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Building The League (MHA Open Roleplay)

By CremateYourLife
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A finger danced around the rim of the glass, the amber liquid inside chilling with a pair of ice cubes. It had been sitting there for around five minutes. It wasn’t as though he wasn’t thirsty; it was just that he didn’t want to drink what he had been given just yet. There was someone who was supposed to be drinking with him. An eye looked up at the bartending caretaker in front of him, hair falling in between the hand on his face. The creature shook its head and the man sighed. He’d give it five more minutes then he would forget all about it.

The free hand had taken his phone out of his pocket, thumb flicking it to life. The time read 9:45 am. Some would have said that it was too early to be drinking. But then again, given his atrocious sleep schedule, it was never too early (or late) to do anything. Another sigh left his lips; did plans mean nothing to the ones that he had made them with?

Impatient, the glass lifted and he knocked back the liquid inside. It was a sipping liquor, not one meant to take as a shot. His head shook from side to side for a moment before he slammed the glass back down. The ice cubes jumped around before resting in their places again. The bottle appeared out of nowhere as it refilled the glass. Had to hand it to Kurogiri, he certainly knew when to pour another.

This time, he picked up the glass and swirled it around. The actual time of the meeting was 10 am. But seeing as how he was the only one here, minus his caretaker, he doubted that plans mattered to anyone else for that matter. How were they ever going to interview new members if there was no one here to help him vet the applicants?

The door began to creak open and he didn’t even bother to check to see who or what it might have been.

“It's about time; I didn’t think that you would actually show up.”

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