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It's always so loud when you enter a new educational system. The sight of bustling teenagers , young adults, its always the same is it not. The smell of racing hormones the males demanding they are top Dog. The females fighting over trivial things such as fashion, boys, who's the next center of attention. It's an abyss of chaos.

  Till one day it's not it becomes mundane walking through the motions fading into the background. Then that time comes when your father is relocated and you are forced to start over again. They can never know who you are how many lifetimes you have lived. The things you've seen come to pass.


Niamh <n-eve> was of an other worldly persuasion her family was to stay in certain areas that were beeming with supernatural auras. This unfortunately meant she had to play the good little daughter who went to said places and observed the younger generation of supernatural.She was tired of tagging these growing populations like animals being tracked for growth and migration. Not once in her many lifetimes was she able to fall into the flow of the normality around her. It was always business as planned. 

The events to follow however at ten crow heights academy of higher education, were surly going to stir things in the normal world as well as the supernatural. How will these humans, and other worldly being fair when the Vale is lifted and the things once though impossible become reality. When simple life is no longer simply going through the motions.  


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Quinndolynn_Niamh   45d ago


(" It seems like time began to move again as i packed up staying in grand burgh from 10th year to my second term of college. All the supernatural had fallen in line to the guide of the council. Off again we go starting over.") Niamh tucked her curly brown locks behind her ear as she pondered to herself. Most of the time they had moved before college due to the council up rooting her father. She like many other shadow beings were used as pawns to count and track other supernatural and mythical, mystical, astranged beings what ever you wish to call them. She how every was very apprehensive returning to graveston after 80 years of being away what if her face surfaced. 

Niamh watched out the window as they traveled across desolate land there was so much negative energy radiating around then. How she wished for once she could forget about working and just live a mundane normal life or as normal as possible for a being over 300 years of age. Her soft features allowed her to portal a growing adolescent and her mannerism gave her the advantage of bleeding into the background.  


Traveling to this place again due to a fracture In the vale she wasn't looking forward to what they may find. There were those like her family wanting to live in peace,then there were those who wanted to hold vast power over all else. No matter the cost of the humanity they may have left. She placed her ear buds in and turned the music up trying to ignore her father and mothers discussion of how old and what roles in the community they all would play. Niamh closed her eyes and tried not to focus on the energy around them she could feel her sanity wanting to feed off of it. Her only wish was that they could figure out why the vale was failing and if they could fix it before it was to late.  


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