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Hogwarts Legacy | ccxoc

By tinymochi
Backup thread

Hello! I wanted to give this site a try since I have been actively looking for partners to get back into doing some fandom role plays again.

What I’m currently looking for in a partner:

  • Please be 18+! It is prefer since I am 20+
  • I prefer to rp on email (pm me for email)
  • I usually would respond almost daily but since I also have a life, my response can also turn into weekly depending on my energy and mental health.
  • I am ghost friendly, so don’t mind if you leave me hanging, but I will eventually bump just to check up
  • Doubling is a must! When it comes to ocxcc, I prefer to do doubling just to keep it fair. I am open to ocxoc and ccxcc (depending on the pair). Overall, ocxcc is my main comfortability
  • MxF, FxF are preferred pairings
  • Please write in third pov.
  • Quality over quantity. I don’t mind how short of a response can be, but all I’m asking is for . If I give some effort, I’m hoping for the same as well
  • Brainstorming. I enjoy having ooc talks as well, whether it’s exchanging some ideas or even just a normal conversation works too!

Now after the rules, time to move on to the craving. Just to start things off, I’ve been looking for a partner to do Hogwarts Legacy with.

Looking for someone to play Sebastian Sallow against my oc. Prefer to age the characters up.

I can play pretty much anyone for you.

Thanks for reading!

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