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BooBear96Matthew.   50d ago


Matthew Campbell had always wanted to be a Chef. He loved food, and he loved making things look presentable. He had grown up in Nashville, Tennessee. Went to College at Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky, majored in Culinary Arts, and then moved to New York when he was only twenty one. He had been living in the city ever since... He was now twenty eight. He was the head Chef at Reserve Cut, a steakhouse on broad street near the Stock Exchange. He loved his job, he loved interacting with people through edible art. But he loved being a dad more.

Dax had been the biggest surprise he’d received in his life... Though his child’s leaving them both when their son was only two months had been a close second. Sofia had said she wasn’t cut out to be a mother and just took off. He was thankful that Dax was so young... he wouldn’t remember his mother, or lack there of. He worked to give Dax a better life, a life he didn’t have growing up. His son would never ever go with out.. never wonder about his fathers love. His son was his reason for living. He just wished that he had a mother’s love at times. He hadn’t seen Sofia since she took off, that had been almost two months ago. Dax’s second birthday was three months away.

He had found a better apartment, closer to work online and he had jumped at it. Dax was with his best friends, Jason’s wife, Nikki. She was a stay at home Momma and helped our with Dax as much as she could. He had only taken off work for five days, he had to get everything moved in and unpacked before then.

He rounded the corner with a box filled with Dax’s toys as he noticed a [i beautiful] woman standing in the hallway across from his apartment door.  “Hello." he said. He looked her over, she was gorgeous, and those  eyes. “I’m Matthew, Matt. "  He couldn’t help himself, but his eyes snaked over her body. 



Simply_RandomMadalyn   50d ago


Madalyn had the day off. It was well-needed. She's a traveling nurse. It pays well. Not to mention she gets to travel the world and it's paid for. Even if she drives they reimburse her.

Her parents were proud she finished nursing school. They assumed she would stay in New Jersey and work at the hospital close to home. That wasn't the case. She wanted her freedom. She wanted to travel. She wants to find love as if she's in an episode of 90 Day Fiance! Except with a cute love story and not being used for a green card or eventually getting cheated on…

With her day off she decided to finally decorate her apartment. Make it her own. She finally got the two plants she always wanted. Furniture that she likes. It has been two months since she'd been home. A deep cleaning was needed. She's been living there for about six months give or take. The only thing she is missing is the bedroom furniture. Everything else looks up to par though.

Not only was she decorating the place but she decided to invite someone she was interested in for dinner. Now she may not be the best cook in the world but she tried. She tried. Not only did she burnt the shrimp, and got distracted changing the bathroom decor, but she also managed to capture of big ass rodent. It is so big it could be the head of the mafia of rodents or the bodyguard. To add to the mess, her date was canceled on her. Her father isn't answering her calls so there she is, standing in the hallway questioning life.

Maddie rubs her face. At that point, she was ready to call 911 and have the fire department deal with it. As her hands fell on her hips, she turns hearing someone. “Hey, I'm Madalyn.” she tilts her head to the side reading the box, “The box says Dax. Another nickname?” she asks curiously. Not to mention it also says toys. He could be a gamer. She won't judge. Gamers make good money.

Maddie began to chew on her bottom lip. “Wait, hey… this may sound cliché but I need help… there's a massive rodent on my laundry bag. I managed to seal that thing inside but I'm panicking… can you please help a girl out? I'll buy you food. I would cook but I think I'm done for the day. I managed to burn shrimp... I've never made shrimp in my life…” All the truth. She claps her hand together and gave him her best puppy dog eyes. She is desperate. And he may be moving in and won't help… fuck. It is the city. Not everyone is nice. She decided to stop begging by dropping her hands to her side and continuing to stare at the laundry basket in the middle of the living room. She always assumed shell die because of a crazy patient. Not a rodent who's going to want revenge for locking him inside her laundry bag.

BooBear96Matthew.   50d ago


"Nice to meet you Madalyn... I've been around a few time but I haven't seen you before.." He groaned internally when she mentioned the box that he was holding. It was Dax' toys. "Yeah.. We can go with that...." He had already blew this and they hadn't even had a full conversation yet.

He turned to walk into his apart but he turned on his heel when she said wait. Matthew watched her as the girl seemed to be in a slight panic. He couldn't help but chuckle as she told him about the massive rodent in her bag. "Massive, huh?" he questioned.  He shoved the box into his apartment and shut the door. Dax was currently with the babysitter, just so he could move in and get everything situated without a toddler running around. "I can handle the rodent... As far as the shrimp, I have questions on how you burned that... But that's a story for another time. My apartment is a complete mess... But if you have a kitchen... I think I could manage cooking dinner tonight.. for you." He told her as he bent down to pick up the laundry bag. "Stay right there." he said as he carried the basket out down to the street and released it.

He jogged back upstairs and grinned. “Rodent free, Ma'am.” He placed the back by her feet. “So you hungry?”


Simply_RandomMadalyn   49d ago


Madalyn could cry from happiness. He's willing to help her out. She was distracted by the chaos going on in her apartment that she didn't check him out. Boy was he cute!

Well-groomed. Two sleeve tattoos. The numeral numbers on his arm threw her off a bit. Perhaps an old relationship date?

“Thank you so much! Did you see how big it was? Looked like a subway rat or something.” she says half smiling. Still freaking out that big papa of rodents was in her apartment!

She scrunches her eyebrows together as she chuckles. Yes, that is a story to tell. He did her a favor yet he wants to cook for her. Strange but romantic. “How do I know you're not a serial killer?” she asks half-jokingly. She nods her head towards her apartment before she entered. “Don’t mind the mess. I’m finally making the apartment more homey. As for the shrimp… it was my way to impress someone who stood me up, again… pathetic I know. But I don't normally cook seafood. I can eat it but I rather not have the fishy smell lingering in my apartment.” she dumps the whole pan into the trash to pull out new ones. “So you can cook? What are you in the mood for? I do have rib eyes and ground turkey on the fridge. I was going to meal prep later.” she informs him starting into her fridge. It is finally fully packed. Her schedule for the next month would be working around NYC. It will be a nice break from traveling for long periods of time. “Oh, and I'm a traveling nurse. So I'm normally not home… when did you move into the building?”

BooBear96Matthew.   49d ago


"I did see how big it was. I was terrified for my own life." he told her with a wink. “I honestly did not think I would get away.”

He cocked his head and blinked when he asked about him being a serial killer. "Well.. I'm not - but do you really like a serial killer would remove the massive rodent for you?" he questioned. He followed her inside and looked around. It was girly. But had it already had a homey feel. "Stood you up more than once? And you cooked him shrimp? That's just rude."] he told her. He watched her walk into the kitchen and throw the whole pan away. He chuckled. "You could say I can cook... Cooking is kind of what I do. I'm the head chef at Reserve Cut." he told her. "Why don't you pick what you want, and I assure you it will be the best thing you've ever put in your mouth."  his eyes were sparkling as he moved farther into the kitchen.

“So now I'm just going to be nosey because I'm curious… Why would a gorgeous obviously successful woman like yourself… Go after a man who has already stood you up… twice you said?” He asked the young woman. 

Simply_RandomMadalyn   49d ago


He obviously doesn't watch serial killer documentaries. They tend to play nice before killing you. She could fall into his trap as they speak! She also let out another chuckle when he mentions the rodent. She couldn't tell if he was serious or not. Either way, she was thankful he helped her out.

Maddie was about to answer when she heard him mention where he works. “Shut up. The one on Broad street? I hear it's hard to get a reservation there.” she quickly turns around to pull out a Talapia she got this morning from a fish market. “If that is the case I'll let you pick. The tilapia is fresh. Nice and firm. Skin and scales are bright and metallic like… you pick what's for dinner.” she says pulling out the ribeyes. She pulls herself up on the counter to watch him. If he's true to his word, all of this should be easy. She's never been to the restaurant but it's on her bucket list. He is also getting cuter the more they get to know each other

She does look down at his question. Why is she still trying with this guy? She shrugs. “He normally doesn't flake on me. He tends to be around when I need someone. But perhaps my suspicion of him having someone already is a real possibility. Besides, when someone wants something serious they become blinded to certain things.” she looks at him, “What about you? There’s no way you can be single. You cook and you’re brave enough to remove master splinter from the home he broke into.” Maddie laughs at her own stupid joke. She wouldn’t be surprised if he left.

BooBear96Matthew.   49d ago


Matthew looked up from the counter as she told him to shut up. "That's the one." he told her. "Maybe if you're nice to me I'll get you a reservation... Or I'll take you there myself." He was feeling this girl. He had only just met her, but she seemed... He honestly didn't know, but he liked whatever she was. "Tilapia it is... I have free range over the kitchen?" he asked as he stuck his head to look into her fridge. “I promise I'll clean before I leave. I can never leave a kitchen dirty.

"Sounds like he's the one guy you always go back to... You said you were a travel nurse? You just got home?" he questioned as he began coating the fish. "I'm sorry he let you down... I understand what that feels like." He chuckled when she said he couldn't be single. "That's a slightly loaded question.. I moved here years ago, met the one, or so I thought... Um. She wasn't made to settle down. One night she ran off to LA and I've been single since. I've been on a few dates here and there, but nothing ever stuck."

He dug around in her kitchen, which was only slightly weird. But he found just what he needed. This dinner would be a piece of cake.  “What kind of Nursing do you do? Where is your favorite place you've traveled thus far?”

Simply_RandomMadalyn   49d ago


Lord help her. Who is this man? Is this supposed to be a sign to forget about George?! She began to chew on her bottom lip again. A nervous tick she does.

“Oh, so I'm not being nice now? You wound me sir.” she says jokingly.

It felt like he already knew the layout of her kitchen. She granted him permission to use whatever he would like. She's being on spices so hopefully she has everything he needs. Yet she's hoping he doesn't judge her for have a shitton of spicy and sweet beef ramen. It’s her go too for when she’s lazy or needs a quick comfort food.

Jesus! He can keep a conversation going and it's not just about talking about himself. He wants to get to know her! Her heart is throbbing.  “By now I have experience in every department. Some more than others but I’m mostly internal medicine and the emergency room.” She didn’t want to bring up George. He was her childhood crush. He tends to string her along. The never were intimate but he always tried. She almost caved once but something kept telling her to go home and thankfully she did because his at the time girlfriend popped up an hour after she left. She only knows that because she was on a FaceTime call with a friend who was visiting her cousin who so happens to live in the same building as him.

“Sorry to hear that. Love sucks sometimes. I think this generation just wants to fuck than be in a relationship. Yet they feel a type of way of you talk to someone else… so now I’m being nosey and feel free to say you don’t want to answer. But what made all the other dates not stick? Was she the one who got away?”

BooBear96Matthew.   49d ago

"I said if you were nice... This night is far from over... or at least I hope it's not." he told her as he began sauteing some peppers and onions, with a little lemon. “You have to tell me your honest opinion about this dinner.”

He listened intently as he roamed the kitchen, everything was coming along really well, he hoped this would impress her. "I always said if being a Chef didn't work out... I wanted to be a paramedic. Not sure I have the stomach for it though. I bet the Emergency Room is a lot sometimes.. Thought I get a vibe that you can handle a lot... Just not a eight pound city rodent." he said.

"This generation only wants to fuck and that's the problem. Making it hard on us guys who actually want to settle down with one woman." he told her.  He listened to her question and thought about it for a moment. “She was not the one that got away. I loved her, don't get me wrong. But her leaving was also one of the best things that could've happened… It pushed me to get my life on track. I grew up after that. I haven't connected with anyone in the right way, I guess.”

Simply_RandomMadalyn   49d ago


Is she blushing? Her cheeks are getting heated. Ugh.

Maddie hops off the counter to rearrange the living room while he cooks and they talk. Hopefully he doesn’t take offense somehow. apparently he doesn’t want the night to end. She’s kinda hoping for the same. It’s nice to have someone over and talk. “Oh now I’m nervous. What if I don’t like it? I can’t hurt my hero’s feelings.” She looks at smiling giving him a playful wink.

Whatever he decides to make is smelling delicious. Best part is her place doesn’t smell fishy! It’s also making her drool. “Yes I can handle a lot of things. Just no rodents or spiders. Would you believe me if I told you I puked on a patient when a spider came out of what we thought was a cyst? It was also a mama spider… I’m sure you can still hear my screams if you were to press your ears against those walls.” It’s an embarrassing yet funny story to share. There’s also no HIPPA violation for she didn’t give away any personal information.

After setting her freshly potted plant near the window she couldn’t help but watch him. How passionate and focused he is cooking. It made her smile. Then there’s him agreeing to what she said. It usually ends badly when she would say anything remotely the truth. But he gets it.

“Maybe she’s what you needed. She was a blessing and a curse. As long as you learned from that experience I guess… so what kind of drink would go well with this dinner? I do have white and pink wine, henny, and bud light in the fridge.” Maddie did something she normally wouldn’t do. She took a quick picture of him from behind and posting it on her Instagram story with a texting saying ‘when he knows how to cook and keep a conversation, what else can a girl ask for?’ Corny but true. Plus she knows George will see it and feel a type of way. But for now he has her full attention. She put her iPhone on DND and began to set the table.

“Do you have a type or are you just trying to find the one?” She asks curiously.

BooBear96Matthew.   49d ago


Matthew watched her move around the living room for a moment before looked back at the pan. “I guess if you don't like it... then I'll just have to keep making you dinner until I make something you love.” he told her. “Maybe next time we can do dinner at Reserve Cut in my own kitchen…”

He chuckled slightly when she talked about an experience she had in the ER. "See. I would not have the stomach to handle any of that... Probably would've left crying." he told her truthfully. "Mama spider? No. I would've just quit. Bugs don't bother me... Rodents don't bother me... But a cyst... and those combined. I'm out." he told her. [b "White wine for sure."

Dinner was finished up and he was so excited to get her input. He hoped she liked it as this was one of his favorite things to make. "Dinner is served m'lady... Go have a seat." he told her as he prepped the plates. “I'll get your plate”

"I think at one point I had a type... and they were all horrible, so now I'm just trying to find the one that can put up with me through anything. As corny and cliche as it sounds... I just want to find my girl and start a life together."

Simply_RandomMadalyn   49d ago

Everything holy is just messing with her because what the hell? He’ll keep trying to cook for her until she likes his dishes. It makes her want to lie and say she really dislikes it just to have him cook for her again.

“I did take two weeks off after that because eww. I scrubbed my skin raw for the first two days because I couldn’t get the image out of my head.” She tells him truthfully. It was a very painful two days. It sucked on the third day because her family wanted to go to the beach… she barely survived twenty minutes at the beach before she ended going home and just hid from the world until she had to return to work.

She went to go clean to wine glasses before pouring some white wine. Sweet bitch is her favorite brand of wine. Plus it’s cheap. “It does sound cheesy. Like a hallmark movie.” Maddie was trying not to laugh. Despite it being cheesy she liked it. “One thing before I take a bite. I thought all chefs ask if anyone is allergic to anything first… but before I scare you luckily Im not.” She cuts her first piece of the fish. “I can taste some lemon, oregano, and maybe something between the lines of cayenne pepper or paprika. With that being said I think we need another cooking session because they’re something about this dish that I just don’t like but I will definitely eat it because I’m not rude.” She tried so hard not to laugh. But almost choke while trying to drink some wine gave her away. “So why cooking? Out of all the other trades.” It’s uncommon to find a guy who likes to cook. Not going to lie but she feels like there’s a red flag somewhere. He’s open yet secretive. Is someone using him to catfish her? To get her to move back home? Her mind was racing and not in a good way. He’s cute, can cookie, kinda funny, and got rid of a rodent for her. It does sound a little too good to be true. 

BooBear96Matthew.   49d ago


"I don't blame you." he told her. “I do everything in my power to keep anything like that our of my Kitchen... home and Reserve Cut. It's worked so far.” He watched as she poured wine from the bottle "Sweet Bitch." He had never had it before but was excited to try it. He was a beer guy thru and thru, but some meals needed to be paired with a little something else.

 "It is corny, I know. But I'm twenty five.. I'm head chef at the most exclusive restaurant in New York, I have my life together... Now I just want someone to share it with." he told her. He looked at her and nodded when she questioned him about allergies. “You are completely right… I assumed since you tried to make shrimp earlier that you weren't allergic to fish…and that you wouldn't have anything in your own kitchen that you're allergic to.”

He watched as she cut the fish, taking a bite soon after. He had hoped that it would be amazing… While he was sure it wasn't his best work, he knew it would be good at least… or so he thought. “You don't like it?” he questioned, holding his heart, acting hurt. He grinned as she began to laugh, in result almost choking. “Very funny… but all in all, I would really like to cook for you again.."

He grinned when she asked why cooking. “That is a semi loaded question. My Father worked-all the time. So it was just me with my mother and my little sister.. We were slightly poor so my mom liked to make everything fun.. So every time she began to cook, I was right there with her. I did all the classes related to cooking in middle school and high school. Then my mom took me on a tour to Sullivan in Louisville and it was an amazing school.. So here I am.”


Simply_RandomMadalyn   49d ago


“The fear in your eyes though!” she says covering her with with a napkin. She can finally breathe normally and not look like a fool choking. “Not entirely true. I have a few things that I don't like but I know others do. Gotta be prepared. That's why I have the smallest mayo jar in the fridge for example.” Madalyn did her best not to bite her lower lip. He wants to cook for her again? He can't possibly like her. He's just passionate about how career. Right?

She slowly continue to eat as he spoke. It's such a cute and cheesy story. Literally out of a Hallmark movie. He's playing her. He has to be. Men!

“Okay. So what's the one dish you and your mother used to make all the time?” she asks him.

This is where she knows she's putting up her guard. He is too sweet. He is up to something. Hiding something. She is going to kill Clarie if this is her doing, again. Maddie doesn't have the best dating history. Not since high school. Her high school sweetheart cheated on her. Then George came along picking up the majority of the pieces. Don't even get her started with Eric! He is the worst of the worst. Speaking of which, she needs to update her restraining order on him.

“How do you like the neighborhood?” she asks practically finishing her plate. Now she's definitely blushing! She's such a food and it's been forever since she had a homemade meal. She probably looks like a fat slob in his eyes now… she's normally careful with how much and fast she eats it was always an issue in her past relationships.

“Serious question, don't you get tired of cooking? It's your career and to go home to cook for yourself or to host something, don't you get tired of it?”

BooBear96Matthew.   49d ago


“You’re going to hurt my feelings.” He told her with a chuckle. “It is always good to be prepared. I absolutely despise mustard, but my friends love it. So there for when we do cookouts, I just make sure to have it.”


He thought for a moment after she asked what was something that he used to cook with his mother. “Her famous meatloaf recipe. We would cook that at least once a week for dinner, because it always so much we could eat it for two nights. But my favorite thing to make was always her breakfast grilled cheese or the usual homemade biscuits and gravy.” He watched as she continued eating, she must’ve enjoyed it.. probably not as much as he enjoyed cooking it for her but still.


“I like it so far. I’m just finishing moving in today, like I think I have a few more boxes. But it seems nice and quiet.” From everything he had read online, this was one of the safest neighborhoods in the city, which would be amazing since he had a toddler to think of.


“Cooking is everything. I know it sounds crazy but it’s my stress relief. Whenever I’ve had a crappy day at home, or when things are going wrong, all I want to do is cook. Food brings people together and I love my people, so they go hand in hand.

Simply_RandomMadalyn   49d ago


“Yes! I hate mustard too! See, we are bonding. We're having a moment.” Madalyn says smiling.

Part of her instantly regrets it. She doesn't want to lead him on or be prey to whatever it is he's planning. God, he may be a good guy. He could be the one. Yet she keeps giving stupid George many chances despite all the red flags he gives off. Matt has no red flags so why is she bitching out?

She never understood meatloaf. Then again she never had any. There's no way she's telling him that though. “Oh, I love grilled cheese. Especially when you seasons it with garlic and onions and then have a side is tomato soup. Yum. Okay. Enjoy of the food talk. Please. I can feel my belly expanding at the thought of more food.” she can tell he could talk about food. She used to do the same with her job. People got jealous that she was able to travel but they didn't understand it was for work so she couldn't always do something on her downtime. She sleeps.

She pours herself another glass and offers him some more. If he wanted. She wants to keep asking him questions but it feels like that's all she's been doing.

“Feel free to ask me anything. I feel bad for asking you so many questions..” Just then there was a knock on the door. She excused herself to get it. 

“Hey my love. I got these for you. My plans got canceled…” he stood when he forces himself inside and sees another guy inside. “Who the fuck isn't his? I knew you were a fucking whore.” he throws the cheap bouquet at her face. Then pushes her against the wall

BooBear96Matthew.   49d ago

“We’re totally having a moment over mustard.” He said with a chuckle. This girl was everything. She had a personality, great sense of humor, and she was beautiful. He listened as they both continued to go back and fourth about food. “Well. Fall is coming. So I will definitely be making you my tomato soup with all the grilled cheeses.”

She seemed to have a hearty appetite to her, which was also attractive. He hated the girls that acted like they couldn’t eat anything other than tofu. He looked to cook, and obviously he loved to share it with people. “What about dessert? There’s a great little diner down the street that has the best cheesecake.. I could go grab it.” He topped his wine glass off and took another sip. “Are you originally from New York? I hear an accent,  I just can’t tell what it is.”

He looked over toward the door when he heard the knock. He was slightly confused as a man entered the apartment, basically pushing himself past Madalyn. He stood up quickly as the man threw the flowers at her face, and then put his hands on the girl. In seconds, he was in front of the two of them. Pulling the man off the girl, and pushing her behind him. His hands holding the man’s collar, lifting him off the floor. He growled as he pushed the man against the wall. “I suggest you get the fuck out of this apartment before I beat the ever loving life out of you for putting your hands on her” he spat. “I don’t know who you think you are, but I’m not wasting our time in finding out.”

Simply_Random     49d ago

George didn't give her a second to explain. He just lost it. Everything happened quickly with the flowers being tossed at her face and being pushed against the wall. Her eyes instantly shut tight. Waiting for pain. The pain she knows she can avoid if she was to fight back. She took karate as a kid. Boxing in high school to fight off bullies. Why is she going to allow this?

Before they could do anything she felt a thud next to her. To her surprise, Matt had George by the collar. The heavens aren't kind. Is she supposed to marry this stranger? He's also protective! Another green flag.

“Stop. Stop.”  she held onto Matt’s arm. “George you need to go.”

“You're supposed to be mind you dumb cunt.”

“We were never together.  You just love stringing me and I'm tired of it. I'm done…”

“Ha, lies. You come running back when this bitch gets tired of you. Did you find him in the subway?” Madalyn ignores it and opens her door. George managed to push Matt off him. As he was walking towards the door he was fixing his shirt. “You’ll be back,” he whispered.

Madelyn closes the door sighing. She took a deep breath before having the courage to look at Matt. Her eyes are all teary as it threatens to pour out. The attempt to apologize failed when she ended up bursting into tears. This is why she travels. She doesn't have to deal with being lonely or George. “I'm. So. Sorry.” she'll understand if he doesn't want to see her again after today. She doesn't blame him. He got his life together while she's still… Wondering what will the next step be. 

BooBear96Matthew.   49d ago

Matthew glanced at Madalyn as she told him to stop and grabbed his arm. "He pushed you against the wall and threw the fucking flowers in your face. I'm not letting him off that easy."

He shoved him back against the wall as he heard what George had called the girl. "Did I say you could talk you piece of shit." He spat. He looked back towards the girl, it was obvious that she just wanted the man to leave. "If I ever see you around this apartment again, I will make it my personal mission to make your life a living hell. Stay the hell away from Madalyn."

He watched as Madalyn shut the door. She almost looked like she was going to have an anxiety attack. "Maddie." he said softly. He watched as the girl busted into tears. "Madalyn." He took her shoulders between his hands, gently. Looking directly into her eyes. "I'm right here, 'kay?" He sighed softly. He wasn't sure what to do. He wanted to comfort her, as she was obviously upset.. But he also didn't want to scare her off. "Come here." he muttered softly as he pulled her closer to him. "I'm right here, you have nothing to apologize for. He is a piece of shit and I will happily go beat him senseless for how he treated you."

Simply_RandomMadalyn   48d ago


Madalyn couldn't help but flinch when he touched her shoulders the way he did. Her mind instantly thought of college were on asswhole best the other seeing him abuse her just to do the same shit when she agrees to date him weeks later. Ugh, horrible memories!

He is a stranger but here he is acting like a whole husband or… Madalyn, stop. Are we drunk? Two glasses of wine can't possibly have her talking crazy! She coups feel her body still trembling but it was calming down when he pulled her closer. Accepting his embrace. Her trembles of tears turned into trembles of laughter. He is too much.

“Would to see that. But then I'll have to bail you out and marry you.” she made it like a joke but it wasn't. George will press charges. He's good at that. She would give anything to watch someone put him in his place. She's seen George get mad before but this was too different. So George is able to sleep around and she can't? Not that she really wants to. Well maybe with Matt. He is showing some good hubby qualities.

“I'm better now… if you have to go you can. I don't want you to feel like you need to stay. I can clean up and drink the rest of the wine while watching Disney movies to cheer me up or make me cry but cheer me up.” Maddie pulls back to wipe her face. “I should wash my face… I have eyeliner on. I probably look like a raccoon.” Maddie quickly disappeared into her bathroom to remove that one smeared makeup from her face. Part of her was afraid to step back out. What if he left? What if he stayed? How on earth is she going to thank him?! “If you're still here and I'm not talking to myself… I did make flan this morning. That can be dessert. I also I've whip cream but… it's the Hersey whip cream…” She slowly exits the bathroom not sure what to expect or how to even feel about whatever the outcome is.

BooBear96Matthew.   48d ago


“That guy is a piece of literal shit and I swear if I see him around again… I won't be so nice.” Matthew sighed as he felt Maddie continue to tremble. "I don't need you to bail me out baby. I'm a big boy." he said softly. "But I would never be opposed to marrying someone as beautiful as you." He chuckled before looking back down at her. "I'm not going anywhere."

He stepped back and nodded as she told him she needed to wash her face. "I'll be right here with the wine." he said as she headed over to start cleaning up the kitchen, but not before refilling both of their glasses. He was still furious on the inside.. The way she froze like that, it couldnt just be a concidence. But he wasn't going to pry on their first date that wasn't even a date.

"Dessert can be whatever you want. I can go get something but I'm never one to say no to Hersey whipped cream." he said with a wink. "I really hope tonight isn't over.." He went back and focused his attention on washing the remaining dirty pans. “I've got most of them clean but I don't know where to put them.”

Simply_RandomMadalyn   48d ago


Her heart can't catch a break! Who is this guy? She found him cleaning! Granted he did say he'll clean up after himself. He even refilled their wine glass. How Ludacris would it be to simply marry this guy? 90-Day Fiance has nothing on them if that is the case.

“Also I'm baby? Already. All I did was ask you to get rid of the rat for me.” she says smiling. Trying to make things go back to normal. Whatever that is, “But I don't know. At this rate we may be married by the end of the month.” technically in two weeks since there halfway through the month. All this joking around doesn't mean it's going to happen. It's crazy. Then again she's done crazier.

She walks over to to the kitchen to dry off the wet kitchenware before putting them where they belong. “Before we get lost in wine and Disney movies, are you sure you want to stay?” part of her thinks she disrupted his moving in. He could have had plans. Don't get her wrong she doesn't mind the company. He may actually be the first one to have stayed longer than 30 minutes. “I’m only asking because I don’t want you getting in trouble for flaking. We can always hang out another time. I have the next two days off. I’ll just be here changing up the apartment and burning the down the kitchen with a new recipe Alexa showed me.” She leans against the counter smiling. She will be okay. He made her day spectacular. Even George can ruin it. Fuck George.

BooBear96Matthew.   48d ago


Well I… Hmm.” Matthew froze. He hadn't realized he had called her baby... It just kind of slipped out. "I guess that depends on if you want to be or not.. I want more than to just get rid of rats for you.." he said with a grin. “I think six months is a good bet… Maybe five honestly.”

He watched as she moved into the kitchen and began drying off what he had washed. "I want nothing more than wine and Disney movies... As long as we can watch Tangled." he said with a laugh. Dax was all about princes and hero's and dinosaurs right now so he was pretty used to Disney. "Like I told you.. I have no plans. I'm basically finished moving in so you saved me from a boring night by myself anyway." He handed her the wine glass as she leaned against the counter. "I have to work tomorrow.. What do you say you come by the restaurant around 10? Or is that to late?... If it's not, I would really like to truly cook you dinner in my favorite kitchen."

He hoped that she would say yes, but he couldn't tell how she was feeling. All he knew was that he still wanted a few moments with that tool George.

Simply_RandomMadalyn   48d ago


The wine is kicking on. She's not blushing. He just met her and he wants to date her?! Say what?! Breath. Are we breathing or are we drunk and just overreacting? How should she reply?

“She five months and then we get married? Skip the whole dating and getting to know each other? And I thought I was crazy.” she says teasingly. “Tangled? Really… is it because her hair glows?” she asks in a whisper.

Once when they were done with the dishes he hands her, her glass of wine. She can so kiss him right now but first… she sets down the glass and goes to the fridge to pull out the flan. “See now you need to tell me of it's good some you're a professional cook. I followed a recipe online but I did add a dash of nutmeg,” she says cutting him a small piece in case he doesn't like it. “Just in case you don't like it…” she actually tells him before handing him the whipped cream. Now she's nervous. She doesn't always get the chance to cook for people or have anyone try whatever she decided to make for the first time. Taking the wine glass again she takes a sip waiting for him to lay it on her. To give his honest opinion. “Oh, and to answer your question I’ll have to take a rain check. I have a girls' night tomorrow. Sorry. If it gets canceled I can stop by if the invitation is open but I am pretty sure it going to need your number…” this isn't the proper way to ask someone for their number!! She's mentally beating herself up. “What would you like your name to be? George’s punisher, my knight and shining armor, future husband, Matt… you have a lot of options.”

BooBear96Matthew.   48d ago


"Five months and if you can still stand me... I'm running off with you're cute little self and marrying you." he told her with a grin. "It's not because her hair glows. It's because Finn goes back for her. And I cry every single time. So don't you dare judge me because I feel like I'm being vunreable with you right now."

"It smells really good." he told her as he watched her cut him a small piece. He grabbed a fork from the sink and took a small bite, letting it melt in his mouth. "It's really good! The nutmeg really sets it apart, but oh my goodness. This is damn good!"

He set the plate down and stepped between her, so his arms were on either side of her while she leaned against her kitchen counter. "It's an open invitation. If you can't make it.. Then I guess I'll just have to keep my kitchen open later for whenever work's best for you.. Although I'm not sure I could go two whole days without seeing you."

He grinned when she said she would need his number. "I think future hubby has a really nice ring to it." he whispered as his head bent down lower, closer to her face. "Five months and counting, remember." He was taking a complete risk right now, she could hate him for all he knew. “I really like Future Hubby.” he muttered before slowing pressing his lips to her own. This had to be the wine. He was never this fast acting. But he wasn't mad about it either.


Simply_RandomMadalyn   48d ago


Oh he is trouble. This whole talk about marriage… lord. She’s about to start believing in God.

“No judgment. I cry all the time when I watch Encanto and The Good Dinosaur.” She confesses. Can’t have him feel vulnerable. Even though he just witness her being man handled by someone she had a crush on and tried to impress with what could’ve been a shrimp fried rice. Not that it’s important. Not anymore anyways.

It made her heart ache when he said he likes it. She was terrified that the nutmeg would’ve changed it somehow. What came next however was unexpected. Is it weird to say her heart was beating normally. It thumping harder than is should? This isn’t a heart attack or a panic attack. she did set down her glass of wine just in case… Oop! He said future hubby and is going in for a kiss! He kissed her so gently that it felt like a tease.

“We’ll see, future husband. Let’s see who goes running for the hills first.” She whispers before accepting a whole different type of invitation. His lips are soft and the kiss… is amazing. Future husband it is. “So no Tangled? Or was we going to see a different kind of tangled?” God, someone save her. She’s not funny. She probably ruined the mood. Yet she’s chuckling in her head at how bad that was.

BooBear96Matthew.   48d ago


"I never seen Encanto... so maybe we'll just have to extend our Disney night." he told her. "The Good Dinosaur is really cute."

He couldn't help but grin as he watched her facial expressions vary, almost like she was trying to figure out what was going on. "I assure you that I'm not running from anything, especially you."

The kiss was soft and sweet, but it had a spark, one that he felt anyway. He took a deep breathe but he slowly deepened the kiss, his arms snaking around her waist, pulling her slightly closer. He took a deep breath, sighing as he pulled away. It had been a long time since he had kissed anyone, much less kissed anyone and it felt that amazing. "You have no idea how much I would love to get tangled up with you, but I think tonight we just need to stick to the movie Tangled. You've had a few glasses, and I want to make sure you still like me in the morning before it goes any further... Though I wouldn't be opposed to more kissing." He leaned down and kissed her cheek before backing away. “Are we going to watch Tangled or head to the couch and kiss some more?” He asked with a chuckle. 

Simply_Random     48d ago

Madalyn could melt in his arms. She hasn’t felt anything like this in so long. Perhaps never. Not even with her high school sweetheart. Why is this random guy giving her all types of feelings?

She chuckles when hearing him say he won’t run from her. Then she heard his next few words. Slightly disappointing but understandable. They already been through so much in short amount of time. Cuddling and watching movies is a good way to end their first encounter.

“I mean either way we need to go to the couch. I have a this, apparently, weird tule were no one is allowed to lay on my bed with outside clothes.” Accepted the last kiss, for now, on the cheek and grabs her wine glass. Her family doesn't get why it’s a thing. She used to do it all the time when she was younger. Working as a health care worker opened up her eyes.

She moves the coffee table to make room for the ottoman. Might as well get comfy. “What movie should we watch first?” she asks turning on the TV. After putting on the agreed movie when cuddled up next to him while avoiding spilling her drink. This is nice. Not to mention he smells amazing. She could stay like this all night. She may pass out from being so relaxed. “I'm just going to apologize in advance if I pass it. I don't think I've been this relaxed in months,” she says setting her glass down just in case. 

BooBear96Matthew.   48d ago


“Well then let’s move to the couch.” He told her. “I don’t like outside clothes in my bed either. It’s pajamas or nothing” he said with a grin.

He followed her into the living room and settled on the couch, letting her find her spot before he draped an arm around her and pulled her closer. “I think I could fall asleep like this as well.” He told her as the movie started.

She looked peaceful. He was sure they were both feeling relaxed as they’d both had a few glasses of wine. It was a little ways into the movie, and he heard light snores coming from the girl. He couldn’t help but smile. After he made sure she was in a deep sleep, he reached over with his free hand and pulled a blanket and covered the both of them. This was definitely a first encounter that he would never forget.. he hoped that he wouldn’t ever forget this moment of complete peace. After they were both covered, he turned the television off and drifted off the sleep himself.

-The Next Day-

Matt stirred in his sleep as there was light shining through the kitchen windows. He opened his eyes and looked around, it took him a few moments to get his barrings. He had spent the night at Madalyns house, unintentional of course. But she had fallen asleep first. He looked down, she still seemed to be asleep. “Good morning.” He mumbled before placing soft kissed on her forehead.

Simply_Random     48d ago

Madalyn didn't mean to pass out. She doesn't remember what was playing or where they left off. What she wasn't expecting was a kiss on her forehead. Matt stayed. She didn't know how to feel.

“Good morning,” she says rubbing her eyes. “For the record, I did my keep you hostage,” she adds finally looking at him. She had to poke his side to make sure this wasn't a dream. His reaction was all she needed to make sure it wasn't a dream. She was drinking, right?

She removed the blanket from her. “Before you ask what I want for breakfast I don't want anything. I normally don't eat breakfast. I do have things to make breakfast just in case though.” she lets out a yawn. “What time do you start work today?” She asks him before getting up.

Madalyn normally starts her day with coffee. In order to survive her hectic job she needs the caffeine. Which is why she has a VERY expensive coffee machine. “Do you drink coffee or tea?” she asks pulling out her favorite large Stitch mug and a simple one for him. After pressing the buttons that needed to be pressed to couch the coffee beans to make her latte, she disappears to the bathroom to freshen up. There's no way she's going to kiss him with morning breath. It's different if they have been satiny for a while because by then it'll be normal.

She doesn't have anything planned besides the girl's night. All she was going to do was continue to remodel her home and relax. Possibly take as many naps as she can. Assuming he wanted something to drink she went and made it for him when her coffee machine was done with her drink. “Mhmm,” she says remembering something after taking a sip of her hot latte. “I'm pet-sitting for two nights. Are you allergic to anything? Medicine. Food. Animals. Earth.” she had to make sure before he comes over and has an allergic reaction. She stirs the spoon that was left in her mug. Slightly embarrassed to ask what she was going to ask. “About last night…” she takes a deep breath and slowly exhales, “one; I would like to apologize to George. Two: are you crazy? I'm only asking because we just met and have this weird connection and you're trying to become the future funny which I’m okay with because everything about yesterday was amazing but I just gotta make sure before I start making shit up in my head…” Madalyn finally looks up at him to study him. He can't possibly mean it? Then again he denied sex because they were drinking. No one would turn down sex. He's genuinely sweet, caring, and protective. Boy was that a surprise turn-on seeing him overpower George.

BooBear96Matthew.   47d ago


“You literally fell asleep like thirty minutes into the movie and you just looked so peaceful… I really didn’t want to leave you alone anyway, I was worried that dipshit might show back up and I wouldn’t hear him from my apartment.” He couldn’t help but laugh as she poked his sides, he was ticklish. “Did you sleep ok?”

“He nodded as he listened to her tell him about how she wasn’t really a breakfast girl. “I won’t offer to cook you breakfast.” He checked his phone to see what time it was. “I have to go in early for a meeting so I should actually probably head back to my own apartment to get ready soon.” While he knew Dax was in good hands, he needed to stop by and check on him. He was off for vacation days after tonight, so he would be able to spend some time with Dax… He just wasn’t sure how he was going to keep Madalyn and Dax from knowing about each other yet. “What time are you going out for your girls night thing?” He asked. “Also.. Put your number in and I’ll call you so you have mine as well” 

He followed her into the kitchen after she had disappeared for a few moments. “Not allergic to anything..” he told her. He wasn’t sure how long he could keep Dax a secret from her. It sounded like she wanted him to come over again. “I’ll see you tomorrow sometime. I want you go have a good time tonight.”

He listened as she started to ramble on about last night. She was adorable. “You don’t have to apologize for that piece of shit. You literally didn’t do anything. I think we have an insanely weird connection but I’m not questioning it. I’m attracted to you, you seem literally perfect. I - I like you, which scares me. But I’m all about seeing where this goes, Maddie. I told you last night, I’m not going anywhere.” He finished his coffee before standing in front of her. “I need to go take a shower and get ready for tonight.” He smiled softly before leaning down and placing soft kisses on her forehead and cheek. ‘Can I stop by for a real kiss after I’ve brushed my own teeth?” 

With that answer, he headed to his own apartment to freshen up. He was able to FaceTime his son, who seemed to be oblivious that he wasn’t around because he was having such a good time. He showered, cleaned his beard up and bit and dressed in his chef’s attire. He would unpack more tonight after he got Dax into bed. He was excited for their first night in their new apartment together. 

“Hey Maddie?” He said with a knock to her door after he had locked up his own apartment. “I’m about to head out for work baby.”

Simply_RandomMadalyn   47d ago


Madalyn waited for him to hand her his phone to put in her number. It feels like she's back in high school with all these butterflies in her stomach! She made sure to show him that she lit him down as future hubby. There's a chance she may change it later. She couldn't help but to laugh when he asked to return later for a proper kiss. She teased him a bit by kissing his cheek and the corner of his lips.  “Yes, I'll be waiting.” she followed him to the door to lock it after he left.

She jumps in the shower and changes. With her hair being half up and half in a messy bun she puts on a pair of jeans and a navy tank top crop top with black sneakers. She only puts effort to put on makeup when she goes out but for now, lipstick will do. A none smear of lipstick of course.

She couldn't stop thinking about him. The things he's been saying. The things he's done so far. Definitely husband material. It is hard to believe he's single. He must have some baggage. What kind though? Baby mama drama? Stalker ex? A regular stalker?

She ends up calling her best friend to tell her about yesterday. With her AirPods on, she got her mini backpack that can turn into a shoulder bag and a few traveling reusable bags to run a few errands. As she was getting to the part where they kissed and she stupidly asked if he wanted to ‘get tangled’ up instead of watching the movie there was a knock on the door. She ends the call without saying goodbye to answer the door.

“I won't refuse this kiss but I do need to head to Tiffany’s, the jewelry store, to pick a birthday gift. Would you like a ride?” he asks checking her mini bag to make sure she has everything. She checks him out in his work uniform. “See if we were married I would make you late almost every day…” she gives him a flirtatious wink.

BooBear96Matthew.   47d ago


Matthew couldn’t help but grin as it registered with how she thought she would be the one making him late. “I can almost promise that I would be the one making you late baby.” He told her before snaking an arm around her waist. “Come here.” He tipped her chin up with his hand before meeting her lips with his on. “That is just what I needed before I go spend hours in my favorite hot kitchen.” 

He heard her question about needing a ride but shook his head. “I have my car in the garage. I appreciate it though.” He looked down at his Apple Watch before sighing. “I really need to get going. “I’ll see you tonight when I get back?” He questioned. After her answer, he stole a few more soft pecks before turning and jogging down to their parking garage.


He rushed over to Josh’s house, his friend from work, whose wife was basically Dax’s nanny. They helped him out so many times, he would never be able to repay them. Being a single dad was hard, much less a single dad in NYC.


After he spent a few moments with Dax, he scurried off to work. Josh was supposed to bring Dax home after he got back to his apartment, he just needed to remember to ask him if he wouldn’t mind staying a few extra moments he could sneak over to Maddie’s before bedtime. He missed her already, this was insane.

The lunch rush was over by the time he got to work, so it came him time to start on things for dinner and dessert, which he always loved. They were actually fully staffed for a friday, so he was hoping the kitchen wouldn’t get overwhelmed. 

Simply_RandomMadalyn   47d ago

This man, man. Are they playing Uno? He just used her line against her. “Promise?” she asks with a devilish grin. They are going to drive each other nuts!

Man oh man, he just proved her right. “Glad I can help make your shift better..” she whispers back staring at him smiling kike a goofball. Her cheeks were starting to hurt with how much she's been smiling lately. 

This man keeps surprising her. He has his own car? George doesn't even have his driver's license! “See I'm keep my promises. I'm making you late already.” if he keeps pecking her with kisses she's just going to pull him into a deep kiss and make him go to work even later. “Depends on what time I get home. I'll text you if anything.”

After he left, she locks her door and went on about her day. She got Sarah’s birthday gift. Paint to paint the living room a new color. She even stopped by Wendy’s to get some nuggets. As she was painting her living room there were guys assembling the new furniture. Of course she paid extra because there no way she would be capable of doing it herself. She doesn't have a man or had one. Gina came over to hear the rest of the story and was force to help paint. Her friend was so happy for her. Gina HATES George.

Around 8 they got ready to meeting Sarah and a few others  Sarah’s sugar daddy made reservations. The party bus picked them up and took them to their first destination  the restaurant. Gina saw the name of the restaurant and smacked Maddie’s legs. Fuck. She’s excited and nervous. Sarah wanted everyone to wear a sequins dress. Fear was painted on her face  what if he doesn’t approve of what she’s wearing? It could be too short or reveal. Damn. 

Sarah bragged how her sugar daddy isn't he best and how they will meet the chef. Apparently it's a special privilege and treatment and only those with money can pay for such thing. Maddie waited nervously for them to meet again. Praying he want say anything cruel about how she's dresses.


BooBear96Matthew.   47d ago


Matthew had forgotten all about the “special private party” that had reserved half of the restaurant as well as the head chef… himself. He wasn’t looking forward to it honestly as this was something did when they wanted to throw money around. Matthew himself did very well. He made a lot, but it wasn’t something he liked to flash around, except his car. That was kind of extravagant.  “I’m heading out to get the VIP party taken care of, make sure everything continues to go smoothly, please come get me if you need anything at all.” He told his sous chef, who was taking over the kitchen now since he had another party.

“Hello and welcome to Reserve Cut. I’m Chef Matthew.” He noticed a younger group of women with an older man.. He didn’t say anything. His eyes followed along to group to see the three women in front of him. He couldn’t help but smirk as his eyes landed on the last one - his Maddie. “Hello again. I didn’t expect to see you again so soon.” He stepped closer to her before placing a soft kiss at her cheek. “I think you’re just trying to tease me now. You look absolutely gorgeous.” He whispered.

“I have the finest wine selected for you, and the courses are already being prepared. I should have them out in just little bit.” He told them as he took them back to the private seating area. “Ma’am.” He said looking to Maddie while pulling the chair out for her. “If everyone is settled.. I’m going to get the drinks. Is there anything else I can get you right now?”

Simply_RandomMadalyn   47d ago


There he is. I've been hours since they last saw each other. He looks a little stressed. Perhaps it's because of this big group coming in towards the end of the day. She doesn't blame him. She had to shush a few girls they were interrupting the other diners. A few was pleased with her but she didn't care. Especially when the birthday girl and her sugar daddy said the same thing.

He even checked her out. That she didn't like. Ew. He's not bad looking but he's a whore. He has four sugar babies. She's not going to the 5th. Here she goes with more heart palpations. This guy may be the death of her. The look she got from the girls when he spoke to her directly and kissed her cheek. “Perhaps I'm trying to make you regret saying no to me last.” she quicker whispered back. Gina for excited and did a silent clap approving him. One of the other girls was going to sit on the sit he was pulling out for Maddie, but Gina quickly fixed the problem.

“Thank you Chef Matthew,” she says looking up at him smiling.

“Yes, do we all get kisses as well?” Gina asked teasingly. “I'm half joking,” she says quickly looking away when a server approaches them with a glass of wine.

Maddie had to bire her lower lip to not laugh. “We're all good Chef. Thank you. Go do you're thing.”

When he left the birthday girls wanted answers so should told her the truth. They're neighbors, he got rid of a rat for her, and they hung out. They don't need to know anything else.

BooBear96Matthew.   47d ago

I’ll be back shortly with your wine and the appetizers.” He told them before retreating back to his kitchen. He had no idea that his private party would include the girl he couldn’t get out of his head. “Tonight is special. Everything needs to be perfect. If it’s not, everyone will answer to me.” He instructed the staff.

 “Remember how I told you about my neighbor that I helped yesterday?” He told his friend J, who nodded. “Well what I left out was that I kissed her, I feel like I’m already in love with her, there is this insane attraction, just found out that she’s apart of my special party tonight, and she is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

After gathering the different bottles of wine, house best, he headed back into the party room, he poured everyone glasses, leaving Maddie for last so he could hopefully steal a moment or two with her. “Ma’am.” He said as he placed a wine glass down in front of her. “The Chef would like a word with you if you have a moment.” He whispered, his eyes were twinkling. He was so excited that she was here, but nervous as well. His kitchen had better have everything under control tonight. He held his arm for her to take. “‘

This way.” He said as he ushered her into the stairwell that led to the rooftop patio. “I know you want to hangout with your friends, I’m so sorry that I pulled you away… But I couldn’t not have a moment or two with you. I wouldn’t be able to contain myself.” He whispered as he softly backed her up to the wall .”I cannot get over how insanely beautiful you look. What would you say if I’m starting to regret not getting ‘tangled’ with you last night.” His hands rested at her waisted, his forehead leaning against hers. “So damn beautiful.”

Simply_RandomMadalyn   47d ago


Some of the gushed. Two had a sour race. Sarah was happy. Excited even. She's been wanting Madalyn to date someone. Anyone. Not George. She's iffy about him. Plus she likes him too.

Madalyn was chatting it up when the server came. When Chef Mattew came out she watched his every move. He saved her for last. Not that she minded. As long as Sarah and her sugar daddy were the first ones to be served.

“Take her. You have our permission.” Sarah says watching them. Even though she didn't hear what he said.

Madalyn gets up. “Birthday girl’s wishes. Lead the way.” eye says taking his arm and excusing herself.

At first she thought he was going to show her the kitchen. They didn't head that way. They took the stairs. What happened next... Well… a big smile grew on her face when he pins her against the wall. Holding her waist and having their forehead touch.

“You’re okay with what I'm wearing?” she asks pulling him closer. Closing the gap between them. She kisses him. “You had your chance. I know it's not going to happen tonight. I'll probably be passed out at the hotel they booked to crash in.” Sarah has everything planned out. Her sugar daddy won't be joining them. Thankfully. Can't have him trying anything when they're intoxicated.

“Any plans tomorrow evening? I can swing by after I gather my soul… Sarah like to go all out.” they could make out and get a little frisky. Whoever, it can't be for too long. She needs to go back to her friends and he has a staff to boss around.

BooBear96Matthew.   47d ago


Matthew nodded quickly when she asked about her outfit. “If you look this damn good in a dress… Honey I’m just a man and I’m wondering.” He said. He grinned as she pulled him closer to her. She was into this, into him. “I’m regretting not taking tbag chance last night… But I needed you to realize that it wasn’t just a hookup I was after. I know we can’t explain it but I think we both feel this connection. I want more than just a hookup with you.” He told her as he slowly pressed his lips to her neck. “That doesn’t mean I don’t want to have fun, but I want all of you.” He whispered, tracing his lips along her neck and collar bone. “I thought you had to work tomorrow night?” He asked.

He groaned as he tried to pull himself together. “I’m sure the food is almost finished.” He muttered. “I put the fear of everything in my staff tonight. I want everything to be perfect for you” he moved his lips to hers once again, his hands roaming her body this time. “I have to get back, and you need to go have fun” he whispered. He stepped back, fixing her dress and hair before he held his arm out again. “Promise me I’ll get another moment with you before you leave tonight?” He asked as they walked back to the table. 

Simply_RandomMadalyn   47d ago


He wants her. Not just for a one-night stand. Not to call when he is lonely. He wants her. All of her. He's right when he said there's a weird yet strong connection between them. She feels it for sure. Who knows maybe they will get married in five months. “I wouldn't have regretted it. Now when you've done so much within those few hours...”

Madalyn wanted him so badly. More than she ever wanted George. Now that's crazier! She steals one last kiss before they went their different way. Sarah and Gina pulled her to the bathroom wanting every little detail. They were upset that nothing happened. Nothing sexual at least. However, they are over the moon at the fact they're practically dating!

When they got back to the table when realized she didn't answer him about her work schedule. She texted him to let him know she's only on call tomorrow but she is free for the remainder of the week. After she sent the message she puts her phone away to mingle. The wine is delish. At some point, the sugar daddy did try to talk to her. Thankfully Gina was there to help her out. She even told the perv that the chef is her man. It didn't bother him. He told them two of his girls are married and the husband knows about him. He got one of them a house as their wedding present. Mortgage paid for the next 3 years. Gina instantly wanted to be his sugar baby as well.

The two hater-ades said the food was trash. When they said it they were looking at Maddie. Sarah rolled her eyes and called them out. Madalyn doesn't even know them so she doesn't understand where all the hate is coming from. She ignores it and asked for another glass of wine. She didn't eat much with her mind racing. Thinking about Mattew and how she wants to punch these two girls in the face. One of the servers asked if everyone was okay. She reassures him that everything is amazing. She's just full and wants to use up the little space she has for dessert.

BooBear96Matthew.   47d ago


Matthew was working on the dessert while some of his best wait staff went to take the main courses to the party. He wanted to do it himself, but he was needed more in the kitchen. He felt his phone buzz but he wasn't able to answer it right then.

He was giving everyone enough time for the main course and he was personally going to take the dessert and wine himself. He was a little irritated when one of his servers came back and told him that two women had complained about the food and from what he knew, and could tell, made Maddie upset. "I'll take care of it. Thank you." he said as he began preparing the tray to carry the dessert.

"Dessert is compliments of the Chef, since apparently my main course was "trash." He said when he walked into the party area. "My apologies that it wasn't up to certain standards." He handed the birthday girl and her guy friend dessert and drinks first. After everyone had dessert in front of him, he headed to Maddie once more.

"Don't make plans for Sunday Evening, you're all mine." he whispered before cutting a piece of her cake with a fork, and then holding the fork up. He couldn't help but grin. He was probably being slightly unprofessional, but this woman was making him feel things he hadn't felt in a long time. "Promise me that you'll be careful tonight with whatever you do.. And you'll text me as soon as you make it back to the hotel safely."

With that, he excused himself after kissing Madalyn a few times on the cheek. “Come find me in the kitchen if you have time before you leave, honey.” he said.

After the kitchen had closed down, he always liked to stay later just to make sure that everything was cleaned and put back where it was supposed to be. After he was sure, he headed back to his apartment where his besrfriend was with Dax. He was so excited to see the little boy.

Simply_RandomMadalyn   47d ago


Sarah was noticing the tension. She couldn't be happier when the cake came out. Everyone sang happy birthday. She of course twerked for her sugar daddy. It was such an odd scene to witness.

Madalyn tried not to look at Matt when he approached her. The way he whispered in her ear, in a demanding tone for her not to have plans on Sunday did things to her. She answered by nodding okay. “I promise. Assuming I'm not wasted and remember.”

One of the girls finally said something after he left. How rude and unprofessional that was. Maddie was swirling her wine glass. Gina did the honors to tell the bitch off. She is just jealous that no one wants her. Not  Sarah’s sugar daddy or the chef. Then she mentioned how the girl smells anyways. She compared the smell to a dead wet chicken. The weird part was the sugar daddy agreed! The smell was horrendous according to him.

Maddie didn't have time to go sneak to the back to say bye. Sarah was ready to party. She did message him apologizing for not seeing him one last time. Maddie doesn't even know where they clubbing but it was amazing. She did let loose. Not as much as the other girls but enough to remember bits and pieces of them getting to the hotel and each having a bed to share with someone. She shared it with Gina. Maddie was barely conscious when she sent a gif of a safe. It was her way if saying she was safe at the hotel. Gina on the other hand sends a picture of Maddie passed out with Gina right next to her.

The next day they all started waking up around noon. Maddie was the second one to take up. She searched for her bag to go shower and change into leggings and a plain shirt. That was until Sarah wanted them to go to the hotel’s pool. She was prepared for that. She sends him a group picture. A solo one would be dangerous.

Madeira didn't return home until 10 pm.

The girl heads to the shower. Gets ready for bed just to watch TV in bed. Her hair was braided into a French braid. She had a semi-loose spaghetti strap pajama dress that was up to her knee. George always hated it because it was tight and short. It was comfortable for her and that's all that mattered. What George thought never bothered her.

‘I’m home. How was your day?’ she texts him. Also attaching a picture of her legs under the cover and the TV on

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Matthew was home laying in his own bed when his phone started to vibrate. It was text messages from Maddie. He couldn't help but chuckle as he seen the gif. And then the picture of a drunken Maddie. She was beautiful even in that state. He couldn't wait to hear about her night… what she could remember of it anyway. 

He spent the next day with Dax. They had a great time, Dax wanted a 'big boy' room so they went shopping and then spent the day putting together his new furniture and decorating, along with just buying new furniture for their house. Matthew had been saving so they could basically buy new everything as this apartment would hopefully be theirs's for a long time. He wanted to finally make a home for his boy. But he felt like in order to make a home…they needed to add one more person to their tiny family. He wanted his boy to have a momma and he was probably crazy for thinking that he might've found his soulmate. But there was something about the girl across the hall.

Dax was pretty tired by eight, so he got the little boy to bed pretty easily. He showered and got dressed for bed before heading to relax and watch some television. He smiled when he seen he had another text from Maddie. "It was good. Missed you and those legs though." he replied with a picture of his shirtless chest and American Eagle boxers, with Netflix on in the background. “Did you have fun?” He double texted. “Someone sent me a picture of you in bed at the hotel and it looked like you had a wild night.”




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The girl was exhausted and now nothing. Part of her was comfortable and the other was eager. Wanting to see him again. To be in his arms. Exchanging kisses. All that lovey-dovey. She begins to search for something to watch. He's probably out with friends or sleeping! That's fine. She’ll probably try reading to go to sleep. Before she got the chance to lean over and grab a book, her phone buzzed. Why did she get scared? As quickly as she can, she moves to get the phone to see who texted her.

All happy and whatnot, Madalyn squeals. She accidentally doubled tapped the screen and accidentally opens the message to see a picture of a guy in his boxers. Are we back in high school? Are they about to do a picture for a picture before someone banging on the other's door? Because she's down. She can be a tease.

She scoots down, lowers her pj dress, and covers herself with the blanket. Major tease. Make him think she's naked under her blanket. She even makes a kissy-winky face. Now send! Her heart was racing! She shouldn't be doing this sober. She can say she was drunk if nothing happens tonight and he'll ask about it another time. Just to say he didn't want to rush anything and wishes to save himself for when they are married. Because they are. In five months.

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He couldn't help but chuckle as he opened the text after his phone had vibrated. His eyes went wide. "Hot damn." he muttered. He quickly sprung out of bed, pulled on a pair of Nike shorts. Then checked on Dax who was still soundly sleeping in his bed, it didn't look like he had even moved since he went to sleep.

He grabbed his keys before peaking out his front door, making sure no one was in the hallway, he stepped out and knocked on hers. "I'm practically naked here." he muttered, knocking again. He had to be quick, he didn't want Dax to wake up for whatever reason and him not be there.

After she had opened the door, he softly pushed himself inside, shutting the door with his foot all while cupping her face and pressing his lips to hers. “You're being a complete tease tonight and you're making me want to break all of my rules.” he muttered against her lips as he moved them to the couch before sitting down and pulling her into his lap. “I missed you. I missed kissing you. I missed holding you.” His hands planted on her hips, softly rubbing, exploring her body. He didn't want to do anything she wasn't comfortable with, but he needed to have his hands on this woman of his.

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Madalyn may have dropped her phone and begun to count. After fifteen seconds she stopped. Nothing? Really? She covers herself with the blanket. How does she mess up the teasing game she started?!

Madalyn sits up hearing a knock on the door. She fumbled out of bed while putting on the straps of her pj dress.

She quickly runs to the door and opens it. She began to laugh moving away from the door so he can enter. Rico suave over here is doing his thing. She went from standing to straddling him. Things like this is why she’s going to suggest being married sooner. Like tomorrow?

The way he was feeling her… she gives him a kiss. “Tangle? I’m sober. You’re sober. We’re getting married in 5 months.” Madalyn kisses his forehead before getting off him. Nothing about their relationship been normal. He is so nice. They seem to be connecting faster than usual. Might as well make it official. Their relationship. Not marriage. Even though that’s their end game.

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Matthew couldn't help but just stare at her. She was the most amazing creature he'd ever seen. "I want to tangle with you so badly." he muttered. He groaned as she climbed off of his lap. "Maddie.. You're making it so hard to say we should wait." He stood up for turning his back to her. His three year old was sleeping across the hall, but here he was - wanting to crawl into bed with his aparent soon to be wife.

"I have food in my oven" he lied "Let me go check on it and I'll be right back. You better be in bed waiting on me. I'll find my way." he said quickly, kissing her cheek. He crossed the hallway, heading back into his aparment. He grabbed his phone and set a timer for thirty minutes. He would have to make another excuse so he could come back to his own apartment. He checked on Dax, who was still sleeping. He usually slept through the entire night, so he wasn't really worried- he was just next door.

After he had given himself another pep talk, he grabed a condom out of his bed side table before heading back to his girls apartment. "I'm back." he said shut the apartment door behind him. Slipping out of his shorts as he walked, he found the bedroom and walked in, he wasn't prepared for what he seen. 

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Madalyn’s face slowly changed the closer he got to that door. When he was gone she scratched her head. That was weird. That has never happened in the history of learning how to flirt. To be on the safe side and believe in everything holy that he’ll return she began to turn on big candle to make it more romantic before getting into the same pose from the picture. This time with nothing on.

-Time Skip-

It felt like their connection for closer. Enhanced. It felt like their cuddling and gushing was cut short. He had to go. That was… she couldn’t even think of the word! “Oh. Okay. No worries. Have a good night.” She says grabbing her pj dress and puts it on. “Would I see you tomorrow?” She asks following him to the door. She waited for his answer before locking the door behind him. Ugh. She’s starting to over thing now. He couldn’t pretend to be nice just for this. She believed him. It’ll eat her alive if he went against his word and proved George right. Madalyn when to chanced the bedding and shower. After putting on new pjs she turned everything off. Cried herself to sleep.

Hours later. The following day. Madalyn  got up around 10. She made herself breakfast. Toast with avocado, an over-easy egg with pepper flakes. Four of them. Along with some tea. Is he going to text her? Come over? What if he’s crazy enough to move out? ‘Stop over thinking Maddie. Your future husband isn’t like. He has a good excuse. A valid excuse. Have faith, trust, and some breakfast!’ That pep talk helped. I’m right.

Like usual he knew what to say. Spoke nice to her. She forgave him and now they’re dating.

~Time Skip 3.5 months~

Madalyn was out with some friends for a late dinner. They were out for about an hour before they all decided it was time to head home. Each going their own separate directions.

When she pulled out her car keys, just as she unlocks it someone hit her in the face. It just so happened so fast. Punches after punches. Someone scared them off. They had a car and ate all the red lights. When the cops pulled them over and say her they escorted them the hospital. One of the cops knows her from the hospital so he wanted her to be okay.  Plus he has a crush her as well. Another hour of getting examined and cleared her boss approaches her to clock in. She’s being called into work now that she’s cleared.

There was an accident between four cars. She was helping the civilians who were part of the car crash. She got put charge to watch a kid. A boy.  She asked for a few minutes to changed into a cleaner scrubs.  The second she got back she was handed a ringing phone. It won’t to voicemail so she left a message. After hanging up she began to play any games he knows to kill time. She was called to help in an IV line. It took a few minutes but it was done. As she turns to walk back to the kid he was running yelling daddy. “Hey, hey no running away…” she stops seeing Matt. “Daddy” she takes a few steps back. She can’t deal with this. Her face is a slowly swelling which is adding more pain. This, this she can’t deal with. Not right now.

Madalyn told Levi that Matt was his father and now her task is done. She didn’t even look back before walking away. She did get far before she got stopped by the cops. They had her explain what happened. She did the mistake of moving the conversation else were so Matt doesn’t hear what happened to her and who did it.

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The next few months were stressful. Matthew was juggling his time between the kitchen, Dax and Madalyn. But he wasn't going to trade it for anything. He loved his girl. Their relationship had progressed fast, but it was right. He had been causally shopping around for an engagement ring. He wanted something perfect.

He had taken Dax to the beach in New Jersey, Madalyn had plans with her girlfriends so it was the perfect opportunity. Until some drunk driver decided to ram into them on the interstate causing a pile up. He had gotten separated from Dax. EMS took him first as he was the only child but was complaining of head and neck pain. It took about two hours for him to get to the hospital that Dax was taken to. He had called his friend Jason, who was going to meet them there since he didn't have a car anymore. "I'm looking for Dax Campbell." He said as he ran into the ER. He felt a wight lift off his shoulders as he heard Dax call Daddy. He turned, smiling. He wasn't expecting to see his girlfriend behind his son. "Madalyn." he said softly. It took him a moment to register that it was her. He handed Dax to Jason as he realized that her face was black, blue and swollen. "Madalyn." he said, walking toward her. "Maddie. Please-- I need to explain." he begged.

He stood in the ER hallway as he watched his girl get pulled in by some police officers.  He looked back to what looked like the charge nurse. “I need to speak with the Nurse that was watching my son as soon as possible. I need to know what care she gave my son…. Please.” he begged.

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Levi looks at Mattee confused. “No can do sir. She is talking to the cops and I don't like the way you're looking at her. Are you George? Because if you are you're a narcissistic asshole pretend to care even though you're the one who best he for moving on. I hope you rot in jail and she marries the guy.” Levi wanted to say more but was cut short when woke one screamed her name. “Oh her father is going to kill you.” he whispers excitedly.

Her father can look scary. He's a big go. 6’3 tall. Weighs over two hundred pounds. He owee a boxing gym. HE was at his prime when he was younger. He stopped after a car accident. It was a sabotage that didn’t work. After he won’t the fight he retired to have a family. But he uses his knowledge to help train others.

Madalyn was going to run to him but she used Levi to prevent Matt from going new her before jogging to hug her dad. He was snarling about how his baby girls face is ruined. How he is going to kill the son of a bitch who did it. She had to smack his arm to stop. Especially when Dax approached them.

“This tour dad?”

“He is. I told you all dads would rush to find their kids. Like the way your daddy came for you, mines came for me. You continue to be awesome okay?”

“Your dad kind of scary.”

“I know. Go back to your dad and… uncle… take care of yourself.” She bends down carefully to remove a few more shards of glass off him. Maddie wanted to say how loud how he was right about his dad being a big softy but he’s also a liar. The thought of looking at him right now made her cry. She was crying as she stood up and when their eyes met. She shook her head no. She can’t handle talking to him right now.

Levi steps in. “From her notes in his chart,” he says looking with his tablet, “she gave him 2.5 ml of mortin for some pain that he was conplaining about. Minor self exams all passed. Head CT was just came in. He’s all good. She gave him some veggie chips and apple juice in exchange to get some blood work. Half of them are done and they’re good. He’s a little low on Vit-D. Other than that’s he’s fine. We’ll just wait for the rest of the blood work before we discharge him. I would like to also apologize for what I said earlier… don't worry about her. She'll be fine. We didn't have any rooms because of two car accidents were helping out on but I can take you back to where your son was stationed.” Dad was discharged twenty minutes later. All was okay.

Madalyn ended up leaving after locking eyes with Matt. It broke her heart to find out he was hiding something so big. How the hell could he have managed to do it for so long? She didn't go to her place. She went home. To jersey where her family lives. She spent the week there. Her phone was off the entire time. She knew she couldn't hide for too long. After getting a new phone and car she went home. George took her car. He attempted to drive it after someone stopped him from assaulting her any further. He kept crashing her for three blocks down. Now she doesn't have a car insurance until the believe the claim of her car being stolen so all these accidents weren't on her. For now her car is under her fathers name. Title and insurance. They even made her take Chew with her. He’s a trained husky to defend the house. He is so sweet but when given the code word he’ll attack you.

At some point her father sent someone to change her door frame and door to reinforce it. Another condition to allow her to go home. He would stop. When he can to check on her. She wanted the space though. She saw all the missed messages and calls. It was so overwhelming. What scared her was to hear banging on her door. It was fine hearing Sarah and Gina shouting for her to open the door so they can love her and watch horror movies and pretend whoever is dying is George. George is still on the run. Turns out he abused his girlfriend as well. Her beating was worse. Plus she was pregnant. Madalyn opens the door. Chewy by her side. It made the girls ignore her to show the dog some love and Chewy was loving it.


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