Technology News Mashup: AI, funny reddit pics, and download Mp3s

⚣ ⚝ f𝐀ᑎT𝒶ѕץ L𝐨ν𝓔 𝕒Ⓓᐯ𝐄ᑎ𝕋ùRέ ❦ ❀

By Haren
Backup thread

You stumble into the healer’s hut in your small village

“P-please! Monsters!”

He grabs your arm and looks at the scratches

“What monsters?” He asks with a serious face

“G-goblins…” you manage you murmur as you pass out into his arms, you wake up on a bed and see him bandaging your wounds

He’s kinda cute… what do yo say to him?

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