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Undertale_lover_Kirishima   42d ago


It was a brand new day at school, and the first semester is getting near it's end as fall came to its end and winter was just around the corner. Class 1A planned on making a winter party, since last year it went well on Chrismas, so all of them would share and spend time together once more as not only a group, put perhaps as a big family they all are.

Momo had been helping on taking charge of how the party will be like, as she enjoys getting to coordinate and organize these kinds of events. For the most part, Kirishima had offered to help move some things around to prepare such day to come, as well as Mezou, Izuku, Tenya, and other classmates as well. During the meantime, Rikidou had been doing pastries for the occation, Ochaco, Tsuyu and Kouji had been helping on finding decorations, and the list goes on.


"C'mon everybody! There's not much left! The pastries are being done, the chrismas decorations are checked..." She paused for a moment “Wait... has anyone seen the Chrismas tre-”



He was carrying the Chrismas tree, all already mounted "Already have it on me!" He gives a thumbs up with one of his hands while his other arm wrapped around the tree



"I found some Chrismas ornaments in the storage room" He said while having a box full of Chrismas ornaments, being real gentle with it and following Kirishima



"Oh, that's great! Thank you so much for your help guys! It really means a lot!" She couldn't help but get excited, her eyes sparkling “Oh my, this will truly be a blast! I can already feel that this will turn out amazing!”



He raised one of his arms up "Great work everyone!" He began doing signals as if to continue moving on “Remember to take a break from time to time. There's plenty to do and much has been done already. If we keep this up, well be done in no time”

_Apocalyptic_     42d ago

The buzz even got bakugo in on it somehow. He wasn't even sure maybe it had a bit to do with the fact he didn't like the fact someone might cook rhe food or well under cook it or over cook it. Anyways the blonde was mumbling as he cut some stuff to make small snake foods. He would every so often pause looking to the pastries Rikidou was making. 

Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Kouji was putting up some lights. Kouji wanted to to the porch first. 

Kouji: “ Hello, can you plea-”  kouji was talking to some squirrels and before he could get it out they scurried up trying to help by holding the string lightlights while he made sure to have them in place.

Ochaco saw Kirishima carry in the tree with glee she had just fished a wall with some decorations with help of course. Tsuyu smiled. 


Tsuyu: “ Is this good Momo, Kero?” She asked talking about the wall they had decorated decorated. 


Shoto walked up to the chrismas tree.  “ do you guys need any help?” he questioned titling his head slightly.

Sero and Mina was trying to think of some good music for everyone to dance to. Denki walked up to Tenya.

Denki: “ Hey so what do you need me to do to help or up-” he looked to Momo.

Undertale_lover_Kirishima   41d ago


Eventually Kirishima placed down the chrismas tree in a corner, where Tsuyu's decorations were at. Momo gave some thumbs up

"Oh my, that's perfect Tsu and Kirishima!" Momo said, smiling warmly

Momo and Tenya looked over at Denki. At first, Tenya looked over at Sero and Mina, and then back at Denki. Then, he began speaking “It seems Mina and Sero are having a bit of trouble with the songs. Maybe you can help along with Jirou? You all four might get something going”

"Or maybe you could get to test if the tree and other decorations work!" Momo quickly answered

_Apocalyptic_     40d ago

Bakugo was tempted to stop to see what all the fuss was about but he waited till he fushed with what he was cooking. Then slowly walking to see the decorations trying to stay out of sight. It looked nice. 


Tsuyu would smile looking at the tree. “ where did you get the tree from, kero?” She asked Kirishima.

Denki had the stupidest grin on his face as he gave both of them thumbs up," you got it!" Soon Denki would look about before slowly making his way to Jirou. “ you need any help?” He questioned


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