would like if you stayed. See what happens between us. You will not be touched until your birthday. An age preference of mine. Don't get me wrong you're gorgeous and I would love a taste, a nibble but the age thing bothers me a bit. Are you okay with this?” he waited for her to answer as he allowed his eyes to roam the body that's under her before rolling over to the side. “Are you a breakfast person? I thinks this vital to know in case I wake up before and I can make you breakfast.” he eventually adds looking over at her.

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He told her to make herself at home and that is just what she did. She changed into her pajamas, a short cami tank and mathcing shorts, and braided her hair before climbing back into Adrian's bed, which was complete heaven. Everything was better in Amsterdam.

"I'm in here." she mumbled as she was scrolling on her phone. She felt the bed dip and she was slightly confused. "Wha-" She gasped moments later, realizing this god of a man was hovering over her. "I think I forgot how to breathe."

Listening to everything he had to say... really made her feel like he did indeed want her to stay. "Will you still kiss me like you did in the windmill? Or is that off limits too?" she questioned. "I understand that my age bothers you.. But I still really want to stay." she told him. "It might take me a few weeks to get everything settled and find a place of my own... I really don't want to put you out of your own bed, Adrian."

After taking a few deep breaths, she leaned back against the pillow and nodded when he asked about breakfast. "I love breakfast. Do you?"

All in all, she was completely terrified of the next few days. Her Father would realize she hadn't gotten on the plane, he would blow up, possibly send out an international search party. And then there was her Momma. Her Mother used to be more normal, from the stories that she had heard, but her Father had made her into his perfect trophy wife. Now all she did was occasionaly help her friends design their new homes as well as throw a party anytime she had a chance. 

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Adriana turns on his side. “Oh little one that would cause a lot of temptations and self-control,” he replies scanning her again.

Sophia is wearing less. He ribs her knees seeing a scar. “What happened here?” he asks just wanting a reason to touch her. As she was answering his was starting to ring. He’ll take that as a sign to leave the room. “Have a good night,” he says rolling out of bed. He grabs his towel to hand it in the bathroom so he can close the bedroom door.

His mother was the one who called. He calls her back as he heads to the kitchen to pull out some bacon for breakfast in the morning. His mother wanted answers about the girl from earlier. He loved his mother and wouldn't lie to her. He good her EVERYTHING. She wasn't happy that he did that but what is done is done. She did agree to his terms because of his age. His father didn't. Reminder the mother had an age gap as well and they're still madly in love. Adrian rolls his eyes as he pulls out the futon to lie down.

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Sophia Grace

The girl sighed dramatically before nodding. "I hope these two months go by fast." she muttered.

Her body shivered as Adrian's hand brushed her knee. "I was riding my Horse, Moon one afternoon and she got spooked by a snake.. I was bucked off and landed in a pile of brush and rock." she explained.

"Good night, Adrian." she said as he headed into the living room. While she was tired, she was too wired to go to sleep yet, so she decided to research Dutch Breakfast staples as she had to show Adrian that she knew her way around a kitchen as well. She could hear him speaking on the phone but she was easedropping.

That night was a hard sleep. She knew more than anything that she wanted to stay here with Adrian, her Father still had an inpact on her. She was almost terrifed of disapointing them... But they could always go visit right? Surely Adrian had to have a passport. It was around two in the morning before her thoughts quieted and she finally dozed to sleep.

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Adrian couldn't stay asleep. He kept twisting and turning. Watching the news didn't he trick. Sort of. Adrian went to his car to get his gym bag so he can't change into workout shorts. Unfortunately he didn't have an extra shirt. Not that he cared. He can run shirtless. He can easily ignore the stares. He didn't want to enter his bedroom since the door was still closer. It was only five in the morning when he went for a run. He ran for 1.5 hours. On his way back he stopped by the store to get a few more things. Snacks. Extra drinks. Extra ingredients.

“Good morning. What are you doing up so early?” he asks setting the bags on the counter to put the items away.

Adrian also began to make himself a cup of coffee. “Any plans for today? I need to stop by the flower shows to let some construction works in to fix something,” he warns her. She's free to join but it won't be exciting.

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Sophia Grace

Sophie was making herself busy when she woke up. "I couldn't sleep.. And I got tired of tossing and turning all night." she said as she sipped on her coffee. "I was going to surprise you with breakfast instead but I honeslty don't know anything about Dutch Food and I wasn't sure what you liked." she told him.

"I don't have anything planned. I feel really anxious. I'm going to be a complete mess until everyone realizes that I'm still in Amsterdam." she told him, truthfully. “I thought I might get out and explore a bit more but I can tag along with you as well. I came across this old time bookstore when I was researching the city but I've never visited yet so I might do that.”

“This is going to be weird… But I'm a stress cleaner so I cleaned the bathroom and started your laundry.” she said with a slight grin. “I hope you don't mind but I just needed something to keep my mind busy this morning.” 

“When do you have to go back to work?” Tomorrow she was going to start figuring out what she needed to do in order to extend her visa, take the Dutch Boards and just find a job in general.

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“I'm not picky. Thankfully we don't have to worry about any sea food for you're allergic and I simply hate it.” he says before drinking his coffee pure. Straight black. Nothing added. He grand a paper towel to wipe the sweat off.

Adrian finished putt things away and began to make breakfast. “Who said it had to be Dutch?” he asks making scrambler eggs while frying up some bacon. Once the eggs were in a pan with butter he began to make the remade croissants. “Do you drive? You can use my car. I have a motorcycle at my parents.” he tells her drinking more of his coffee.

It surprised him to hear she wanted to go to a bookshop. Most girls his age wouldn't spend their free time reading books for fun. He laughs when she told him she's a stress cleaner.

“Just don't be smelling my clothes. That will be weird,” he says jokingly. He was laughing at his own terrible joke. “You can tag along. If anything I can drop you off at the bookstore,” he suggests. Breakfast was simple. Bacon, scrambled eggs, croissants, and some fruits. Nothing special. When he was done he left everything in the sink to shower.

“Did you call your family to tell them or are you waiting for them to send the SWAT team?” he was half joking be she expressed how she feels about her father. From what she told him, he would do anything for his girl to live up to his dreams and expectations.

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Sophia Grace

She watched as he drank his coffee black, and then looked down at her froo froo coffee. "Okay when were you going to tell me that you're a serial killer? Black coffee?"

She watched as he began making breakfast. "I honestly wasn't sure what you liked and didn't like. I'll cook breakfast tomorrow then." She climbed up on the a barstool and watched him move around the kitchen. "You look like you know your way around the kitchen." she said. Of course he had a motorcycle! Classic. "Okay but what if I want to drive the motorcycle instead? Of course I know how to drive... Just not a bike.. But I'm sure you could teach me!"

“I solemny swear to never smell your clothes… But I can't just live here and not help. So I figured the least I could do was clean and do laundry. I'll fold them when we get back tonight.” she told him. “I'm just going to let him find out when they don't see me get off the plane… I don't know. I would hate for them to even go all the way to the airport and me not be there. I might call them tonight… I'm sure he'd send out the SWAT team if he could… Though he likes to think he does, even my dad doesn't have that kind of power.”

She went to wash the dishes as he went to shower. “I need to shower first before we leave. I'll be quick.”

The kitchen was clean and dishes were put away when Adrian got out of the shower, she quickly gathered her things and showered herself. She let her hair airdry after putting some curl cream in it. “Ready.” she said as she grabbed her purse and walked into the living area.


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Adrian laugh. She's funny. “I never said I was anything. What would you like me to be?” he grins, “I need the caffeine.” he said

Adrian put away the futon. And put his bedding away. He made sure his room was okay as well before plopping back down on the couch and checking his social media.

“Aren't those... Pajamas?” he asks sitting up. “Fuck it. Let's go, Dove,” he says grabbing his things.

A few minutes into the car ride he spoke, “So to be clear if your dad shows up and he's rude he needs to leave. He had twice the opportunity to leave nice and calm before I force him out and it won't be pretty. Just a heads up.” the ride was only

Twenty minutes. His mother was at the shop which confused him.

His mother began to smile as she welcomes them on with little pastries and apple cider drinks. “Come in. Come in.”

“Ma what are you doing?”

“Nothing my love. Go to the back. You my dear can sit here with me. I have baby pictures!” she squeals excitedly.

Adrian walks up to Sophia and lowers himself to whisper in her ear. “You have five minutes with her. No taking pictures of the pictures or else.” he gently bites her earlobe “I won't be so kind and I’ll make you mine.”

Mari, his mother, wanted to know more about her. Her name. Age. What she studied. If she has siblings. Wants babies. She even told her about Adrian’s ex-Crystal. Crystal put Adrian through the ringer. She aborted his babies three times. Sold the first engagement ring to get a bag he didn't want to get her. Slept with his best friend and kept his baby which is why he was left at the altar. Maria wanted to make sure her attention are pure and if she doesn't like her son to leave before she hurts them both. How he lost himself after the left and it took over a year for him to get back to himself. 

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Sophia Grace

"Does it look bad?" She looked down at her outfit and pouted. "No it's not pajamas... It's comfy! I thought it was cute." she as she followed him to his car.

Would her Father track her to Amsterdam? Surely he wasn't that crazy. "I don't think my Mom would let him fly all the way here just to yell at me for not coming home." she explained. "But I understand."

"Oh. Hi!" she said as she seen his Mother meet them at the front of the flower shop. "You look so pretty today!"

Her hand instincivley found Adrian's waist as he bent down to speak to her. "I won't take pictures of pictures, I promise. But I think I want more than five minutes. You said you had to handle the repairs anyway. Go." She shivered slightly and smiled as she sat down next to his mother on the dainty couch. "Your shop is just so cute."

She enjoyed the conversation with his Mother, who basically learned her life story. She told her about how she had graduated college at eighteen and then went on to law school. "My Father doesn't know that I'm not coming back to Georgia yet. I'm not exactly sure how to tell him." she explained.

Mari told her everything. "I'm not going to hurt Adrian.. I don't know how to explain it but I knew from the moment I met him... I- We just have this connection thats unlike anything I've ever felt." she said. "You and your husband really did raise an amazing man."

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His mother smiles. “I understand. I was 14 when I met his father. He was 20. Things were different back then so no one judged us for giving love a shot… we had it family blessing to get married 6 months later and look at us. Still in love.”

Adrian’s father showed up to help. Gave his wife a few kisses first. Kissed Sophia’s cheeks. With his father's help, they finished fixing the backroom ceiling and fridge within 45 minutes. Adrian had his shirt off. Using it to wipe his sweat. “I'm starving.”

“How about you two come over for dinner?

Adrian looks at Sophia. “Up to you Little Dove. I just want food and a cold room.” he leans on the counter watching her. She seems happy yet… he doesn't know. What were they talking about?

“Or we can cook at your place, Adi.”

“Sure mama.” Mari claps in excitement.  Adrian gathers his things. His pops clocked up the store and they headed to Adrian’s for dinner. His mother was impressed with everything. Especially with how stocked the kitchen was. Adrian’s passed out on the sectional futon couch. Adrian himself showered and changed into grey sweats and a simple V-neck shirt. Mari loves cooking. She had music playing. Adrian offered to help but she told him to rest so he was laying in bed with the TV on.

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Sophia Grace

"You can truly tell that you and you husband love each other.. That's the kind of love I hope to have one day." she explained. "I assume you Adrian told you about me... my age.. He says we have to wait until I'm twenty one to see where this could go.. But I'd give up everything for him."
"Hello!" she said as Adrian's father kissed her cheek.

“Oh. You look tired. Here.” she said as she poured Adrian a glass of ice water. “You okay?”

Sophia nodded quickly as Mari suggested dinner, but she was over the moon when they offered to cook at Adrian's. "Oh! Please lets cook at Adrian's. I would love to help you."

They went back home, and she quickly dove into helping Mari. She didn't know what they were cooking, but she did everything that she was instructed to do. “Can I make dessert? I think we have the ingredients.” she told his Mother has she chopped some vegetables. 

Mari finished cooking dinner while she started on dessert, it was a pretty easy recipe so it wouldn't take long.  She watched as Adrian went back to the living room to watch television with his Father.


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Adrian passed out. He's normally not big on naps. To him it ruins the day. But it was hot in the backroom. He finally fixed the leaking ceiling, broken fridge that would old bouquets, and cleaned out the central vent. He's been telling his parents they need to renovate but they won't listen. 

Mari told Sophia that two months should be a piece of cake. Until then she can figure out what she wishes to do in life. Even if it means Adrian won't be in it. She needs to decide what SHE wants. No one else. Her son was a fool to give her one good day and is now telling her to wait two months before he thinks about making them official. Mari wants them both to be happy. Again, even if it not work each other. 

Adrian woke up when he heard his mother say it was time to eat. childhood told his body to wake up before she smacks his head and she smacks hard for a small lady. Mari went to give her husband kisses to wake him up but it may have led to them getting frisky. Adrian almost gagged and lifts Sophia, throwing her over his shoulder. “This is why I don't invite them over… doing it somewhere that isn't home is their weird kink.” he clears his throat, “Cover my couch! There are linens in the closer over there,” he shouted closing his bedroom door with his foot. 

Adrian drops her on his bed. He had to look away and turn on the TV to put something on and on at high volume. “How was talking to my mother?” he asks laying down on his bed. Covering his eyes with his arms. He could have stayed napping. 

BooBear96Sophia Grace   32d ago

"I need to figure out what I need to do to get my licenese transferred so I can practice here if need be.. But I really want write. I love writing and photography." she told Mari. "I would actually love to visit the farm and take some pictures... If that would be okay. I can come when it's closed so I wouldn't be bothering anyone... And.. I hope I'm not overstepping but if y'all ever need any help.. I'd be more than happy to volunteer."

They finished dinner and dessert and she watched as Adrian woke up on a dime from his Mother's voice. What she wasn't expecting was for Mari and her husband to start getting it on. She covered her eyes with her hand and laughed as Adrian threw her over his shoulders and retreated to his bedroom. "Oh so they're really going to finish that?" she asked.

She sighed as she snuggled up into his as they rested on the bed. “You look exhausted.” she said truthfully. “I say once their finished we eat dinner and call it an early night.. I have to call my Father later.” she told him. She nervously messed with her ring on her finger. 

“Your Mother… is amazing.” she told him. “I loved getting to spend some time with her. I think we could become great friends.” 

Simply_RandomAlpha   32d ago


Adrian wraps his free arm around her. Involuntary. He laughs. “They act like teenagers. That's why I have a home away from home. I've been here for about two years. It's there first time coming over.” he mumbles.

Adrian didn't want to nap. Napping isn't his thing. He removed his arm from his face to place it under his head. “I'm okay. I need to make some investments today. I'm close to saving enough money to pay for renovations. My mom’s shop needs it… and she actually needs extra help. It'll give me more time for investing and the farm. We can pay you. Just not as much as what a lawyer would get.” he looks down at her.

Adrian like what he's seeing. How calming this is. He could pass out if he gave his body the approval.

“Trying to be friends with my mother so I can date you? That's a first. What happened to just asking a girl out?” he asks jokingly. He removes his free arm from under his head to use make her look at him. She wanted a kiss early. He's down for some kissing now. Adrian did just that. He kissed her like he did at the windmill.

BooBear96Sophia Grace   32d ago

"Did you easedrop on my conversation with your mother?" she questioned "I told your mom that if she needed any help with anything, I would be more than happy." She laughed as at his comment about how much a lawyer would make. "What kind of repairs? Is there anything I can help with? I'm sure I'd be very good at negotiating prices. I would love to help out. It seems like you're spreading yourself pretty thin anyway. Let me take some of it from you."

He looked relaxed. "I love your Mother. I can't help that... Being friends with her is just an added bonus.. Your Father seems really nice too. Just so down to earth.. Not controlled by money. It's nice. Completely opposite of my family."

She smiled softly as he lifted her head up. "You better kiss me." she said. Ah he was! She melted into him. He said he wasn't going to touch her but.... Here he was. She took a risk as she shifted her weight and in an instance she was on top of him, straddling him. "Humor me. Please." she whispered against his lips. The television was drowning out her thoughts. She deepened the kiss as she scared his bottom lip through her teeth slightly.

Simply_RandomAlpha   32d ago

He didn't hear the conversation. Bmhis parents are too prideful to ask for help which is why he does as much as he can. It is exhausting but he would do anything for his parents.

Adrian groans. He shouldn't have kissed her. She's going to make him low control. He could feel his heart race with excitement. When he found his hands under her shirt he had to stop. In one big shift move, he wrapped an arm around her to pull her off of him and he was once again hovering over her. “Don’t do that Sophia.” he practically growls with lust. He kisses her one last time before getting off the bed. He let his hair loose and began to run a hand through his hair a few times. She is playing with fire. Two months will go by fast. “Soo… ma is big on desserts. What's for dessert and don't say you?” even though she clouded his head and wants her. Would it be weird to hide in the closet to gain some control? He definitely can't leave the room and rosi seeing his… just the thought of it makes him want to vomit. 

BooBear96Sophia Grace   32d ago

Sophia Grace

Sophia sighed as was now back with the bed against her. "I'm sorry, not sorry." she mumbled as she watched him get out of bed. "I got carried away.. I won't do that again." She sat up and watched him mess with his hair. 

"Okay. I promise to let you call the shots since I obviously get carried away.. But just because we can't do anything... physical, doesn't mean we can't do other things? Like are you going to tell me cuddling with me wasn't relaxing?" she asked. “I-- I'm just attracted to you, sue me.”

"Summer Fruit Pizza. It was the easiest and quickest thing I could make. I hope everyone likes lemon." she told him. “What're you going to do tomorrow? We didn't make it to the bookstore today.”

“Adri, Sophia!”   Mari called “Dinner is on the table!”

Simply_RandomAlpha   32d ago


Adrian is attracted to her too. Sophia is twenty and hasn't... He can't be her first. He… ‘Fuck!’ he screams in his heart.

“Yea, no. No more cuddling. It's too risky.” he stops to tie up his hair again.

He had his hands on his hips watching her. Watching her confess she got carrier away. How she promises she won't to my again. How he can be in control. Ha. Its a struggle. It's been so long… he finds her extremely attractive and knowing he would be her first is every guy's dream.

“What the fuck is a summer fruit pizza?” Americans…

Adrian heard his mother. They are finally done. Thank god. He's hoping they made their version of dumplings. He is craving them.

“I can take you and leave the car with you. I can just get shit done at the flower shop.” he goes to open the bedroom door so they can join them. He couldn't help but to bang his head against the door with his eyes closed. His jasws tighten. “You can. I need a few minutes.” he says opening the door for her. He needs few to collect himself.  


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