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Here it comes like a seed that has been planted.

Like a seed that has sprouted roots deep into the crevasses of my mind. It's turning into a sapling right before my eyes. No matter how many time I try to destroy it grow back and the cycle repeats…  When will this sinking feeling go away. When will it just leave me a lone. I want to be happy but in the back of my mind, I feel it growing. Growing into a tree. A tree  that I can't cut down until I find my golden axe. Even then I will just multiply and grow back twice as strong…  I hope this feel passes tomorrow is going to be a good day. I has to be… I want it to be. It is grandpa birthday so I must be happy. Thinking about it now it was my grandma birthday on the 13th  it's still weird knowing she not here not coming back. I miss her. I miss a lot of people, that another seed for the pile that slowly growing roots slowly sinking in.


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Your father was the only family you had left after your mother died. You missed her dearly, she alway told you to look after your father. Of course you were only nine at the time you did your best preparing simple meals, cleaning the house. As you got older you noticed your father coming home later and later. You of course he no idea your father had gotten addicted to gambling and drinking. You try to ask your father why he kept coming home so late but he always would brush that question off. For years you dealt with your father abuse, being absent. It was hard but by this point you are already sixteen. You decided to fill your time with your studies and a part time job. A majority of the money you brought home was taken. Spent on your father's addiction no doubt.  

It was lonely, you started to hate it here but you knew you had no where else to go. You were jealous of friends and their loving families. You wished had that no matter what you your father never seem to care. One day after work you came across a cat. The cat was hurt it seem scared when you approached it. You decided to feed it and each day you started gaining it's trust. It was a beautiful all white cat with long fluffy fur.It was dirty and in need of a bath. You wished you could take it home with you. Everyday that cat seemed to wait for when you got off of work. You would often feed it and give that cat loving affection. This really seem to filled that void of loneliness you often felt. As time passed and the seasons changed, with your father hardly being home you decided to bring that cat inside. It was getting colder you didn't want the white little fur ball to freeze to death. You loved that cat and he really loved you. 

Tragedy seem to other plans for you and your dear furry friend. Your father came home drunk  as soon as he seen that cat he freaked out. He kicked the poor animal almost killed it before you eyes. You were thankfully able to stop him and the cat was able to escaped from an open window that you cracked open earlier that day. You father screamed at you and beat you telling you how dare you bring a filthy animal in here. Thankfully he left, as you laid there crying on the floor. Only concern that if Yuuki was okay. You decided to name the cat Yuuki because it made you think of snow. Weeks  went by your father seemed to become more distance towards you. You were all alone yet again.Thankfully you were able to see Yuuki sometime but the cat was scare of you now. You often still fed him in hopes of one day regaining his trust. 


Graduation was approaching, despite working and always getting good grades it seem your father wouldn't be there. At first it bothered you at this point you no longer cared. You were happy because you would be leaving home to go to university. Of course that didn't seem to last as your father need you at home. Mostly because he wanted you to be working. You did your best to juggle both for a while unfortunately you had to drop out because your father became ill. You spend most your time working. You have one full time  job and at least several part time or one day jobs. It seem to be working, as you were able to afford rent, groceries and what ever your father needed. This seemed to go on for years you were now in your twenties. You were getting really tired, of always working. At this point all your friends seem to be married  and starting family of their own. Of course no ever really looked your way. You were rather skinny, and your clothes were always worn as you got lost in thought trying to prepare dinner for yourself because you father seemed to have disappeared again. You heard a loud knock on the door.  You had no idea who was outside your door nor did you want to find out the knocks started getting loud and louder. You were about to hide like your father had always told you to do. You had no time as the door was smashed off it's hinges. It was then a tall figure walked through the door. They had on an expensive looking clothes. They approached you and grabbed your chin they seemed to be looking your over. 

“Your father was right… he was hiding a beauty at home.”  the figure laughed as they let go of you.  You were shaking because no had ever really call you a beautiful before and smashed through your front door to do so. In a trembling voice you asked the figure what they wanted and why they were here. Your eyes widen when you heard them say you were now collateral for your father's debts… You stood there frozen in fear because you had no idea what this mean what it had in store for you…

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holding on to this.

What I like -

  • Anime or illustrated pictures only!
  • Furries / Anthros 
  • Someone who can write 1000+ Characters 
  • 1x1
  • Romance (romance is required) 
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Horror / Thriller
  • Violence 
  • Werewolf /Were-cat/  Vampire ? /Dhampir 
  • Paranormal / Supernatural 
  • MxM / FxF / MxF (On request)
  • I prefer MxM the most.


What I dislike -

  • One liners 
  • Real Photos 
  • Large Groups (small groups might be okay) 
  • Pregnancy of any type!


If you are interested want to role-play with me please pm me! 

I will not role-play with anyone under the age of 18. 

Thank you for reading.






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