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The smell of your mate is what draws you in even before sight. The Moon Goddess Selene was funny like that. Your senses are how you find your soulmate that the great Goddess chose. Smell: A smell that is so intoxicating that it can calm the most feral and ferocious rage. Sight: As soon as you see your soulmate, the whole world stops or so it seems. Touch: Sparks, a fit like puzzle pieces, you utterly feel whole with them next to you. 

Alphas are normally the Leader of a pack. They protect their pack members even if it were to cost them their lives. A pack with no alpha can hardly be considered a pack. Their right had is the Beta. They help run the pack along side the Alpha. Alpha is Law.

There is only one wolf that can rival an Alpha and that would be their soulmate, making them the Luna. A Luna is like a mother type figure, She would protect her pack and Mate even if it cost her, her life. She is Equal to an Alpha.

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Yewan𝓛𝓾𝓷𝓪   40d ago


“Ginevia! Wake up you wretched little girl and get to cleaning.” The head maid said barging into the small room that Ginny had been allowed to stay in since she was accepted in the Laven Paw Pack. She was pretty sure she the head maid had it out for her but was unsure of the reason why. She always did as she was told and was never late. Like now the sun wasn't even up and as Ginny looked at the small alarm clock it read 4:30 am. The time was way earlier then her normal wake up time. 

With a long sigh as the older woman left her room she sat up, stretching her arms over head in a stretch. She yawned and rubbed her eyes, swinging her legs over the bed, she stood. She removed her tattered gown that was given to her and replaced it with her maids uniform. The uniform consisted of a pair of loose black slacks, a white button up, and black flats. She tied her hair in a loose messy bun as she left the room. 

Abruptly a list was shoved in her face as she entered the hallway. She grabbed the list and pulled it from her face and the old hag was gone. “That woman and her Houdini acts.” She spoke to herself as she looked at the list. She was expected to clean the kitchen from top to bottom before making breakfast, Then all the bathroom in the Pack house, the Library, the Alpha and Luna's room and the two living areas. This list was her practically cleaning more than half the pack house. 

She was expected to get it done since all the single male and female wolves were given permission and expected to attend this Gala at the Grandest Pack in all Were-history. Checking the list one more time she folded it up and shoved it in her pocket before heading to the kitchen. As she approached she looked at the treacherous state of the kitchen. “That bitch.” A voice said inside her head. Not just any voice it was Naya her wolf. “Now now last night was probably very busy and tiring, if I remember correctly, they hosted a few neighboring Alphas. She probably didn't have time to clean up.” She got to work as her wolf huffly retreated to the back of her mind.

It took two hours to get the kitchen spotless. Once done she began on breakfast, making large amounts of bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese, hash browns, toast. It took her an hour and a half to make everything thing but it's not like the food just sat there and got cold. As she was busy cooking the Alpha and Luna had awoken and were sitting at the table eating. In no time flat the Beta woke, and he came down to eat as well. Various others came to eat too and when they were done, they would bring their dirty dish to the kitchen and thank you for the delicious breakfast.

Everyone was cordial and nice to her except the head maid. The Beta was kind of flirty, but she just figured that was just his personality. His name was Jason and he was not only the Beta but Alpha Bryce's best friend, from what she heard they grew up together and their fathers were also Alpha and Beta together as well. Long years of friendship between the two lineages. Luna Caire was a really sweet person. She was tall and blonde. She fit Alpha Bryce so well but that was to be expected for Mates. 

Ginny was an Omega, some packs treated Omegas like trash because they were considered the weakest, Ginny on the other hand was an omega because she was taken in after her pack was destroyed by a group of rouges. Her pack wasn't big and was easily taken over. The ones that survived were split up and taken in by different packs all over the country. When she arrived, she was sixteen and didn't have her wolf yet. Now she is twenty-one and has her wolf, Naya. That spunky attitude is so opposite of her. 

After Breakfast she cleaned up the kitchen once again before getting to her other chores. She didn't finish that list till about three o'clock in the afternoon. To her satisfaction it was all clean and sparkly. With that done she went to her room within the pack house and found it a mess. With a sigh she knew who did it. Other than the head maid there was one other person that didn't like her and sadly she knew this girl back from her pack. Her name was Jessica. She would take credit for her work which the head maid would believe her instantly. 

Her mattress was ripped, and her pillow was in shreds. Some of the very few nice clothes she had left were torn and on the ground. “I'm going to kill her.” Naya growled in the back of her mind. “We can't it's against pack law, and there is no proof she did it.” Ginny responded. “Fuck. Pack. Law.” She sighed as she forced Naya even further to the back of her mind. Naya would get them thrown out but surprisingly she had great control over her wolf.

She cleaned up her small space and took out a sewing kit to fix her pillow and mattress. A knock at her door pulled her attention. “Come in..?” Her soft response was heard as Jason the Beta opened and walked in. “Hey, it's time to go, The Gala is to start the day…. What happened in here?” Jason looked around the room there were still feathers from her pillow laying on the ground and foam from her mattress as well. She looked down and grabbed her backpack. “It's nothing…” She was cut off. “Don't tell me it's nothing. Your bed is torn, and I doubt the pillow you are working on is salvageable and your waste bin is full of torn fabric. So, what happened?” He was getting a little angry as he crossed his arms. “It's fine. Probably a prank gone wrong is all…” She trained off as she got up with her backpack. “I am rea…” She was cut off again by a shriek as she witnessed Jessica grabbed Jason's arm, holding it between her semi-large breast. 

“Like come on slowpokes we are going to be late.” Jessica flirted with Jason and side-glared at Ginny. Jason rolled his eyes and let Jessica pull him away, Ginny just closed her door behind her as she followed the two out. Once outside there were three vans packed with single pack members. Unfortunately, there was no more room on the vans and Ginny was going to be forced to right with Jason and even worse so was Jessica. 

Jessica called shotgun and hopped in the blue Honda cr-v. The suv was a bit roomier with the back seat all to herself and she was able to keep her backpack with her and Jason loaded his bag and Jessica's three suitcases in the trunk. This was going to be a very long three day trip. 

Simply_RandomAlpha   40d ago

Adrian Dimitri Grey is an Alpha. The second his parents chose him as their new leader they left. Along with his other two siblings taking it as their getaway ticket. He wasn't upset. He gets it. This is annoying. They were all raised to be an Alpha in case the other was to die or fail to be the leader the pack needed.

It's been almost a year since he last got with a female. He knows people are talking about him not finding his mate. His father found his mother within a year of being an alpha.  Had pups within a year. Here he is being mateless and baby free. The council isn't pleased. They want him to marry another. Someone who he dislikes because of her uncle. He almost lost the battle. He decided to extend the invitations to every member of the pack. It would increase his last and final hope of finding his mate. Two days later the council reached out and agreed to this Ludacris idea. However, if he doesn't find anyone an hour before the event is over her needs to annoyance his engagement to Sarah Rochester from Southside Crystal Rose Pack. There was no other choice but to agree. He heard of Sarah. She grew up unbelievably spoiled. He would never talk down on anyone for fun.

Adrian went to his room to start training with his men. The following 3 days will consist of the same thing. Adrian and Conri, his Lycan, kept arguing. How over Adrian is being the alpha? Concri on the other hand is ready to be released to show the council who's boss. They both agree they may not have a mate but Concri is dying to get his pickle wet. This is why Andrian is harsher. He needs this to be a good event. He needs to find her—his mate.

One mate. One chance at eternal happiness. So if he loses her, he will not rest until he has inflicted as much agony as he has endured. They say that there is no creature in the world more fearsome than a Lycan who has lost his mate.
But, what they don’t tell you is what happens when he finds her…
And there she stands, at the center of it.
His sun.
His moon.
His right.
His wrong.
The person he’ll live for. And the person he’ll die for, too.
No passion is greater.
No connection is stronger.
No ecstasy is more all-consuming.

2 out of 3 of Adrian’s closest friends found their mate. It annoys him how happy they are and yet he has no one to share anything with.

The day of, the Dark Wood pack was getting the Gala ready. Adrian was making his rounds. Checking on everything. Making sure security is tight. He refuses to have anything happen at his home. At an event, he's hosting. Everything needed to be clean. From every individual crystal on the chandeliers, vents, etc.

Adrian figured with the two hours left until the event he can go shift and go for a run. Burn out his anger and feed his Lycan the freedom he's been wanting. The alpha lost track of time. He went as fast as his paws could take him. To feel every muscle push to its limit, to feel the window going through his fur, to smell the fresh air, to be free it was formidable.

Lexi greeted her Alpha with a robe. Gabe his best friend and second hand quickly opened the back door to let him run inside. “You're pushing it. Councilmen Harris is looking for you.” Gabe whispers angrily.

“Stop. You, go change. You, hunny need to relax. Let's buy him some more time and have our pack members fix their faces. He will find his mate today. We need to believe and manifest it.”

Twenty minutes later Adrian was ready. He himself a tight men-bun. His beard was trimmed. An all-black suit was steamed and pressed. He was ready. Lexi spotted him and gave the signal for his introduction. The music stopped as he walks up the balcony. Sarah was already there for some reason. It made his skin crawl when she wrapped her arm around his. “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming here today. I, Adrian Dimitir Grey, alpha of the Dark Wood Pack, we welcome you to this year's Gala. I hope this will be an enjoyable evening for you all.” he slightly bows to everyone before removing his arm from Sarah. Of course, she began to babble about something. It was time to get down and greet everyone. Mingle. Eat, hopefully.

Sarah barely left his side. When she did he felt his kind fill up with fresh air. Fuck she's clingy. Why is she in his ass?

“Let’s just kill her. A war against her lack because they raised a brat.”

“Cornir not now. I can't keep my anger together if you are pestering me about Sarah. Let’s just get through...” The air changed. It was as if he can see where this scent was coming from. This felt like a Disney movie where you follow that magical glittery guide that goes straight to that one thing. The world was instantly muted. There she is. A redhead. Wait, ginger? Her eyes are as green as a forest paver with a path to forever. they mesmerize him. He can't look away nor did he want to.

Gabe and Lexi took a nipple and twisted it. Adrian released a low warning growl. It hurt but it did the trick. “What?” he snarls.

“Dude you're ignoring alphas greeting you.”

“I don't care. She's here.” he drops a hand as heavy as he could on his friend’s shoulder, “I lost view of my mate.” by then Cornir was about to unleash himself. His eyes went full black. The hems on his suit were ready to tear.  His cover ankles began to show and he grew a few inches. She wasn't alone. There was a guy too close to her for his amusement. Gabe and Lexi did their best to get him out into the garden. Fresh air would do him justice. Lexi claimed him. She does have a point. Appearing in front of his mate shifting would scare her. He just made a scene. He doesn't need to make another one.  The sound of a single hem ripping made him relax.  Adrian released his hair to run his finger through them to ease his headache.

“Found you,” Cornin says guiding Adrian to her. “What is my mates name?”

Yewan𝓛𝓾𝓷𝓪   40d ago


When they arrived at the Dark Wook Pack, Ginny was exhausted. She wasn't able to sleep those three days but luckily the Dark Wood Pack had set up temporary housing for each pack that appeared. Pack from across the continent came to this Gala. They were all chauffeured by an unmated Alpha, Beta, or Gamma. Someone of high ranking that would keep their members civil while away from home. Last thing anyone needed was a war over something stupid. 

Everyone was able to finally rest, the next day started with Breakfast at the Pack house. More like Palace, the place was huge. She saw it before she had retired last night. She didn't join her pack for breakfast. She wasn't much of an eater. She wasn't able to eat much because of Jessica always doing something to her food when she got the chance. 

Instead, she looked around the territory until she was able to ask someone if there was an affordable shop that she could buy a dress for the nights Gala. She was point towards a quaint little shop owned by an older she-wolf. The woman had grey hair and wrinkly skin. The rounded spectacles that adorned her face kept slipping down her nose. 

“Hi, I am looking for a dress for tonight, I seemed to have forgotten to pack one.” The older lady's eyes seem to sparkle as she was being looked over by her. “Aren't you just precious my dear, come thing way. I have a small selection over here. I don't have anything fancy or super expensive, but I hope you are able to find one you like.” The lady said pointing towards a rack that about ten to twelve dresses on it. “Thank you." She smiled and nodded. She walked over to the rack and looked through the small assortment. The lady said they weren't fancy, but they still looked rather nice in Ginny's eyes. 

She settled for a black cocktail dress. It was simple, had a diamond cut out on the back and looked like it would go about down to her knees. It was more than enough; she grabbed it and went to check out. “This is going to look absolutely beautiful on you. I hope you have a wonderful time at the Gala dear.” The lady said accepting the twenty-dollar bill from Ginny for the dress. 

She walked around the territory some more and met other people from the Dark Wood Pack along with other Packs that were mingling as well. When lunch time came around, she skipped it to start getting ready for the Gala. While everyone went to eat lunch, she stayed in the temporary housing and took a long bath. She made sure to wash her hair and everything. It was a much-needed bath. 

She started with her hair, combing it and brushing it. She applied some cream to keep her curls from getting frizzy, then put it in a braid. The braid was tied off with a black bow. Her hair was quite long that it reaches her lower back. She then went onto her make-up. As she started, she could hear all the unmated she-wolves coming back to prepare that belonged to her pack. She went pretty light with the make-up. A gloss for her lips, a little blush to put some color to her pale completion, a little wing and mascara to make her green eyes pop even just a little. 

Once the Gala started, she never really left the Beta Jason's side. He kept her close since Jessica wouldn't get off him to even try to mingle and find her mate. Jessica was in a skintight hot pink mini dress. If she bent over, you could probably see her ass. Jason had given Ginny a plate of cheese and fruit knowing she hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch. At one point a smell hit her nose. It was so delectable, like the forest when it rains and Pine. Everything about the scent was calming but it stirred her wolf. She tried to follow it but would get distracted by other. Some complimented her dress or how long her hair was. Some even thought she seemed adorable. She lost the scent and found her way back to Jason.

Simply_RandomAlpha   40d ago

Adrian is over it. He didn't care about greeting everyone. He wanted to find her. At this point he had her scent locked. It was as if the council sensed something for they each took their time with the greeting and babbling about how the even turned out or of how great the pack would be if he married Sarah. They Sarah who’s flirting with another mateless alpha. Half the council ran towards her to make it stop. Including her uncle Mark who's trying to join the council. A low growl began to rumble his chest.

He loved the cocktail dress she was wearing. He wanted nothing nm more than to rip it off her. His lycan and he were on the same page for once. Lies. They also don't appreciate other males' eye on what belongs to them. He could use his match all their little skulls like a watermelon contest to keep their eyes off of her.

Thing began to settle down. He seemed like he was about to love freely now. No one was around him to make sure he greeted this and that from the west or north. He was about to go grab a beer and take more than a swig.

This was his chance. He can finally know who she is. It felt like an eternity but he finally got a mate. Sarah can get the fuck out of his house. The council can leave him alone. He chugged his beer before locking down his target. He wasn't entirely sure if it was his heartbeat was racing of his lycan. He can hear his lycan howling within him. Just a fee more steps. Fuck, she smells so good. There are some scents that pierce through your nostrils and you can almost feel it in your chest how sharp the scent is. Her scent almost feels like it left a small coat of itself in his throat, leaving it more pleasant than before. They smell the center of the most ripe flower you can imagine. The kind that makes you want to lay down to them and pull their head to your chest so you can be in bliss with every breath.

He was so close. So close! Sarah managed to get in front of him. He gets out an annoyed sigh. “Sarah. Move.

“But Adri…” Adrian stopped starting at her to glare at Sarah. He only allows certain people to call him by his first name. He never gave her that privilege.

You are to never call me by my first name. The arrange marriage was never my idea. Nor do I wish to spend any more of my previous time around a self-centered drivel brat like you. I don't appreciate you disrespecting my omegas who've done nothing but try to please you the second you got here. You have until noon tomorrow to pack your shit and leave.” by then Lexi and Gabe were by his side. They can hear it in his voice that he was ready to snap. Lexi guided Sarah away before she can retaliate. Gabbe attempted to give him a glass on the rocks but it was refused. Adrian’s eyes quickly snapped back up to find her. Cornir wanted to break free after Sarah ruined their shot to talk to her. It was hard to relax his lycan. “She can't leave. She's mine.

As in your mate?” Adrian nods. He excused himself to go out into the garden. He wasn't fast enough to remove his jacket for it began to tear in several places. He could hear his pack signing in relief. It's been hell lately dealing with the council and the fact he didn't have a mate. He finally found her and everyone couldn't be happier. They were so happy that they already began to treat her as the queen she'll be and thanking her.

Adrian walks down the steps towards the garden. Within seconds all the lights turned out. The garden wasn’t really his thing but his mother and sister loved it. He keeps it maintained in case they ever return. His sister always wanted those fairy lights or whatever they’re called everywhere. It did change the scenery at night. Lexi and Gabe would have late night dates out here. Perhaps he can finally do the same and enjoy the garden more.

Adrian began to roll up his sleeves and pace. Pace the frustration away. He needs to see her. Touch her. A Lycan can only mate once. She must know that can’t leave now. He’ll understand if she needs time. He’ll get a room ready for her and have Lexi attend to her needs for now. His heart hasn’t stopped racing.

Easy my friend. We need to relax if we want to see her. Speak to her.

Easier said than done. Where have she been all this time? Who the fuck is with her? That black dress should be on our bedroom floor already. Perhaps we can offer her a proper Gala dress? Have a quick peek.”

I get you’re deprived but she may need time to adjust. She looks… guarded.” Adrian growls. The thought of anyone disrespecting her got him fired up again.

We can kill whoever mistreated her. Let’s go meet our mate. I will let you handle it.” Adrian sighs in relief. Cornir is being obedient for once. His mate is changing them already and she doesn't even know it.

Luke clears his throat as he walks out into the garden. He extends his arm, handing his alpha a new shirt and jacket. “This is why we get you three of everything.” the guys grinned at each other childishly. Adrian nods thanking his friend as he rips his shirt. He didn't have time to unbutton them one by one. Adrian could feel some eyes on him. He would normally flex to show off but this time all he's dying to do is to speak to her. Get to know her.

Her name is Ginevia Shai from the Laven Paw Pack.” Lexi rushed out there smiling. “We have your table ready for you two to chat and eat. Now do you want it in…

Please have her escorted to my studies. I would like to get to know her in private. No one is allowed on the second floor.

The third floor is where he resides. His main office is on the second floor since others tend to occasionally use his office. Mostly his main people. The council has its own room. This needs to go right. He can't help but feel like he fucked up twice when it came to meeting her. To speak to her and possibly being able to touch her soft skin. The guy went to go rearrange a fee things. Have his study ready for a private get-together with some food. Lexi is doing the hard part. Getting Ms. Shai to agree to meet her alpha mate. Lexi is determined to make it happen.

Yewan𝓛𝓾𝓷𝓪   38d ago


Ginny stood off to the side of Beta Jason not really conversing with anyone. She leaned against a wall; well, it was more like a pillar of some sort. It was more than enough to hold her weight without toppling over. She swirled the drink she had in her hand. It was some alcoholic concoction; it was apparent that vodka was used as the base for it. The overpowering smell of disinfectant took over whatever soda that was used to be the mix.

She was more of a fruity person, at least that what she liked the smell of. She had never really drunk before, well maybe once or twice on her birthdays. If the omegas were ever gathered for an event that old hag of a head maid never invited her. She knew all the other probably thought she was stuck up, though that was the farthest from the truth.

She played with the end of her braid in the other hand, trying to keep her nerves at bay. Normally she wasn't a nervous person, but her wolf was on edge and was just pacing in her mind. “What is wrong with you?” She tried to communicate with Naya. “I don't know, I am really jittery and want to get out of here. I think it was that scent from earlier. I want to find it. Like really find it.” Naya responded. “I get that so do I, but we can't just go wandering around a strange pack at night.” As she got was a huff in response.

She was distracted long enough that she didn't notice the two tall men in guard uniforms standing in front of her. “Miss Ginevia, I am going to need you to come with us. Our Alpha wishes to have words with you.” Her eyes widened. “H-have I…” She was cut off by a nosey Jessica. “Looks like someone is in trouble. We are here two day and you pissed off the Alpha. I knew you should have come along.” She snickered with her hand over her mouth. Jason was too far away talking with some other Betas about what she could only assume was Beta stuff. 

Was she really in trouble? The thought shook her too the core. She didn't believe she did anything to warrant trouble. Her small frame trembled as she was escorted by the two guards. They lead her through the pack palace as her fear began to escalate. Down some corridors, up a flight of stairs, down a few more hallways before they all stopped at a door. It was a massive dark oak door. Heavy too. 

They pushed it open to reveal a very large office. Nudging her inside they then closed the door behind her before leaving. She ran to the door in a panic and tried to pull it open, but it was too heavy for her to pull. She began to hyperventilate and that's when it hit her. The scent from earlier. The room was bathed in it. She took deep breaths as it was beginning to calm her. She looked around the grand office, noticing all the books that lined the walls, The massive desk that sat in front of a floor to ceiling window. The curtain was drawn open and she could see the moon and stars even with the room being lit with candles. The room had the softest area rug ever, at least that is what she thought.

She moved to the couch that could probably fit like five of her on it. She sat and grabbed the throw pillow and held onto it. The same scent radiated off the pillow, she put her nose to it and inhaled deeply. It was so heavenly, and her wolf was howling in her mind with agreement. She leaned back into the plush couch, hugging the pillow. The scent was so intoxicating that she dosed off thinking about what the Alpha must be like. She was so relaxed for once in a very long time.

Simply_RandomAlpha   37d ago

Gabe managed to best Lexi by sending guards to get their Alpha’s mate. Lexi pulled Gabe to the side to show him a lesson. How dare he go ahead and do her job. That poor thing looked terrified. How is their Lycan Alpha going to react when he finds out they didn't handle her with care? Now Gabe was shitting bricks as he calls it. Gabe was trying to smooth things over with his mate, but she wasn't having it.


Her new agenda is to see who was the one talking to her. The way she snickered at their soon-to-be Luna or as they would call her their Lycan Queen. As much as Lexi wanted her mate to suffer she needs him to go mingle as a couple and protrude to get the information she wants. For the sake of her Lycan King and best friend. They allowed their nose to guide them to the right people. First starting with Jason. He was excited to see if he'll find his mate. He began to tell them all the single members of his pack. Then she was named. Jessica. The one looking like a slutty Barbie. Game on.









Adrian headed to his bedroom to change. Is he sweating? Is it the nerves? He had to flash some cold water on his face. This isn't like him. He's fierce. Scary. Strong. Having a mate should make him stronger. Not feel like he'll go weak in the knees with sweaty palms.


Nevertheless, he feels his body electrifying with excitement. ‘We look good. Let's go see her. I can smell her wolf’s excitement!’ Conri chants.


“Easy my friend. We need to make sure we look presentable. I know with our mate bond I would be the only one she'll be with. We can not afford her to reject us.” Conri growls. It was loud enough that it sounded as if Adrian was the one growling.


Adrian decided to go with a forest color because of his makes scent. Teal is the way to go. It's Corni's favorite color. Yes, his lycan has a favorite color. The teal suit is paired with a black leather belt, a button-up shirt, and a pair of black boots that are fancy enough to pass as fancy shoes. Before leaving he fixed his hair. Placing it in a low messy bun.


Councilmen Harris knocks on the door. After he entered. Adrian didn't get the chance to open his mouth before he began to nah him about Sarah. Corni began to act up. He felt his luna’s fear. Without hesitation, he storms out of the room. The door to his bedroom was barely on the hinges. His heart beating so hard. In fear something happened. Before Luke who magically appeared behind him could stop him, Adrian stopped. He didn’t feel his Luna being afraid anymore. What the hell happened?

“What is wrong Dimitri? You scare a good portion of the guest breaking your bedroom door like that.”

“I’ll apologize in a minute I… I could have sworn she was scared. I was ready to snap that person like a twit.” The lycan answers.

“Gabe had two of our men escort her to your office.”

“I thought Lexi was handling it?”

“You know him. He probably wanted bragging rights to having you two meet.” They both rolled their eyes.

Adrian looks up the stairs at the door being repaired. Somewhere in the biggest basement ever, they have extra doors and furniture for when he turns and loses control. He sighs feeling his phone vibrate. He didn’t get the chance to pull out his phone before Lexi appeared. She told him he took too long. She already had one of the bedrooms on his floor set up for her. There are even a few gifts; shoes, dresses, bath bombs, perfume, etc. Luke, Adrian, and Gabe appeared behind Lexi, all three of them mouthing ‘What the fuck is a bath bomb?’ It only made Lexi roll her eyes and walk away.

Taking Lexi’s cue, he took the opportunity to go see his mate. The closer he got to his office the more Corni wanted to come out. He was so excited it made Adrian nervous. With a soft tap on the door he enters. He scrunches his nose seeing his office. Lexi went overboard. Is this what females like? He stuffs his hands into his pocket as he walks further in to find her sleeping. A chuckle escapes him. Did he take too long? Poor thing. He allowed her to keep the pillow. It seemed to comfort her. Adrian took his time scooping her up into his arms. It hurt him to feel hour light she is. The others were ready to introduce themselves until they saw her sleeping in his arms.

“You bored her to death,” Luke whispers. It took everything in him to not give him a warning growl. He's lucky she's sleeping. Lexi followed behind to open the bedroom door. She was all smiles and happy to help. Lexi cracks open the window so it won't get stuffy in the room. She easily removed the shoes as if it was nothing and covered her with his blanket. Adrian eyes her confused. Why not a clean one? Whatever. His friends left them. Adrian goes to the chair on the other side of the room. U buttoning the first three buttons and removing his shows. He got comfortable. He’ll sleep there to make sure she's safe. He doesn't care about the Gala. He can mingle with everyone tomorrow. Certain packs like to stay longer than they should anyways. His friends will take over. Hopefully, Sarah would leave when she notices he isn't around anymore. He can't stand her anyways. She's super clingy. Worse than that one booger you feel up your nose and it won't come out no matter how hard you try… that kind of clingy. Adrian's watched her sleep. How peaceful she looks. At times he coolant tell if she was having a nightmare they kept getting good them back to a nightmare. He wanted nothing more than to pull her into an embrace to let her know she was safe. To have good dreams. Not nightmares.

Yewan𝓛𝓾𝓷𝓪   29d ago


Ginny would occasionally whimper in her sleep. She often dreamt of the pack she was born into. She could never remember who they were once she woke up. She knew it was trauma from watching her pack die. The screaming and the bonds that were breaking. She didn't have her wolf yet. Her bonds were the strongest with her Mother, Father, and Older Brother.

They were out for a stroll to both patrol and take a family outing. It was an overcast day, looked to start raining any moment. Ginevia loved when it rained. She wondered if it was because she was born on a rainy day. The pack wolves were putting on some sort of festivities. There were stalls of food and merchandise. It was so amazing. They had planned some games and activities. She wondered off to a bench doing arts and crafts. 

By the time the alarm rang out it was too late. An awful smell filled her nose as rogues were tearing through the festival. They were killing innocent wolves and soldiers alike. One was barreling at her when her brother had shifted and knocked the wolf into a tent to the left. Gin was standing frozen in fear as she was a rogue slightly bigger than her brother come up and crushed his windpipe with fangs. She watched in terror as she brother died. 

Tears streamed down her face when her mother told her to run. The horror of witnessing her mother die because she faltered in the order she was given. Her Mother died protecting her and when she could move that is what she did. She ran with all her might. She could feel when her Father's life was taken. It was only a matter of time before she thought she would be next. She did all she could to mask her scent. Mud, Herbs, sleeping in trees. 

With a jolt she sat up in a big plush bed. Her hair was stuck and slicked with sweat. It had been a month since she had a nightmare about her pack. She used to have them really often when Laven Paw took her in. Her shaken frame trembled as she looked around the strange surroundings. The scent hit her instantly as she was slowly starting to calm down. 

Her eyes wandered around till they laid on a male sitting in a chair. “I'm sorry… to have caused you trouble Alpha King Sir…” Her voice trailed off as she looked down at the sheet pooling at her waist. She opened her mouth to say something but closed it. “That's him! That's our MATE!” Naya was howling in her head. “No, Are you sure? I… We can't possibly be mated to the Alpha King.” Naya huffed. “And why can't we? Get over it he is our mate and look at that hunk of a man.” She was practically purring. Gin rolled her eyes at Naya.

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The poor armrest suffered. It suffered as he watched his mate suffer with the night sores. There was no way he could sleep. With how she moved in the bed and whimpered, it broke his heart to know his mate had been treated harshly. He could see old bruises healing. Remembers how light she was therefore she was most likely malnourished.

“Do. Not. Lose. Control.” Adrian growls to his lycan.

“She needs us. Our mate needs us.”

“It's untasteful to have her wake up from a nightmare with a stranger all over her. We can hold her when she's up.”. Cornin agreed to disagree.

It was a constant battle to stay in control. To now whisk her up into their arms to let her know she's okay. From now on she'll have an arm of lycans to protect her. A lycan king to protect her. At some point, Adrian thought he was going to finally have more control. He could feel the change slowly happening. That was until she won't. Glistening with sweat.

“Do not apologize my queen.” Adrian watched her. The look is all too familiar. Let your wolf inform you who he is. Who you are to him. It made him smile. He gets up to go to the bathroom to Damien a washcloth to wipe her face. He walks back to her, pinches the crotch area of his pants tugging it as he bends down in front of her so it won't be uncomfortable, and gently wipes her forehead.

“I've waited oh so long for you, my mate,” Adrian tells her keeping his eyes locked on hers. “Go shower. I'll have your thing waiting for you. I'll even have some extra things out. Breakfast is being made as we speak. It's still pretty early for others to be up just yet.” he uses his free hand to tuck a chunk of her hair behind her ear. His I'm tingled when his fingers brushed her ear. He wanted nothing more than to keep touching her to feel that tingle.

“I'll return in a few minutes. I should freshen up as well and we can talk. Okay?” Adrian gets up from crouching and kisses the top of her head. “I'll have someone posted in front of your door protection. Please don't feel as if you're in trouble or a prisoner. You're neither.” Adrian wanted to reassure her she was free to leave the room if she wished before he went. Before he could do anything there was a soft know. “Come in.”

“Good morning. We took the liberty of getting our queen’s belongings. Jessica was doing the walk of shame.” Lexi said as she entered, holding a small tray of fruits and a cup of tea. Gabe was the one holding her luggage and the door. After Lexi sets the small tray down she turns to stand next to Adrian smiling from ear to ear.

Adrian had his free hand stuffed in his pocket. After seconds of him not saying anything Lexi elbows him. He lets out a small growl. “This is Lexi and Gabe…”

“Hi, my queen. I'm Lexi and that’s my mate Gabe. We’re the Lucan’s king best friends. You do not know how long we've all waited for this day!” she says squealing at the end.

Gabe half-bows after setting her things down on the bed. With a clap of his hands, two maids come in with a dresser on wheels. “This dresser contained more clothing. All new. Freshly washed and steamed. Breakfast should be done in an hour. Not that you need to wait…” Lexi rolls her eyes hearing how awkward her mate sounds.

While all of this was happening, Adrian never took his eyes off her. All this felt like a dream. Even with feeling Lexi’s sharp elbow press his arm again. When he left he winked at her before turning around and leaving himself. Doors closing behind him.

“What was that?”

“What?” Adrian asks.

“You weren't yourself,” Gabe adds.

“She needs time to adjust. I'm trying… she's been abused. I can see it. Sense it. I don’t wish to overwhelm her.” When he didn't say anything he left using his supernatural speed to head to his room next door.

Gabe took a few men on patrol. Lexi retreated to her room. Adrian showered and got dressed. His hair was loose this time around. After putting on his watch he left his room to go back to his mate's room. Being the semi-fake gentleman he is he knocks first. He waited before entering. It felt weird to knock. He rotates his shoulder out of discomfort.

“Feeling better?” he asks her sitting on the unused side of the bed. His back pressed against the headboard. Adrian continued to watch her before he told her about her soon-to-be transformation into a Lycan. How because he’s royal and a pack leader it’ll happen faster. All her senses will become stronger. Along with her emotions.  Especially anger. Until she adjusts or asks others he’ll be a good boy. However, Lycans love physical contact with their mate. Their mate is their life and there won't be another if they were to die. Wolves can find another if rejected or their mate dies. It's not the same for them. Not only did he ask for a kiss, a proper kiss on the lips, he asked about her past. He made it known that if ever finds out who abused her and left those bruises will die on the spot. How someone who's suicidal will be willing to touch her now. He dares anyone to even speak ill of her and see how long they will still be living.  She doesn't have to fear about being hurt anymore. Not with him. Not with her new pack.

“Oh. One last thing… I was set to be engaged to a girl name Sarah. Something no one wanted. Me or my pack. I'll handle her when the time comes. If she touches you call the guards.” He looks down playing with his fingers. “Anything you would like to know about me? Ask me? And before I forget only you are allowed to call me Adrian. Everyone else calls me Dimitri. My middle name.”

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Ginny watched at the Alpha king was being so gentle and attentive towards her, rushing to the bathroom to get a damp cloth for her sweaty mess of a face. She blushed a little a his caring. She could help but look into his eyes. Surely, she was being rude, but she couldn't help it. He was so beautiful to her. 

When he spoke, his words were like velvet to her ears and when he reached out to tuck some hair behind her ear, the sparks she felt confirmed even more that he was her mate. At last, she had found her mate. Unconsciously she leaned into his touch. Realizing the action, she blushed a bit more and moved to place her feet on the floor. 

She stood when he stood and was a bit relieved that she still had her dress on. Mate or not she wouldn't want a stranger unclothing her while she was passed out. She could only nod as he said he would post a guard outside her door for protection. He didn't seem like the type to imprison someone without a reason and as far as she knew she hadn't done anything wrong. 

There were a few knocks on the door as Adrian was about to open the door. A she-wolf and male came forth as a few maids rushed by with a dresser on wheels. The maids were here and gone rather quickly without a single word. She made a mental note to maybe get to know them later. 

She listened as the she-wolf introduced herself as Lexi and then introduced her mate as Gabe. She gave a slight bow to them both. They looked shocked and taken a back. Lexi told her they that they should be the ones bowing not her. “I'm sorry… I'm Ginevia, but I hope you will call me Ginny.” They looked between each other, and Lexi spoke up about her not needing to apologize. Lexi was very outgoing and chatty. It was kind of nice.

Gabe seemed kind of serious and broody, she hoped they could get along. When they retreated and Adrian left to shower, she walked over to the tray of tea and things that Lexi brought in. She took a sip of the hot liquid, it was delicious. She searched around the rather large room. It was very clean. It had two large windows that were covered with drapes, but she could tell the sun wasn't up yet. 

She opened a door that was on the wall close to the room door, it was the bathroom. It was pretty spacious. It had on large mirror on the wall that was above two sinks. There was a cabinet over the toilet that housed toiletries. There was a rack hanging from the wall across from the toilet that had some fresh towels and wash cloths. 

The bathtub was separate from the shower. She reached in and turned the water to the shower on, letting it warm up. She stripped from the dress letting it pool on the floor. She unbraided her hair and hopped in the shower with a clean cloth waiting for her. She looked at the four scented body washed that were already in the shower and chose the peppermint and aloe. The hot water felt so good on her skin and the tingles from the peppermint was just heavenly.

Once the was done she turned the shower off and stepped out wrapping a fluffy towel around herself. It was like the towel was made out of clouds. She stepped out of the bathroom with the towel, she walked over her backpack that was all that she had brought with her on this trip and opened it to discovered that Jessica had gotten to her stuff once again. Practically everything was shredded. With a sigh she looked at the dresser on wheels. 

She wondered if it would be alright to get something from there. “Gin just grab something they brought it for you to use. I doubt they would care.” Naya said in a matter of factly type voice. “I know but what if they think I am being greed by using what they bought me first.” Naya huffed. “Are you being serious right now? Just pick something, though I wouldn't mind our mate catching us in this towel…” She purred and Ginny gasped in horror at her humiliation if that were to happen as she blushed profusely. Naya had such a dirty mind sometimes.

She quickly searched the dresser and grabbed a pair of cotton undies, dark blue jean shorts, and the largest shirt she could find. After getting dressed she felt little comfortable. She grabbed her dirty clothes from the bathroom and placed them in hamper that was just outside the bathroom when she turned around Adrian was just coming into the room. 

“The chance to shower was amazing, and very refreshing. Thank you.” She stated in a soft tone. She was listening very attentively as he explained what a Lycan was and how she would turn into one and the process of it all. It was a bit to take in at once, but she tried to process it. He talked about her abuse. “I wouldn't really call it abuse… Maybe jokes that have gone too far mixed with me being the clumsiest werewolf to be born.” She half chuckled. She didn't want to talk about Jessica, let alone have someone hurt or killed for her sake. 

When he asked about her past, she was pretty open about most of it. “As you may know I am from the Laven Paw Pack. I came to them when I was about sixteen. I don't remember much about my original Pack. I have nightmares about them sometimes, but I can't seem to remember what they are about.” She looked down at her bare feet and watched herself wiggle her toes not really wishing to talk about her home pack. 

“Well I do have one question, um… why is no one allowed to call you by your name? Adrian is a very lovely name." She was a bit curious. “Also, how long have you known Lexi and Gabe?” She could tell they were close. It must be really nice to form a connection like that. She didn't really have friends. “With me being your mate and all… what is expected of me?”

Breakfast was still underway, but she could smell it and her tummy grumbled with anticipation. She let her nose lead with an Adrian following behind her, finding her actions amusing. She didn't know where she was going but she eventually found the kitchen. The kitchen was huge. There was at least twenty staff preparing breakfast. She had almost forgot that the other packs were still here which is why the portions were enormous. Her tummy grumbled a bit louder this time as she stared in amazement at everyone working hard.

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Adrian wanted to question what she meant by that. Is she not allowed to shower? If his instinct is correct, she’s being mistreated in her pack. Yet she’s speaking so softly and lack of complications.  Gin is the complete opposite of him. He noticed her outfit. How she picked an oversized shirt. That was odd to see. Does she not like her figure? Is she so bruised that having a regular shirt that fits just right bothers her? Insecurities maybe?

“If you’re not laughing but is getting hurt, that is not a joke. It’s abuse Ginevia.” It felt like someone was pulling a hidden string attached to his heart. Is pity revenge a thing? He just normally does whatever comes with his rage. This is new. He wants whoever made her suffer to suffer and die. How dare they hurt his mate.

Adrian crosses his legs after kicking off his shoes. He’s a monster but not that kind of monster. Can’t have dirty shoes on the bed. He listened to her talk about how she got to Laven Paw. The ordeal she’s been through that she can’t remember but gives her nothing but nightmares. With how she looked he knew not to press the subject. Not right now at least. He’ll have to investigate it further though. They should know where she’s truly from.

Both his and his Lucan’s heart began to fly. She’s asking him questions. She’s getting comfortable with them. He chuckles as his lips curves into a grin. “Not sure. It was always a thing. Once you hit the double digits in age we stop calling our father, father. He was addressed as my king or his middle name. It may just be a lycan alpha thing. Plus having only your mate call you by your first name shows others the importance of that person.” Adrian wiggles his toes and fiddles with his thumbs before answer the question about Gabe and Lexi. “I’ve know Gane since I was seven. Lexi, maybe when I was ten.” Then as you know when you become of age that’s how they found out they were mates. Even though they liked each other long before then.”

The next question was harder to answer. With him nothing. Being his mate, he’ll love her no matter what. As Queen of the Lycan or as a Luna the wolves would call it a lot. “As Queen of the Lycan you would help with minor things. Handle some conflicts between Lycan packs and some wolves. Of course with escorts and body guards. Never and I mean never alone. All events you handle. You’re in charge of planning them here on out. There are traditions that needs to be kept going. Like using our colors for majority of the events which is emerald and rose quartz with good. Those colors have been passed down from generations to generations. I’m this home you can do as you please. If we have visitors please be mindful on how you represent the pack and me. Especially when outside these walls. That is all I can think of at the…” Adrian stops hearing hearing her stomach.

Adrian follows behind her. He needs to tell her they need to mark each other aka bite each other. Then there’s the fact every Lycan can smell when they first get intimate. They have a y year to get married. He wants to change certain traditions. Some are too old fashion and doesn’t mix with how things go now. He already knows that the council will fight him to prevent these changes. Especially since they’re all old themselves.

“Young master! I hear a congratulations are in order. Is this your mate?” On older women says approaching them. Taking Gin’s hands to examine her. “Oh my dear. Your skin and bones. Let’s get you some…” she stops hearing her belly rumble and the old lady chuckles., “Come. Come. What would you like? Get whatever you want. How much you want. First dibs.”

“I’ll leave you with Ms. Yurie. Go ahead and eat.” Adrian walks up to her placing a kiss on her forehead. “Yurie, after serving her show her, her gift.”

He grabs an apple before leaving.

“Oh my dear. The young master had his men build something for you. No one should disturb you. It’s for you only. You should have seen Lexi’s face when he said no to her testing it out. Now my dear let’s get some food in your belly!”

Yurie served his family since Adrian was young. She used to watch him as a nanny but now that him and his siblings are grown and so has she, she cooks for them. She’s the head staff of the kitchen. She grabs a plate to put whatever Gin desires

and had someone else place it on a tray with 3 different drinks; tea, coffee, and orange justice as she happily leads Gin out the back near the garden to her surprise. It’s an outdoor swing bed canopy.

“Here we are my love. Would you like to eat here? This is for you.”

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Ginevia looked to the older woman that was the named Yurie. She was a sweet older woman that Ginny surprisingly felt at ease with instantly. It was like she could tell this woman had no malice in her body whatsoever. It was a nice change of pace. She noticed Adrian just grab an apple and then kissed her forehead. “Are you not going to eat with me? I'll see you later though,… right?” She was a bit hesitant but only in hopes that she wasn't bothering him. 

She was soon ushered into the kitchen as Ms. Yurie grabber her a plate and asked what she would like. She picked out a scoop of eggs and asked for a sprinkle of cheese. There were so many options that it was a bit overwhelming, but Yurie insisted it was okay. She added three pieces of bacon, hoping that wasn't being too greedy of her. One sausage link, a big pancake with butter and syrup, a slice of toast with honey, and a bowl with fruit salad. There was so much food that was given to her, well at least for her it was a lot. Yurie gave a strange look.

“I'm sorry, did I ask for too much? I can just take the fruit salad if that is okay." Gin started fiddling her thumps and looked down. “Oh, you sweet thing if anything this is entirely too little. I have fed a lot of wolves that eat like ten times the amount. And little bunny peach you don't ever have to apologies for anything.” Yurie tapped her on the nose before grabbing her a bottle of water and a glass of cranberry juice. “Now follow me dove let's get to the surprise that was built just for you.”

They walked to a bit of a secluded area, there were guards posted everywhere but they came to a balcony with a swing bed doohickie. The complete shock on her face was priceless. “Is this really for me?” She was at a loss for words at the sight of it. She walked over and reached out her hand to touch it. The cushions felt so soft. Yurie giggled at the queen to be. She was so innocent that it was adorable. 

“When you're done just let one of the guards know I got to get back to the kitchen.” With that she left after putting her tray down on the swing. Gin hoped up on the swing and froze when it moved but even though it moved her food didn't, she let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding. She started on the bacon and was in complete bliss. It was so good that all the guards could her was her chewing and moaning about how delicious the food was. 

She finished her bacon and eggs, she ate a third of the fruit salad and a third of the pancake, and finally she had two small bites of toast. She was completely and overly full now. She couldn't eat another bit. She was sipping on the juice as she looked at the shy. This was the most peaceful she had ever felt.

When she was starting to feel a little drowsy, she grabbed her tray and walked back to the kitchen. She didn't really want to bother the guards with her mess. Once she got to the kitchen, they were just finishing the cleaning up from preparing the big portions. Yurie wasn't there, she wondered if she had gone to eat or was off doing other duties. She walked over to someone.. “I'm sorry to bother you but is there perhaps a container or a ziploc back I can have for my leftovers.” The two people in the kitchen weren't there and hadn't heard about the new soon to be queen so they ignored the girl that was interrupting them and finished what they were doing before leaving. With a soft sigh after being left alone she looked around the very large kitchen in search of a bag or container.

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Adrian had out some business on hold to be with her all night. With Yurie attending to her he knew she would be okay. He went into his office to deal with the council and Sarah…

The council, mostly Councilmen Harris spoke. The others would nod and mumble. Worthless. Harris began to say that Adrian is pretending to have a mate to avoid marrying Sarah for the sake if the pack. How it would make him a better Lycan king to marry another Lycan. Not doing so shows how incompetent he is as a king. On the side lines, Sarah began bashing his mate.

Adrian let out one of the loudest and violent growl as he punches his desk breaking it in half. He made it clear that he will not tolerate anyone bashing his mate. That he doesn’t care if they believe him because he knows she belongs to him. Conri, his Lycan, refused to accept Sarah and her bitchy Lycan as a mate. They found their mate. Councilmen Harris was tossed through the doors when he tried to or it sounded like he was going to disobey him and argue some more. Now that is going to cost him another council meeting for harming a council member.



Lexi is upset with Dimitri. How dare he get something so cute and will not share it! She’s hurt by it. She didn't know it was a thing! Oh how relaxing it looks.

Gabriel aka Gabe comforted her like a true Lycan. He couldn’t be more thankful for the fast healing or else the world would’ve seen the worst ‘bear attack’ on his back. They didn’t even sleep! If it wasn’t for them getting hungry they may have stayed in bed all day.

Lexi was the first to shower and get ready. Lexi out on a casual dress that hugged her body. The only make-up she out on was lipstick and eyeliner. For footwear she decided on wedge sneakers. Cute and comfy.

Because Gabe was taking his time, that jerk, it gave her the opportunity to check in on the king and queen. It was their first night together! Sort of but still. To her surprise they weren't there. She signaled for a maid to come clean the room. Due to no one being allowed on the third floor, which is Adrian’s floor, they need approval and an escort. She waited by the door when she heard it. Adrian’s growl that is with a faint sound if something breaking. With a shrug, she heads to the kitchen. Just as Hariss hits the balcony railing. It feels like a Tuesday... Bless whoever else dares to piss him off this early.

Humming, she enters the kitchen. There were to kitchen staff chatting. A male and a female. Her eyes left them seeing the Queen.

“Good morning Lexi. Can we get you anything?” One of the staff member asks running to her side.

Lexi quickly looks at the female before looking back at the queen. Lexi stood there watching Gin. What is she looking for? “What are you doing?” she asks Gin. The male staff rushed to stop Gin rudely and what seemed to be roughly as well. It made Lexi growl. Has word not gone around that their King have a Queen?

“Don’t you dare touch her like that again. Dimitir will have your arm for that. Then again he's in a bad mood so perhaps your life…” it was harsh but true.

“But miss…”

“The both of you need to apologize. That is the Queen. Our queen.” Lexi says walking up to Gin checking her wrists. No new bruise. “Are you okay? What are you even looking for?” she was curious.

She does need a tour of the kitchen. It'll be helpful in the future. The door bursts open. Yurie arrives startled. “I heard a growl. What is happening?” Yurie asks concerned. Fighting isn't allowed in the kitchen. Even for Adrian. He may be the king but she knows embarrassing stories and that's her kitchen. Thirty seconds or so later later four guards, Gabe, and Adrian enters. Adrian had a sour face on. He was already annoyed. Seeing Gin relaxed him oh so slightly but he can sense something is off. Not with just her but with everyone in the room. It had his right eyebrow arch.

“Please inform us what is going on.” He says looking at everyone before walking up to Gin, pulling her to his side. He just wanted her near him. Her being close by helper relaxes him. It made his Lycan happy. “What’s wrong? Your heart is racing.” He whispers in her ear rubbing her back gently.

Lexi told him the very little she knows. Adrian had to take a step back from his mate. His Lycan isn’t happy. Adrian isn't happy. It took seconds for everyone to know about Sarah so to have them not about their future Queen… it pissed him off. Everyone stepped back. Adrian is known to lose control. The two staff members began to shake, bowing and apologizing. He needs answers. He needs someone to pay for hurting his Queen. It's all he knows. Pain. One can't be a king without showing he's capable of doing anything. Which is why its easy for him to lose control. Then again it's also a problem because they would think he can't control himself and do more harm than good.

“Queen Ginevia as his mate you may be able to calm him… make him look you in the eyes and tell him to…” Lexi stops hearing his growl. Gabe moved to stand in front of Lexi just in case.

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Gin understood that the staff was busy, and she knew she was new to the palace, so it didn't bother her in the slightest that they didn't want to help her. When Lexi came over checking her wrists, there wasn't much she could do holding the tray of her scraps. “I'm sorr…. ” She wasn't able to speak when more people began to pile into the kitchen.

Second to come was Yurie, and then Gabe with four guards, last was Adrian. He looked angry and shouting was going on. The wolves working in the kitchen were beyond scared. All the attention and tension in the room was scaring her a bit.

She reached up to grab the hem of his shirt arm, that way her skin made contact with his. The tingly shocks were still present. His anger was scaring her as she was holding back tears. She looked up at him with unshed tears in her eyes.

“I'm sorry I didn't mean to cause a commotion. I was just unsure of where to put my leftovers…” Her voice trailed off as she looked down at her tray. “What am I supposed to do Naya? I'm scared.” It took a minute for Naya to respond because she was talking with Conri about this whole misunderstanding and how he needed to calm down and make his human calm down for their sake. “Don't worry you're doing the best you can right now.” 

“A-Adrian is there a pack doctor here? I am not feeling too well. I was just wondering if perhaps they had anything for indigestion. My tummy kind of hurts I think I ate too much.” Her plate was evident that the majority of her food was still on it. She remembered what he said about her using his first name, and she really liked his first name so she liked using it. This whole lycan business was new to her and she didn't understand it.

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He doesn't know what's worse. The silence or the whispers. No one is telling him what he wants to know. But it was starting to become background music as he began to hear a nervous heartbeat. It wasn't his. He's angry. It doesn't sound like an angry beating heart but a nervous or scared one.

What did Lexi just say? He couldn't focus. It wasn't a good sign. Corni was about to take over.

Breath buddy. We're scaring her.’

‘Scaring who? First of all, when did the roles change?’ Adrian asks Conri.

‘Our Queen. Listen.’ It was louder. It was all he could focus on.

He felt his body tingle. It's such a weird sensation because it's new. Yet pleasant. Adrian finally blinked but his eyes were still pitch black. It's not Corni losing control. It's him. Adrian never loses control of himself. It's normally Corni. Adrian doesn't even know how to control himself. Just Conri.

He managed to pick up random words; doctor, stomach, pain. It made him blink a few more times. His breathing began to change. Lexi and Gabe had everyone slowly leave. Yuri didn't move though. She wanted to stay. To help somehow. Something in her knows this is different. She only has this feeling because she has been there for him since he was a baby.

Naya is doing her beer to keep her together.”

‘Oh, the fuck is Naya?’

‘Your mate. We have a mate now. No one harmed her. If they did you know I’ll take over and kill that dumb fuck. I know this is new for us but need to relax. We're all trying here.’

We are all trying. Trying. Focus on her. The person who is holding you to this plant. The person you would do anything for.


gravity holding you the planet, it’s her. Nothing else matters. You would do anything, be anything for her. His sun. His moon. His right. His wrong. His breathing began to slow down but yet it was heavy taking in her scent. It was a bit different because of the scented things Lexi left in the bathroom for her. It wasn't bad. It enhanced her scent in a different a different way. What happened next was more of Corni’s doing, his hand went over her hands that were holding onto his shirt. It was like taking a Vick’s cough drop and feeling it awaken your body. His eyes closed as they turned back to normal.

“Yuri, call Jasmine. For now, I'll take her to the infirmary. Gabe go get the Tums…. Please.” Adrian finally opens his eyes to see her all teary eyes. The guilt hit his gut hard. As if someone dropped a pebble from Mount Everest. He knows he needs to apologize but the guilt at that very moment was weighing on him down.

He half nods at Yuri before walking out. He said nothing. Instead, he kept his head held high and walked to the infirmary. They went down the hall, took a turn, went downstairs, and entered the first door that was on the right. The room was set up to look like an emergency room. Six beds on each side. All the curtains were against the wall. He used his hand to suggest one of the beds for her and took the one across from her. He sat on the end of the bed before plopping down. Using his right her he covered his eyes. His left has began to fidget as the wheels on his head began to spin thinking ways to so damage control. He's not used to any of this. He honestly didn't think he would find a mate and now she's here…

He couldn't be more thankful to hear Lexi and Gabe. They entered arguing. Gabe hands Gin the Tums bottle. It sounded like they were arguing about a pack. Nope, a matless female was hitting on him. Lexi was ready to skin her alive. Like a true Lycan. Gabe told them, Adrian and Gin that the guests were waking up and were out and about.

“If there's anyone you like to say bye to my Queen do so now. Certain packs end up leaving after breakfast.” Lexi informs her before pulling Gabe by the shirt still arguing about Jessica trying to flirt with him yesterday and again a few minutes ago.

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Adrian whisked her off her feet like a princess and was barking orders like a king, well he is a king, the lycan king over all werewolves. She was blushing but being against him was calming her nervous heart. His scent was still amazing as she was enjoying breathing at the moment while in his arms. She was so distracted by his scent that she wasn't paying attention to how they got to the Palace infirmary. She was place on a hospital bed and it wasn't long before she was given an anti-acid.

“Sorry for causing a commotion. You really don't need to be mad at any of the staff. I didn't get in the way. I… I just didn't know where to put my leftovers. I was going to save them…. I ate as much as I could…” She constantly paused and talked. She was a bit hesitant with her words but was getting pretty comfortable with talking to him. The size difference between the would have been laughable if he wasn't the Lycan king. He pretty tall and she was a bit on the shorter side. 

When a she-wolf named Jasmine came in with her doctor's coat on it was only right to presume she was the Pack Doctor. Much to Adrian's dismay, she ran some tests just to make sure her soon to be queen was healthy. Jasmine was informed of the situation when she was mind linked by Gabe. Being poked and prodded was not very comfortable but she didn't dare to utter a word in fear of making Adrian angry again. 

When she was done then Gin was allowed to rest a bit letting the tums help her stomach. Adrian was pretty silent, but it seemed like he was thinking about something. They were both quiet till you could hear a ruckus from down the hall. As it got closer and louder, she could hear Gabe and Lexi fight before they busted in the room. They stopped arguing to let her know that her pack was leaving and if she wished to say any goodbyes. She thought about it for a moment before getting up. 

“I think I will go tell them bye.” She hopped down from the hospital bed and followed Gabe and Lexi to the outside. They were still arguing, and it sound like someone had flirted with Gabe. She understood, that would piss off any mate. Once outside she went over to Jason, and he pulled her into a hug. “I understand you met your mate; I am so happy for you. So, who is it? I bet you are going to go with them to their pack when they leave huh?” He was bombarding her with questions that she didn't know where to start. “I did find my mate and he is a little scary at times but also gentle. I am actually staying here. His name is Adrian.” She smiled to herself at saying his name and calling him her mate.

Jason frowned a bit. “Are you saying that your mate is the Alpha King?” She nodded and he just smiled even bigger. “Congratulations!” He picked her up and swung her around so incredibly happy for her. When he set her down, he gave her a good luck and goodbye pat on the shoulder, leaving to round up the mateless that didn't find their mates onto the bus. 

As she was watching everyone board when she was bumped into rather harshly that she fell over. She looked up to see Jessica. She glared at her, getting up and brushing herself off. “I heard you actually have a mate. That poor pathic chump has to deal with a nobody like you, but then again, they are probably a nobody themselves.” She was snickering and she turned from Gin flicking her blonde hair over her shoulder. That was it, she didn't care if Jessica talked bad about her, but to talk about Adrian pissed her off. It was a new feeling for her. She was so overwhelmed that Naya took over which had never happened.

Her eyes turned pitch black, her bawled up fists opened slowly as her nails elongated. She let out a blood curdling snarl as she almost teleported, that was how quick she moved grabbing Jessica by the back of the neck and slamming her face first into the ground. It Happened in the blink of an eye. Jason was in shock at the site. He didn't even know Gin could do that. 

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Jasmine Carpio, is the name of the doctor who works for the pack. A good portion of their kind words at the Memorial Sloan Hospital with her. Her family has been working with the royal for three generations. The previous one eventually for cocky and began to blackmail them. It didn't end well in the least. Dr. Carpio is married to her mate but kept her surreal name. Her mate took her name. It was a big controversy

Dr. Carpio assumed it was the King who needed her. Normally he's locked up with heavy chains to control Conri. At times he doesn't heal fast enough because he's there for days. The longest he's been changed up for was ten days. He told her he was fine it was for her. Gin.

Adrian finally got his answer. He finally knows what happened in the kitchen. It wasn't so bad. Yet he didn't like that someone who hadn't touched her. He's going to have Jasmine stay a bit longer to break some fingers and she can patch them up.

The lycan king sat up to watch. He could tell they were both uncomfortable. Jasmine is normally used to his rage and occasionally drugs him to relax him a bit. It doesn't always work though. She is fully aware of who she is touching. He kept beating himself up for losing control. Conri isn't even at fault and it still baffles him. Conri is having the time of his life reminding his human.

Adrian lay back down when the exam was over. He didn't wish to leave her. Yet he couldn't apologize just yet.

‘I can apologize for you.’

‘That isn't good enough. You weren't the one losing control.’

‘I can tell Naya we're not used to apologizing and how it is easy for me to do so right now because I wasn't the one who fucked up. Ha, ha.’

‘Fine. Tell them I will apologize myself when I'm don't beating myself up.’

Adrian sighs. This is a step. Corni is still an asshole though. Adrian was in his head that he didn't hear his friends arguing right away. It was when his mate spoke that he came to. Okay, she's going to say bye to her pack. He can send someone to get her things. Assuming she wants anything. They can easily get her whatever she wishes.

Lexi and Gabe showed her to the entrance where most packs were saying their goodbyes. He stayed behind. Vented to Jasmine about how he, not Corni, lost control. They had a quick therapy session even though it was not her specialty.

Adrian made his way upstairs. Yuri had a traveling mug with his morning protein smoothie ready. She even hugged him but not after smacking his stomach.

Adrian that is the pack that was gathering in the lobby for coming and now he hopes to see them again for his royal wedding. Yuri and he walked outside. He either waved or raised his Stanley Steel traveling mug. Something pinched Adrian internally. It was a weird nagging feeling. He turned his head hearing people either gasping or cheering. Ginevia? He is about to catch a hard-on. Look at his mate.

“Don't you dare become a horndog and go stop it,” Yuri says attempting to push the guy.

Adrian hands her the mug before using his speed to get to them. His arms wrap around her. “Ginevia, let her go. Breath.”

‘Do you need help? We can help. What did she do?’

Adrian heard Jessica mumble how she was going to regret ever laying a hand on her. How an orphan with a worthless mate will get kicked out of whatever shit bag of a pack he's in. It made him laugh. This is why she attacked. Her instinct to protect her mate is kicking in. Part of he can't wait to see how she’ll become once she transitions into a Lycan.

“Ginevia, this is a turn-on, and if you don't wish for me to do unspeakable things to you out here in front of everyone I am going to need you to let go.”

Jackson, Lexi, Gabe, and Luke we're surround them. Adrian lifts her a bit to see if someone can try to detach this unknown girl from Ginevia’s grip and quickly remove her from under Ginevia.

“My Queen, please,” Yuri says in almost a whisper behind Adrian.

While all of this is going down, Adrian was grinning. He's also trying to not get a boner. Again, Lycane are different and seeing their mate go feral is a kink for will all Lycans. Then there's the fact he's been a good boy for two years. This is driving him nuts.

When they were pulled apart, he looks at her then at the bloody one.

“I demand justice. Someone get the king. He won't hold back. He’ll make this orphan bitch pay.” she spits out. “Her and her Chihuahua off a mate.”

Adrian arches an eyebrow. “Her mate isn't a Chihuahua”

‘Let’s tag me her and kill her. Rip her in half and…’

‘Corni, no.’

“The kind...” she stutters. “My king she attacked me for no reason!”

“Lycan King, correction.  I may not know Ginevia well enough but she doesn't seem like the one to attack without reasoning. My Queen would you like to clear your name, have her leave ending whatever that was, or we can speak to her alpha and agree on some sort of punishment.” he is leaving this matter up to her. They should know he would re it hurt Jessica but this is her battle. He’ll support her with whatever she decides. Even it he doesn't agree with it.

“Wait, wait. What? Why are you taking her wide? She's an orphan. She's...” he cuts her off.

“Ginevia Shai is my mate. You will stop talking to her as if she is a no one like you. Someone who is mateless and a raging cunt. This would explain why you're matchless.” he spoke loudly for those around to hear his words. No one will talk ill about his mate. No. One.

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Gin's eyes were still black. Naya was still in control. She was growing and trying to get back to Jessica after Adrian was able to separate them. Jessica was pleading that Gin get punished for just randomly attacking her. “That bitch, Let me at her. Ginny may not care what you say but I for one am sick and tired of your bullshit.” Naya said struggling to get free. The tingles she felt were there, but she was still too angry.

Once she was able to free herself, she went back after Jessica. They tumbled with Naya ending up on top. “Just because it was against pack law to hurt a pack member you kept hurting Ginny. It may not have been super physical, but you still hurt her, Physically, Mentally, emotionally. So how about you feel it this time.” She punched her in the face a few times. before being pulled off by Jason. “Gin.. I mean Naya please we will handle Jessica when I get her back to the pack. I promise. I am sorry she was hurting Ginevia. Truly I am.” The beta was struggling to keep the thrashing she wolf under control. 

Naya was using up an energy she wasn't accustomed to. She was quickly tiring herself out. It wasn't long before she lost consciousness and went limp. Jason handed her to a guard as he went over to the Lycan King. “Your Majesty, I will make sure Jessica gets delt with, I apologize for all this.” He bowed before getting one of the pack members to get the bloodied and knocked out Jessica on the bus. 

When Gin woke she was laying on a medical bed. The smell of antiseptic and the blinding white lights and walls, she knew she was in the infirmary. Adrian was sitting with his eyes closed in the chair beside the bed. She doubted he was even a sleep. She made a motion to sit up, which gave her the biggest headache. She winced a bit as the Jasmine walked in. 

“Oh your awake, that's good. How are you feeling?” the doc asked as she was looking at her clipboard. “I have a bit of a headache that just started, I kind of feel really out of it too. What happened?” Gin didn't really have a recollection of what happened. “The headache is a little normal with all that happened. From what I heard your wolf took control. With you being mated to a Lycan means you too will start turning into one yourself. I am a bit surprised that his highness hasn't told you yet. The bottled-up anger you had exploded and brought a little bit of lycan out of your wolf but because you have yet to complete the transformation it zapped a lot of your energy.” Gin was listening but a bit shocked. She was going to turn into a lycan.

“How long was I out?” She looked down at her hands. “About two days, but that isn't my only concern. You are severely malnutrition which is why you may be feeling a bit weak. Did your other Pack not feed you? I am a bit surprised that your wolf can remain conscious with your lack of substance.” She didn't know how to answer that question. As far as the Alpha and Luna knew everyone was treated fairly. 

“I do eat but I get so busy with work that I have probably skipped a few meals here and there.” Her cheeks turned pink with embarrassment. The doc jotted down some more noted and said she would be back in a bit. 

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Oops. Perhaps only having one arm that was loosened was a terrible mistake. Let his girls have their fun it is more like his mate's wolf has her fun.

Naya is getting her fix by vending while being violent. Adrian and Corni understand. She is limited to being able to do it by the law and pack rules. He can get away with it and that's the difference.

Hearing all of this made Corni want to jump in. It broke them hearing what she's been through.

Adrian took a step when someone a male wolf managed to pull his mate off her bully. His eyes went black. Yuri placed her hands on him as if to hold him back. It always amuses Conri when people think they can hold them back. Especially Yuri.

He noticed her swings were losing momentum. He good Yuri let Jasmine know they'll be done soon.

Axel, one of his favorite guards got Ginevia. Adrian watched the male wolf approach him to apologize for everything. How he would see too that Jessica will be dealt with. “I would like to be updated on what decision is made on my Queens bully. For now or until Ginevia decides other wise, her bully is no longer allowed on these ground. All future events will exclude her. If I feel her punishment isn't accordingly I will invite the pack to all events. Again, unless Ginevia tells me otherwise. Thank you for coming and getting Naya to calm down before passing out. It means they trust you. I'll have some faith in you but trust is earned. Safe travels.”

Axel handed the Queen to the King. It bothered them both that she was lighter than a feather. Yuri followed for him for she was worried. Everyone was. Lexi and Gabe we're doing damage control.

Adrian left after twenty-four hours. He needed to shower and eat. If there was something that needed to be addressed in dire need he handled it outside the infirmary.

Yuri would personally bring them food. He would wait hours to eat hers. Adrian can eat. Jasmine came back to check on her Queen. Adrian got off the bed to take a seat next to her bed. His left ankle rested on his right knee. His elbows rested the the armrest and his hands were folded over his stomach. Jamie attended one of his warriors and got injured during training. He was starting to fall asleep as Gin began to wake up. He kept his eyes closed. He wasn't sure if she’d be forward with the doctor.

How dare her assume we didn't tell her… did we?’

‘I did. It was the first thing I told her. With his she reacted today it seems it has started. Sooner than expected. We need to keep an eye in her. She could get a bad fever and be bedbound if the transition is rapid.’ Corni never replied after that.

Adrian opens his eyes once Jasmine left. He rested his head in his right hand. “I'm sorry for my behavior early. Before you apologize for yours, there is no need. It seemed it was bound to happen. How you lost it was major turn one, my mate.” he straightens his upper body and leaps forward. “I want you to know you can confine in me with anything. Was it her that gave you those marks that are now healing?” He may have had Jasmine take pictures of her bruises too and send them to her old alpha. Jessica must be punished.

“For the record, you find have to tiptoes around here. Everyone is now fully aware of who you are. You can eat whenever you want. Ask for whatever you want. No need to save anything for later unless you really want to.” By then he stood. He can smell Councilmen Harris approaching.

Councilmen Harris wanted to see her. The king's mate. He didn't look like he approved but there's nothing he can do about it. Adrian knows Harrison forcing a smile.

“I just wanted to see the queen for myself. On behalf of the council, we would like to welcome you. We waited a long time for you. I hope you're doing better after whatever happened earlier.” he clapped his hands and his wife came in to drop off some flowers. She bowed and left. Harrison left shortly after.

“If he ever lays a finger on you tell me. I don't want him touching you. I don't trust him.” he warns her.

Adrian takes her hand giving it a light squeeze. “You can rest here or rest in our room. If you're not comfortable with the idea of sharing a room I understand. You can go back to the room you were in. Lexi will be here shortly to replace my absence. I will see you later.” he kisses the hand he was still holding before leaving. Jasmine nodded as he passed by her.

Adrian has work and training to catch up on. First, he needs to let Corni go for a run. That alone has no ETA. He was gone for a day once. This time around he won't be going alone. Luke and Gabe will be joining him for this run.

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Ginny stared at the flowers after the Councilman and his wife left. She didn't get a good vibe from him and that was before Adrian warned her to stay away from him. She just nodded at his comment. When he left it felt odd that she was now all alone. Luckily for her some people have the perfect timing, and by that she meant Ms. Yurie. The older woman knocked twice before entering. she had a tray of food.

“Hi Ms. Yurie, It's nice to see you actually.” She smiled slightly. “Oh goodness my Queen, you have me quite a fright. Are you okay now?” Gin nodded. “I'm sorry, I have never lost control like that.” Yurie did nothing but laugh. Sure it was a little out of control but she had seen worst. “I was told I didn't have to stay in the infirmary. Adrian gave a thought of sharing a room and I know that's what mates do…. ” She was getting embarrassed asking to go to his room.

Yurie couldn't help but burst out laughing. “Do you want to go to his room?” She nodded. “Here eat a little something firt please. You were out for two days and I was told you have severe malnutrition.” Again she nodded as Yurie helped her sit up a bit better. The tray she brought was for Adrian so there was entirely too much food on it. “I do hope you will sit with me and share this. It is so much.” This time Yurie nodded. “Yes my Queen.”

They sat there and talked and ate. She had a big burger that she split in half giving the slightly smaller half to the Gin. Yurie finished her half as Gin only had three small bites. Yurie at half the fries as Gin only had maybe six or seven fries. She was a bit concerned about the lack of food she had eaten. But Gin was already getting full. Yuri handed her a bottle of water. Gin finished the battle rather quickly and Yurie was glad for that.

Yurie mind linked for a maid to come get the tray. It wasn't long enough before a she wolf appeared and bowed before taking the tray and disappearing. Yurie showed Gin where Adrians room was and got her set up in the bed so she could rest as Yurie cleaning up the room a bit. Gin felt bad and tried to get up to help and to be forced to lay back down.

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Adrian met the guys outside. They all had a bag ready with clothes for when they returned. All of them but Adrian took off their clothes not wanting to ruin them. Adrian didn't care. Corni was let loose. Shifting felt amazing. The second he was big and furry he bolted. Being the Lycan meant being stronger and faster. He tried not to go too fast. Especially when they wish to play tag in their lycan form.

They returned two hours later. Adrian was exhausted. He put on some swears and shows before heading inside. He took his time getting to his room. He didn't pick up her scent until he entered his room. Her recent was alluring. It greeted his nostrils as if saying Welcome back. It made him smile. He didn't think she would be in his room.

As quietly as possible, he gathered sole belongings before going to his bathroom. He never locks his door. He isn't going to start now. His show was long and steamy. It was well deserved. He put on a pair of dark blue jeans with a striped print button-up shirt after putting lotion all over. His hair was loose and had a leave-in conditioner. Two spritzes of cologne and boom he was done. He placed everything where it belonged before going back to his walk-in closet to get shoes. He settled for his all-black timberland boots.

He leans against the closest door frame watching her. Yuire had linked their minds to inform him how much she ate. How a toddler could eat more. She was in and out of his head. She needs to run. Naya.  Nothing kike having tour other half take over and run for as long as they can. One day they can go for a run. For now, she needs her rest and he needs to deal with some political shit.

Adrian wanted to get closer to inhale her scent. To kiss the top of her head but there's a chance she may wake up. He made sure no one was on his floor and had guards posted on the second floor to prevent any from going upstairs. His friends were already in his office. He was told Lexi had sent food up for them. Certain issues were divided among his three friends. They can handle stupid disputes like the one pack is claiming a farm while the other is saying it's there's… make it make sense!

Luke instantly left to go handle his four so-called political issues. Gabe wanted to spend the rest of the day with Lexi before he left. Adrian approved it. He opens more mail with handwritten issues they would like him to address, wedding invitations, business openings, etc.

As Adrian was about to leave to check on his mate, he got stopped by a councilmen. He was summoned. They instantly began to throw traditions at him. He stood there waiting for them to be done to remind them he is the king. He is fully aware of traditions but he is not going to force them down his mates throat. She needs to feel like herself here. Whatever that is for it seems like she doesn’t know who she is for being abused for so long, but he didn’t share that part with them. He did reminds them that there were a handful of times where certain traditions were okay to postpone. Before Harrison could say anything else for he seems to be the ring leader, Adrian left slamming the door.

Adrian went to the kitchen to make some coffee. Yurie was there getting ready to bring dinner to the Queen. He kisses the old lady’s head before grabbing the tray that now Carrie’s both their dinner. Today they’re having Creamy Steak Fettuccine. Adrian had his usual wine and she’ll have water for they don’t know if she drinks.

He sets everything down on the dresser before grabbing his wine glasses and sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Ginevia, dinner.” He says taking a sip.


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