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Not Quite a Princess w/ MarMar96

By Kera-chan
Backup thread

(Rebuilding our roleplay from before the site's reboot- So without further ado…)

The small kingdom was in a rough spot

The beloved king and queen of the kingdom of Lirakin desired nothing more than guaranteed peace and prosperity for their beloved land. However, the two neighboring kingdoms of Severijan and Cadeweth made conflicting offers that the rulers could not deny.

Severijan was on the verge of threating war with Lirakin. Yet the powerful kingdom was willing to take back all threats if the only daughter of the king and queen was married off to the crown prince of Severijan .The king and queen agreed. What was more surprising was that the princess willingly agreed in a way that made her seem eager to the arrangement. The deal was struck for the princess to be sent off and married in a couple months.

Cadeweth, on the other hand, had no grudge against Lirakin. In fact they were the closest allies. The king of Cadeweth had, what he thought to be, a brilliant idea. He believed that the alliance could be strengthened through the marriage of his son and Lirakin’s princess. News had not reached Cadeweth of the princess’s prior engagement.

The king and queen were bewildered, unsure of what to do. The friendship between Cadeweth and Lirakin was already well established and valued between the countries. The newfound strength from such a union would greatly improve trade and defense of both sides but Lirakin could not risk its citizens to the wrath of Severijan. In one last desperate deliberation attempt the leaders hatched a plan to train one of their servants to act as a princess and wed the prince of Cadeweth. And that is where our story begins.

Sophie was a lady-in-waiting to the princess of Lirakin. Her family had been serving the royal family for decades. She was envied for her grace and elegance which set her apart from the other servants. When the king and queen requested for Sophie to go in their daughter’s place and marry the prince of Cadeweth. Sophie was taken aback but remembered the oath her family has kept to the royal family. She reluctantly accepts and heads off to Cadeweth.

The story will begin on the day of Sophie’s arrival. Can Sophie pull off the princess act? Will the secret eventually be found out? What will happen when it is? Will the prince still agree to the union or was he against the idea from the beginning?

Your character will be the prince of Cadeweth and can be any specie you wish (neko, human, elf, etc.). I’ll leave the culture of your kingdom to you. Not looking for any specific personality.

This is the first role play I have constructed and will be a fantasy romance (sorry about the kingdom’s weird names). I tried to take the enjoyable parts of cliché storylines but add a new and hopefully exciting twist. What I’m looking for is a partner to play the prince (as well as other background characters) and it is okay if you are a guy or girl playing the male role.




Name: Sophie

Age: 18


Personaliy: Most often soft spoken and obedient. Kind, intelligent and graceful. Not one to openly show her emotions if she can help it. Nervousness causes her to become forgetful.

Background: She was raised in the castle with her mom and dad, who were honored servants to the royal family. She has spent most of her life as the princess’s lady-in-waiting. Sophie never had much plans for her future and was content with her life. She wishes to uphold the honor of her family as loyal servants to the royal family.


Name: Zander (by MarMar96)
Age: 18
Species: Elf
Personality : Fun loving and occasionally sarcastic. He sees no issue with speaking his mind and can be rather independent at times.
Background: He was born into a very lavish lifestyle and has lived that way his whole life and sometimes he doesn't consider the way others feel because of it. He is very into military things and is quite skilled at it.

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Kera-chanLeon   38d ago


(Starting with the last post I wrote on the rp. I have the rest of the roleplay saved if we need it)

Sophie beamed as she took Zander’s hand. “I would be honored to dance with you, Zander.” She let him lead her towards the center of the square where they began to dance. Slowly more couples moved from the crowds of mulling villagers into the center of the square where the royal couple danced. Sophie watched the other dancers join in. She couldn’t help but feel waves of happiness bubbling up inside of her. This was what they came to Lirakin for; fun and peace. Sophie met Zander’s eyes and flashed him a bright smile.

Grant leaned slightly into Marilyn’s touch. When she kissed him, he stiffened for a second before softly kissing her back and gently holding her. There were gasps, cheers and applauds from the crowd of on lookers. They still seemed mostly unsure of how to respond to the prince but seeing Marilyn show Grant affection seemed to have stilled most of their initial fear. There was a rosy blush of embarrassment dusting his cheeks. The prince hadn’t had a chance to show Marilyn affection while in the presence of a crowd before that he hadn’t considered how he would feel with eyes watching them with approval. Grant took a step back before offering his hand to the princess. “Would you care to dance?

The musicians seamlessly played from one song to the next as the crowd of dancers grew. Sophie stole a few glances away from Zander to observe the dancers around them. This was their ball. Sure, it wasn’t the one they had come to Lirakin for but when uncertainties on the horizon it was nice to have this moment. This dance might be the closest the couple could get to the actual ball. Sophie hoped not but for now she just enjoyed dancing with Zander. It was a memory that Sophie knew she would forever hold dear.

Soon the day melted into the early afternoon. The crowd had mostly dispersed leaving only a few dancers still enjoying the songs woven into the air. Sophie smiled sadly at Zander before speaking. “I think we should get ready to head back. We’ll want to arrive at the castle before nightfall.” Sophie turned to Grant and Marilyn “Are we ready to go?”

Grant gave a quick nod. “I suppose it is time to consider heading back. Before we do, may we stop by the shop one more time? I wanted to purchase a couple of those glass flowers. One for Marilyn and one for Sophie as an engagement gift. That way the girls have a piece of home to take with them. Oh, I also thought I saw a rather nice pocket watch, I’d like to have a second look at.” He smiled at Marilyn then sighed softly. “It was a lovely day. I wish we could spend more time in the village. I quite enjoyed seeing more of your kingdom.”


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