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Memories; Are Forgotten Dream w/ incendio

By Kera-chan
Backup thread

(Rebuilding our roleplay from before the site's reboot- So without further ado…)


There was a great war that enveloping the kingdom of Torwen. So many knights and guards were sent into battle along with volunteers from nearly every town in the region. The blood shed was horrendous; the casualty count was high for both sides. In a desperate push to turn the tide of war the king sends in his finest knights that he had held in reserve, into battle. This included a young knight who was madly in love with the princess and she too loved him dearly.

With a heavy heart, the knight left for the battle field promising he would return. His company got caught up in the worst of the battle and his body was never recovered. The poor princess was heartbroken over the loss of her love; little did she know that he had survived. Somehow, he was lured far from the battle, seriously injured and left to die. An older couple found him and nursed back to health but there was a catch to his survival.

The knight could not remember any of his past. Even his name was lost to him. The couple decided to take him in as their son until he could recover his memory. They had no child of their own so it was a gift to even care for the knight. The couple was lowly nobles. The castle they lived in was not even their own. It was in fact the summer castle to the king. Five years after the war, the king decides to take a trip to the summer castle bringing along his entire family in hopes of cheering up his daughter. There were rumors that a summer eve ball was going to be held to find the girl a suitor if not soothe her still broken heart.
What happens when they meet again? He doesn’t recognize her. She thinks he looks familiar but knows it can’t be her knight. Can they fall in love again? Will she learn the truth? Can he ever regain his memories? Remember it’s been years and he doesn’t look the same as he had before.



Name: Leon (was Lionel before the battle)
Age: 20
Likes: Being outdoors, protecting those he cares for, his family
Dislikes: Not being able to recall his past and who he is, seeing people cry, brutes and bullies
Personality: Sweet, chivalrous, unsure of himself, calm until under a lot of pressure, respectful
 Background: Once, Leon was a brave royal knight named Lionel. He had been trained from an early age in the art of knighthood. Often he was assigned to be one of the princess’s personal guards. Lionel quickly fell in love with the princess though it took quite a while to admit it to her. He planned to one day marry the girl he loved with the approval of the king but fate was not on his side. A violent war broke out. Being a royal knight, Lionel was to help defend the castle while other knights went to the battle field. Yet, the war quickly took its toll. Finally he was sent to battle. He had promised the princess he would return. He never did. Lionel had lost his memories. Now he was Leon, a Nobel’s son. His parents had helped him rebuild his life though still without the memories of the years before. Leon believes his memory loss was due to a high fever from some sickness. Yet, the war still haunts him in his dreams. Will he ever understand who he is and what happened to him?

Name: Althea by incendio 
Age: 19
Likes: Studying plants, particularly flowers, Exploring the castle without being caught, archery,
Dislikes: Suitors, her father, 
Personality: Detached, introvert, kind, overprotective.
Background: Althea in her youth experienced the sufferings that came from war and the loss of her two mothers, now with a third one she religiously keeps an eye out on. With these grief experiences, she has learned how to stand up for herself and knew how to act strong. It wasn't until one of the king's knights caught her attention and she was mesmerized which made her opened her heart once more. Sadly, war had erupted and she hoped that after all this she would continue to live that life where she could open her heart once again. Her hopes were dashed as her anticipation for the return of that knight who helped open her heart seemed bleak. Still years after the war, Althea sometimes looks up at the night sky, hoping, praying that someday, somehow her knight would return, honoring his promise and returning back to open her heart so she could truly love once again.

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Kera-chanLeon   49d ago

(Starting with the last post I wrote on the rp. I have the resto of the roleplay saved if we need it)

The chiming bells jerked Leon to attention. A wave of regret washed over him and he couldn’t help but sigh. So close… So close to finally giving himself over to his feeling for Althea and yet there was still so much between them. Perhaps it was a hidden blessing. Until Lionel’s whereabouts were discovered and Leon could find the confidence in his identity, it was unwise to tempt this path leading towards a romance between them. 

Leon smiled softly, nodding in agreement to her words. He was about to take a step back when Althea pulled him close. Leon held her tightly yet tenderly in his arms and rested his head gently against hers. “If only moments like these could last forever,” Leon whispered, more to himself than to Althea. Being in her embrace felt reassuring; so familiar. It was like a waking dream, the kind so warm and peaceful you want to remain within the dream until you can no longer sleep. There was a reluctance in how he let Althea go; almost fearful that he would lose her and never have another chance to hold her close.

Leon nodded again. “You are right, we have much ahead of us in the morning. I’m surprised how late it has become. We had quite a full day.” He offered his arm to Althea so he could guide her back to her room. “My lady.” 

Leon walked beside Althea through the secret passage of the royal garden towards the rest of the castle. For a couple moments he let the echoes of their footsteps fill the silence around them. Carefully and cautiously, Leon slipped into the main hallways of the castle with Althea. Finally, he spoke. “Are you anxious about our journey, Althea? I admit I am both excited and terrified of the possible outcomes before us. I hope all works out for the best… for the both of us.” Leon’s footstep faltered. He stopped to turn to the princess. “Althea, do not let me forget you. Our time together has been the most joyful times in my recent memory. I couldn’t bear to lose that. Even if we find Lionel and you leave to spend the rest of your life with him, I want to remember you.” He paused to cup her face softly and lean his forehead against hers. Leon’s voice was as soft as a frightened child when he spoke again. “I will always remember you.”


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