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In a world where 80% of people are born with quirks but only 50% choose to use it for good. You go to a school where they train you to use your powers in society and how to be a hero. One day a mysteries girl shows up who claims to go by the name agana, the name sounds familiar but you brush it off. Throughout the year she would only go missing anytime a group of villains attacked or did a crime of some sort. You took it apon yourself to find out the truth. After a while a new villain raises to the top who goes by the name Lady death. Her mask was simular to the one Agana wore and never took off. This made everyone think that Agana was Lady death. After some time some time Agana started acting weird. Eventually during class someone snatched her mask and she instantly hid it using her quirk. Students and teachers started questioning her about it but she constantly denied it.

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ready to start?)

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Yeah! Can you start us though?)

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of course)

Agana went up to the school “I don't see why the hell i have to be here” she walked in and found her class, taking a seat in the very back. She wore a strange white mask with black lines then went to the bottom of her mask that started at the eye. She glanced at some of the other students who were either talking to their friends or sitting around. She sighs, she knew no one here and held no interest in getting to know them as she wasn't here to make friends.

Maeve Sasaki

Thank you!)

Maeve would soon stumble into the class looking about the room seeing so many people just being about. She slowly found her a empty seat. She took a breath having just moved here she hand no clue who anyone here was. So she wanted to see if she could hear anyone's name without flat out asking them.

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Someone walked up to Agana “well hi, Agana right? Whats with the mask?” they reach out to grab it but agana grabs their wrist and instantly pinned them to the ground “no one touches my mask and i mean it” she let them go and they quickly went back to their seats. Agana sat back in her seat and adjusted the straps on her mask so it would stay on. Agana put her head down as she waited for class to start. She was tired due to not going to sleep that night. She fell asleep for a small bit as class began to start and when it did she got up.


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