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Valen Thunderstar

Perception: 14

Investigation: 16

Insight: 14

Astral Elf



An astral elf that lost his family to a war with the githyanki. He was sent to Herron on Spiral to learn and to grow. He grew up seeing Herron as a father figure. Though he was attached to Herron and had learned a lot from him he had wanted to return to the Astral Sea.


What he found… Was not at all what he expected. He wanted to be hit with wonder and maybe he was… For a short time, but… He was not impressed and he missed Spiral and the one who had taken care of him for so many years.

In the end he decided to return to Spiral for now to continue his studies in becoming an Artificer.





Druid {Circle of Spores}

Perception: 16

Investigation: 11

Insight: 16


Willow is a young Eladrin elf from the feywild. He is the younger brother of a winter Eladrin by the name of Aravis. Willow enjoys staying in the season of Autumn.


He loves animals and nature. He likes to have everything in balance though. Life and death is something he isn’t scared of. Curious of the world outside of the feywild as his brother had been there several times before, Willow decided to have a look himself.


He was recommended to check out Spiral. So he began his adventures in Spiral. Aravis had told him to visit a couple of certain places first so he was to take a boat to one of the kingdoms.










Perception: 11

Investigation: 9

Insight: 11


A young and upcoming bard. She has high hopes to become famous. Her name to be known everywhere, but of course for that to happen she must actually get attention.



Fighter [GunBreaker :3]

Perception: 12

Investigation: 9

Insight: 10


A young rabbit from Strauss. He was left with a broken gunblade from a man that he had helped on the road. The man had sadly died from his wounds.


Zavir was known to be a bit of a ruffian. Using intimidation and fighting to get what he wanted out of people. A brute.


A life on the streets can do that to people. He didn’t know his family and he had to live somehow.


Fighting seemed to come naturally to him. A softer side was shown when he had helped that man that was in need. However because of him being known as more of a brute Strauss thought he had been the cause of the man’s death and now he was on the run.


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Defeated Edward and Alan's crew.

Alan escaped.
Derek had things explained.


Alan's letter gave away Jacks plans of gaining immortality at Death Knell.

Milton at Little Trumpet with the Icon.

Three disciples discovered.

Must pass Timbre Mount to make it to the capital.


Valen and Zivar need visions next.


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All Infected


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