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The streets of New York City are crawling with people. People who are running around getting to work, or just seeing the sights and what the Big Apple has to offer. That's not how it is for the Black Lotus, and the Kindred Butterfly gangs. They were starting to go head to head over territory, and things were slowly starting to get worse. Little by little, they were starting to enter the other's territory, and that's not how the Mobsters wanted it. They wanted both gangs to fight one another, and to see who would come out on top. Coleman and Your Name Here wanted things to be different, but they didn't know how to tell their bosses about it. Neither one of them wanted to make their leader look down on them, but things had to change.


Coleman and Your Name Here have been seeing each other behind their gang's back's, and pretty soon they were going to make it known about their relationship. Before that could happen though, they had to get their gangs on the same page. They had to work together, but that's something neither one of them knew how to do. Coleman was the son of the Black Lotus leader, and the man had very strict ways of how he wanted his territory's run. He didn't want his son going around and fucking shit up, but that's just what Coleman was going to do. Him and his father had butted heads for years, and he wanted to make his father see that he wasn't going to hide under a rock, while his father walked all over him.


Your Name Here is the Mobster's daughter of the Kindred Butterfly. She had her father wrapped around her little finger, and she wouldn't take no for an answer either. She loved the attention she got from the men in her gang, but the only attention she wanted was Coleman's, and now that she had it, she had to figure out how to tell her father about it. She knew it would piss the man off, but he wanted his daughter to be happy, and he wouldn't do anything to fuck that up. Your Name Here had different ideas when it came to the children in her territory's. They were hungry, and homeless. She wanted to get an abandoned factory, and make it into a shelter, but her father wouldn't hear of it. What mobster would do something like that?


Coleman and Your Name Here wanted to bring the people in their gangs together, but neither one of them wanted to go against their parents, and the leaders of their gangs. That's something they really have to think about. The night that Your Name Here and Coleman meet up, is when they are followed by one member from each of their gangs. They don't know anything about it. They meet up in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town. Neither gang owned the area, and Coleman wanted the two of them to take it. He wanted them to break away from under their father's watchful eyes, and create their own gang. Your Name Here was all for it, but deep down she knew she couldn't go against her father, and she told Coleman that.


At first Coleman understood, but he could see the way she was treated. So that same night they started making plans. That was when the spies from each gang show their faces. What'll happen when the two love birds are caught? Will they talk to two into creating something with them? Or will they end up losing everything? Will Your Name Here and Coleman ever come out to their father's about being together? Or will they stay a forbidden couple? You'll never know unless you join, Turf War.



The cast of Turf War.


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StolenRelics-тυrғ   47d ago


The smoke billowed out of the male's lips as he looked towards the black haired female standing with him. She turned her head towards him, and she rolled her eyes. "Do you really want to be with that bitch? She's nothing but bad news, and I honestly think you can do so much better" she said lightly. Coleman nodded a bit, as he put the lit blunt between his lips again, and took another hit handing it over to the woman. "Honestly, she's the best thing that's happened to me. I know that sounds weird, but she is" he said lightly.

He honestly didn't know why they were on the topic of Madalyn, but talking about her, always put him into a better mood for some reason. Charlotte took a hit of the blunt, and pulled it out from between her lips, before speaking once more. "I know your gang and her's aren't on the best terms, but is it really worth it? Your dad is gonna kill you when he finally get's wind about you and Madalyn messing around. Why not just stick with your own gang, cause you won't get fucked over in the end" she said, finishing the smoke they were sharing.

The slight buzz the male felt was amazing. He looked towards Charlotte and titled his head to the side. He leaned his head back against the brick wall, and watched her a moment longer. "There's just something about her. Something that I can't really put my finger on. I can't hurt you, because if I did, I would end up hating myself in the end because of it. I know you don't really understand it, but I'm honestly falling for the woman" he admitted. Something he hadn't done before. Admitting he cared about someone else.

Charlotte sighed lightly, as she pushed herself to her feet, and looked down at Coleman. "You are my best friend, and I honestly don't know what I would do if that bitch hurt you, but know I will forever have your back. You are like a brother to me, and if she ever did anything to hurt you, I would hunt her down, and kill her with my bare hands" she nearly hissed out. Coleman looked up towards her and smirked a bit, knowing damn well she meant it too. "I know Charlotte, and I love you for that" he said lightly.

She reached out and pulled the male to his feet. He wrapped his arms around her, drawing her against his chest. She slid her arms around his waist, and slid her hands into the back pockets of his jeans. "I love you Coleman, please don't do anything stupid" she breathed out. "I love you too Char, more than you'll ever realize. I promise you I won't do anything stupid" he said kissing the side of her head. The two stood there a moment longer, before the woman pulled away, and smiled up at him.

She kissed his cheek, and then she turned and walked away, leaving the male alone for the time being. He stood there and shoved his hands into his pockets. He knew the others would be looking for him, but at least he got to spend time with Charlotte. The only woman he really let close to him, besides Madalyn. He shook his head lightly and looked down at the ground. He then walked over to his beat-up truck and climbed inside starting it up. He had to meet up with Madalyn and talk to her.

That's when his phone started buzzing, and he reached for it and read the text message. It happened again. That fucking gang across the way, they took another fucking territory that I had my eye on. Get your ass in gear boy, and make sure they don't get their hands on anymore of my shit. Coleman sighed lightly, as he sat there and put his head against the steering wheel. He knew that the Kindred Butterflies were getting more and more territory. That's what he needed to talk to Madalyn about.

He started up the truck and reached for his phone once more. He then found Madalyn's name and hit Send Message and started typing. You and I need to talk. I just got a nasty message from my father. Meet me at our spot. I'll see you in about an hour. Don't be late like last time. He read over the message and hit send. He wasn't in the mood to really deal with Madalyn and her being late. He was in a bad mood as it was, and he knew she would try and push his buttons.

He put the truck into gear and pulled away from the curb. He headed out of town, and towards the mountains. The only place he and Madalyn could really be alone, and not have people watching over them. He sighed lightly as he went up the side of the mountain, losing service along the way. A little bit later he pulled in front of a cabin, parked the truck, shut it off and climbed out. He walked to the front of the cabin, and found the key and unlocked it, walking inside.

He moved over to the couch, sat down and kicked his feet up onto the coffee table. He pulled out the paper, and weed, and rolled a new blunt. Might as well enjoy himself while he can. He pulled out his lighter when he was done, and lit the end of it. He placed it between his lips, and took a drag, before blowing the smoke out, waiting for Madalyn to arrive.

Simply_RandomMadalyn   47d ago


Bang. Bang.

“Take cover.”

“Ronnie you dumb fuck. We are in trouble!”

Bang. Bang.


Everything was shattering around them. Glass. Wood. Fabric. People. Ronnie Stamos is related to Maralyn Griffin. Daughter of Dominic Griffin, leader of the Kindred Butterfly. The introduction is important. Especially when telling one a story so they know who's who and how we got to where they are now. The great big apple is congested by all sorts of people. The good. The bad. The lazy. The in-between. The rivals.

Ronnie isn't found he gets the stupid missions. He tends to let his temper get to him. Make every situation worse. Shoot first, ask questions later. The amount of time Dom had to send someone to settle down what Ronnie's cause is, is crazy! One would think Madalyn would be the one to cause trouble.

Madalyn was at a lingerie store getting a new set. A little something to cheer herself up. Maybe even have Coleman tear it off her the next time they get together.

“Maddie, your father called. Ron is at it again.” Tyler announced before knocking on the dressing room door.

“Start the car,” she says sighing. Second time this week. Taking one last glance at the 3 piece mesh violet that has pastel flowers embroidered on the lingerie. It popped against her slightly tanned body. It made her happy. Sighing, she takes off the lingerie on top of her undergarments to get dressed. Slipping back into her high-waisted dark jeans, a black BAE Cold Shoulder Bustier Crop Lace Top, and of course her favorite Gucci Women's Embellished Leather Ankle Boots. A gift from Daddy.

Madalyn quickly pays for her new sexy set before leaving. By the time she got outside, there were others waiting. Her team. “Let’s go bail Ronnie. The first one to get him in the car safely gets to rip him a new one.” Maddie wasn't in the mood to deal with him. As she was about to get in the back of the car her phone lit up before the felt it buzz. Moments like these terrifies her. In their world, you can get her news faster than a bullet. Her heart was still racing seeing who messaged her. Seems like he's in no mood either. This could go either way. They can argue and eventually make up or briefly talk about whatever it is that is bothering him and they can do whatever after. Right?

Ronnie told them about a property near Pier 90 that was up for grand or so he kept claiming. It wasn't hard to find them. The sound of guns firing made it is to find them. All cars stopped briefly to make sure they were ready and loaded. The second Tyler parker the car he made eye contact with Maddie through the mirror. She gave him a soft nod before getting out.

Four of them got our gun blazing. Another five waited to make their move. They went to get cover. Waiter for their turn to start shooting. Judging from the amount of bodies this turf was claimed. Tyler got attacked by a rival. The stranger spat out how this was the Black Lotu's turf. Fuck.

Madalyn took the opportunity to run inside the building to get Ronnie and whoever was left. From the looks of they ran out of ammo and began to use their hands. Her hand barely had the chance the load the next round when she got kicked from behind. It took a few seconds to gain her balance. Just for her to almost lose it again. This time she saw the punch aiming for her face. She barely dodged it. Her ear got hit. She places a hand on his shoulder and another on his wrist, sticks out a leg, and used all her strength to flip him. Her foot met his face knocking him out. There was no time to compose herself. Not when Ronnie looked like he was losing the fight. She shoots the big fucker twice. Once on his right shoulder and them his left leg. Hearing the gunshot echo made them stop fighting. “This our turf now bitches.” Ronnie shouts.

“Shut up and get in the car. Your four go home. Inform your leader you lost the turf. Happy Saturday.” before one could protest Ronnie smacks someone across the head with a pipe over and over, and over again. This is why he won't ever rank up. He's too violent. He’ll get them all killed. Her stomach began to turn seeing how there was nothing left of his head. It was all much. Tyler and the others eventually joined.


“I'm taking a car. Get him straight to the house. No detour.” Madalyn orders as she heads outside for some fresh air. This is such a crap day. This morning her father suggested she marries into another family to strengthen the family. He too is over the constant turf war. Constantly losing good men. Having to pay more people into their payroll.

Madalyn checked herself out. Her ear is bleeding and her earring is gone. Great. Another gift was ruined. On her wait to a Thai restaurant for a pick-up, she got a call from her father. Somehow she got scolded for Ronnie’s misfortune. He used her as a decoy to leave the house. Mentioned that he was going to help her find a new place close to home. She purposely moved 30 minutes away. It was annoying waking up to find out they used her living room to crash for the night. Granted they still do it but they ask before showing up.

After picking up the Thai food she disables all tracking devices. Even the one in the car. All she could think about was being held by him. Maybe even get a back massage after that brutal knock. Maddox spent twenty minutes aimlessly driving around to lose anyone tailing her. It took even longer to get to their hideout towards the mountains. She road in silence. Uses her free hand to wipe any and every dirt and blood she could. May tonight end on a good note. She needs something food to happen. Pulling up, she grabs the food as she parks the car not caring how horrible it's parked. There's enough space for them to both get out so who cares.

“Hey,” she says announcing her arrival, he goes to drop off the food and take them out. “Please tell me you have another blunt. I can so use something to calm my nerves. Also, I'm sorry… Ronnie was at it again.” not the best way to tell him about losing another turf but she's exhausted and her back hurts. She removed her only earrings before joining him on the couch, straddling him. She gives his forehead a kiss in case he denies her a kiss. “What is wrong love? Besides family riv…” she stops to take another off of the air. Perfume. “Besides family rival shenanigans,” she repeats ignoring the fact he has a female perfume.

She knows better than to get upset. Their love is a secret. For obvious reasons. Her father keeps trying to set her up but she doesn't go through with them. Does he? Does he sleep with them and tells his father she was a bad lay? Ugh, the urge to punch him and start a fight is real.

StolenRelics-тυrғ   35d ago


As the male was waiting for Madalyn to arrive he couldn't help but wonder how it went down. Why the hell was her father so hell bent on taking territory that wasn't his? It was already claimed. The male let out a low growl as he took another drag from the blunt between his fingers. That's when he spotted the lights through the sheer curtains. He heard the car door slam, and the sound of her footsteps as she entered the cabin. Seeing her walk in like nothing had rubbed him the wrong way. He sat there not saying anything as she carried the food to the kitchen.

He was half tempted to blow her off but knew better than that. Things were already beyond fucked right now and he didn't want to make matters worse. He took another drag and didn't say anything as the woman walked into the room and straddled his lap. God she was beautiful, breathtaking even. He was one lucky asshole as people told him. He let her take the blunt from his fingers and he shrugged a bit letting her words hang in the air between them. He had to keep his cool somehow.

“Oh I know Ronnie was up to his old shit. He fucking went into territory that was already claimed. Wanna know how I found out? Bentley was there, and he was one of the ones Ronnie had killed. My dad's right-hand man. Things are getting more and more messy, and my dad's getting tired of you guys swooping in and stealing what's not yours. I know you dad hates my family, that I can agree with because our families have always had bad blood between them. But lately it's been getting worse. I think your father has sent a spy to our end.”

“How do I know that? Well let's see this is the second territoy your family has taken from us” he hissed as he put his hands on her hips, lifted her up and off of him. He couldn't think straight if she was sitting there looking so damn sexy. He took the blunt from her fingers and placed it back between his lips. He started pacing around the room, running his hands thorugh his hair. He was getting tired of seeing her like this. He knew they had to keep their relationship a secret, but it was getting harder and harder to do so.

That's when Charlotte's words came back to him. Was Madalyn worth it? Was she worth everything? Hiding their relationship? He wished it wasn't this hard. He stopped pacing and looked towards her, a fire in his eyes. “Ronnie better watch his back from now on Madalyn. I'm serious. He's bound to get a knife in his eyes and it's not going to be from one of the other's in the group. It's going to be from me.” he growled. He hated Ronnie with a passion and always had. He had seen the way Ronnie had looked at Madalyn at one point.

He finished off the blunt and stubbed the end of it out in the ashtray. He then turned back to the woman on the couch. He wanted nothing more than to take her to the room, but he was too worked up. He was too upset. This whole matter could have been avoided if they had come out about their relationship one way or another. He sighed as he ran his hands thorugh his hair once more. “Listen, you and I have a lot of thinking to do. I know our parents hate each other, but we really need to figure something out"

“We can't keep seeing each other like this. The more we do this, the more I get upset about it all. We really need to figure out a way to make this work.” he said as he sat back down on the couch. He didn't really say the words but they were there. If they didn't figure something out and fast, they were bound to lose one another. Did he want that happening? Not at all. He was head over heels for the woman, and she knew she felt the sameway about him.

They just had to figure out how to tell their parents, and soon. That's when another idea hit him. “Hey, doesn't what's his name have a thing for Charlotte? I can't remember his name at the moment. The one you told me about a couple of weeks ago? He had seen Charlotte and I in town and he had made that comment about how he'd snag her in a heartbeat? If so I might have an idea” he said lightly. It wasn't much but he wanted to make sure they were on the same page. He kept his hands to himself as he waited for the woman's reply before moving forward with his idea.

Simply_RandomMadalyn   33d ago

He is fighting his demons. It's written in his eyes. What is swimming in bus head? Just as she was taking her second pull, he started talking. If Ronnie euins this relationship because of his fuck ups, Madalyn is going to kill him. Look at the passion and eage swarming in his eyes. The fact it's about what happened tonight and stupid Ronnie will be ignored! Forgotten. Okay, one more pull and she’s start making our with him. They can eat after they make love.

As if Coleman figure out her plan, he removed her from his lap. That hurt. Then he takes the blunt! He isn't the only one having a crappy night. It was she who was called to rescue Ronnie. Madalyn crosses her arms over her chest, annoyed. “I don't know anything about sending a spy. Nor have I heard anything.” watching him pace was putting her on edge.

Madalyn got up to go eat some dumplings. Leaning against the counter she began to eat while watching him. She removed the half-eaten dumpling with the chopsticks. “Everyone knows he's going to get him killed my love. Just make sure I'm not there when you do it.” she dips the dumpling in the sauce, “because I might get too excited and jump into your area exposing our relationship. Then we'll either have to run and go down shooting.” Maddie winks at him. Ronnie is a pain in the ass. He's always saying inappropriate things to her. They're related for crying out loud. Plus she's getting tired of rescuing him.

There he goes again. What was the point of calling her over? He could've texted her. Gotten revenge. She would've found a way to give him an address to one of their crappy turf. After hearing half the dumping she walks back to the couch. Happier now that she has a little something, something in her belly.

The silence was weird. One can start a fire with the tension in the air. Coleman began talking again. This time around his words shot her multiple times. Their relationship isn't ideal. They are making it work. Sure it adds to the stress but she wouldn't trade it for the world. No one else would understand her. He does. She only needs one person to confine in. That's him. She had to look in order to catch the tear that managed to escape her eye.

“I can get Ronnie and it should lower the stress between both families. It's the best I can do. Just don't... Don't talk like that. I'll become your psycho ex-girlfriend.” she will keep her word. It's not a threat. It's a promise. She turns on the couch to look at him. Her legs curled under her. Now the silence is getting to her. They're going to become a weird version of the Joker and Harley. Instead of them in move they're rivals. Madalyn began to plan her attack. Shell have him think she's okay after a few weeks, wait a year before she starts making her revenge moves, and like promised kill anyone who sleeps with him. No one can touch what’s hers. Now or ever.

Charlotte. Madalyn doesn’t like the girl only because of how close she is to him. What if they had a thing or almost had one? Her eyes squints as he went along. Adrian. He’s talking about Adrian. He’s her best friend since they were four. Everyone thinks they would’ve gotten married. That’s how close they are. They don’t see each other like that. They eventually started saying they were twins because it was annoying to have people assume they were together… look at her defending Adrian. For all she knows it’s the same thing with Charlotte. Blah.

“He wanted to get under your skin. He thinks ya two are together. He did kinda fell for her after tailing her for a month.”

Madalyn gets up to pace herself. He’s on to something. Would it work though? They could set them up. Adrian does want his dick in her. They can set them up. They can. Without giving themselves up as well. Fuck.

Madalyn stops in front of him. She was going to bounce on him and give him an idea. An idea he started that she’s piggybacking off his idea. With how he was acting touching him right now is a no. He’ll just pull her off of him again. It hurt the first time. If it was to happen again she’ll punch him in the face.

“I’ve always wanted to go to the cherry blossom festival. I can bring Adrian. Daddy would approve. You bring Charlotte. We can stay at different hotels. Reserve a whole cafe or a restaurant. Pretend we’re going but they meet each other. We can also have our own personal time. Obviously not in public… I’ll have to check a few things to make sure no family members would be out there… while they’re having dinner we can get an Air BnB for the night. Somewhere in the woods…” by then Maddie was getting fired up at the idea.

How amazing it would be to get away to have some alone time with Coleman as well. To be intimate at a nice home and not worry about anything but pleasing the other. The women found herself straddling him once again. “We’ll figure something out, okay? We can brain storm later.” She whispers kissing his forehead. Trailing kissed down the left side of his face and across his jawline until their lips met. “I missed you.” She mutters between kisses. Her hands finding its way up his shirt. “I love you too much to give this up.” Madalyn will gladly be disowned and get the beating of her life if it meant she won’t be a member of the Kindred Butterfly. Anything for him. Will he do the same for her?

Madalyn sighs hearing the ringtone that was playing. It was her father. She rests her forehead against his before answering.

“Hey daddy. Did you take care of Ronnie?”

“Where are you? You were supposed to come back with everyone.”

“I had some prior engagement to attend to. I figured I would be I formed of everything at the family’s monthly dinner. Did something happen?”

“It’s about the turf we just claimed. I heard you got banged up. How’s my princess doing?”

“I’m fine daddy. I’ll see a chiropractor some time this week to make sure my back is I’m okay. It feels okay now. If anything’s I’ll have a bruise. Can we talk about this tomorrow? I’ll get there early so we can talk.”

“Sure thing baby. Just one more thing. What about Sergio’s proposal?”

“Sergio and his proposal can go fuck themselves. Daddy Ronnie got the turf idea for Sergio. One of the Black Lotus girls rejected him. From what I heard he laid his hands on her. If you want me to be with someone whose intentions aren’t for the good of people I’ll go marry Coleman and he can have his way with me.” Madalyn’s eyes were filled with lust when she said it. Not a conversation she wants to have with either her father and lover, but here she is on the family rival’s lap and her dad on the phone. This would’ve been a blood bath if it was all in person.

Maddie puts her phone on speaker as her father began to curse. With it being on mute, she wanted to do a few things her father wouldn’t approve of to Coleman. It wasn’t long before he hung up from the nonsense she told him.

StolenRelics-тυrғ   27d ago


Coleman hated the way she was assuming that he would sit down. He could see the lust in her eyes, but he wasn't in the mood to be touched by her. He wasn't in the mood to even kiss the woman. He was too worked up about the whole thing. He knew that he would be the one to finally kill Ronnie. He just needed to figure out how too. A small sigh slipped past his lips as she tried to touch him and he shook his head lightly towards her. “You know when I'm this worked up I don't want to be touched.”

“I'm not trying to hurt you Maddy, but right now I just want to hunt Ronnie down and beat the living shit out of him. I know you want this to work out as much as I do and it's seriously eating at me that it's not. I can't show you off to the world and I want too. I want people knowing you are my girl and no man is allowed to ever lay a hand on you. I want your father to understand that I will ask his permission if and when I propose to you”

“I don't want you thinking that I'm a total asshole, I know you want to smash my face in because you can't kiss me. I wanted to spend an amazing night with you tonight, but that's out of the question now. Plus there's something else I need to talk to you about” he stopped there as she spoke about the festival. It would be nice to set both Charlotte and Adrian up. That would mean she'd get off his back about Madalyn. She'd be too wrapped up with her own love life. He just didn't know how she felt towards the other male.

He sighed lightly as he kept pacing around the room. That's when he heard the woman's phone go off and he watched as she answered. Of course it would be her father. He rolled his eyes lightly as his blood started to boil once more. What pushed him over the edge was the fact that her bastard of a father wanted her to marry Sergio. The asshole was really abusive towards women. The one he had laid hands on, happened to be another close friend of his and he about lost it on the male in the first place.

He watched the female and sighed inwardly. When her father finally hung up he stopped pacing and shoved his hands into his pockets. “As much as I love the idea of the festival, I'm not going to be here. Star and I are needing to go on a drug run to California and then onto New York as well. There's some really good shit we need to pick up, and dad has put Star and I on the same drug run. Star and I make a hell of a team and dad couldn't see anyone else going besides us”

“Promise me you won't do anything rash while I'm gone? If anything you can still go and visit Charlotte. I'm sure your dad would love seeing her. Considering he really does have a soft spot for her” he said. The words tumbling out of his mouth was true. Yes Madalyn's father hated him, but the male loved Charlotte and the two had a pretty good bond. He just hoped that Madalyn wouldn't be too upset about the whole Star thing. He licked his lips lightly as he watched her with silent eyes. He waited for her reaction to the news about the drug run too.

Simply_RandomMadalyn   25d ago

He is too worked up. Nothing is calming him down. Not the blunt. Not the food. Not her. All the girl wants to do is get tangled with him. To be held by him. Loved by him.

His words stung. It’s full of hurt, frustration, and rage.

Coleman was quick to turn down her idea. This is what he wanted and she came up with a solution. What? This, being here, is risky and they will eventually get caught. How can he turn down the idea of going away where no one would possibly know them? To be free and act like a real fucking couple. He even just said he wants to show her off and let it be known she’s his. As he is hers. As fast as he put doubts and questions in her head it all went away.

“Star?” She quickly repeats hearing that name roll off his tongue. Now her blood is boiling. It took everything in her not to spazz out. The fact Coleman is going to be with Star alone is what’s causing her to see red but to hear about the drug run... Oh, the amount of rage in her is incredible. Madalyn can turn into the She-Hulk. Is that the reason why he is saying no to her? An extra reason to add to his frustration because she, the one who possibly got away, can do a better job at calming him down. Or is it just for the drugs and money? Is it worth risking everything? His life? Their love? Oh, her wee little heart.

Madalyn loves him. She does. Truly. He keeps her calm and level-headed like no other man has. Yet he also drives her up the walls. That old ruthless bitch is ready to come out and play.

Don’t. Don’t mention Star because you know I don’t like her. I don’t get…” Maddy stops talking to get one of the Thai tea drinks. He got her fucked up with a capital F. “You know how I feel about Star. Star is a sneak. A weasel. The amount of times she hurt you... I’ll give you Ronnie’s address to his favorite hideout. I’ll try to set up a meeting between you and my father…” Madalyn sighs. Her voice was starting to crack.  The urge to scream and cry was interrupted when her father called again. Her brother was in a car accident. It was a hit-and-run. Fucked up thing is he was driving her car. Her tears instantly began to pull out of her eyes. Madelyn is done for the night. She can't handle anything else right now.

Welp. Good luck with your drug run. I have important things to look into.” She takes a sip of her drink. “Josh was driving my car… hit and run.” After taking another sip of her drink she couldn't help but chuckle. He wants her to promise him that she won't do anything ill-considered. “I can’t promise something you won’t do yourself. I’m sorry Coleman but I need to go. I would kiss you but you don’t wish to be too touched. Sorry about tonight. Truly. Be careful.” Maddy walks to the door and is about to leave but if it’s one thing she learned at a young age it’s to tell the people you love that you love them before it’s too late. “I’m not happy with you right now and I know the feeling is mutual but I love you, you fool. And if anything happens to you because of Star I’m killing her in the most gruesome way possible.” She turned her head to look at him while her hand was still on the doorknob gripping it was rage and hurt.  “If you’re going to Fuck the dirty cunts be mindful and use protection.  All I ask.” She winks at him before slamming the door.

Jesus what now? I’m heading to the hospital.” She says answering yet another phone call.

Here goes Ronnie talking crazy. He is such a conspiracy nut. She kept drinking her drink as she walked to the car. Once when she was inside all she did was start the car. Her heart began to feel heavy as it ached for god knows why. There are too many emotions swimming within her. It was time to go before she saw him again. It's too excruciating to deal with him. It was a mistake to come. Whatever he had to say could be been an email or something. Send a fucking pigeon. Anything but seeing each other.

The ride to the hospital was long. Mixed with traffic and just needing a few to cry it out by herself, it was a well-needed long drive. It was hard to plaster a fake smile when greeting everyone. It was easy to blame the fact that her brother got her for driving her car. Everyone kept telling her everything would be okay. How she's shaking like a feather. Only she's not shaking for her brother. It was because of Coleman. Does Charlotte know what he's up to?

Madalyn tried to leave but her father wouldn't let her leave alone. “Adrian and Charlotte can come home with me. Right?”

Her father questioned but nodded. Adrian seemed down to clown with the way he was grinning.

“I get to be in a car with two drop-dead gorgeous women? By all means. Let's go.” he pulls Maddy closer to him wrapping an arm around her shoulder. “Let's go, Dove.” he says winking at Charlotte.

Madalyn wanted to know why she was even there. Who was she with? She gives Adrian her car keys. “I'm going to lay down in the back. Do you mind sitting in the front Charlotte?” might as well get the ball rolling with these two.

Simply_RandomAlpha   23d ago


Adrian Parker is Madalyn Griffin’s best friend. They have been friends since kindergarten. It wasn't until he was much older that he was told about her family. It wasn't a surprise. He knew what his father did for a living. Apparently, it was working for her father. It was a win-win. He can see his father and play with her.

Normally when people say ‘I think of him/her as my brother/sister’ we all know it's a lie. This time it's legit. They never saw each other like that. They would cover for one another or occasionally toss the other under the bus so they wouldn't get in trouble. It was a love-hate relationship in a sibling way.

Then there's Ronnie. Everyone knows of Ronnie. He never liked him. He was like Randall from Recess. He can't be trusted. Never. Not even now. Everything about her cousin irks his soup. Especially the way he looks at her. It disgusts him. It's known how he envies her. Then there's how he tries to hit on his own cousin.

Adrian knows about Coleman. Doesn't know him like that but just enough to get by and he's okay with that. Things that his people gossip about and what Maddy tells him. Only the things she could tell and won't get in trouble. He thinks she's crazy for trying to make that relationship work. They're rivals for crying out loud. Everyone knows what happened with Romeo and Juliet. Why attempt it? Then there's how she talks about him. How her eyes sparkle. Her voice becomes angelic like and her mood is good. Unless something happens it's a complete 180.

Today is his day off. He was getting a touch-up on a tattoo and a happy ending when he got the call. Ronnie needed help. He laughed and replied fuck no. That was until he heard someone say ‘Maddy it is’. Then he knew it fucked up. He knows what tonight is. How long she been waiting to see him. She's even going to buy a new sexy piece for him. He is going to get an ear full. There was no point in ending anything because he was almost done with both things. She also knew about his plans. He prays she doesn't hold it against him for refusing to save Ronnie which is why she was called in instead.

The happy ending ended first and the tattoo thirty minutes later. He wanted to call her until his father rang. He got a quick summary of everything. Ronnie was saved. Madalyn left the second it ended. Her father was pissed. Josh was in a hit-and-run. Madalyn is on the way to the hospital.

The drive to the hospital was short. It wasn't far from where he gets tatted. Everyone was there. All but Maddy. He attempted to get an ETA from her but the call kept going to voicemail. It wasn't just for him. It had everyone worried. Especially Dominic who kept leaving threatening voicemails. Then she appeared. Crying. His eyebrows twitched with concern as he watched her greet a few people properly before being dragged into the hospital chapel. NewYork-Presbyterian/The Allen Hospital is weird man. Why have a chapel? To capture more lost souls? He mentally shakes his head.

It wasn't long until they exited the chapel. It was finally his turn to get a hug. It was a tight one that he returned. “You okay?”

“No…” she replies in a whisper.

Then a doctor came out. Gave them good news. One person at a time can see him but when he wakes up.

Then he saw her, Charlotte. He may or may not have a crush on her. Madalyn once had him follow her for a month. She didn't believe Coleman and Charlotte weren't an item or simply fucking. In this type of field, it's hard to trust people. He gets it.

Madalyn tried to leave but her father wouldn't let her leave alone. “Adrian and Charlotte can come home with me. Right?”

Her father questioned it but nodded. Both Dominic and Adrian began to grin. Adrian doesn't know why Dominic likes Char but Adrian thinks she a soft baddie and that tattoos… lord. He's a sucker for girls with multiple tattoos. But they need to be real tattoos. Not a butterfly, heart, stars, them simple typical shit.

Charlotte is going to be in his car! “I get to be in a car with two drop-dead gorgeous women? By all means. Let's go.” he said pulling Maddy closer to him and wrapping an arm around her shoulder. “Let's go, Dove,” he says winking at Charlotte. He offered her his other arm although he would prefer to hold her butt. Mhmm.

Madalyn ended up giving her day the keys to the car she was using.  “I'm going to lay down in the back. Do you mind sitting in the front Charlotte?” Adrian didn't question it. He waited for the girls to get in before doing so himself. Gotta make sure no one tries anything.

“So what happened?  No one should look sad after having sex with the person they love.” He asks starting the car.

“The only time he touched me was to remove me from his lap. He’s going to do a drug run with fucking Star!” Madalyn says shouting his ex’s name. Sobbing harder.

He softly turns his head to look at Charlott “You don't have to come with us. I can stop you off somewhere. But did you know anything about that?” He asks before looking forward again. Adrian isn’t going to take Maddy to her place. His place should be safer since it was her car that was targeted.

StolenRelics-тυrғ   18d ago


Coleman knew it was a bad idea to bring Star up, but Maddy had a right to know. He wasn't about to keep it a secret either. They were hitting a rough patch in their relationship right now and it was rubbing him the wrong way. He could tell she wanted to be held, to be touched, but he just couldn't do it. Not with how worked up he was. Yes the sex would have been amazing because of it, but he wasn't about to do that to her. He cared about her too much. He knew how much she hated Star and he hated himself for it.

When Maddy mentioned him sleeping with her, made his own blood boil. Did she really think he would do that to her? He was a total asshole but not in that way. He was loyal and she knew that. Or was it her way of just lashing out because of the news he had dropped on her? Whatever the reason he didn't want to know. He watched as she got a phone call and explained that Ronnie was in an accident. He was kind of pissed that no other harm was done to the bastard. He was thinking about taking her up on the offer.

He watched as she headed to the door and paused, turning back to him. Telling him she loved him. “I love you too” he managed to get out before she was out the door. He didn't know if she heard him or not. He sighed as he reached up running his fingers through his hair. He shouldn't have let her leave like that. Her family could have handled it without her. He started to pace around the living room the silence washing over him. He knew she had bought food as well.

He stopped pacing and walked into the kitchen. He spotted the food and drinks on the counter. He didn't know when he would be back at the cabin, so he packed everything and took it out to his car. He made sure the cabin was locked up tight before slipping the key into his pocket and slid behind the wheel. He pulled his phone out and scrolled to Maddy name, and opened their messages. A lot of it was in code because of her father and not knowing when he would ask to see her phone, if at all.

He started typing a message out. I know I'm the last person you want to hear from right now. I don't blame you for leaving like you did, I don't know if you heard me when I said I loved you too. Also I don't want you thinking I'm going to be sleeping with Star while I'm gone. I honestly can't believe you would think I would do something like that to you. I'm not like all the other bastards you've been with Madd's. I'm loyal and you fucking know that. Charlotte knows that as well.

I know you and I should have spent more time together tonight and I apologize we didn't. I should have told you when I was on the road heading to California and I didn't. I kind of want you to come back, but it's too late. Thank you for the food and drinks, they will be in my apartment. Charlotte has a key if you want to come and get them. Also I would love Ronnie's address cause I would love to rip his fucking head off his damn shoulders. I hope you stay safe and please don't do anything stupid.

I love you Madd's more than words can ever say. I'll see you in about two weeks. Maybe then you and I both will have cooled down and the sex will be amazing. Stay safe xoxo. The male stopped typing and read the message over a couple of times before finally hitting send. It was going to be a rough two weeks but he needed to get this shit done. He just hoped that Charlotte would keep Maddy out of harms way. He knew that the two got along the best they could for his sake, but he also knew that Maddy didn't like Charlotte a lot of the time.

The male let out a small sigh as he put the truck in gear and pulled out of the driveway. He was kind of surprised at how good the cell service had been tonight. Normally when they were here, it was shot to shit. He shook his head lightly as he headed back to town. He had some packing to do and hoped he'd be able to get some sleep before heading out in the morning to pick up Star and head to California for their run.




Charlotte had gotten word from Dominic that his son was in the hospital becuase of a hit and run. She had gotten wind of Ronnie as well and she was worked up about that. She knew that Coleman would be in a raging fit, she just hoped that he would let Maddy calm him down. She had been out for a jog and realized she had been closer to the hospital than home so she ended up running the rest of the way. Her blonde hair flying behind her as she ran. She was glad she had pulled it back when she did.

She slowed down to a walk and entered the hospital. She spotted Dominic right away and he spotted her as well. “Everything okay? How's Joshy boy doing?” she asked as she walked up to the older male. He opened his arms to her and she stepped in and hugged him tightly. “He's doing okay for the most part. At least that's all I know. Thank you for coming. Have you seen Maddy at all?” he asked. Charlotte shook her head lightly and stepped out of the older man's arms. “I haven't. I'm sorry Dom..” she said in a soft voice.

That was when the doors opened and Maddy walked in. Charlotte saw the tears and her heart broke. She knew she would need to tear Coleman a new one when she saw him. She watched as Maddy made her rounds and that's when the doctor came out and said that Josh was doing okay and that he could have one visitor at a time. That's when she heard her name and Adrian's name spoken by Maddy. “I don't mind taking her home at all. She looks like she needs some girl time anyway” she said as she fell into step beside the pair.

She was kind of surprised that Adrian was here. Then again Maddy and Adrian were like siblings. Just like Coleman and herself. She knew that Maddy had Adrian follow her for a month straight and she couldn't blame the girl. She watched as the woman tossed Adrian her keys. “I don't mind sitting up front at all” she said lightly as she made sure Maddy was tucked into the back. She then slipped into the passenger seat and shut the door behind her. She buckled herself up and looked out the side window. Clouds were slowly rolling in.

She turned her gaze away from the window and met Adrian's gaze and her heart skipped a beat. The male was breathtaking. She wanted to bed him countless times, but never said anything. As far as she knew he was in a relationship so she kept her distance. She shook herself from those thoughts when Maddy started talking about the drug up. Her heart dropped into her stomach. “I knew about the run yes. But I didn't know who was going with him. I seriously thought it would have been me going, cause Bentley knows how quick I am” she admitted.

She meant it too. She didn't know that Star was going. She knew that Maddy was upset and she understood why. She shook her head lightly. “I'm not leaving her side. I mean if you're okay if I shower at your place and borrow some of your clothes, I'll be fine until I can go home” she said lightly. She wouldn't mind wearing some of Adrian's clothes. Hell she's dreamed about it for months and now might be her chance to do so. She turned and looked at Maddy in the back. “You have to believe me, I didn't know who was going with him”

“If you want I can go over there in the morning before he leaves and beat his ass for you” she offered. She wouldn't mind beating Coleman at all. She then fell silent as she waited for Adrian or Maddy to say something. The silence starting to get to her a little bit.

Simply_RandomMadalyn   16d ago

Madalyn stared out the window. It was like she was twelve and a sad song was playing in her head and her imagination had her pretending she was in a music video. Ugh, she's pathetic. Why is this getting to her?

She always gets revenge. Became conniving. This isn't her. All this proves in a weird sadistic way how much she loved that fool. Losing him will break her.

Madelyn tried not to watch them but it was hard not to look. They like each other. There's nothing holding them back but themselves.

“Fine by me. I’ll even let you wear my favorite lounging shirt.” he replies. She kicks his seat. He is such a perv! His favorite lounging shirt is an old green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt. Everything will be visible. It's practically see-through. She saw him looking at her through the mirror grinning.

Maddy sat up wiping her tears. Charlotte's being extra sweet and she appreciates it. This should melt Coleman’s heart whenever he hears about this.

“You know what, yes. I wanted to punch him so bad the second he said her name but we already have a lot going on. I didn't want to make shit worse.” Madalyn replies. “I am starving. Can we get some food?”


“Hell no. I got Thai for us and left it with him.”

“Then I’ll cook.” Of course. Her only offers to cook it impress someone. Madalyn could beg him and he would say no. Now that Charlotte is here of course he’ll be showing off.

“Fantastic. He's a pretty good cook. He makes several amazing casseroles”

When they reached his place he had a quick chit-chat with Ms. Carmen. An eldery. Maddy greeted her as well before entering an upper-class building. Adrian held the door for the girls. Maddy walks in and waves to Roger the front desk clerk.

Adrian lives on the 8th floor there are only two apartments on each floor. Needless to say, his place is huge. Adrian unlocks the door allowing them in.

Madalyn rolled her eyes when he told Char to use the master shower. How she, maddy, prefers the guest bathroom anyways. The face Adrian made. He's excited.

“I'll be in the guest bedroom.”

Except Madalyn didn't stay long. She checked her phone to see a notification on a decoy app. He messaged her. Her heart began to race. She really wanted to open it to see what he wrote her but yet she was afraid it would be him arguing some more. She timed everything. She turns on the TV and the shower before waiting to hear Adrian give her a tour of his room. There's a neighbor who loved dressing Madalyn up. Maddy wanted to see him. Make things right. God forbid something happens and he does thinking she's mad at him. Then again she can fix this probably by going after Star…

Tonight's figure has her boobs wrapped up making her look flat, a ginger color wig that is longer than her hair was secured to her head, green eye contacts, butt pads, and a leather outfit that made her look like cat-women. She loved it! It didn't look like her. Cosplaying may be her thing if she wasn't worried about her image.

Madalyn left the building and walked a few blocks to get a car service. When she got to his building the front door was locked. Madelyn debated on breaking in or going to find Star. She wouldn't be hard to find. Truth be told she is most likely close by knowing they are going on a run together. 

She wanted to ignore his message. Let him know she didn't open his message but eye had a change of heart now that she was at his place. She began to walk away slowly as she entered password after password to open up his message. 

He actually told her he moved her before she left. How did she miss that? Oh no, her words hurt him. His words hurt her. She didn't mean hers. It flew out, out of anger. She knows he wouldn't cheat but if by some fucked up chance he did she'll kill the girl and fuck him up.

She sighed. Fuck, Char has a key to his place. Now she's regretting not reading his messages earlier.

“I love you too and I know you won't do anything. It was out of anger that I said that. His address will only be given to you if you don't go. I'll give you everything regarding him… I love you more than the first cup of coffee in the morning.

After sending him the message she sent a picture of the lingerie she purchased and left the store with. He missed out and he needed to know. Hopefully, it'll motivate him to stay or to hurry back to her in one piece. After sending what she did, she stuffs her phone in her pocket, looks back at his place, and crosses the street to look for Star.

Adrian listened to the girls. Coleman is their main topic. Blah. His ears can't

escape hearing about a Black Lotus.

A stupid grin formed on his face. She's not leaving his girl. That means she's staying with them tonight. Holy fuck! Did she just ask to borrow his clothes as well?


‘Thank you, Lord, for the blessings you have bestowed on my life. You have provided me with more than I could ever have imagined.’ he said in his head.

His grandma would be proud of him for remembering that much. “Fine by me. I’ll even let you wear my favorite lounging shirt.” he replies.

Madalyn kicks his seat. He looks at her through the mirror glaring at her. She better not fuck this up for him. He can finally have her all to himself. She was quick to accept Charlotte's offer to beat him up in the morning. Although Madalyn is capable of doing it herself. Why didn't she put her hands on him? If it was anyone else she wouldn't have hesitated. Welp, there it goes. For once she didn't want to make shit worse. Look at her maturing because of love!

“I am starving. Can we get some food?” Maddy says scouting closer to them.

“Thai?” he suggests. He can go for something spicy.

“Hell no. I got Thai for us and left it with him.” Of course, Coleman is ruining another good thing...

“Then I’ll cook.” He offers. He doesn't even know what to make. Does Char even like spicy food?

“Fantastic. He's a pretty good cook. He makes several amazing casseroles” For fuck sakes, he doesn't want to make Madalyn the chicken nugget parm casserole. It's her comfort food. Blah.

When they reached his place he had a quick chit-chat with Ms. Carmen. An eldery. She was the only one who would talk to him at first. Others had suspicion on what he did for a moving. Shes like another old auntie. Always checking Jo on him. Maddy greeted her as well before entering his building. Carmen doesn't like her because she think Maddy is stringing him along. Bless her old loving heart.

Adrian held the door forChar since Maddy walked in as if she lived there.  Adrian got his mail before going to the elevator. He lives on the 8th floor. There are only two apartments on each floor. It makes it feel like he has a mini condo. He loved it.  Adrian unlocks the door allowing them in. After locking the door she settled into the kitchen checking his mail before giving the new comer a tour if his room so she could shower and change. He’ll whip something up while she's showering and Maddy is going whatever she wants.

His home was basic. No real decoration. He did have one or two plants in almost every room. His bedroom had a king-size bed, a walk-in closet, and a master bathroom. He takes the remote from one of the nightstands to have the shades open. “I had a mirror reflection shit installed. No one can look in. Even when it's dark outside and the lights are on. I like my privacy.” Adrian tells her heading the tongue closet to get the TMNT shirt and some basketball shirts with adjustable strings. He walks up to her, stopping in front of her. “Here,” he says looking down at her.

Charlotte is so close. He can smell her perfume. It's nice. Unless that's her natural scent. To make a move or… his stomach grumbles. Fuck. He clears his throat. “I'll be in the kitchen making us something to eat. I doubt Madalyn will join us. She isolates herself when she upset. In sure there's leftover snacks from when she was here two weeks ago… the towels on the rack are clean.” he may have been creepy by removing a random feather off her head before walking away. As he reached the hallway he heard a soft click. Madalyn left. It never fails. He should have known his place was a decoy. Whatever. Charlotte is here and who knows maybe his wet dreams will come true. But first some white wine!


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