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MourningGloryBlaise Rios   49d ago
Lady of the Night

Blaise Rios

'You have one more chance. Use it well. You will not remember the life that you led before. That means the woman you married, the children you had, the job you loved, and that one person who meant everything to you. This life will all be brand new. It will be a blank slate and like starting over from scratch. Do you understand?' Came the words from two pairs of voices. One seemed like it was on his left and the other on his right. Both voices said the same words as if in perfect synchronization that it seemed more like a buzz within his ears than anything else. 'Blaise, do you understand what we are telling you?' The voices spoke once more. Whoops, it looked like the man old was he? had taken too long and those speaking to him were not at all pleased that a response had not been given as of yet. "Yes, I understand what I am being told...but I don't understand why this chance is being given." Came soft words as a hand moved over his eyes as he was TRYING to see past the two lights on either side of him to see the faces of the seemingly bodiless voices. But it was to no avail. Because after the man had spoken his words, everything faded into a white mist of sorts and he felt as though he were sliding down a HUGE slide…

“Goddamn it…That dream is getting to be old. Every damned night and still NO fucking  idea what it even means. I thought my sleeping pills were meant to help…not give me riddles for dreams.” Blaise grumbled as brown eyes peeked up at the darkness that seemed to be still coating the ceiling above his bed. For the moment, the man of twenty-seven was avoiding those glaring red numbers on the alarm clock on the nightstand to the left of his bed. He did NOT want to know what unholy hour he had woken at this time. But before he could even turn over and figuratively face the music, “Eye of the Tiger” began to blare, causing him to groan loudly and cover his face with his pillow. Looked like it had only been minutes before the damn alarm was supposed to wake his ass up anyway.

“Well…looks like time to get up and face the day…” The man muttered as he pushed his pillow off his face and let his hand flop around until it found the off button and all bit slammed down on the thing to shut off the alarm. Once it was off, Blaise rubbed the sleep (or as much of the sleep) from his eyes before he got up and made his way to the bathroom, looking into the mirror and rubbing the stubble on his chin. It had looked better and it had looked worse, so the man merely shrugged and got into the shower. Ten minutes later, he was done and throwing on his clothes that he had left on the computer chair at his desk the night before, running his fingers through his hair, grabbing his backpack, keys, wallet, and books and racing out the door to grab a quick breakfast at the small coffee shop across from the college.

Since it was still early, the twenty-seven year old had decided a nice walk would be good for him. Maybe he would be able to forget his damn dream and gain some focus for the day. But that didn't seem to happen because as he walked, the words played over and over again like some sort of broken record. Had it been minutes or an hour when he reached the coffee shop? Hell if he knew, but he was surprised to see a young woman there he was sure he would have remembered seeing before. For a moment he did seem frozen to the spot and just stared at her. She seemed…familiar…but yet he knew that he had never seen her before. Without really thinking anything through, Blaise made his way over.

“Hey there…I was wondering if you're new here? By the way, I'm Blaise and was also wondering if you wanted to get a coffee with me?” Awkward…He had been awkward as hell but he had NEVER been good with first encounters. Plus, the woman being as beautiful and mystifying as she seemed to him had been of no help either. So now after making a complete fool of himself, the court was in her court.


Simply_RandomMonica   47d ago


'You have one more chance. Use it well. You will not remember the life that you led before. That means the woman you married, the children you had, the job you loved, and that one person who meant everything to you. This life will all be brand new. It will be a blank slate and like starting over from scratch. Do you understand?'

Monica appeared to be in the middle of nowhere. Literally. Everything was white. This two-voice spoke in such orchestration. Such unity. Why question what they have to offer? Then again what needs reconciliation that they're giving her a second chance at life?

“I understand. Thank you... Great ones?”

You know that feeling you get when you're on a rollercoaster? The anxiousness of reaching the very top before it drops and then when it finally drops all them butterflies hit the upper stomach lining? That's what she felt when waking up.

“Fuck. Me,” she mumbles falling off the couch. The girl feels high. How hard did she party last night?

Monica pulls her legs close to her chest before rubbing her face. She is starving. Muzzy. Ugh! Monica couldn't figure out her dream. It makes her question everything she decides to do. Her toes tapped the fluffy rug her roommate recently purchased for her cat to enjoy. Yup, her cat.

“5, 4, 3, 2…” Monica got up to start her day. Cleaning up her mess was the first thing. Refilling her roommate's car water bowl was the second. Finally, it was time for her to shower and get ready. Locking herself in the bathroom she decided to check her unread messages while using the bathroom.

Just last week she finally got a job as a tattoo artist. Now don't judge. She does have a bachelor's and also getting a nursing degree. No idea why her degree is popping up in her head.

‘Good afternoon, M. It's Sherry. I know you're grieving but you're so close to getting your degree. Come by the campus. Let's talk. I can help you, okay?’  Monica sighs.

What to do, what to do. A second chance. Is it for this? Is she going down the wrong path? Monica went to go shower to think things over.

The shower was cut short hearing her roommate shouting for her to please hurry. She woke up late. It made her chuckle. Nice to know she's not the only one. Monica quickly rinses her hair before shutting off the water and wrapping herself in a towel. Once in her room, she puts on her AirPods to listen to music as she got ready. Popular Monster by Falling In Reverse was playing. There was no telling if she was mouthing along or singing out loud. Either way, she doesn't care. Her hair www pulled into a high ponytail. Olive pants covered her legs while a white crop top shower sleeve covered the upper half. Along with a black leather jacket. Simply because she wants to be comfortable black Crocs is her choice of shoes today. With a bit of mascara and lip bam, she was good to go. Nothing like having the day off since the shop flooded from the rain. Things have to be repaired first.

In the back of her head, those words said by the unknowns kept retelling. It was enough to distract her the second the fresh air hit her she began to walk aimlessly.

Their whispers came to an end when she entered a cafe. It was cute. She could go for something to eat. She sat at the counter or the old yet hip cafe. Gives her a feel of the old days you see in movies. After ordering breakfast and a cup of coffee she sat there waiting. Why is she here? Near the campus nevertheless. All of a sudden her airpods died. Sighing, she removed them and put them in their case. Moni looks up when someone approached her. “Blaise? Monica...” What? This doesn't normally happen unless she's dressed up and at a club. It's morning. Like the sun is out and she's not dressing to impress... He is cute yet recognizable. She never slept with him. She would remember running her fingers through his air. The waitress gently pushes a cup of coffee in front of Monica. “I already ordered but you can join me. If you like of course. I used to go to school here. I stopped when I lost my mother… not sure why I'm here. Plus I've never stepped foot in this cafe until today…” Moni looks for a few seconds to have a dash of sugar. Why is the feeling of being weird getting worse? Who is he supposed to be? “Have we met before? You seem familiar. I haven't myself so I'm sorry if I don't remember you...”

MourningGloryBlaise Rios   47d ago
Lady of the Night

Blaise Rios

“It would be rude of me to decline your offer. Especially when I came over and interrupted you like I did… Plus it's always nice to be able to have someone to eat with and not have to alone.” And again he managed to sound like a complete idiot. What was it about this woman that seemed to throw off any form of game that he had? 

Silence fell. At least on his end it seemed to before she was saying how she used to come to the school and also told him that she had never stepped into the cafè before that day. All of that made sense to the man of twenty-seven. The last thing said, however, did not. It was her question of knowing the other and also saying there was something familiar about him that completely threw Blaise through a loop.

From the words that were spoken, it dawned on Blaise that Monica was in the same boat as he was. Both of them apparently had this sense of recognition that stemmed from only God knew where and yet knew they had not met before. Was this real life right now? Or had they found themselves stumbling into tge beginning of one of those cheesy ass movies? Whatever the case, the beautiful woman before him had acknoledged him and all his awkwardness. So to turn on his heel now ans run like a puppy with his tail between his legs would make NO sense.

It took him a moment to get a grip on his thoughts and to come back to reality. “I'm sorry to hear about your mom… And as to knowing the other… No, I don't believe so. If I had met you before, I'm damn sure that I would remember. I never would forger such a beautiful woman.” Okay, not his best words to be sure. But the man was merely being honest and seemed to have no real filter at the moment no matter how hard he tried.

Before he could embarrass himself further, Blaise took the seat across from Monica and did pick up the menu that had been left. Dark eyes skimmed over it but every now and again they found their way back to the young woman across from him. After a few minutes, the menu was placed down and a faint smile graced thin lips. “Everything seems like it would be good…So why not tell me what to get?”

Simply_RandomMonica   46d ago


“No worries. I rather talk to a person and not what’s in my head.” Great. Now she sounds crazy. Truth be told, she’s been isolating herself. Her mother was the reason for becoming a nurse. To help her when she got worse. Her mother’s health got worse fairly quickly. She went to having another two or three years to weeks. Then all of a sudden she had a stroke in the middle of the night… she was gone. All reasoning died that same day. There aren’t any more ‘see you tomorrow’ or ‘later gator’ after seeing each other. Monica was so close to her mother. She was her biggest supporter and now she feels lost.

It was nice of him to give his condolences. She's also over those. It doesn't do anything. She's not asking for anything. Then he confirmed that don't know each other. That was a relief. Although he made her cheek turns red because followed after his confirmation was a compliment. She had to think of what to say! To delay a response she takes a sip of her coffee.

“Why thank you. Compliments in the morning are always welcome. You look good yourself.” she watches him slide into the chair across from her. As he examined the menu, she examined him. He looks nervous. Is she making him nervous? She blinks a few times processing what he asked. “No idea. First time here, remember? I just asked for the special. She said okay.” she replies with a shrug. She turned her head sideways looking at his watch. “So can you tell what time it is? Not everyone remembers how to tell time with the analog clock” Monica was actually curious. It may be random but might as well attempt to keep the conversation going.

Her breakfast arrived before he could answer. The waitress asked if he was joining her and if so what would he like. Monica allowed him to answer. The plate has hickory sausage, homemade fries butter pancakes (2x), and a side of mixed fruits. She ate a strawberry watching them talk.  When the waitress left she scoots her plate towards him. “You can have some. We'll just replace it with it something from your plate.” a common thing that happens, right?

After eating another strawberry she takes another sip of her coffee. He knows why she's here but why is he here? “So what made you home here? I doubt you could've seen me with their weird pattern thing on their windows,” she asks curiously again.

Monica only ate the strawberries for now. It would've been rude to eat when he doesn't have his plate. She’ll simply ask if her food can be heated up since she waited for him. What should they talk about?  “Another serious question and I know we're strangers. But are you single? I'm only asking because I don't want to get random messages asking why I was trying to steal her man… or his man… I don't judge.” she asks this time taking a bite of her sausage. Not that she would fight a person. She is full of anger and negative emotions. Nothing like growing up with three older brothers and one of them actually being a UFC fighter.

MourningGloryBlaise Rios   42d ago
Lady of the Night

Blaise Rios

The woman was curious it seemed. Lively and had a quirk about her that not many had. If the man were to be honest, it was refreshing but a little intimidating as well. None of those thoughts Blaise would find himself voicing. They were just merely for his own amusement. 

The waitress came as he seemed stuck in his head and Monica had JUST asked him the time. For a few moments the pair talked. Mostly he did as he decided to ask for the same thing that Monica had gotten and a nice cup of coffee as well. Why make things difficult? And when the woman was gone and getting his order filled, Blaise turned dark eyes upon Monica and was thoughtful before speaking his words.

“True, you did say that it was your first time here. I think I got distracted when giving you the compliment and then getting one in return. As to being able to tell the time with the analog watch…yes I can. I'll admit that I had to relearn it but it comes in handy on the rare occassions that I don't have my phone or can't use it. The time it just after nine…or more specifically five after.” God he was sure that he sounded like a complete moron. But the truth was that he wasn't in the habit of talking to such beautiful young women and usually just threw himself into his studies or work. It was just easier that way.

“Thank you. And I'll definitely share with you too.” Came his quiet words as he gave a faint wink and smile taking a grape from her mixed fruits. And then he watched her for a moment as he could see thoughts and emotions playing in her dark brown eyes. But before he could gather words and speak himself, the young woman whom he had taken the seat across from was firing questions his way again.

Silence fell as Blaise thought how best to answer her questions. And as he was thinking, his own food had been brought and as Monica had done, the man lightly nudged his plate her way. “First question. This is a little cafè I started coming to when I took up classes at the college. It's an easy place to grab a bite to eat. And second question…haven't dated in a few years. I'm not exactly great in that department and can be a bit awkward. To tell the truth I'm surprised you haven't dumped your coffee on me and walked out.” Blaise said as his last words were followed by a chuckle. He had been half joking and half serious in what he had said. “Okay…so moment of truth here. Gonna ask you the same thing. More so if you are single or taken. I mean just because I don't want to step on toes… but also because I'm enjoying this time and wanted to ask you to dinner or a movie.” Fuck! Maybe that was way too forward. But there was a definite draw and he wanted to get to know more about the young woman.

Simply_RandomMonica   27d ago


Why is being awkward so embarrassing, hilarious, and yet adorable? Ugh, his dark green eyes are hypnotizing. Like emerald jewels. One of her favorite colors. It made her laugh. It's fine. They are fine. However, the awkward silence even for a second gets to her so she throws questions. Hch she felt bad because it did look like he was going to fire some her way shortly after he winked at her and that had her heart going.

Monica leans back with her cup of tea as he answers her questions. It also allowed her to check him out. He has an eye bugger on his left eye. It doesn't look like he has any hair products on. Impressive to have his hair curl back like that. She can't tell if he's trying to grow the beard out or if he forgot to shave. Either way, it looks good no bald spots like most guys that try to hit on her.

She almost spit her tea back in her cup hearing him say that he was surprised that she hadn't tossed her drink at him and walked away. What?!

“Well damn. I know tattoos scare people but I swear I'm not a monster. Plus I'm a foodie. I would never ruin a meal or a taste drink. I would've told you to fuck off or say I'm gay.” she says shrugging with a smile, “but I'm enjoying this. Our random awkward chit-chat.” she replies pitting her drink down. She then rests her left elbow on the table and leans close to the table to rest her head in her hand. Her smile never left. Why is he so captivating?

“I'm also single. I used to be outgoing and whatnot but lately, I've been keeping it myself. My ex didn't like the sudden change. That was almost two years ago.” She tells him honestly.

Monica doesn't talk about Malcolm. He cheated on her with her cousin. On their anniversary home the less. The perks of going home three hours early to find them in your bed…

Monica looked at the waiter to came to serve him his food. She removes her elbow from the table. “For the record, I don't think this should count as the dinner, but I'm okay with going out with you. Dinner or movies. Or both.” Her heart was racing. She's taking a big leap of something. Second chance? Faith? Love? All of the above?

She moves her plate closer to her now that he has his food. “If I may ask what are you studying?” she asks taking her fork and stabbing a sausage link. Now the silence will be welcomed since they're about to eat. Oh God, should she be careful with how she eats? She's a foodie and she sometimes dances when it's delicious.  It's like going on a first date already and deciding to hide certain aspects about you because it may scare them away.

“Is there you want to see or a restaurant you would like to go to?” she asks wondering what would be a good first dye. Movies or dinner. Or both in whatever order. “But to also help decied. I'm not into comedy… and yes I know how dare I.” she says with a small chuckle, “and I don't do sea food. That includes sushi. And now you're able to walk away and I won't find his it against you.” she had her fork twirling in her eggs and she looked at him grinning. Normally it's a deal breaker. Plus she gets shit from her friends all the time for now liking seafood. She stops batting her eyelashes waiting for him to leave but secretly begging he wouldn't, when the waitress comes back asking if everything is okay. Monica downs the very little of her tea and kindly asks for more. Is she doing too much? She normally doesn't try to get someone to kike her. She's been out of the dating pool for too long apparently.

MourningGloryBlaise Rios   19d ago
Lady of the Night

Blaise Rios

The man had his hand on his lap, fingers tapping lightly against his knee, dark gaze never wavering as he kept it upon Monica. He was allowing his eyes to roam her just as she seemed to be letting her own roam him. The silence that fell seemed awkward in an almost hilarious way. Though he did not voice that and could not help his smirk as her cheeks had coloured with the wink that had been given to her.

Slowly, the man nodded when she told him that she was single as well. Hell, the man would have been a damn idiot to let someone like her go. The charm and beauty she had about her. But also a calmness not many seemed to posess. Blaise did let his mind linger on those thoughts for a moment as the young woman sat before him went on to say how she would have told him she was gay if she had not been enjoying the little awkward chit-chat between them. Which honestly made him let out a soft chuckle as it eased him to know he was not the only one who was enjoying this little meeting of chance between them.

“To be fair, didn't want this to count as a first date. I wanted it to be kind of like a meet and greet sort of thing. And got it, no comedies or sea food. Actually, sea food isn't really my thing either. Never has been. I mean I turn green at small and if trying to eat it want to be sick…Sometimes it sucks because it looks good.” The man could NOT believe he had just said all of that. Even he knew how stupid he sounded. And he would be surprised if she didn't get bored of him and his words there. Or as he had previously stated if she had decided to throw her tea at him.

“Law…I'm studying law. But I also have a love of mechanics and so take up the trade so I can work on cars and bikes..” Being a mechanic and working on cars and bikes had been his main dream. But his family had never been supportive of it and wanted him to study law or become a doctor…so that was why he went for what they wanted but also did his own thing.

A light blush tinted his cheeks when he realised that he had gone silent again after answering her initial question and even gone on the little bit of a rant he did. And after a moment, Blaise did decide to take a bite of his toast to at least make the silence more warrented. Though he was completely unsure of what to say or do. Dating and even doing all of this was WAY out of his comfort zone. But he was doing it now because who the hell knew if or when he would ever see the girl again. Ever have a chance like this again?

“Actually didn't think of any movies. It's just the thing you think of for first dates. So is dinner. So…if we wanted to do both…we could maybe just start out wandering and see what calls to us? You know kind of just go with it?” All of those words just kind of seemed to tumble out of him as he realised she had asked about a movie he wanted to see or a place he wanted to go for dinner. Good Lord he was REALLY out of practice and it showed. And when she had said he could walk, Blaise only shook his head, even relieved as she seemed as awkward as he did.


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