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Sun and Moon show (rp)

By Lunar_Sun
Backup thread

Welp this is a youtube series/channel with lore and chatacters in which you don't know please don't join and just message me what character/person you want to be some might be taken and no I won't be taking OCs or other things only those who are listed might add more later on but I only have the main ones at the moment.



Sundrop: N/A

Moondrop: N/A

Eclipse: N/A

Nice Eclipse: N/A

Bloodmoon Twins: Lunar_Sun

Solar Flare: N/A

Lunar: Lunar_Sun

Kill code: N/A

Earth: N/A



Monty: N/A

Video ChatKumospace [Everyone] [Everyone]

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Lunar_SunBloodmoon   49d ago
Your friendly animatronic pal lunar!


“oh brother we haven't killed someone in so long I'm bored!” Bloodmoon says walking around a area of the pizza plex trying to find something to do while his other half Harvest was doing something. “What are you doing brother, you have been silent” he stops walking his hands moving around back and forth as he looks around some bored and annoyed. 


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