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A more Canon approach to Mirio x Tamaki!



  The sun..


   Will never have to be alone..


Because we are together.


I am looking for someone to play Mirio Tagato. I will not accept one-liners. I prefer at least a paragraph in my replies. PM me to roleplay.

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Anime_freakTamaki Amajiki   26d ago
If I don't reply after a while, please send me a PM. I'm awful at this shit.

Tamaki Amajiki

Tamaki Amajiki was quiet, and reserved. The only reason he had a boyfriend was because they were childhood friends, and Mirio Tagato understood him. If it were anyone else, the relationship wouldn’t work, and they both knew that.

They were both happy, and healthy. In the mornings, they went to the gym together. Since it was summer, they didn’t have to worry about the struggles of high school. (Although it did start next month.) Even when it did, they knew that together- They could probably handle it. 

Tamaki was in their shared dorm, when he heard Mirio return from his friend date with their mutual friend Nejire Hado, since Tamaki couldn’t go to the gym with him. His hands skilfully cooked a dinner for them both. 

“Welcome home, Mirio.” The soft voice called, focusing on the small meal in front of him as Mirio took his shoes off and entered the small dorm.

SXRILLMiro   26d ago


Mirio Tagato walks in the room with a smile on his face.He felt happy having a boyfriend that he knew that he could relate and workout with

Some people think that a friend should not date a friend cause it is weird but i always had a connection with him since childhood.When they told each other they knew it was fate and they also knew that they have the strongest connection they could ever had then with anyone else.

As Mirio took his shoes off after a day of hanging out with Nejire Hado he smelled the delicious food from the kitchen in the small dorm room.As he gets closer he hears Tamaki's soft and sweet words.

When he gets in the kitchen he gives Tamaki a kiss and sits down.what did you make for dinner it looks good.

( is this good enough)

Anime_freakTamaki Amajiki   26d ago
If I don't reply after a while, please send me a PM. I'm awful at this shit.

Tamaki Amajiki

(Yes, but can you please use quotations around dialogue?) 

“Just a simple curry, and I made sure it was sweeter than last time.” He nodded softly as he stirred the rice and meat. He always took note of what Mirio did and didn’t like.

He knew Mirio preferred sweeter curries rather than spicy ones. Tamaki himself had learned to eat just about anything due to his quirk, so he didn’t mind any particular way of making foods. 

“How was your day with Nene?” He asked, carefully placing the food onto the plates as he listened to his boyfriends talk. He made sure the plates were set perfectly as always. 

When the plates were done, he set them on the table as he continued to listen. Sitting across from him, he simply smiled softly and widely at him, giving him his full attention.

SXRILLMiro   26d ago


“i love curry”As he sat waiting for him he heard him ask how his day was.

“My day was fine me and nene went out and eat first and then we had a fun time walking around i also grab like a pair of sunglasses for you from a store i hope you liked them after that we went to a show and watched it a got a t-shirt from it then after that we departed and i came back to the dorm and after that we got here”

He then smiled and then he watched as he put the curry on the plate."Your food always looks and smells so good.Did you make the curry sweet?"

He waited for his boyfriends answer he wished that he said yes cause he loves his curry sweet.

(this one was a little shorter my bad)

Anime_freakTamaki Amajiki   25d ago
If I don't reply after a while, please send me a PM. I'm awful at this shit.

Tamaki Amajiki

He nodded as he set the plates down at the table, picking up his chopsticks and beginning to eat the rice first. “I didn’t mix your sauce in yet, so you’ll have to do it yourself.” He sighed. “We should probably go shopping tomorrow, too. Our Class List just came out.” Tamaki hummed. 

The class list was their supply and teacher list, school started relatively soon. But they still had about a month left. “I requested our dorms be two people rooms, but I didn’t know if you wanted to share beds this year.” Amajiki said, looking up from his food.

 “You can finish all of the questions about that stuff-“ He muttered softly, his face turning a light pink. “They make me embarrassed… And I shut down…” Tamaki muttered softly, his face red as he explained himself.

Tamaki was always the type to get extremely nervous, and he had only just come out as gay last year, three years after getting with Mirio. He was still new to publicly being out. It was very different for him. This was his first relationship on top of that.

SXRILLMiro   23d ago


Miro sits down and looks at Tamaki and smiles “ok”As he gets up to stir his sauce he thinks for what he needs to do for school and what supplies he need and what else he blacks out for a minute then he zones back in.

As he is mixing his sauce he ask Tamaki about his day.


As he is listening he is mixing his sauce and then puts it on his plate and sits down.He was thinking about what he said about sharing a bed and how school will be this year and hope for the best.

“Also yes we can share a bed i don't see why not”As he was saying it he was red and felt a little brave to say that.


(sorry i been out for two days)


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