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The Love Game 

It all start as a fun game, just an app on your cell phone. It was fun making your own character, you made your's similar to you. You enjoy the situation that the game put you in. It was a just a cute dating game. The game said you would get a special reward if you were able to complete all the challenges. It seemed you did manage to completely the game and pass all the challenges but what did it mean by special reward? At the end of the game it made you click on a link surely you thought it was going to take you to games website or something along the those line. Instead it asked you questions. Which was your favorite character of the game. Would you play it again? This wasn't what you excepted, you really weren't sure what to expect. You sighed to yourself and put your phone down for the night because it had gotten really late with your mind being wrapped up in the love game.

As you laid down and closed your eyes you started to dream. The dreams seemed so strange. It felt as if you were still in the game you were playing. It made you toss and turn in bed. You woke up to a hot sweat but you soon realize you where not alone in your bed. Sleeping so peacefully beside you was Yuuki. They character you chased after in the game. He was so sweet and innocent. Despite the fact that he was male you fell head over heels for him. How was this even possible how did he get here? This couldn't be real it had to be another dream then you felt slender arms wrap around you. A sweet like honey voice said they wanted you to go back to sleep. 


Okay this is the rough idea I have so far. I am sure we can add and change things as we go.

Up to you if you character appear as human or appears as something else.

This is MxM. 

I want someone who can write at least a 1000+ characters 

No one under 18 !


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NightMare   49d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


Please pm me if you are interested.

NightMare   44d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


Everything started after playing that game. It was a romance story game called “Love game”. The titled sounded basic but you decided to give the game a try. Normally you liked those games because the art work was really good and stories had interesting situations. Your favorite part was making a character. Sometimes you made them your own but most time you made the character look like you. As you began to play this game you received a message stating that if you finished the game and complete all the challenge you would get a special reward. 

That caught your attention, what did it mean by special reward? Of course you thought it would be something simple like maybe a t-shirt or enamel pin. You had often read about a few lucky people winning or getting free limited edition shirts or pins. Maybe you would be lucky this time. As the days passed you made it to he end of the game. Your character end up with Yuuki Hayashi. He was your favorite character in the game so you really couldn't complain. 

He had snow white hair and icy blue eyes. He had a fare skin, but what you enjoy about him the most was probably his cat like ears. Or maybe that he said meow out after every sentence. Either way felt happy with your choice. It was then received another message saying congratulations you complete the game and all the challenges. As you read message to the end it started off by asking you a few questions some rather personal and some basic. Question one was who was your favorite character. Question two was would you play this game again? You answered them the last one was address and few other various questions. A little excited when it ask you address because you were hoping free stuff was coming. After that the game end it brought back to the home screen. 

You let out a yawned as you closed your eyes. They had gotten heavy from playing the game for so long. It was also early morning at this point. You decided to it was best to go to bed. Thankfully you were already in bed. You plugged you phone in and carefully set on your wooden nightstand. You then pulled your navy blue sherpa blanket up to your chest. You closed your eyes and drifted off into a peaceful slumber. Your sleep didn't last long. You woke up to the sound of your phone ringing or at least you thought it was. When you picked up the phone the screen was black. When you unlocked your phone you soon realized there was no missed calls. 

It was then you heard a voice sweet and honey speak you in a loving tone. “It is too early laid back down” he said softly. You jumped at the sudden sound because you lived alone. Who the hell was talking you, when was in the bed with you why? When you shakily lifted the covers up. You noticed a familiar tail and ears it was Yuuki? How did he get here? Because you were postive you were still in your bedroom. Everything was exactly the same. You hear began to race until you felt warm strong arms pull you down.  “ What is the matter…”  he said softly  look up at you. 

Anime_freakRyousuke Almedio   43d ago
Sorry for everyone I am roleplaying with, I am taking a bit of a longer break due to my relationship and college life. I will be back soon, I promise.

Ryousuke Almedio

The events of the early morning were exhausting, this was all obviously a dream.. He had practically fallen asleep playing the game and answering those questions! There was no way that Yuuki was lying in his bed, wrapped around him. No way. 

Ryousuke’s eyes, once half lided now flew open as he squirmed slightly. “Wh-What..? What..” Was all the pink haired boy could muster. His body felt bare without all of his accessories and hair pins. Even if this was real, (which it wasn’t.) Yuuki was seeing him when he wasn’t ready!


Ryou took a deep breath, trying the ‘close your eyes trick.’ And when that didn’t work, he took a deeper breath. “What.. Are you doing here-? In my apartment? In my room? In my bed?” He questioned, gripping his phone tightly, ready if this was all a prank, or someone breaking into his house. 

This all just.. didn’t seem real. The man he had worked tirelessly to get to fall in love with him in a mobile game- Laying in his bed? Could you blame him for not believing it was really happening? ”I can’t just- Go to sleep, explain yourself!” Ryousuke demanded.

NightMare   42d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


Yuuki yawned again as he felt Ryousuke stir more. He decided to sit up revealing he was shirtless. His chest was pale and muscular. It was clean that Yuuki worked out at least a few times week. “Ryousuke what are you babbling about. This is our apartment… This is no joke… Are you regretting that we moved in together already?" he said as his cat like ears flatten against his head. Perhaps the boy no longer wanted to be with him. Which cause him to get a rather sad look on his face.

“Are you tired of me already?” he said as he crossed his arms over his chest. “Or is it perhaps you rather be with my brother Tai?” he said with a heavy sigh. Yuuki turn on the light that was sitting on the nightstand next to the bed. Revealing the room. The room was pretty much the same expect there were three pictures that hung on the wall that you never seen before. The picture were of the two of them. Except the last picture it seemed to show the three of them. Yuuki and you were sitting in Yuuki's lap, but there was a familiar face. It was Taiyo you vaguely remembered him from the phone game. He was Yuuki's younger brother, the two didn't seem to get along very well. 

The first time you met Yuuki was at an art museum. You fell in love with some of his painting before you fell in love with man that painted them. Yuuki remember seeing you there one day staring at his favorite piece that he called the lovers. He approached you and asked you what you like about the painting. You told him it made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That seemed to make him smile, at you. It was then the two of you started talking and eventually started dating. Not long after you entered paradise you met Taiyo. The darker haired neko was much more aggressive than Yuuki. It seemed that he plan to steal you from Yuuki. Yuuki got really angry about this, because normally he was so kind and gentle. That night after walking you home and, after such a heated argument he forced you into a kiss. This wasn't like Yuuki because he always seemed to wait for you to kiss him. It didn't stop there after the kiss on your rose colored lips. Yuuki pulled you tightly into his arms and bit your neck leaving a small mark. As a little bit of blood seeped from the wound he quickly licked it away with his tongue. It was then Yuuki froze after seeing your trembling and teary eye face. He bent his ears back stepped away from you. “Sorry…I just wanted you all to myself…” he said as he reach to wipe away a tear that seem to be caressing your cheek. You turned from his touch which seemed to make him sad. He then walked down the stairs and starting walking down the street. His apartment really wasn't far from your apartment. After that it had been days since you seen Yuuki. 

It seemed that clips from the game started to flood in your mind, but how you got here was a mystery. You seen Yuuki get out of your bed without saying anything. He was in nothing but short shorts as he walked out the room to go and lay on the sofa. He let out a heavy sigh as he closed his icy blue eyes hoping to get at least another couple hours of sleep. You were now alone again in your room. You could hear Yuuki out in the living room tossing and turning on the leather couch trying to get comfortable. The living room was slightly different from yours. There were more pictures, and other thing that you never seen before. 

Anime_freakRyousuke Almedio   42d ago
Sorry for everyone I am roleplaying with, I am taking a bit of a longer break due to my relationship and college life. I will be back soon, I promise.

Ryousuke Almedio

As he processed everything, it took him a few moments to even think. What was going on? How could this happen? If he was truly in this game.. what about his real life? Was everything else the same..? 

It took him yet another moment to realise- This life would inevitably be better than his real life. A 42 hour work week, loneliness, student debt- Who cared about all that? With Yuuki.. Life was probably ideal! If he was in this game, it would be heaven on whatever earth this was.

It must have been at least an hour of thinking, which was reasonable- This was literally life changing! 

He quickly stood up, walking into the living room. “Hey- I-I’m sorry.. I just woke up from a bad dream..” He explained through his teeth, sitting next to him on the couch, staring in awe. This.. really was happening. Someone like this.. With him..? Even if it was a dream, he didn’t want to wake up. 

Ryou gently put his hand on his leg, smiling softly to reassure him. He hadn’t been in a relationship for two years- He was trying his best… And he wanted him to feel loved- Even if this truly was a dream, he’d make the most of it. 

The emotions were so real. If he woke up, would he even be able to get up? “I’m sorry I reacted like that.. I was just suprised after that- Dream.. But I do love you!”  He promised, kissing his cheek. 

Ryousuke stayed there. He kept his lips on his cheek for a moment. He knew it was real. He felt it, just as he felt his lips on his warm cheek.

NightMare   41d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


Yuuki cat like ears flickered and the end of his tail seemed to thump against the leather sofa. He felt Ryou touch, and the kisses he placed on his cheek. So the man seemed to have a nightmare well that would explain was he seemed so startled. “I am sorry I got a little frustrated and sort of jump to conclusions… I guess I just remember the time that Tai try to steal felt as if you were slipping away….” he said softly. As he sat up on the sofa pulling the pink hair boy into his arms. 

He seemed to embrace Ryou for a moment before yawning once again. His cat like eyes glanced over that the clock that hung on the wall. It was a cat clock that was black and white it eyes and tail seemed to move with a familiar ticking sound.“It is only 4:30 so why don't we try going back to bed for a little while long? I don't have to be in the office until 8:30 tomorrow… You are off tomorrow If I remember right." He said as he carefully picked Ryou up. He carried him back into the bed and gentle place him down in the bed. He sweetly tucked the boy in after giving him a kiss on the forehead. Yuuki then walked to his side of the bed. He slipped into the bed and wrapped his arms around Ryou.

“This doesn't bother you does it? If does I can roll over and give you more space." He said as another yawn seem to slip out. It was clear Yuuki was a cat because he always seemed so sleepy until sun came up or the moon was full. When those time occurred he seem to be full of energy. Yuuki was going to have a busy day. He need to get to work on a new painting. Thankfully he had it started but it was still going to take some time since the client was pick and the art museum was currently full. 

Anime_freakRyousuke Almedio   40d ago
Sorry for everyone I am roleplaying with, I am taking a bit of a longer break due to my relationship and college life. I will be back soon, I promise.

Ryousuke Almedio

Ryousuke didn’t go to sleep right away, he couldn’t with those arms wrapped around him. His mind running thousands and thousands of miles an hour.

Was he in the game? Or was Yuuki in his life? Were his real friends here too? Is he still ‘Ryousuke Almedio, most dress coded in high school’, or was he the person he was in the game? He really didn’t like how confusing this was. Maybe he just had to let go- And accept that this is the new life that was given to him?

Somewhere in his train of thoughts, he fell asleep, awaking the next morning to the light breeze of his window, and the small crack of light hitting his eyes just right to the point of waking him up. He sat up, glancing over. He didn’t see the cat- Of course.

It was just a dream, what did he expect? He knew he was smarter than that! He got dressed, fishnets and black shorts, and a black sweater that hung low on his shoulders. Ryousuke snapped his hairclips on, and walked out of the room and into the living room of the apartment.

In the kitchen, he saw Yuuki. He stared for a moment.. before clearing his throat. “M-Morning.” He said softly. Not because he was nervous- But because he was a little surprised. Ryou had firmly believed it was a dream. 

But it seems he had been proven wrong.

NightMare   37d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


It didn't take Yuuki long at all to fall back to sleep after he held Ryou close to him. It was like heaven holding the one he care dearly about. Yuuki woke up around 7:30am. He carefully sipped out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. He took hot shower. The hot beads of water felt great against his skin. He stood there for a while before he finally started to wash his hair with a sweet scented shampoo. He even washed his tail washed his tail with the same shampoo and condition it just like the hair on his head. He was trying his best to keep his fur soft and silky. After that he washed his body throughly before getting out. He off and then brushed his teeth. Once he was all groom he got dressed.

“Oh good morning” he said as he pour a cup of hot tea into two glasses. He then held out the other mug to Ryou.  “Sorry I don't really have time to cook you breakfast.” he said as he sipped the hot cinnamon flavored tea. Yuuki was fully dressed and it seemed he had showered not too long ago since his hair was slightly damp. The clothes he wore were slightly formal. It was a tight black v neck shirt on top was a creamy color jacket. Along with black slacks and shoes. Yuuki even put in his golden colored earrings. He had about four in total on his left ear. He had piercings in other place but those places were more intimate he like to leave them to people imagination. The gold chain danced from his collar down his chest probably gave it away. No but Ryou ever got to see it. 

Yuuki smiled softly as he kissed Ryou head softly. He would need to be leaving soon. Even though he really didn't want too. “What are you going to do on your day off?" he said trying to make a light conversation before he had to leave for work. It didn't take long for Yuuki to finish his tea. He sighed softly as he place his mug in the sink he would have to wash it later. “Alright dear I have to leave… I will see you tonight when I get home" he said softly as he kissed Ryou lips softly before walking to the front door. He smiled softly as he waved good bye. Yuuki was fortunate that work was close enough that he could just walk there. He really didn't want to leave Ryou because he had a sinking feeling in his stomach that something was going to happen. He sighed softly as he glance over his shoulder looking at their apartment building. 

Yuuki continued his short walk. It was only about three block away so it didn't take long together there at all. Once he got to work. He started painting right away. As he looked out the window he seen the storm clouds rolling. He felt about leaving Ryou home alone. At least he was home and safe. 



Anime_freakRyousuke Almedio   36d ago
Sorry for everyone I am roleplaying with, I am taking a bit of a longer break due to my relationship and college life. I will be back soon, I promise.

Ryousuke Almedio

Ryou had ended up drinking his tea with the man, slowly adjusting- Although not slowly. To be fair, this was all pretty fast, and it was pretty okay to adjust to. He loved looking into his eyes as a real person, not just through a screen. He explained that he was just planning on relaxing and taking his time to clean around the apartment.


He smiled and kissed his cheek as he left, before plopping onto the couch. “What am I getting myself into?” He sighed softly, shaking his head as he rubbed a hand over his face. It would stay like this, for sure- So far, there's not a single reason why he wouldn't stay here! This was.. amazing. Someone who actually loved him, and didn't just use him, why would he leave?


Ryousuke decided to get in the shower, washing his hair, his body, and cleaning his face. His body was sleek and clean now. Not like it wasn't before, but he should be presentable for his ‘new’ boyfriend. Maybe he could convince  Yuuki to go to dinner with him later! Then he would for sure want to stay, right?


He got out of the shower, and got back into the clothes he had before, not wishing for laundry to pile up. He slipped his hairclips on, and styled his hair to its original style. Ryou put some pretty simple makeup on, just to make his lashes longer, and painted his nails. Even after all of these touches- He just considered himself more on the “emo” side. He wasn't a girl. He was a man.


Ryousuke smiled at himself as he walked out of the bathroom, making himself some simple toast, and grabbing his phone as he slipped back onto the comfortable couch.

NightMare   30d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


Yuuki sighed as he stared out the window again. The sound of thunder echoed throughout the nearly empty room. The building itself was filled with sculptures, painting and other various forms of art. Yuuki was very fortunate to have almost a whole wing filled with his art. He was thankful that art museums hired him right away and continue to display almost all his pieces. This client he was working for was the owner of the museums's son. He was rather picky, wanted a painting of something beautiful. 

Yuuki sighed softly as he held his paint tapping it softly on the desk until he finally decided on something. He decided to paint the cityscape in a black silhouette. Once he had gotten the shapes of the building just right he moved to painting the sky. He decided on painting dark storm clouds. Sure the painting was very dully with it's  gray back ground, black shape of buildings. One he gotten the back ground and the cloud just the way he wanted he started to add bit of color. Starting with a red lightning strike that he delicately painted a crossed the sky. Yuuki begin to add more colors decorating the canvas until it finally looked like a storm of rainbows.


You suddenly heard a knock on your apartment door. You were hesitant to open the door. When you did you were greeted by an unfamiliar face. A taller man with dark hair and tanned skin stood there. His lavender colored eye seemed to lap over you as he gaze at you with a smile. He was dressed in causal clothing, so you know it wasn't the land lord or something long those lines.The man seemed to know you, you didn't know him. That was until a vague memory, no a clip from the game swirl in you mind. That was right you vaguely remember this scene. You two had shared sweet together. It was a pleasant memory that you had of Taiyo.

“Ryou… I know you are in love with my brother but… I have come here change that… Because I know you would be much happier with me.” he said in a firm voice as he embraced your trembling body. What was this? Have you ever been in this situation before? Having two people fall in love you leaving your heart torn? That was right you remember reading this line before on your phone screen. Your heart was racing as you didn't know what to do. You were sure you loved Yuuki. Taiyo was your second favorite but Yuuki was the one you wanted to be with right?

All these thoughts and feeling started to stir about your mind. You really didn't know what to say or do for that matter. You were still adapting to this new reality. Before you could say or do anything else  you felt Taiyo pressed his lips firm against your. You wanted to break the kiss but you just couldn't with that man arms holding you so tightly in place. Taiyo pulled away and let out a hot breath on your neck causing you to shiver. It was then the man smirked as he looked at your startled yet sweet expression. 

“What is the matter cat go your tongue?" he said as he ran his thumb over Ryou's bottom lip softy. “Or perhaps you just want more" he said with a wink. From the vague clips and memories you got about Taiyo you always remember he was much more dominate, even more than Yuuki. The choice was your did you want to push Taiyo, or perhaps you would want to have some fun with him? 

Anime_freakRyousuke Almedio   30d ago
Sorry for everyone I am roleplaying with, I am taking a bit of a longer break due to my relationship and college life. I will be back soon, I promise.

Ryousuke Almedio

The pink haired man truly did weigh his options.. the more dominant man had always of course caught his eye- He would definitely be more satisfying then the tender Yuuki he loved. But what could he do? He was faithful, and cheating was not and option. 

He quickly pushed himself free of his grip. Ryousuke stumbled back, hand covering his mouth. “Unhand me!” He demanded, swiping his phone off the counter. 

“To believe I would cheat on anyone is insulting!” He hissed, hands gripping the phone tightly in case things got out of hand.. violence perhaps- Breaking things? “I am not a whore to be passed from brother to brother! I’m not an open relationship- I am closed!” 

He loved the two, but definitely not equally- Yuuki would always be the first option. Now that this wasn’t just a game, and was real life, he had options.. If Yuuki were to ever break up with him for some unknown reason, he had Taiyo to fall back on, as awful as it sounded. 

But he hoped it wouldn’t come to that! His glare remained heavy as he tried to intimidate the other man, which was hard with such a light and “Emo” appearance. He wanted Taiyo to leave, but it would be rude to simply kick him out. 

Any step forward Taiyo would take, Ryousuke would quickly stumble back, his eyes faltering and each time betraying a small sense of self doubt. Was this truly happening? He wasn’t that handsome. He was a bastard twink- Why would two men fall for such a thing? Maybe it wasn’t the greatest to be living in a video game that gave you such difficult choices and hard moves. The game was easier that this! No fair. 

NightMare   22d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


Yuuki had finally finished the piece adding some minor details here and there. Yuuki had no idea what was going on back at home. Something in the back his mind told him he needed to get back there. Once he talked to the client and saw his work off he decided to head straight home. Something told him that Ryou needed him. It really didn't take Yuuki long to get home considering it was only a few blocks away. Yuuki seemed to be in such a rush to leave that he forgot his umbrella. Of course it was pouring down rain at this point. 


Taiyo sighed softly as he shook his head in disbelief. “I never said you were a whore… I just came back to claim what is rightfully mine.” he said with a snarl. His blue colored eyes lock on you. It was funny watching you attempt to be intimidating. “You not scaring anyone.” he said with a softly laugh. Taiyo swiftly moved and pinning you to the wall. He knocked your phone out your hands effortlessly. “Aww see I knew you were weak honey…” he said but before he could finish what he was about to say, the door burst open behind him suddenly. It even seem to catch him off guard. His sapphire colored eyes locked on his brother. 

Yuuki sprinted home, by the time he got home and burst through the door. He saw a sight that he wished he never seen. Of course Taiyo was here and pinning his sweet Ryou to the wall. He always seemed to appear when he was gone. “What are you doing?” he said with a hiss as his ears flatten against his head. Water dripped from his his hair and clothes as he stood there trying to make sense of the scene that was laid out before him. Yuuki tail flickered with agitation.

“Calm down Yu, nothing has happened… It seems your little lamb is loyal to you for now…” he said softly. He carefully let of Ryou but he could see the smile behind those fearful eyes. “I will be back for you…” he said softly stroking Ryou cheek. Until he hand was ripped away by a painful grasp. “Oh showing your claws are we?” he said as he looked at Yuuki.  “Clam down I am leaving.” he said with a hiss.

“How dare you touch Ryou so casually….Leave now!” he said as left his brother arm with a deep scratch. Blood splatter on the floor, and stained his clothes. His brother winced as he quickly left out the door quickly. Yuuki turned to look at Ryou. It seem his nightmare became a reality. It had been months since seen his brother. The only way he would ever agree to see him was if he promise to be over Ryou. Ryou chose him, it was unfair to put them in his situation. He understood that love was a painful yet difficult thing.

Yuuki was about to reach for Ryou but he then notice all the blood on his hand. He sighed as he pulled his hand back. “I am sorry…” he said softly. He quickly walked way heading toward the bathroom. He sighed softly as he took off his clothes and stepped into the shower. The hot beads of water felt good on his skin. It seem to he had gotten cold from running home in the rain. What was Ryou going to think of him? Sure he only scratch his brother but he actually drew blood this time. That wasn't like him, all these thought kept swirling in his head as tried to think of what to say to him. Yuuki has watch the blood on his hand run down the drain. He struggle as little to get out from under his nails. He did his best. Once he was throughly washed and rinsed. He dried himself off, and threw his stained clothes into the washer. He was thankful their apartment had a washing machine and dryer. 

Yuuki ice blue eyes scanned the room looking for Ryou. He was scared that he left, or that he was mad. His tail flicker nervously. “R-Ryou… I am really sorry… Where are you? I am so sorry if I scared you.”  he said as his ears flatten against his head again. 




Anime_freakRyousuke Almedio   22d ago
Sorry for everyone I am roleplaying with, I am taking a bit of a longer break due to my relationship and college life. I will be back soon, I promise.

Ryousuke Almedio

Ryou was almost in a daze. His body trembled after the events. It wasn't fair to Yuuki... Their relationship hadn't been threatened in quite a while, but it still pained him every time he was too weak to fight back and defend their relationship with more than measly words and promises. 


He wanted to do more for his beloved. So after the events, he held no resentment to Yuuki. It was painful for some reason... To watch Taiyo flee with blood pooling- but he knew that was probably the only way to stop him from hurting Yuuki. He would rather it Taiyo than his Yuuki. He got to work cleaning the blood from the floor, and cleaning out the laundry so that when Yuuki got out of the shower he could put his clothes straight in. That way, they wouldn't stain.


As soon as he finished cleaning, he got to work cooking. He knew the events were probably draining for the both of them, so he prepared Yuuki's favorite meal, with Ryousuke's favorite side. [insert Yuuki's favourite dish], was something he learned from playing the game. The memories flooded back to him, as he remembered a segment of playing a cooking minigame.


Ryou heard his lover call, and raised his head. “I'm in the kitchen, babe!” He called back quickly so as to not worry his lover. He knew Yuuki's emotions were probably fragile right now, so he would be gentle with his words, and he kept his tone soft. 


He carefully set the spoon down to let the sauce boil for a moment, and took the pause of rest to give Yuuki a soft kiss on the lips, before turning to the dish once more. “Please do not apologize..” Ryou said reassuringly, his tone soft and sweet. “All you did was protect me. For that, I am grateful. It was an action of love.” He said quietly as he stirred, shuffling his feet in place nervously.

NightMare   16d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


Yuuki was surprise when the had noticed that all the blood had been cleaned up already. Even his clothes were being washed. His nervous seemed to fade as he head Ryou from the kitchen. It seemed the pink haired male had started cooking. The smell of Fish lingered int the air. “Is that Fish Katsu curry. I smell” he said as he walked into the kitchen. Seeing as Ryou stirring the pot which seemed to answer his question. The sweet rich flavors of the sauce filled his nose. He smiled softly as he looked at Ryou he was happy that Ryou wasn't upset or scared of him. 

Yuuki step closer to him and kissed him back softly wrapped his arms around Ryou's waist delicately. “Do you need any help with anything ” he said softly as he looked over Ryou shoulder watching the pot simmer and bubbly. It seemed that the dish was almost ready to be served. Yuuki step aside not wanting to get in Ryou way. Yuuki made his way over the cabinet and pulled out two bowls. Be carefully sat them on the counter for Ryou to fill with rice and curry. Yuuki walked to the skin and rinsed the rag that was hang on the edge off. He then put a little bit of soap in the rag. He then walked over to there small table that could maybe hold two or three people. Yuuki quickly wiped the dark oak table off making sure it was nice and clean. Once it was Yuuki dried it off with a clean towel. 

He then got the out silverware and napkins for the two of them. He helped Ryou carry the bowls to the table and happily sat down cross from him. “Thank you for cooking dinner. It smells amazing. I am sure it will taste amazing too.” he said with a smiled. Yuuki took his spoon and scooped up a bite of rice and curry. It tasted good just like he had thought it would. “It is good” said as he shoved another spoon full into his mouth. It didn't take him lone to devour his food. It seemed he had gotten rather hungry after the vents of the day.

“How about I take you out after dinner. We could go on a walk, or get ice cream maybe even a movie even if you want to.” he said with a soft smile. He was happy that Ryou wasn't mad and that he could stand to be near him. He did feel bad for attack his brother the way he did. He need to get his point across. Hopefully now his brother would learn his place. Ryou was his. 


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