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| The Summoning |

By -Karasu
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The Summoning 

A twist of fate some might say, putting you in the arms of a monster. The demon claimed to know all your desires but only seem to bring you agony. That was until you were able make contact with an angel the demon's behavior started to change. He seemed angry that you wanted to leave him so suddenly when the two of you had just become "friends". You wanted to leave, why should you stay with something that only seems to bring you pain. Was that not the job of a demon of a demon? To make humans suffer for their sins, to play trick and taunt them repeatedly. Or perhaps to persuades them into doing something bad. 

When you first met Amarok, he  appeared before you as a large black wolf with vermillion eyes. He gave you a chance to run, but he hunted you down. He pulled you into his lair kicking and screaming. You were in luck because summoning spell didn't completely fail. You did get the attention of an angel. You were trying to summon angel in the first place for guidance or something like that. Instead you came face to face with this monster. Who seemed to be very angry when you tried to leave his side, by crying out to angel. Such a holy being, how dare it enter his realm uninvited, and even try to save you. try to save your soul from damn nation.

How he wanted to make you scream. He actually was enjoying your company even though you weren't. His eyes looked at you hungrily as his form changed he appeared human like expect for his vermillion colored eyes. Although he didn't stay it out loud it was clear by the way he embraced you that he didn't want you to go.

What I have in mind is that our characters slowly fall in love. This is a bit of dark story so there will bloodshed.

I need someone who can play a male character this role-play will be MxM 

Also need to be able to write 1200 character please.

Anime or Illustrated pictures only.

Must be 18 or older to join this story. 

Thank you! 


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-Karasu     36d ago

Please pm me if you are interested and want to join.

Thank you

-Karasu|Amarok|   29d ago


First Meeting 

When you first met Amarok it was not pleasant to say the least. You were trying your hardest to summon a deity or an angel for guidance or something along those lines. How did things turn out so badly? You really don't know where the mistake was. Here you are trapped under a large animals paw no doubt to be eaten. It was then you heard the large black wolf speak  to you in a raspy voice. “How dark you wake me…”  it said as it curled it lips back reveal long sharp teeth. You try your beast to plea with the animal hoping that some how it release you form it grasp. That only seemed to anger the wolf more. ”Silence!"  It snarl baring it sharp teeth at you. Which cause you to shiver and tremble. The wolf smiled a toothy grin. ”I will give you the chance to run for you life but if I catch you… You are mine…" He said with a growl. The large wolf got off of you. 

Allowing you to make a run for you life. If you could make it through the Blackwoods with out him catching you. You would be set free, if he caught you who knows how bad thing would before you. The wolf sat there silently watching you with his vermillion colored eyes. It was no surprise when you took off running. Crying out and pleading to the forest gods  to protect you. It seem your cries had fallen on deaf ears as no one or no thing came to your aid. Thoughts and memories seem to be flooding your mind. How you wished you could go back and start thing over. Do thing different. Part of you didn't understand why you were being punished so severely. Sure you weren't the perfect of beings. You didn't view  yourself as a being a bad person.  

As you ran through the forest you saw a glimpse of hope. You saw the forest edge if you could just run a litter farther you would be free. A smile crept across you face as you felt as if you were going to make. Suddenly out of no where the large black would latched on to your left ankle making you fall to the ground with a hard though. You then felt the sharp sting of teeth piercing your skin. As the wolf dragged you into a dark cave. It was so dark you could make anything out but you could feel all the twist and turn  as the wolf pulled you deeper and deeper into the cave. You scream as trying to kick the wolf's muzzled. You missed several time until finally you were able to kick the wolf nose. 

It angered the wolf and he threw you hard into the ground. The wolf then pinned you down pushed your face down with on massive paw. You surely thought you were going to die. As it felt as if your skull was going to be crushed under the wolf's massive paw. Wait you screech at the top of your lungs catching the wolf off guard. “What you pathetic wretch.”  he said as he looked down at you with burning vermillion colored eyes. You offer to be the wolf slave or pet. It intrigue the wolf. What could you do for him. “Just what could you do for me?" He said looking down at you. The wolf decided to let you live but of course you wouldn't allowed to leave. After all your were now his and your life belong to him. 

As you glanced around the dark cave you slowly started making out shape. It was then Amarok light a fire in a small, pit revealing more of room to you. You notice there were lot of bone and even human like skulls. It made your stomach turn as you fear you would be next. You heart was racing as you glance at the large black wolf who seemed to be starting at you hungrily. As you fell a sleep, how or when you didn't know. You heard a kind and gentle voice reach out to you. Telling you that you would be alright that you would soon be save. Of course your thought it was just a dream until you woke up with a perealily white feather in your hand. You could not believe that you had caught the attention of an angel but how? Your summoning failed. Yet some how you felt slightly relived that the angel reached out to you. Before the wolf noticed you his the feather under you shirt keeping it close to your heart, despite all the horrible things the wolf seemed to put you through that feather seemed to give you hope. Soon you would get to see this angel in the flesh. You had many dreams about the angel that seem to reoccured for days. Until finally on the fourth day,  you attempt to sneak out of the cave. 

Thankfully Amaork seem to have fallen early day, the hardest part was going to be getting out of the cave with out being notice. You had to at least try. You carefully sunk past that large black wolf. You had to crawl as you were barely able to see anything in front of you. You were almost there you could see the sun was just about to set. You then head a familiar raspy voice tell you to wait.  "Where the hell do you think you are going?" he said with a growl as he demanded to know where you were heading. 

Anime_freakXielain Fremintie.   27d ago
If I don't reply after a while, please send me a PM. I'm awful at this shit.

Xielain Fremintie.

Xielain was scared out of his mind, his head whipped around, staring at him. He stared at him with pure fear. The man had to think of something to not anger the wolf- And he had to think fast.  It only took a few moment before he came up with an excuse. 

 “I-I feel like I’m suffocating in this cave.. I really n-need some fresh air.. but I didn’t want to disturb you-!” He whispered, carefully standing up with shaky legs. 

The demon probably didn’t know too much about mortals or humans, so surely the demon would beleive his excuse. As Xielain stared into the wolfs eyes, he got more and more nervous.

The truth was, he wasn’t the greatest at lying. He wasn’t the greatest at much. That was the whole reason he tried to  summon an Angel. He needed to get better at everything- Get better at life. 

It back fired, but maybe this Angel in his dreams would make everything better. Xielain hadn’t had a very good life growing up, his parents were both absent and druggies, and his sister had died when he was young. He was left to guide himself, which never really worked out. 

He had always believed everything would work out, but it never worked like he had planned. He was stuck with an 8-11 job, working all week with a small studio apartment and debt. Xie really needed guidance- But he wasn’t getting it.. He needed things to change. He couldn’t keep living like this..

-Karasu|Amarok|   20d ago


The wolf let out a cackle as the boy try to use the excuse that it was suffocating down here. “Really it is suffocating? Or perhaps you are just drowning in fear?" he said as narrowed his vermilion colored eyes. Amarok had a feeling the boy was up to something. “Even the rats have enough air down here…You should be fine too… I suppose we can go outside for some air…” he said softly standing up the sound of a chain could be heard as the wolf walked. Amarok lead the boy outside revealing a rather dark scenery. The lush forest was illuminated by the moon light leaving the sights shrouded in shadows and silhouettes.

 “There do you feel better?” he said as looked at the human who still seemed to be displeased. Amarok dug his claws into the soft dirt as he watched the human look over the dark forest. He truly wonder if the boy would run. Where would he go? There were many dangers in the forest at night. Predators, that would see him before he saw them. There were a few lesser demon kin that also roamed the forest. It was then there was a gentle breeze bring in scents of the forest. There was something in the air that seemed to bother Ammy. He let out a low growl as the scent of a holy being was near by.

“I think you have had enough air… get back into the cave now…”  He  said with a snarled as he bared his sharp ivory color fangs that glisten with saliva. How did an angel find them so suddenly. It was then that Ammy saw the glowing golden aura come from under the man shirt. Ammy. Snarl as he knocked the boy down as tore his shirt and sweater with one movement from his massive paw. He snapped the feather up in his jaws and destroy it. Then looked at the boy growling and frothing at the maw. “How did you get this…” he demanded to know. How did this child get in touch with angel with out him knowing. There was no way it was then a voice echo throughout the forest. 

“I am afraid you are a little too late to be wondering that Ammy.”  said a gentle voice. The wolf growled as his vermillion colored eyes dance the forest. There was no sign of where the voice was coming from. Which seemed to really anger the wolf. As he let out a horrifying howl that cause most the animals and other creatures around to stir.


-Karasu|Aerith|   20d ago


“Calling out to me like that will get you no where honey…” he said he let out a laugh. The wolf looked mad frantically watching and looking for him. It was then a beautiful man appeared before the both of you. He was dressed in beautiful light clothing the draped over his body delicately. He was tall and thin. His hair curled ever so slightly around his face giving him a rather delicate, look as his icy blue eyes stared at the wolf. “I believe you have something of mine.” he said softly looking at Xielian. It was clear the angel had found you and come to save you. 

Aerith smiled softly as he glance at you. His eyes taken you in as he could see you have been suffering and been through quite a bit. You were a trouble soul doomed from the start. You were wroth saving because he could see the light in your soul despite your trouble past. “You no longer have to live in fear for I am here.” he said softly before reaching for you. Of course the wolf snapped his might jaws a the angel. He swiftly moved out the way. Amarok at this point was so annoyed but it was clear he wasn't going to give you up with out a fight.

“Oh what is the matter has the lone hunter finally gotten lonely after all these years?” he said as he crossed his slender arms crossed over his chest. “ I doubt you even know what this child has been through… You just seen a new chew toy…for that you must be punished.” he said as the faint smile on his face disappeared. Reaching to the sky a swarm of butterfly appeared illuminating the night sky like stars. As he reach up the angel grabbed something. It was thing scythe appeared in his grasp glowing a faint golden color. The scythe its-self was actually a dull in colored but because it glow with a blinding light it was hard to notice. The angel swung the weapon at the large wolf. Ammy quickly jumped out of the way from the attack. “Oops” he said as the rock he struck soon because cover in flowering vine. He pulled the weapon out of the rock and looked at Ammy who seemed to disappeared. 


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