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Lunar Sun meets Solar Eclipse

By Lunar_Sun
Backup thread

Lunar Sun: Me!

Solar Eclipse: N/A

Lunar Eclipse: N/A

Solar Moon: I am my brother as well!

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Lunar_SunLunar Sun   55d ago
Your friendly animatronic pal lunar!

Lunar Sun

Lunar falls through a portal and his brother panics seeing Lunar suddenly disappear through the portal he was working on, he screams out his brother name in terror as the portal closes in front of him he stood there staring at the empty space in front of him with no Lunar Sun in front of him he covers his face with his robotic hands cursing to himself. He quickly heads to his lab under the daycare to get his brother back


Lunar falls through the portal he panics then hits the ground and with a loud thud then sits up sitting there on the ground looking around in this new place getting up it didn't seem to be the daycare anymore seeing the differance then thought of himself being in a new world “Oooo! Do i get to meet sun and moon here!” he looks around excited to meet his new friends then noticed something was off looking around worried some


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