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dιѕaѕтer prone

By Dreamer-
Backup thread

Note; This was the workings of myself and an old friend of mine. It didn't take off the way I had wanted it too, so I thought I would bring it back. Please do not request into the thread unless told too other wise. You must be over the age of eighteen to even apply for this thread.

Two families feuding in the streets of New York City. Two daughters who are the children of the head men of the gangs. Both in college trying to make a life for themselves by day. By night they are running the street's with their so called families. Neither one of them knew that they were going head to head in the streets together. They are roommates, and they don't know anything about their lifestyles when they aren't in classes together, or spending time with each other. It's getting harder and harder to keep their secrets though. They want to keep their friendship, but at the same time, it was starting to really put a strain on their relationship.

Their best friends didn't know anything about their life styles. They wouldn't want to know about their lifestyles anyway. The men in their lives are the only people who means everything to them, besides their own father's. The females want to tell them everything, but how can they? If they did, it would put the men into danger, and they couldn't have that. Their whole lives revolved around their gangs, but things were starting to change. Feelings were starting to bloom between the four adults, and everything was about to get turned upside down. Now that the gangs were getting closer to the same territory, was when their father's were breathing down their daughter's necks.

They had to make sure they could get the territory before the other. That's when the females realize their families have been fighting each other for years. That's when their secrets end up coming to light. What'll happen when they have to be put into the same room together, and they have to decide on who's going to get the territory. It would pretty much be a fight to the death. They have a choice, either kill each other to make their father's proud, or run away together and try to put their past behind them. It's something they don't know how to deal with.

The men on the other hand are dealing with their own issues. They didn't know anything about the girls, and their lives. How were they supposed to know? They would end up being in danger, and without them knowing is what was best. They were slowly exploring their own sexuality's, and realizing they were gaining feelings for each other. It was a whole new territory for them. When things started changing, was when they found out about the girl's lives, and now they had a choice themselves. Protect themselves, or stick by the females through everything. Will their feelings for each other be enough? Or will they lose everything they have worked so hard for? Will their father's change their minds? Or will everything end up falling apart? You will never know unless you join, Disaster Prone.

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The cast of Disaster Prone.

Aisling Quivers; Taken

Name: Aisling Quivers 
Age: Twenty-Four
Likes: Sex - Swimming - Hiking - Summer - Animals
Dislikes: Men - Fighting - Liars - Cheaters - Black Roses 
Gang Name: Kindred Butterflies 
Job: Coffee Shop Cashier

Julian Chambers; Taken

Name: Julian Chambers 
Age: Twenty-Seven
Likes: Smoking - Drinking - Partying - Comic Books - Halloween 
Dislikes: Children - Romance Novels - Being Late - Killing - Liars
Gang Name: Kindred Butterflies
Job: Bartender/Bouncer

Female Two; Taken

Male Two; Taken

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Dreamer-dιѕaѕтer   52d ago


"Miss Aisling, it's time to get up sweetheart. Your father is asking to see you. There's something he wants to talk to you about" came the voice of one of her maids. The female pulled her pillow over her head, and she let out a groan. "Tell daddy that it can wait until I'm more awake" she told the woman. "I'm sorry darling, he said it can't wait" she said lifting the pillow off of the females head. Aisling looked up at her with a dead stare. She groaned and swung her feet around to the floor.

"Fine. Tell daddy I'll be down in a few minutes. Seeing as I don't even have time to get dressed" she snapped. The woman nodded lightly, and placed the pillow back onto the bed. She then backed out of her room. Aisling sat on the edge of her bed and stretched her arms over her head. That's when her puppy came bounding up towards her. A small smile passed over her lips as she reached out, and picked the puppy up, kissing the top of his head.

The husky licked her cheek and wiggled wanting to be put back down. She set the puppy down, and she stood. She found her slippers and slipped them onto her feet, and then made her way out of the room, and down to the dining room. She heard her father on the phone, and she rolled her eyes. She plastered on a smile as she walked into the room. The male looked up and pointed to a chair. Something was up, she could feel it in the air. She pulled the chair out and sat down.

She pulled one of her feet up under her and bent her knee. She rested her chin on her knee, as she waited for him to finish on the phone. When he hung up, he shut his phone off and looked towards the female. "Glad to see that you didn't fight coming down here. I have a new assignment for you" he said. No good morning, not asking how she slept. Getting right down to business like always. She rolled her eyes and looked towards him. "Alright, what is it?" she asked sounding just like him.

"There's another gang coming towards our territory, and I know they are going to want to own what's been ours for years. I need you to find the female, or male and befriend them. Don't let them know you are part of the Kindred Butterflies but get close to them. See what they are planning and everything for me. I'm going to put a stop to this, even if it kills me" he said. That made Aisling slightly nervous. Being the daughter of the mobster put her in danger on a daily basis.

What other choice did she really have? "Alright daddy, I'll make sure to do as you ask" she said. The male nodded a bit and smiled at her. "Thank you baby. Eat, and then you can go" he said. He then stood and walked out of the room. She was alone, and that's what she hated the most. She bit the inside of her cheek, as she reached for a plate and took some eggs, and bacon and ate in silence. How was she supposed to know who her target was? She would figure that out.

When she was done eating she pushed herself up and went back to her room. She had showered the night before, so all she had to do was get dressed, and then she would be ready for the day. She had a couple of classes to look forward too, and that's always the good thing. At least in her eyes it was. She walked to her closet and opened the doors. She looked at the clothes hanging there, and licked her lips pulling out a hanger. Hanging on it was her favorite black leather dress.

She took it off the hanger and put the hanger back into the closet. She then undressed and slipped into the dress. It ended well above her knees, and it clung to all the right parts of her body. It was a head turner for sure. She then brushed her hair, and piled it on the top of her head, pulling a couple strands down to frame her face. She then walked into her bathroom to brush her teeth and apply a little bit of makeup. She then found her thigh high boots, and slipped them on.

She found her book bag, and made sure her books were inside, along with her wallet and cell phone. She then reached back into her bag and pulled out her phone scrolling to Julian's name and hit Send Message, her fingers flying over the keys. Morning boo, I'm heading to the campus right now. I'll meet you there, unless you aren't coming. Xoxo Aisling. She then hit send and walked out of her room. The two had been attached at the hip since the moment they met, people thought they were a couple.

They weren't, because they were both homosexual. Something they quickly found out about one another. She made her way down the stairs, and grabbed her keys. She then walked out the front doors to her jeep, and unlocked it. She climbed inside, started the jeep and turned on SkyDxddy. She then pulled out of the driveway and headed into town. She started singing along with the music as she drove. It didn't take too long for her to get to campus either. Once there, she parked in her parking spot, shut the jeep off and climbed out.

She grabbed her book bag, closed and locked the jeep behind her. She put the keys into one of the pockets, and she heard cat calls and whistles. She looked up and smiled lightly. She loved the attention more than anything. She then slid a strap onto her shoulder, and headed towards the sidewalk. That's when she realized she nearly ran into a female she hadn't seen before. "Oh, I'm so sorry sweetheart. I didn't see you. Are you okay?" she asked, as her eyes locked on the female. Her heart seemed to skip a beat the moment their eyes locked.


Julian let out a small sigh when his phone buzzed, and he reached for it and unplugged it from the charger. He read the message, and rolled his eyes. Of course she would be heading to campus already. She was after all the Perfect little angel. He then hit reply and typed back quickly. I'm skipping classes today, I was out late and I barely slept. You Princess woke me up. I'll meet you at the coffee shop later though, since I can't really skip out of work. Love you babe. He then hit send, and put his phone on silent.

He adored Aisling more than anything, and sometimes he wondered what it would be like if they had been attracted to each other. Would they have made the perfect couple? Or would it all have come crashing down around them? That's something that crossed his mind often, but other times he was glad they weren't attracted to each other. He was more into men anyway, and it was staying that way. People knew he was different, but they didn't know how different he really was. That's something he loved.

The male pulled the pillow over his head, and tried to go back to sleep. Since the woman woke him up, he couldn't really get back to sleep. He let out a groan and threw his pillow onto the floor. He then climbed out of bed, and made his way to the bathroom. He might as well go to class since he was awake. "Fuck you Aisling.." he muttered lightly as he turned on the shower. He stood there in the bathroom, letting the water heat up. He then reached up and ran a hand thorough his hair and wrinkled his nose.

Ever since he met the female, he felt like his whole life had changed. She brought out a side of him, that he didn't even know he had. He loved her like a brother loves his sister. She had been so sweet, and innocent when he first met her, but now that they knew each other, it was like they were meant to be in each other's lives. He wouldn't change that part for anything. When the water was warm enough, he climbed into the shower and shut the door behind him. He stood there and tilted his head back.

He didn't take that long in the shower, when he realized he didn't have classes at all today, because he had a long ass shift ahead of him. He made a mental note to text the female again, and let her know. He washed his hair and body, and then shut the water off, and climbed out. He wrapped a towel around his waist, and he walked back into the bedroom. He found his black jeans, and black t-shirt. He had them washed the night before, and good thing too. He tossed them onto the bed.

He hurried and dried himself off, pulled on a pair of clean boxers and grabbed his phone. I lied. I don't have classes at all today, cause I have a long shift at the coffee shop. Make sure to stop by, and save me. He smirked and hit send. He then finished getting dressed, and he found some socks and his shoes. He slid his socks on first, and then slid his feet into his shoes. He then found his favorite cologne, and sprayed a little bit onto his clothes and skin.

He then grabbed his wallet, and the horrible looking hat. He placed the hat onto his head, and found his pack of cigarettes and put them into his pocket, along with his lighter. He then grabbed his house key, and walked out of the house locking the door behind him. He moved towards his old truck and unlocked it. He climbed in behind the wheel, and started it up. He pulled out of the driveway, and headed into town. Working in a coffee shop you'd think the shifts would be shorter, but no. Not for Charlotte's. It was him and one other guy working there.

Five minutes later he parked in the parking lot, and headed inside. He clocked in a few minutes early, and tied the apron around his waist. He then walked out, and Charlotte pointed to the register, and he sighed a bit. He opened the register, and when he looked up he saw a male not much older than him. His breath caught at the sight of the male, and he had to look down. "Welcome to Charlotte's, what can I get you?" he asked. The male in front of him was nice to look at, and he knew he was going to fuck something up. So he decided to keep his eyes turned down. 

MourningGloryBound   22d ago
Lady of the Night


Slowly slender fingers slipped beneath the barely opened window and began to push it the rest of the way up. It was just before the dawn and Angelica, well Alicia as she much preferred to go by COULD NOT be caught slipping back into her room so early again. Or that was the notion that she had in mind as SO many other times she had been chewed out by her father for such antics.

"Okay…so just made it."  Came softly muttered words through a sigh of relief. Or that was the case before the light in the corner of her bedroom turned on and there in the plush red recliner sat her father, one hand clenching onto the arm of the chair.

"Morning daddy." Alicia said, trying to be sugary sweet as she knew she was in for it.

"Don't morning daddy me Angelica. You know you are supposed to be back before dawn. As usual you had me worried that you had been shot and killed. Where the hell have you been anyway?" The man was quick to start on his usual tirade as he was a no nonsense kind of a man. In fact, Alfred Knight was as straight to the point as it was possible to be. And he expected the same from everyone that he came into contact with. His own daughter included.

"I was out with The Blood Hounds… you know you were the one who told me to watch them and to train the newer members. You can't always scold me for doing the things that you asked me to do. It sends REALLY mixed signals." The young woman of twenty-four said as she flopped down on her bed, crossing one long fishnet covered leg over the other. And as she was speaking, her kitten Moose hopped up beside her and curled up. He had obviously missed Alicia and was also begging her for his morning feeding.

For a moment, the older man sat in silence. He didn't know whether to be angry with his daughter for mouthing off the way she had OR to be proud of how much she took after him. One Alfred Knight chose the latter and smirked faintly, shaking his head. "Fair enough Kitten. Now I do have something very important for you to be doing. You are going to enter the college and pretend to be a new student there. There is another gang in the area and they are trying to take what is ours. I want you to find out what you can and help crush them from the inside. Play nicely first and then let out your claws. Most importantly, don't disappoint me." Those were the man's last words to the young woman before he offered a light wave and got up from the chair and left her room.

As soon as her father was gone, Alicia let out a loud groan. The man was ALWAYS making her into his little pawn and throwing her into the middle of his games. But it was what she got for being the daughter of the leader of The Blood Hounds. As she was silently cursing the old man with every fiber of her being, Moose looked up at her, mewed and then nudged her thigh which caused a small smile to come to rosy pink lips. "I know…gimme a minute and I'll fill your dish, Kitten." The young woman cooed and soon was following the kitten who had hopped down from her bed to his dishes. And as promised, Alicia filled both the food and water dish before stripping from her clothing and going to get a nice hot shower to TRY and clear her head. She couldn't do what her father wanted with a muddled head. 

Twenty minutes later, the young woman was out of the shower and wrapped in a fluffy blue towle and making her way back into her bedroom and to the closet. Once at the closet, she was staring at her clothing and pushing it back and forth multiple times before she decided on a pair of black leggings, a white crop top, her black denim mini jacket and thigh high boots. It may not have been her most charming of choices, but the outfit also wouldn't leave too much to the imagination either. Quickly she got into her clothing, brushed her hair out and let it fall in waves down her back and did a light make-up to highlight her natural beauty. And once she had, Alicia was grabbing the books and schedule that had been left on her desk and shoving them into a shoulder bag, her keys, wallet, and lastly her phone, smirking as she saw the text from Ry on the screen. 

'Daddy caught me slipping in again late. So my ass is grass. But wanna have some fun after class? Ooops! Apparently I'm going back to school. Love ya boo! ' And quickly she hit send. 

"Moose, be good. Mummy has to go to class and then may be hanging out with Ry. But I promise to see you later." She cooed as she knelt down to pet the kitten who was still happily gobbling up the food that he had been given. And after she pet her kitten, Alicia slipped out of her room, down the stairs and out the front door. Oh she could have driven her red Mustang to the campus, but she decided to take the bus since it wasn't that far from where she lived.

Maybe twenty minutes later, the bus stopped and the young woman got off, crossing the street and stopping to pull the map from her bag. She wasn't sure how long she stood there, but she felt someone bump into her. First instinct was to get ruffled feathers. But upon hearing the soft voice, the fire went out so to speak and hazel eyes were on the young woman. Up and down her eyes went, taking in the beauty. "Not a problem darlin'. Not everyday someone as beautiful bumps into me." And she gave the other a smile and a teasing wink. If she was going to do this, then she might as well have a little fun while doing it. "By the way, the name's Angelica…or more like Alicia." It came as a complete after thought, but she might as well give the dark haired angel her name and HOPE to get one in return.


Blue eyes had been staring up at the darkness for God only knew how long now. Had it only been minutes? Or had it been hours? Honestly, the man didn't see the point in trying to even keep track anymore. All he knew was this was a constant for him night after night. 

Eyes were JUST starting to droop and he could just taste sleep coming when his phone chimed. A hand reached out from under the covers and began to lazily flop around on the wooden bedside table until it felt the cool screen of his phone. And when he had it in his grasp, Holland Ryan Roe (Ry as he much preferred to be called) opened the message that had been sent by Alicia, his "Bonnie"...a joking name as the pair often referred to themselves as Bonnie and Clyde since the pair were together about eighty-five percent of the time. Well when she wasn't doing whatever the hell her dad wanted OR sneaking out late and getting home late like this current of her messages read.

'Never gonna learn are ya boo? But hell yeah! Some time with you is just what I need! See ya later and TRY to behave yourself ;P' When he was done with his own message back to Alicia, Ry sent it and put his phone back on the bedside table, a smirk faintly on his lips. His thoughts were wandering to how EVERYONE thought that he and Alicia were an item. But that was further from the truth. The pair had met in middle school and just clicked. They were also both gay and so almost always the others "wingman" IF or WHEN they had dates. Sometimes if not interested in a person they would use the other as an out and say they were together. He could still remember when he had gotten kicked out by his parents when they found out the truth and that he and Alicia were not together like they had always thought.

For a few minutes more Ryan let himself wander through his thoughts before he decided it was time to get his ass up. He needed food before going into work and he knew of a cozy little place to get just what he was in the mood for. Besides there was a hot guy there he wanted to finally get the chance to talk to. For awhile he had seen the male around but never had the nerve to go in while he was working. So he figured why the hell not try it today since he wouldn't be able to hang out with Licia until later? 

FINALLY he threw the covers off, the chilly bite of the morning air being welcome since he generally was "hot blooded". The man got up and went to his desk chair where he left his black jeans, dark blue almost black shirt, socks and shoes the night before. Once he had all his clothes in hand, Ry went to the bathroom and got a hot shower, shaved and got into his clothes. When dressed, he wandered back into his room and grabbed his denim jacket, keys, wallet, phone and messenger bag and was out the door. Unlike his best friend, the man lived completely alone and didn't have to worry about pets or answering to anyone.

A short walk to Charlotte's and a few customers ahead of him and Ryan was finally before the male barista that he had had his eye on for quite awhile. "Mornin' handsome.  Can I get a pumpkin spiced latte…and two of whatever you think is the best on the menu?" He was trying his hand at flirting and indirectly asking the male to join him when he had the chance by asking him what he would order. God Ry hoped the male would get the hint and he would not have to spell it out. But then, he could be a bit of a dumbass and wasn't as flirty as Alicia could be. So now all he could do was wait and hope things didn't get TOO busy. 

Seconds passed and he was getting anxious. It wasn't anything the male before him at the counter had done. It was more him going over his words and actions and kicking himself. And giving a faint smile, Ry decided to try again. "Sorry for my horrible attempt at flirting…just think you're hot and wanted you to maybe grab a quick bite with me when you're on break." There, he had said the words that had REALLY been going through his head. Besides, he still had a couple hours to kill before Jeff opened the parlor and he would be doing tattoos for people who wanted them. Now the ball was REALLY in the batista's court and all he could do was hope he had not fucked things up.


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