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Court of the Roses

By Yellow6182
Backup thread

WIP, bio will be added later pooks.

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CeciAmaryllis Alstus   47d ago

Amaryllis Alstus

"AMARYLLIS! WERE GOING TO BE LATE, HURRY UP!" Someone yelled out, and a girl came hurrying almost stumbling down through the house's front door, bag falling "HERE! SORRY I TOOK SO LONG! At least I got time to do my hair!" She said, taking a breath. She picked up her purse and dusted it off "Alright! We all set to go?" As the other girls agreed, she smiled "Great! Off to school!" And they started walking away, talking and joking with eachother 

Senpai introduced! Amaryllis, "co-leader" of the bullies/leaders twin

Yellow6182╰┈➤ Yasuo Fujinaga   44d ago
Everytime you talk I get closer to prison

╰┈➤ Yasuo Fujinaga

(Sorry for not replying earlier my little pookie dookie.)


  Yasuo Fujinaga, (un)surprisingly enough was already riding to school on his bike. Yasuo himself was a former member of the newspaper club, but was now a member of the student council, and was working his way to be the leader by next year. 

  “Oh, hello Amaryllis!” 

  Yasuo said, smiling as his perfect ponytail waved in the air. He waved to the two girls already almost running late to school with a grin, his bag on the basket on the back of his bike. 


New senpai found, Yasuo Fujinaga, co-leader of the student council!


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