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Take me back to Eden…

" My, my, those eyes like fire
I'm a winged insect, you're a funeral pyre
Come now, bite through these wires
I'm a waking hell and the gods grow tired
Reset my patient violence along both lines of a pathway higher
Grow back your sharpest teeth, you know my desire

I will travel far beyond the path of reason
Take me back to Eden, take me back to Eden
Take me back to Eden "

~ Sleep Token



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NightMare   41d ago
☾ Bringer of Nightmares...


Let start this off like they do in the games. You don't belong here, but like all the story start it all started on that day. 

You wake up realize you are not in the room you were before. You have no idea where you are but you are still you or at least you think you are. It isn't until a later you realize where you are in a story. A story you were writing. How none of this made any sense. You couldn't be in a story that was impossible. 

As you explored the small town you found yourself in a school setting. The town consisted of large campus that you just so happened to be attending judging by the clothes you woke up in. It was then you came a cross the pale boy who you made out to be the main character of this story. A story of secret love that was looking as if wouldn't come true. The boy was rather nerdy look at first glance. His thick framed glasses that hid his strange colored eyes. His raven colored hair that always seemed to be messy. He was a sweet boy but he was very shy. So most people got the wrong impression of him. The you boy was often bullied much like you were, when you were younger. It was then the nerdy boy was tripped he just so happened  to fall into you with a hard thud. As you vaguely recalled this scene wasn't suppose to happen in the book. Nor was it was suppose to happen to you. 

“I-I am so sorry.”  Eden said as he looked at you. It was then you realized your heart was racing as the slender boy quickly got off of you. “I am Eden…”  he said shyly, as he held out his hand to help you to your feet. Before you could do much other than get to your feet the bell rang.  “I am really sorry for fall into you I am rather clumsy… Well I have to get going now. You should too before the teacher come out and yells." Before you knew the slender boy had vanished from your sight but you had a feeling this wasn't the last time you were going to be see him. As you recalled from your writing Eden was suppose to fall in love with his best friend. They were suppose to face many hardships but there love was undying. You notice that boy didn't fall on his own in fact it was a familiar figure that just so happened to make him go crashing into you. 

That figure was supposed to be his best friend. Why was he being a bully all of a sudden. Why did you have this sinking feel that you were the reason for these strange turn of events? As you wonder aimless you found yourself in the art room. The teacher had a foul look across her face as you walked in late and seem to be sitting in the wrong seat.

-Idol-.Lux Xiloscient.   41d ago

.Lux Xiloscient.

A different room. One he was familiar with, but it wasn't his own. It was only because he had created this room. He was the one that had decided what it would look like. He slowly got up. Fear was slowly moving through him. Why was he here? In his own story… There had to be a reason right?

As he walked he found himself around a school. He looked around quietly trying to figure out how this was possible. Could he just be dreaming? Well he wished that he would wake up. As he was looking around he noticed a boy that was coming towards him. He knew him. Of course he knew him because he was the main character of the story. Eden. He had worked hard on him as a character. He was so shocked to see him. He didn't know how to react when the boy fell into him. He looked shocked his eyes widening. Feeling the boy against him. He was adorable. His heartbeat started to pick up. Why? He needed to calm down. This wasn't even suppose to be happening.

This boy was suppose to be interested in his best friend. Where was he? Oh wait… He was having trouble focusing. The boy was talking to him. He listened to what he had to say and quickly nodded.

“I am Lux.”

He watched as the boy left and took a deep breath and slowly let it out. Had he seen that right… That the one that was suppose to be this boy's friend was bullying him now. What the fuck was going on?

Grumbling he headed into the school and to his class. He glanced towards the woman that was his teacher and found that she was glaring at him. Oh lovely.

NightMare   40d ago
☾ Bringer of Nightmares...


Eden made to class just in time before the bell rang again. He took his seat which was in the back left corner of the room. He was happy he had a seat next to the window. Because sometime he really did need that fresh air. His heart was still racing from the fall. He never actually fallen into anyone before. So it was a little embarrassing luckily there weren't too many people around to point and stare. He felt bad not staying longer to make sure that Lux was okay but he knew he would be scolded if didn't get to class on time. The teacher here were very strict. This whole school was very strict. It was a college or at least something along those line yet they still had to wear uniforms. 

Eden sighed softly as he pulled out a large text book with a worn cover. Eden sighed as he turn to the page their teacher was speaking about. Of corse  this class was going to be long. Eden found it hard to focus. Maybe because the lecture was boring to him. Eden only really enjoy doing the hands on actives well at least for this class he did. He was so happy when this class had ended for the day. That meant it was lunch time, they had at least an hour for lunch which he was thankful for. 

Eden was often found eating lunch alone on the roof top. Watching as his classmate all mingled happily with each other. Eden really felt as if he didn't fit in. He had a few friend here and there. Nikki was his closest friend but lately the boy has been very bitter towards him. Eden sighed softly as he bit into the sandwich he had bought from one of the vending machines. It wasn't as good as the food they served in the cafeteria but Eden refused to be in that crowed room with all those people. 

Eden sighed softly as he closed his strange colored eyes. It was then he heard the door to the rooftop being opened. Eden was surprised when he seen Lux again. “H-Hello.” he said softly as he looked at the red haired male. “I am sorry about before I didn't meant to fall into you. I think I tripped over sometime… That seems to be happening a lot lately. he said softly as he rubbed the back of his neck. “I hope you didn't get hurt anywhere I am sorry I didn't get to ask that earlier “  he said softly as looked away from Lux.  “Why are you here? Not many people come to the roof top anymore…” “  he said as he looked at Lux. This time he stare into the male's crystal blue eyes for only for a moment. It was then he turned away pushing his thick framed glasses up the bridge of nose. It was unusually for him to make eye contact with any other than Nikki. For some reason he was glad Nikki wasn't here. Eden let out a soft sighed as he took another bit of his sandwich which he still had half of it left. Normally Nikki would seal the rest of it because Eden ate too slow for his liking.

Eden then notice that Lux didn't seem to have any food with him. Eden smiled warmly as he offer the other half of his egg salad sandwich. “Here, you look hungry." He said softly as he help out the sandwich to Lux. He wasn't sure if Lux would accept it. At least he would offer especially since he really didn't get to apologize properly to him. Maybe Eden was lonely that was why he was trying hard to reach out to Lux. Then again Eden was meant to be alone right? He barely had any friends thanks to his strange look. Nikki was the only who was ever kind him. Nikki didn't seem to care that Eden was different. Why was he the only one? Eden let out a soft sigh as he seem to be drowning in thoughts. 


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