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Rewritten (Closed)

By MourningGlory
Backup thread

She's always loved time with her father in Forks, but always felt bad about leaving her mother. Now that she's all grown up, she's working to become a successful wedding planner. She gets her first independant project thanks to her father's fiancé that she is meeting for the first time but absolutely loves her because of EVERYTHING she has been told.

He's cooler and more standoffish than his family. The man was brought into the Cullen family (like most) by Carlisle and Esme and feels he owes the good doctor everything as they are once more moving back to Forks to start again.

What happens when the Future Wedding Planner and New Co-Head Doctor of Forks meet? What secrers will come to light and what adventures await?

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BooBear96Bekah   46d ago


Bekah sighed as she thought about the conversation that she had just had with her Father. He was getting married to Lisa, whom she had only met via facetime once or twice. But she seemed like an amazing person. Her Father Brian, was the Police Chief while Lisa was the Head RN at the community hospital, where they met.

Brian wanted her to move, temporarily, back to Forks to plan their wedding. Lisa said she could have full reign.  It would look great in her portfolio. She had been thinking recently about going independent.. The company that she was working with was taking her no where. She had a few small things under her belt, but they were fair when choosing the planners.

Her Mother, Jenn, was less than happy when she told her the news. She didn't want her moving at all. Much less across the country to Forks, WA.

Within a week, she had most of her clothes and belongings loaded up in her Kia Sportage. She had left most of her summer clothes in Arizona, as she probably wouldn't need them in Washington. It took her about three days to get to Forks, as she had to stop and sleep since she was the only one driving. Her Mother had thrown a fit when she left, so they hadn't spoke. Lisa had called and invited her to a Gala that the hospital was throwing, apparently it was just a way to introduce new doctors and fundraise. She was to meet Brian there.

Once she arrived at her Fathers home, she felt emotional. It was like nothing had changed, but everything was different. Lisa had already told her that she updated her room, which she was grateful for. She freshened up and change before heading to the convention center on the outskirt of town. Her Father and Lisa were waiting for her outside.  "It is so good to see you both!" she squealed as she ran up to them. "It is so good to finally meet you in person."

In true Washington Fashion, it was snowing in March. Lisa ushered them both into the party. “I want to introduce you to my Boss and his family tonight. I've been talking about my step daughter moving in with us since we found out. I hope you'll hit it off with them!”

Bekah's eyes were scanning the room, taking everything in. It seemed this Family knew how to throw a party. She gasped silently as her eyes met a mans across the room.

MourningGloryCole Alexander   42d ago
Lady of the Night

Cole Alexander

“Colton I would very much appreciate you coming to the Gala with us. I know that you do not like parties and to be around people, but being there would be better because you are also a doctor and you are my partner in training. Besides, the whole family is going to be there and it would not make sense for you not to be." Carlisle was saying as Cole had once more tried to get out of going to the Gala. He was more the type who liked his space and to not be too involved with people and crowds. That wasn't to say that he didn't like being a doctor and using his “gifts” to help. That was just saying that sometimes it could get to be a little much for him.

“Carlisle, the only reason I agreed to come back in the first place and to stsrt again here as we have gone for almost fifty years is because I respect you and Esme more than anything. The two of you saved me and gave me a home when I had nothing… But this…” Cole's words were cut off when he saw the look upon his adoptive father's face and he could hear the disappointment in his thoughts. “Because I have nearly perfect control as you do and because I am as you said a doctor as well…I will attend.” Those were words that the “young” man did NOT want to say. A promise that he had NOT wanted to make. But in the end, Cole knew that he could not deny Carlisle anything that he asked of him. So he would of course be attending.

On the night of the Gala, the man with the dark ember eyes stared into the mirror and for the millionth time tried to retie the bow tie that he was getting quite flustered with. The thing was ANY other time he would have been able to tie the thing. Just he wasn't wanting to go and apparently his not wanting was manifesting though his lack of simple knots. “Here Cole let me help! The others are almost ready to go and are waiting for you.” Alice said as she pranced into his room. Before Cole could object, the pixie-esque girl in her black gown was before him and had the bowtie done perfectly for him. But before she stepped away, eyes seemed to go blank and she looked up at him. “Tonight will be an interesting one for you. Try not to scare her too much.” But that was all that was said before Alice left the room and pranced off to find Jasper.

‘Hate when she does that. What’s worse is this time she blocked me out of seeing what she did by immediately taking up thinking about the Aqua song ‘Barbie Girl’.. That's one of the most ANNOYING things she could have done..' Cole thought as he finished getting ready and soon met up with the rest of the family downstairs and they were off.

When at the Gala, the guests were arriving and Carlisle and Esme were talking to a couple that he had helped just the week before. Cole had taken to politely mingling. Or he had been until a scent that he had NEVER smelled before hit his senses. And before he knew it, ember eyes were drawn to a young woman across the room who was with Lisa and the police chief. And if he had a beating heart, it probably would have been beating out of his chest.

Carlisle looked to his adoptive son and saw where his eyes had gone. The faintest of smiles graced the man's lips and he clasped Cole's shoulder. “Why don't we go and welcome Lisa and her guests? It would only be the polite thing to do.” With those words, Carlisle was leading both Cole and Esme over to Lisa, Brian and Bekah. “Good evening, Lisa. It's good to see you and your family here.” Carlisle said with a warm smile, his arm moving around Esme's waist. He was doing all of this on purpose and wanting to see how things would play out.

All the while, Colton was internally screaming. All he wanted to do was run. But he knew that he couldn't. He had to play the part that was expected of him. So giving an almost pained smile because Bekah's blood was sining to him in a way blood never had before. “Carlisle is right…it is very nice to see you all here…”

BooBear96Bekah   40d ago


What kind of water is everyone drinkning at this hospital? Are all the Doctors this good looking? Surely not. He's the most handsome thing I've ever seen.

Bekah smiled brightly as Lisa introduced her to her boss, his wife and their son. "It is so nice to finally meet you all. Lisa has told me so much about you, I feel like I know you already!" she said, looking in the direction of Cole. “I hope you all will make it to the wedding..”

Lisa had secret hopes that Bekah and Dr. Cole Cullen would hit it off. He needed a good girl, and any excuse for Bekah to stay in Forks was fine with her. She knew Charlie wanted the same thing. Who knew what the next few months would be. “Cole… Why don't you show Bekah the new wing their building in your Father's honor. I'm sure neither one of you wants to stay here and listen to us old people chat.”

Really subtle, Lisa. Bekah though. Oh she couldn't have made that more obvious.

MourningGloryCole Alexander   37d ago
Lady of the Night

Cole had been listening to the thoughts of the four “old people” around them. He had been trying to hear Bekah as well but there was nothing. It was either a hum or complete silence. And to say that the man was shocked would be an understatement. He had NEVER not been able to pick up on thoughts before. 

“We were invited to the wedding of course. And Lisa in her way did give each of us a lecture of having to be there or else.” Cole was attempting his hand at a joke. Though it was obvious that though seemingly cooler and a little more detatched than Carlisle and Esme that he did at least have a form of fondness for Lisa as he had gotten to work with the woman and get to know her just as Carlisle had.

“What Colton means is we would be happy to join you. And to see one of our own finally getting their happy ending.” Carlisle said with a small smile. The man had known Cole meant well, but he still had felt a need to cover what had been said just in case it had not come across as was meant.

Silence fell for a moment or two. Or that was what it seemed, though all the thoughts and the buzzing in his head never seemed to stop….or didn't until once more he tried to focus in on Bekah. And as before…gentle hums and nothingness. Oh how the man would have loved to keep to that, but as was “rule of thumb” all good things must come to an end.

“Of course I can show her the wing being done in Carlisle's honor. It would be a nice excuse to get out of here for a few moments.” The translation of his words were “thank you for getting me away from this crowd.” And after his spoken words and their “parents” seeming to fall into a world of conversation that no longer pertained to either himself or Bekah, Cole was turning ember gaze to the young woman who mystified him.

“They are most likely going to be on their own topics for a while… did you want to go now?” Cole asked Bekah as he gave a faint smile and gave a faint tilt of his head towards a side door that they would be able to slip out through without much notice.

BooBear96Bekah   37d ago


Bekah smiled as Cole told her that they would be there. Lisa made sure of it apparently. "Well. That's great. I look forward to seeing you there." she said.

"I would love to see the new wing. I honestly didn't know Forks hospital was growing this big. But I guess when you have an amazing Father/Son Doctor duo." she said. "Oh I'm quite sure, we better go before we get pulled into their conversations."

She began walking in the direction he nodded at, her heels clicking with every step.  She could sense him walking closely behind her. "How did you end up getting into the Medical Field? Did you want to work with Dr. Cullen?"

It seemed no matter what, she could not remember Cole from grade school, the only time she went to school in Forks. “I don't remember you when I lived here before. Did you move?”

MourningGloryCole Alexander   33d ago
Lady of the Night

She was a spirited girl, Cole could definitely give her that. And usually spirited didn't sit well with him as he liked his peace of mind and space. But with Bekah there was just something different. Was it her seeming innocence that drew the vampire male in? Cole wasn't sure but he was damn sure he would figure it oit eventually.

As he followed closely behind the young woman, Cole knew that he was getting lost in his head. In fact, he had very near missed her words and had to force himself to focus and go back over what did manage to break through his thoughts. “Carlisle took all of us in at different points in our lives. Some of us are more grateful than are others. Or we come to admire him and the work that he does. So yes. I did always want to become a doctor and work with him.” The words that he spoke were soft, thoughtful even. Which usually his answers were. But this time he had actually had to think before speaking as he had not known what was coming his way in the form of question or topic of conversation.

Silence fell between the pair as they continued to walk. Was it mere seconds or as some would say precious minutes before Bekah seemed to find her voice again. And the question that had slipped from pretty pink lips was not at all one he had been expecting and so without meaning to, Cole let out a soft chuckle and shook his head. “No, I did not attend grade school here in Forks. You and I meeting here tonight is the first time we have met. I know that because I would have remembered someone as beautiful and charming as you.” Okay, the last of his words the man had NOT meant to say. But they had slipped out and he would have to deal with whatever they brought to him. 

“You asked me what got me into the medical field. Can I ask you what made you choose to become a wedding planner? Like what drew you to it?” The man was trying his best to change topics and praying to whatever God out there that his plan had worked and that he could get Bekah to talk about herself. 

Soon, the two had slipped into the hall that was outside the Gala and Cole had taken the lead. “The wing is down a couple more hallways. But it does get to become a maze when not used to it.” And again he was starting to ramble and fumble with his words which was annoying to the vampire as usually he was much more levelheaded. What was it about this one girl that threw him so badly?


BooBear96Bekah   34d ago


Cole was adopted. That explained quite a few things actually. "I think that's just amazing, getting to work so closely together." she told Cole. "I would love to get to work with my Dad, but I think seeing me in a police uniform would be just enough to cause him to have a heart attack."

The hospital had gotten a face lift. Thanks to the Dr. Cullens, she was sure. It wasn't as outdated as she had remembered it, but then again, what in Forks was the same? Even her home was different.

Nodding her heard, her lips pursed as she listened to Cole explain that he hadn't went to grade school together. Her cheeks flushed as Cole had slipped and called her beautiful. "I'm sure I would indeed remember someone as handsome as you, but like I said. It's been years since I've been in Forks. My Mother made it her mission to see that I mostly forgot about life here."

Why did she want to become a wedding planner? "It honestly fell into my lap. I was taking  classes for Photography at the community college close to my Mother's house, and I was also looking for a job. I'm very detail oriented and some might say I'm a perfectionist even. There was an opening at a firm, and I guess they just liked me." she explained. "But I fell in love with it, I mean who doesn't love weddings? I get to help people on one of the biggest days of their life, that's more of w reward that I can ever want, seeing their faces when it all comes together... Oh my gosh, I'm rambling."

She followed Cole throughout the hospital. “I'm directionally challenged, so please don't leave me.”

MourningGloryCole Alexander   29d ago
Lady of the Night

Cole Alexander

It was amazing how open, though still very closed off the man was with Bekah. Half the things that seemed to slip from him were things he could not and would not have ever imagined ever saying. And the fact that he was even asking her about herself and genuinely wanted to know was new too. So what was it about the young woman that happened to draw him in so? Happened to have him so capitvated.

“I can agree to you seeming the perfectionist and detail oreinted. Lisa has shown us some of the plans you have drawn up for their wedding. Have to say I have never seen someone put so much time and effort into it. Also… I never really did think much on weddings. They have always in their way seemed like something in the movies... Fantasy… so the way you see it and the love you have for it and helping others on what many would think of as such a special day is refreshing.” And there he was again saying more of what was on his mind than was usual for him. She wasn't the only one who appeared to be rambling. Colton, well Cole was hoping that he had not said way too much and made her hate him. And if he had, it would prove yet another reason he chose to be as closed off as he had become.

A faint chuckle did slip from the male as the pair continued to weave their way through the hospital and the many additional corridors that had been added. He had not meant to chuckle at Bekah's words but it was cute in its way how she admitted to being directionally challenged. “I do not plan to leave you on your own in here. Honestly, the first Carlisle did it to me I managed to get lost. We all do when first roaming the new halls and buildings around here.” His words were a faint lie. The truth was Cole NEVER got lost and had a very good sense of direction. But he had somehow felt the need to make her feel a little better about it. “By the way…it's this door here.” And he opened the door that they had just come upon, leading her into the room and turning the light on.

BooBear96Bekah   29d ago


The man walking beside Bekah was a complete mystery. He was vague with his answers, but at the same time it seemed like he was trying to keep himself from letting her in. She wanted to learn everything about his man.

Bekahs  breathe sucked in as Cole told her that Lisa had already shown them some of her plans for the wedding. “Oh! I hadn’t realized…I do hope that she didn’t bore you too awful much.” She said, sympathetically. “Obviously this is my Father’s second wedding, from what I gathered from my Mother it was the most redneck thing, which was their style back then. But my Dad is a completely different person and this is Lisa’s first wedding.. She deserves everything good and then some. I just want it to be truly perfect for them both… I love them both more than anything. My relationship with my Mom is rather complicated, but Lisa has stepped in as the adoring step mother role with ease. I think she was made to be a Mother… That’s why she chose nursing as her career. She just wants to take care of people.” She was indeed on a rant now. “At any point, you can tell me to shut my mouth, it will not hurt my feelings.”

The girl nodded as Cole explained that it was normal to get lost in the new buildings. “I still cant believe this is Forks Hospital. It’s great, don’t get me wrong. But when I left, it was just a three bed emergency room. I think you and Dr. Cullen were just what Forks needed.” Her eyes widen as they walked into the new, children’s wing. “This is amazing.” She breathed.

MourningGloryCole Alexander   28d ago
Lady of the Night

The vampire had not at all meant to send Bekah into a rant or to get her “rambling" as he was sure she thought that was what she was doing. Honestly it was quite the opposite. Cole was genuinely curious of the young woman and so was more than willing to listen whatever she wanted to say. And it honestly saved him from talking about himself and letting her in more than he was used to. So with all of that in his mind, one Cole Alexander…or rather in this turnaround Cole Cullen was grateful for the ramblings and IF he could would keep them going.

“From what I have heard, things were different before. The style of things as Forks started off as a generally small town. One way roads, shops every few miles, and neighborhoods also very small. Everyone knew everyone. So for more people to move here and for it to build up as it has is amazing… Also, you are right about Lisa. She lost a child when she was young and found she could not have anymore. So she essentially took on nursing as a way to fill that void. But the more she worked with the children, the more she found what she wanted to do in life was to take care of people and to help them.” Cole was not sure if Bekah had known all of that about either Forks or her new stepmother but somehow he felt inclined to tell her. Well and the fact that she had told him everything that she had, Cole figured that it could not and would not hurt to at least conteibute a little to the conversation so that she would not feel as if she were talking to a brick wall.

“This wing has taken the longest to finish. We wanted to make sure that it would be a place children who had to stay here wouldn't be as scared. A home away from home and a place they would feel welcome. Most of the designing of this wing was done by Lisa and couple of other nurses. Carlisle and I just backed them as silent partners.” And again, it appeared the words danced out of his mouth. But he wanted to explain a little bit more about the wing that he had been told to show her. Cole was only hoping that his words made sense for one, and two that he was not rambling and boring the poor young woman to death.

BooBear96Bekah   28d ago


It had been a month since Bekah had moved back to Forks temporarily. She had made great progress with the wedding, which was coming up in just a little over a month. Her relationship with Lisa had just prospered, as well as her friendship with Cole. Lisa always made it a point to make sure Cole was near whenever she invited Bekah to the hospital for a lunch date, which usually resulted in she and Cole being left alone and eating together. She never minded though, she absolutely adored Cole and had deeply enjoyed the last month of getting to know him.

Her childhood friend, Mason, who happened to be her ex boyfriend, had decided to fly out early so they could also spend time together. Mason was her Fathers best friends son, they worked at the Police Department together. She was heading to Seattle to pick Mason up and she hadn’t even made it two miles outside of Forks City Limits when her SUV started smoking all of a sudden. She quickly managed to pull over on the side of the road, in the grass. She was in the middle of the Forrest. She sighed as she tried to call her Father a few times, who of course didn’t answer his phone. “Of course the one time I desperately need him.”

She tried to call Lisa as well, who didn’t answer either, not that Lisa knew a thing about cars. “Hey… I’m so sorry to bother you. I hope you’re not busy, but I’m in the middle of the Forrest and my car is smoking. It won’t start. My dad and Lisa aren’t answering their phone and I’m supposed to be in Seattle in four hours.” She explained to Cole.

MourningGloryCole Alexander   28d ago
Lady of the Night

Cole Alexander

It had been a month since Bekah had come to Forks. A month since he had slowly been getting to know the Chief of Police's daughter. Did the vampire male regret it? Sometimes in the fact that he could not be completely open and honest with her. But it was ince to have someone outside of the family he could spend time wtih and talk to. Bekah's new stepmother kind of didn't give them much a choice in getting to know the other either. Lisa would invite Bekah to have lunch at the hospital and in the office but then meraculously get a call and have to leave the pair alone.

His phone buzzed and he was quick to answer it when he saw the number and Bekah's name come up.The first thought he had was one of worry as in the time he had come to know her he had began to really care about the young woman. So he listened to what she had to say and pinched the bridge of his nose. She wasn't hurt, and that was good. The bad part was it was sunny out which would make things tricky for him.

“You aren't bothering me at all. I was just looking at some papers that Carlisle had left me to look at. And l am actually almost done with them. I will be there shortly.” And he would. The man just needee to throw the file he had been working on on Carlisle's desk and change into long sleeves and make sure that the sun could not touch his skin

Twenty minutes later Cole was pulling up beside Bekah's smoking SUV in a black Mercedes that he had borrowed from Carlisle that morning because of his boredom of the silver Volvo that he usually drove. 

“Hopefully I didn't keep you waiting here too long.” Came his quiet words as he leaned over the seat and pushed the passegner's side door open for Bekah to get in. He would have much rarhered gotten out to open her door for her, but he was at a catch-twenty-two. And the man did make a motion for her to get in. “Since you have four hours until you have to be in Seattle did you have something you wanted to do to pass some of the time?” Cole asked with a small smile.

BooBear96Bekah   28d ago


"Are you sure? Oh I hated calling you- I know you were at work. Thank you, Cole. You're my hero." she said before the call disconnected.

Passing her time with TikTok and Facebook while she was waiting for the man, she jumped slightly when his blacked out Mercedes pulled up next to her, grabbing her purse from the passenger seat, she made sure her doors were locked as she climbed into the car Cole was driving. "Not at all, thank you so much. Brian finally called me back, he's going to have it towed home... And he told me to tell you he appreciates you looking out for me." 

After buckling up, she turned to look at him. “You certainly look handsome today.” blushing slightly after she realized what she had said aloud, she all but cowered back into her seat. “Well. My GPS said it was about a three hour drive to the AirPort. I didn't really have anything planned, I've never been to Seattle before so I didn't really know what to look for as far as something to waste time.. Are you sure you're free though? I can go back and get my dads truck from the station. I don't want to pull you away from patients..”

MourningGloryCole Alexander   27d ago
Lady of the Night

Cole Alexander

If there was one thing that Cole had picked up on about Bekah it was that she constantly worried about others before she did herself. In her ways, the young woman whom he was now picking up reminded him a lot of both Carlisle and Esme. Not in a creepy kind of way. But in the way that he admired the form of care and compassion they all seemed to have towards others. That selflessness. It was refreshing to see there was still good when the world was changing so much and there was so much bad. Now of course Cole didn't spoke all those thoughts out loud. How could he really when he didn't know how they could or would be taken.

“I honestly am free today. Carlisle didn't assign me to any of the patients. As I told you, he had me relooking at some of the cases we have done and making sure that medical records were kept up. All of which I can do now in my sleep.” The last of his words had been semi meant as a joke. But more than that, Cole was just trying to highlight his point that she had not been a bother at all and he actually was thankful for the eacape she had given him.

“By the way, you do look beautiful yourself today. Though you always do.” Those words were also soft as he spoke. He was becoming a little more open but he still was a little nervous when giving compliments. So he did hope that the young woman beside him knew that he truly meant what he had said about her always looking lovely.

When hearing what her GPS said about the drive taking about three hours, a faint chuckle slipped from the vampire. In truth the drive SHOULD take about three hours, but it wouldn't given how he liked to drive. “It won't take as long as you think. I will guess it will take us about an hour and a half. As to what we can do to pass time… How would you feel about the mall? Or some of the old anrique shops in town?” He would let her decide if she was okay with what he had suggested. But in truth, those were the only things he could think of as he didn't travel to Seattle all that often himself.

BooBear96Bekah   26d ago


It was a complete relief to hear that he wasn't assigned to any patients today. She would've quickly made him take her to the Police Station so she could get her Father's truck, and then Cole could've returned to work. "Regardless of what you were doing, I truly appreciate you dropping it all to come rescue me." she said " Did Dr. Cullen happen to see you leave? I'm sure my Dad called Lisa and she's just over the moon that you're helping me."

Her face instantly heated after hearing his soft comment. This is how it had been for the past month, soft flirting back and fourth, in person and text, and soft compliments almost every time they were together.

"An hour and a half? Well that certinely gives us some time to spare, doesn't it? Do you have a favorite thing to do in the city? I wouldn't mind going to the mall, Lisa gave me free rein on my Maid of Honor dress but I don't want to bore you, and I think it would be an even better surprise." she explained. "Speaking of the wedding... I understand that your family is coming... with dates. And Lisa of course is pestering me about who I'm going to bring..."

MourningGloryCole Alexander   22d ago
Lady of the Night

Cole Alexander

Even had he had patients, if Cole would have told Carlisle that Bekah needed help the man would have let him go no questions asked. Though of course he wouldn't be telling the young woman that part. Or maybe he could? His mind was going back and forth on those thoughts until he heard her words, thanking him and being sure that Brian had called Lisa. Faintly a smirk crossed his lips there. “Carlisle knows that I left. Well saw me leave. But he didn't ask about it. He thinks I spend too much time at the hospital and is probably thankful I am getting out.” The words had been quiet, but as had become common hid a sense of laughter beneath them.

When he had let his compliment slip and she turned red, Cole smiled faintly. The pinks and reds she turned always made her natural beauty stand out all the more. IF he had a beating heart and was able to blush, the male definitely would and Bekah would be the main one to cause it. But as it stood he didn't blush but showed her the minor timidness that the compliments caused him. The two had been like this since they met. Soft flirting, compliments both in person and by text. It was getting to the point where Alice was CONSTANTLY teasing him and trying to push him into trying to date the young woman. Lisa made her small comments here and there at the office…and so did Carlisle and Esme. But Cole never did tell Bekah about it. Why push the girl? Why push himself?

“It does give us the time to pass. But I would have to say the old antique shops, bookstore, and just small things like that. So if you did happen to want to go dress shopping while we were there…” Cole really didn't care what they ended up doing. And he also hoped mentoning even dress shopping that Bekah understood it wouldn't bore him. When you had forever to live, there was hardly anything boring…or was it there was too much that could bore you because you had seen it too often or things similar? Not that Colton really thought about it as it was but the “I don't want to bore you” comment from Bekah had made him think on it for a moment.

Her next words did take Cole by surprise. He had thought that maybe she had already had a date. He knew that he didn't and was more or less being dragged by his family. “Actually, everyone in my family has a date…Everyone but me. If you don't have anyone to go with, would you maybe want to be my date?” Good God he had been awkward but he had come to really like Bekah in the last month and she made him feel in ways no one before her had. So all of this was completely new to the vampire male. 

BooBear96Bekah   18d ago


Her nerves were on high alert while Cole drove, not due to his driving, but him in general. She didn't know how to explain it, but it had been made silently clear that neither of them wanted to do be pushed into anything, especially by their families so they were taking their sweet time with whatever was happening.

"I'm also certain that Westfield Shopping would have both dresses and some really great bookstores." She honestly didn't want to bore him with dress shopping, and in a way she thought it would be fun to surprise him with what she wore.. Even if they weren't going as dates officially she felt that they would end up in each other's presense at some point.

Or would they actually be going as dates? Her heart raced as Cole asked her to be his date. She silently took a deep breathe to try and break up the giant smile on her face. "I would love to be you date, Cole." 

The rest of the drive was mostly in silence, but occasionally they would make small talk. It didn't matter to her though, it was not an awkward silence so it was kind of warming. Content feeling even. Once Cole had his car parked, she grabbed her purse and slid out of the luxury car. “So we have about two hours before we have to be at the airport. Bookstores first?” she questioned. She bit the inside of her cheek before walking around the side of the car and softly looping her arm into Coles.


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