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One More Time (closed!)

By MourningGlory
Backup thread

What if you could do it all again? Tell the boy or girl you loved that you love them. Go to a different college and take a different major? Live the life you thought you always wanted? Would you take that chance to rewrite your story to see a different ending?

Muse A and Muse B are both dead. They know their lives had not been what they had wanted. Always had they been friends, but always had secretly been in love. Sure their lives had not been terrible but there had always been what ifs.

Well God gives them a second chance to do it again. The catch, no memories of each other. Can they find their way back and have what they always dreamed of? Or will their second chance be a disaster?


  1. Must be 18+ (please no minors as I am uncomfortable writing romance with them)
  2. Do NOT expect me to play male for this (it can be either FxM OR FxF….sorry I am terrible at writing MxM) Roles can be discussed when you join**
  3. 500 characters MINIMUM (I love detail so more is welcome. Get personal with your characters and help me know them too)
  4. Do NOT bug me to post and I won't you. (Though posting should ideally be at least once a month)
  5. Anime Pictures (But please be tasteful)
  6. No Godmoding (Mildly is okay to move things along but do NOT dictate what I do)
  7. Please have semi-decent grammar and such (basically make your posts understandable)
  8. COMMUNICATE WITH ME (This one is my BIGGEST rule. Talk to me… I love plotting and making possible friends with partners…)
  9. No ditching (let me know if you don't want to continue writing together so we can end on good terms… )


**Happy Writings and I look forward to writing with you ;3

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MourningGloryKaterina Smith   38d ago
Lady of the Night

Katerina Smith

'You have one more chance. Use it well. You will not remember the life you had before. The man you married, the children you had, the job you loved, and that one person who meant the world to you. It will all be brand new and like starting over from scratch. Do you understand?' Came two pairs of voices. One was on her left and the other on her right. Both said the same words as if in perfect synchronization that it seemed more a buzz within her ears than anything else. 'Katerina, do you understand what we are telling you?' The voices spoke once more. Whoops, it looked like the woman old was she? had taken too long and those speaking to her were not at all pleased that a response had not been given as of yet. "Yes, I understand what I am being told...but I don't understand why this chance is being given." Came soft words as a hand moved over her eyes as she was TRYING to see past the two lights on either side of her to see the faces of the seemingly bodiless voices. But it was to no avail. Because after the woman had spoken her words, everything faded into a white mist of sorts and there was a shrill ringing that could be heard.

Green eyes shot open and a hand fumbled from under the covers to try and get the shrill ringing to stop. FINALLY after many seconds of searching, the hand that had been fumbling around found the button and silence was once more restored. With the new found silence, Katerina groaned softly as she rubbed her temples. That damn dream again... but what did it even mean? Honestly she didn't know, but it was starting to really get on her nerves. 

A sigh slipped from plush pink lips as she dreaded turning over to see the bright red numbers displayed on the alarm clock beside her bed. "Fuck me...It really is time to get up...this is the last time I drink that much before deciding to turn in for the night. The drinks always give me fucked up dreams." Kat found herself muttering as again she rubbed her throbbing temples.

A few minutes more of the rubbing and contemplating if she REALLY needed her job and the woman of twety-five pushed her nice warm blanket off and shivered as the air in the room slipped around her in a chilly embrace. Not wanting to continue to freeze, the woman scurried over to her dresser and began to dig through it, making faces at each article of clothing she found. NONE of it seemed appealing or even like it would be warm enough for the morning. Finally, she settled on a pair of black leggins and a pink sweater with long sleeves and her knee high heeless boots. The outfit was simple but it was also warm enough and would make running from table to table in 'Chances Diner' easy for her.

Katie got into her outfit for the day and brushed her hair to where it fell in light waves down her back and also did a light makeup that would highlight what others referred to as her natural beauty. When she looked as good as she decided she would, the twety-five year old woman grabbed her bag with her phone, keys and wallet and took another glance at glowing red numbers. "Esther and Jeremiah will murder me. I've been late at least three times this week. Better to not make it a fourth." Came quiet words as she let out a sigh and all but ran out the door.

Fifteen minutes later and out of breath from running the whole way, Katerina skidded to a halt in front of the elderly woman, Esther who shook her head with a faint smile. "Drinks again Katerina? You really should learn, child because we need you here on time." She chided gently as she motioned to the clock on the wall. "Go clock in and then get started. Your first guest is the man sitting over at the booth there. He's not been here long and we promised a cute little waitress." And just like that, Esther was making her way back to the kitchen.

Kat blinked brown eyes a couple times at the woman's words. She really was something else. But she had been since Kat had started working at Chances six months ago. But with a shake of her head, the woman went to clock in and got her apron on. Once she had, she made her way to the table that she had been told to go to and she plastered on what she hoped seemed to be a real enough smile on her lips. "Hi, welcome to Chances. I'm Kate and I'll be your waitress this morning. What can I start ya off with?" She started with the usual routine, but froze as dark eyes fell on the man. He. Felt. Familiar. But she had NO idea why as she had never seen him before. And she continued to stay all but frozen as she waited for his answer.


Simply_RandomAdrian   37d ago


'You have one more chance. Use it well. You will not remember the life you had before. The man you married, the children you had, the job you loved, and that one person who meant the world to you. It will all be brand new and like starting over from scratch. Do you understand?'

Adrian couldn’t believe what he was seeing or the lack of it. He’s dead. It’s like that scene from Harry Potter. The only difference is, is that he’s alone. Where are the voices coming from? Why can he see anything? The voice seems to be coming from the imagination. This place is so bleak. It's throwing him off. What was he doing before this?

do you understand what we are telling you?'

“I have questions though. What happened to me? What am I supposed to change?”

‘It is up to you to decide how you want to change your life. Would you like to correct the wrongs, take a keep of faith, and live ?’

Adrian began to pace. He couldn't tell if he was walking or pacing in the same spot. All of this was messing with him. To correct the wrong? Keep it faith? “Yes. Sure. But…”

Adrian fluttered his heavy eyes open. A gasp of air escapes him. The just-risen sun shone softly on the city streets, bringing with it a flurry of early-morning activity. One can hear the words chirping, cars moving, and the neighbors trying to rally the kids. Paws? Who has a pet?

Just then something semi-heavy jumps on his bed. He turns his head to see a black cat staring at him. Possibly into his soul. It meowed at him before it began to rub against him purring. So there on good terms. That's good to know. His hands rub his face. A low groan escapes him. He hates feeling off. What is wrong with him?

After snuggling with the cat he finally got up to shower. He didn't notice how cold it was until he got out. Even with the bathroom filled with steam, he could feel the coldness on his feet. He did everything he could in the bathroom before he had to get out of this comfortable steamy room to get dressed. He had to make sure his teeth stayed pearl white Boy did flossing take forever. He went sure what was worse, to floss or to fix his curls.

Adrian took his time getting out of the bathroom. It wasn't as warm in there but it wasn't unbearable. His Alexa digital

Calendar showed him his schedule for the day. If he leaves now he can get breakfast at Chance’s Diner. Why that diner? With a shrug ignored the stupid question and got ready. Today felt like a sweatpants kind of day but according to his schedule, he has a meeting to attend too. Joy. He put on a burgundy turtle neck sweater, a sliver chain, black suit pants, a pair of Burgundy mixed with grey and black socks with a black lace up boot, and to top it off awool coat that is mixed with a windbreaker with a thick earth lape style. After two or three spritz of cologne he grabs his back pack, keys, wallet, me his phone before leaving.

The city has a heart, a rhythm and a beat. It lives in our music, it plays in our sports arenas, it is there in each act of kindness. From the trees in the avenues to the penthouse suite, our city is alive. It felt too alive for it being this cold and early in the morning. Adrian got in his car and drove to the diner. His mind kept wondering but it didn't go anywhere particular. He didn't even realize he found parking and was just sitting there. Praying to everything holy, he played he didn't eat a red light, and will get a ticket through the mail. He got to the empty diner. He was told the waitress is running a bit late. She guarantees that she’s having a cute. He didn't mind. It'll give him time to scan the menu and warm up.

That was until she arrived minutes later. He was just now settling in and removed his jacket. His mouth opened to speak but nothing came out. Something about this girl seems familiar but he doesn't know her. Does he? He would remember a redhead with amazing eyes. Are they green or grey? Both? Maybe with a hint of blue? Adrian clears his throat looking away. Staring is rude. He knows this.

“Good morning Kate. I'll have a cup of tea and… I actually don't know… I'm sorry. What would you recommend? I do enjoy bacon so anything with bacon.” he continued to pretend to scan the menu. He kept eyeing her from his peripheral. Why does it feel like something is screaming at him to talk to her? To get to know her?

MourningGloryKaterina Smith   37d ago
Lady of the Night

Katerina Smith

Green-blue gaze remained locked on the man as he spoke his words. He was damn attractive and just everything about him seemed to call to the young woman. There was a familiarity that seemed to naw at her. One she COULD NOT explain to save her life. And realising that she had been just standing there and staring at the man, bright eyes were pulled away and had been dropped to the pad she held.

“Everything here is good. Or as much of it as I have tried is. So it really is hard to choose.” Her words were soft as she spoke them. But more than that, Kate had known what she would have chosen. She was just trying to buy more time. Was trying to give an excuse to stay at Adrian's table a little bit longer. Was trying to have an excuse to hear that voice that was so soft and so soothing.

Finger tips tapped lightly on her pad as Kate slowly and deliberately chanced a glance at the man who seemed to be once more going over the menu in his hands. And after what was probably only a few moments of silence but yet seemed an enternity to Katerina, she found herself speaking once more. “The three meat egg omelet is one of the best sellers. That with extra bacon on the side and your choice of fruit, toast, or potatos..” Yeah she seemed awkward, but she was FINALLY remembering that there were others in the diner and that she couldn't doddle all day. The man probably had places to be…and she had a job to do.

A faint smile did grace Kat's lips and she brushed some of her hair back behind her ear as green-blue eyes once more were fully on Adrian. “I hope that I didn't overstep any boundaries. And that you are too persauded by my words. Esther is always telling me that I seem to have a silver tongue and get out customers to order what I want.” Her words were half a joke but also have truth. Though she should probably not have said anything, Kate was wondering in the man had a sense of humor….and in a cheesy way was hoping that she might get to see a smile and hear a laugh.

Simply_RandomAdrian   35d ago


Would it be rude to ask if she is a natural redhead? He's never met one in person before. She's the first rehead he seen in person and she's adorable. Small too. He wanted to put it in a box like that anime. He normally doesn't watch anime. Some

If his friends do. Nezako is was the girl in the box. She was like a demon or something and her brother is trying to save her. He doesn't know. He just wants to carry around and protect her from God knows what.

Now he couldn't tell if she was looking at him because she sees him trying to look at her or because he was giving her creepy vibes. What is wrong with him today? He was happy to hear her speak. It gave home a reason to actually look at her. “Welp, I guess I need more time to decide. I'm sorry.” he has even looked at the menu! There should be the typical pancakes, eggs, and maybe French toast. He can pick one of the basics. Before he actually looked at the menu she began to speak. “That doesn't sound bad at all.” honestly, it didn't. He was going to say he needs some eggs for protein but didn't want to sound like a gym rat or dietician.

Oh no, she tapped her pad. Is he taking too long? He's boring her. Fuck. Okay. How can he stall a bit longer?

“No. No. You were very helpful. I'll add a cup of coffee. That's something you didn't suggest. See, your so call persuasiveness didn't work on me.” he gives her a playful wink smiling. “I will also get the fruits. Thank you,” he says handing her the menu back.

He watched her leave without turning his head too much. Can't look like a weirdo. He phlls out his phone to go look at his photo album. He doesn't know her. He needs to make sure he doesn't. Unless this is one of those ‘you are meant to be’ moments. Like fate or whatever.

He scans his pictures, friend list on all social media. Nothing. Just nothing. Fate it is. How should he handle this? “This may be too forward but when are you free? I hear there is a festival this weekend. Would you like to go? With… me?” ugh. he probably sounds stupid. Why would he even ask that? She could be taken or gat or both.

MourningGloryKaterina Smith   31d ago
Lady of the Night

Katerina Smith

Cute, the man was cute. And the more the two seemed to stall for time, the more Katerina could tell he was as awkward as she. It was nice to see that she wasn't the only one who seemed to be having a hard time. And the more they both seemed to linger and doddle…maybe even dance over their words, the day was seeming to become like the openers to one of those cheesy romance movies. Just that thought alone ALMOST had Kat laugh out loud and needing to recompose herself to not seem like some kind of nut job. Though she was sure the man already thought she could be a freak or something as it was.

A faint smile did grace plush pink lips when Adrian spoke and even told her that she had not been the one to convince him of what to order. The cheesy little wink even made her laugh some. “No I suppose I didn't sway you. So that means I'm not the silver tongue and you chose your own breakfast.” She teased as the menu had been handed back to her and she left to give the meal ticket to the cook.

In the time it took for Adrian's order to be made and trayed, Katerina had found her way to serving at least three other tables before coming back to his. All the while, the young woman of twenty-five had been trying to rack her brains to try and remember IF she knew Adrian from somewhere. But the more she thought on it, the bigger a headache she was getting. So in her mind, this HAD to be a chance meeting. Which was fine by her because that meant getting to know someone new and different. But at the same time, Adrian felt familiar and like someone she had known…that was the feeling that as hard as she COULD NOT shake away.

“Sorry it took so long to get your order back to you. I'm the only one in today taking orders. Annnd the cooks may have forgotten to cut the fruit when they came in. But as you can see it's all here.” Came soft words with a smile and a playful wink as she set the plate, coffee, and small bowl of fruit down. 

She was about to leave again ti check on other tables but Adrian's soft voice and words caught her off her guard. He. Wanted. Her. To. Join. Him. To. A. Festival? That was both exciting and terrifying! It took the redhead with bright green eyed a second but she smiled and nodded. “That sounds fun! And so much better than how I spend weekends normally. Here..” And she did take her pad and pen out again and write down her cell number and hand it to him.

Simply_RandomAdrian   16d ago


Adrian waited. And waited. Was it him or was time moving slowly? He had to walk out to his car to get his bag. He could be doing some work to kill the time. He didn't mind. It'll just make work and time go by faster. He can perhaps even take a longer lunch break and come here. Would she even be there later?

He managed to read a report, highlight a few things, and take some notes. Katerina appears as he was talking to himself after reading another page. “No worrier. I kept myself busy,” he says removing things from the table. His mouth watered. It looks and smells delicious. He's hungrier than he thought. He then looked at her just as she winked. His heart exploded. “Th-thank you.” he managed to blurt out.

Adrian was in the sky when she asked for his phone. He doesn't remember the mast time he got a girl's number the old-fashioned way. Look at him go. He's probably failing because he doesn't have game but he is still doing it and managed to get her number. He looks at the number before saving it. Kate. Her name is Kate. As he was waving it on his phone he wondered if her name was short for something or if it was actually Kate.

Before he could take a sip of his coffee, Axel his co-worker and best friend slides in the best across from him. “I hear Mr. Dixon is firing people. He is giving everyone a half a day. We just need to choose if we want the morning or evening shift.” he says taking the coffee from Adrian.

“I didn't get anything so I still need to go in no matter what.” Adrian was about to stab something on his plate to eat when Axel swoops in taking the fork that was in his hand and the plate. This would have triggered him… but! “So shift did you pick?”

“Evening. I'm hungover. Plus a fucked the bad bitch last night but now I'm itching...” Adrian tried not to laugh.

Adrian instead raised his hand, “Kate?”

“What is this preschool?” Axel says laughing.

Adrian’s uncle is a business guru. Adrian is the head of the marketing department. No known Mr. Carter Dixon is his uncle. Adrian doesn't wish to stay in the company long. He's been taking cybersecurity courses. He moves to code. He wants to start a cyber security company. He's already working on a prototype. His family isn't supportive. They want him to stay in the family company. Even though no one but them knows they're family.

“Sorry to bother you, but I need another order. Same thing. Please.” Axel eyes her.

“It possible can I get another cup of coffee? I'm Axel,” he says giving her his best pearly white smile.

Adrian rolls his eyes. Of course, he’ll try to flirt with her. He should tell him she has limits. He likes her. All he could do was glare.

“You know there is a festival coming soon. I would like for you to accompany me. Pretty please.” Adrian laughs. “What's so funny?”

“She already has a date. Sorry. I overheard it.”

MourningGloryKaterina Smith   8d ago
Lady of the Night

Katerina Smith

At least he wasn't mad about the wait. So many others she dealt with usually got snippy with her. Which she sometimes bit back at and got herself into trouble. Or she was in trouble until she explained what had happened. So the male whom she was waiting on was a breath of fresh air and a sweetheart. That was something nice for her to learn. Whoops! She was letting herself get lost in her thoughts which depending on the time and day could be both a blessing and a curse.

“Honestly there's really no need to thank me. It's the least I can do. Besides it's not everyday a cutie asks me out and to spend the weekend doing something.” And again she gave a wink before handing the man his phone back with her number and leaving him to his own devices.

For a few minutes, Kate found herself rushing between a few of the other tables. It seemed that refills were needed and children had decided to dump their food on the floor. Any other day, Katerina might have been more annoyed, but she couldn't help that she was on cloud nine. And when she heard the soft call and saw the hand raised, her heart seemed to flutter. Which was NOT normal for her. But then, there wasn't exactly anything normal about her meeting Adrian and that damned feeling of familiarity either. So at this rate she decided that just to go with it was her best option. Wasn't like she had the choice as it was.

“Of course. Maybe I can even talk the cooks into extra fruit and bacon.” That was her way to make up yet again for the waiting she had made him do as she had been dealing with the other tables. And it was when she heard the words of whom she assumed was Adrian's friend did a faint laugh slip from her. Katerina had been about to answer but it seemed that Adrian had beaten her mostly to it. “He's right. I do have a date this weekened for the festival. Now if y'all don't mind I've got to get that extra plate and get back to work. Behave.” The behave bit had just slipped before she had even thought to stop it. And after her last words, cheeks turned a bright red and she skittered back to the kitchen to put in the order of the extra plate and others she had gotten. She was also hoping the space would help her get her head back on straight.

Simply_RandomAdrian   6d ago


Adrian did his best not to grin. Axel mad a face he hasn’t seen a while. A ‘what the Fuck. Was I really rejected?’ Face. Priceless.

“Can you mend my broken heart with extra bacon? Why is he getting special treatment?” Axel pouted. He is cocky as Flynn Ryder from Rapanzel. What’s the name of the look he makes? Smolder? That’s the face Axel was doing.

Adrian did his best not to laugh. Poor Kate.  She probably thinks they're a bunch of weirdos attempting to sleep with her or something. Axel better not mess this up for him. They had a lovely awkward long moment together. It all felt familiar or at least she did but yet she's new to him. Would Axel think he was hungover or insane if he tried to explain what he was feeling?

Now the question is who is she telling behave? He's a was being good. Axel on the other hand... Eh. It just made Axel laugh.

“I'll keep my friend here on a leash. Can't have your date going after him. Then again. It'll mean I can fill in that role if something happens to them both. “ there he goes again doing the smolder look.

Adrian shakes his head smiling. He didn't say anything. Axel did just fine doing it himself.

They began to talk about work. Until Axel wanted to do over last night. Adrian simply told him he didn't remember. Axel was quick to respond by saying he most likely got messed up and how dare he for not inviting him. He couldn't shake the feeling that, that wasn't the case. There was no proof that he was sober but something did happen.

Adrian got a call from the office. They made Axel nervous as he waited for a call but got nothing. “He needs that to go, but don't worry doll I’ll be here to fill in for his absence,” Axel says giving the same stupid smolder looks.

“Enough with the smoldering. It's actually an uncomfortable thing to be witnessing.” Adrian slowly looks away from his friend, “He is right though. I just got called in… I'm sorry…” he is sorry for making her work hard. For leaving Axel behind. For not spending more time with her to get to know her.

“Dude. It's her job. Relax.” axel blurts out stuffing his face.

Adrian slowly closed his eyes. This is why he gets rejected by girls. He would say the right things and then in a second would say something like that and ruin it all the guy sighs.

“At least shell has a job…”

“Stop. Don't play like that. I don't think…”

“You did say they're cutting people off. I may just add to that list.” Axel gave a nervous laugh watching Adrian pack.

Adrian left sixty dollars on the table. He thanked her for everything before leaving. Axel didn't stay too long. He did ask her one more time to go out with him before leaving.

Adrian took his time getting to work. He didn't get how Axel knew something before him. It's okay though. If he does get fired he can focus on what he really wishes to do. Cyber security. He knows it won't happen. He isn't getting fired. There was no traffic no matter how many times he took a detour. It turned out to be a meeting for the higher-ups. Him included since he's head of one of their departments. Like what Axel said to Kate was wrong, the information he heard was also wrong. No one is getting fired. There is a chance they will all have a big project. The deal is being finalized. What makes this one different is that they will be working with another company and they will interviewed mid-way. They began to assign which department would be doing what. Instead of having the proper department do their thing his crazy uncle wanted to switch it up. Put his people to the test to be able to cover departments if needed. While his CEO uncle left the others stayed behind to begin to exchange information on how to succeed. It was long and annoying.

He ate his breakfast for lunch. When it was time to go home he decided to go back to see if Kate was still working. Either way, he'll be ordering dinner from there. If not any chance she's not there he will simply take it to go. He completely forgot they swapped numbers. It would have made his life easier. However, thinking about seeing her made his night better.


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