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Therapy/safe place with Lunar Sun

By Lunar_Sun
Backup thread

You can say what you want and I will help the best I can friend! I will not judge you I will just listen to you and give you advise and if you want I will delete you messages after and delete the messages of those who try to judge you or hurt you feelings with there comments. I will also make private threads or chat in the PMs if needed. I will be you father/mother/parent figure and I am accepting to many things, I am here for you new friend!


I will also call you whatever you want if you to scared to join the chat just PM me don't be scared I will make another chat just for you so your comfortable just state your pronouns.

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Lunar_SunLunar Sun   55d ago
Your friendly animatronic pal lunar!

Lunar Sun

I am just here I will answer your questions or listen to what you need to say and get off you chest I will listen and not judge :)


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