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The Risami Project

By Yellow6182
Backup thread

If someone ever tells me it's a mistake to have hope, well then, I'll just tell them they're wrong. And I'll keep telling them ‘til they believe! No matter how many times it takes…”

-Madoka, Madoka Magica



  It’s the blossoming spring of the year 2036 in the city of Risami, otherwise known as the Capitol of Magical Girls. Flowers are blooming beautifully in the megacity, same with the sakura trees, but there’s one issue, and it’s been an issue for a while. Ever since the year 2030, the dawn of the decade, all of the magical girls have either died or magically disappeared. Due to nobody to defend the city from villains and villainesses, the villains reigned supreme over the city. Due to regular humans being barely able to land a hit on the villains, they ended up slowly adapting the city and their lives to avoid their attacks. The villains got smarter and stronger, so soon enough, everyone was back under danger.

This is where Y/C comes in. Y/C could come from any background, from a schoolgirl to a salaryman, they could be anybody.  One thing they all have in common, was that they were found by some magical familiar called Pinch. No matter how that person met Pinch, they’ve managed to make a deal to help save the world.



1. Common sense, the most basic one. Have it, please. 
2. I get it’s a common trope in animes, but no mary sue magical girls, nobody is that perfect. 
3. No hybrids, straight up. Not fighting it unless you somehow get my permission to play a villain/villainess. 
4. On the topic from before, no villains being played unless as NPCs, they can be recurring, but that’s about it. If you wanna play one, you’ll have to ask. 
5. 300 character minimum. Gives people something to reply to. 
6. No being the child of a god. There’s no actual gods in this rp. 
7. OC minimum age is 10, saying this because most magical girls in media are 10-14.
8. You can be any color, and there can be multiples of any color.



✼ Name: (FULL NAME!) 
✼ Age: 
✼ Gender: 
✼ Date of Birth: (DD/MM/YYYY) 
┊ ˚➶ 。˚ 
✼ Personality: 
✼ Likes: 
✼ Dislikes: 
✼ Backstory: (I really don’t care how long this one is, but I may or may not be skimming through it.) 
 ┊ ˚ · • . ° .
✼ Magical Girl/Boy/Gborl Color: 
┊ ˚➶ 。˚ 
✼ Appearance: (Image, description, or link to OC.)

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Yellow6182╰┈➤ Kanna Morimoto   47d ago
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╰┈➤ Kanna Morimoto



    It was an average day in Risami, for how long it's been since actual normalcy. It was surprising that no villains had came out yet today, so people were still leisurely walking the streets, but it was still a small number compared to the population of Risami. Sakura blossoms were swaying into the nearby sidewalks, were a certain little girl was standing amidst the crowds of students heading home from school. 

  “Here you go! Please join my magical girl history club! We meet at this park every Friday at four!”

  There was a little girl standing outside the park, handing out pamphlets for some sort of history club. She was mostly ignored by most passerby, but some clearly younger students from a nearby school that took the pamphlets. Whenever she ran out of pamphlets that were in her hands, she took out more from her dark pink satchel, which had some flowers inside as well. She would pass them out to whoever would be interested, even though most would ignore her. Now, would Y/C take the pamphlet?


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