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Not So Cliche High school Romance☆

By Anime_freak
Backup thread

It's always the jock gets the girl- But what if the jock doesn't want the girl?


(Y/C) is the on the football team, classic? Right? Cliche.


And Toni, (M/C) is the goth boy who dresses too feminine for a man.

The two boys are both very different, as are all high school Cliches. Toni is the ‘freak,’ while (Y/C) is the ‘normal' one. Toni is constantly teasing and around (Y/C)- How does he feel about it..?




I will not do one-liners, nor will I do single paragraphs. I want a literate and or semi-literate partner. I am not worried about constant replies, as I am not on constantly. No real and or Gacha Life images. This is a MxM roleplay, as I am not comfortable with MxF. It is not an 18+ roleplay, but due to real-life issues and more mature themes, I would like a more mature personel, definitely not under 13. Please do not request to join. PM if you'd like to roleplay. 

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Anime_freakToni Loove   56d ago
If I don't reply after a while, please send me a PM. I'm awful at this shit.

Toni Loove

(I roleplay in third person, but due to this being a starter it uses ‘You.’)


Toni walked down the hall, his platform clapping on the school's surprisingly nice tile. You were digging through your locker to find your history book when Toni approached you. He leaned against the locker next to yours, “Heyyyyy football bitch!” He giggled, his books held to his chest as he teased you.


You two shared about four out of seven classes, you couldn't get away from him! Even if you could, he'd probably find a way to get back to you.


He did this quite often, and you almost always had the same reaction- A snarky comment, a few ‘freaks’ here and there- BUt it never got aggressive. Since Toni didn't exactly have any friends, he considered you his friend, even though you never really hung out anywhere but the school. 


He was definitely a flirt, but how could you take him seriously? You were obviously straight! You were a jock. “Awww, are you flustered, meathead?” He laughed, nudging his arm a few times while licking his lips. “I love making you nervous.” Toni grinned.

-Karasu|Chiharu|   28d ago


Chiharu Hanasaku was his name but to Toni it was Football bitch or something along those line. Haru did his best to ignore Toni there were time he did feel bad for the boy. It seem today he wasn't as good at, his temper seemed to get the best of him. He slammed his locker door closed with a hard thud as the metal door clatter on holding on to its hinges for dear life. Haru crystal blue eyes locked on to Toni. “Well at least I am not lonely little Freak with no friends…” he said as he as he walked away from the boy in a rather quick and irritated pace. 

It was clear that Haru had just about enough of you, your fun and games were getting old. Calling him names, teasing him constantly. Why? Did you really like him that much? Perhaps you were in love with him maybe? Or was it all just a sick joke. It was hard to tell with everything going on. Haru sighed as he pushed that thought aside. He stepped into his chemistry class. He was actually happy there wasn't a lab today that meant he wouldn't be stuck with Toni. Despite what Toni thought he was actually a straight A student. His GPA was at least 4.5 which was fairly good. He was sure by the time he graduated he would have it least up to 5.0 which is about the highest it could be. Maybe if he was lucky he would be able to graduate early. 

That thought seem to put a smile on his face. If he could graduate early he wouldn't have to deal with anyone. No more football, no more classes and better yet no more freaks to constantly be pestering him and trying to get under his skin. He sighed softly as his teacher spoke and said they need to read pages 101 to 108 in their text books. That was a lot of reading, for one day but the classroom was mostly silent. The sound of turning pages and yawns could be heard throughout the classroom.

Haru sighed softly as he pulled out his note book and started taking notes. Haru let out a small sigh as his eyes scanned the pages of the worn text book. It was clear that chemistry wasn't his most favorite class. He did his best to focus on lesson. The study of atoms. Perhaps this would of been interesting if was lab but since it was mostly just reading and pictures. Until the teacher passed out an assignment sheet. Wanting to know what Atom and a few other questions seem to be hidden between the lines of the text book. Haru was happy when the bell ran meaning that chemistry was over for the day. It was then time for his next class which was art. 

Anime_freakToni Loove   28d ago
If I don't reply after a while, please send me a PM. I'm awful at this shit.

Toni Loove

After the class ended, Toni had stood up and grabbed his textbooks. Before Chiharul could get away, he shoved him with his shoulder. Of course it did nothing but slightly move the man since Chiharul was way stronger than Toni.

“Why are you in such a bad mood today, Football Bitch? I go to all of your games, so I know it’s not ‘cause you loose~?” He grinned, pushing him yet again as they walked down the hall.

The man listened at he complained about always being followed, but what could Toni do? Just leave him alone? Clearly the football player needed him! All of his other friends were jerks, that’s why Loove was there!

Toni wasn’t athletic, and he wasn’t smart- But he was good and writing, and drawing. Since he was your average “Emo” stereotype, his art resembles that. He was given multiple awards for his art. But he was failing two classes, and wasn’t in any sports. 

“Sometimes I think you can’t stand me.” Toni purred, laughing as he grabbed his arm as if to cling on it. He was childishly giggling and laughing, his jewellery swinging as he walked in a weird pattern to stay clinging onto the football player. 

“Hey, Chiharul!” One of his friends called, glaring at Toni. “What are you doing with that Freak?” They glared in confusion. They knew that he wouldn’t just hang out with such a looser. 

Toni glanced up, smiling as he went to say some something, but it seemed Chiharul had other plans. Toni wanted to say he was his best friend- But it didn’t look like that would happen. He just stared intently, probably listening to Chi’s words more than his friends were.

-Karasu|Chiharu|   27d ago


Haru seemed to grumble as he was met at the door and shoved slightly. How dare this brat grab hold of him so casual. His crystal blue eyes narrowed as they looked Toni with anger and disgust. Haru did he best to bit his tongue it was clear he wanted to say something. Probably something fairly mean but the boy stay silent until they were stopped by one of football friends. 

“Like bees to honey… I seem to have attracted him unfortunately.” He said rather dryly. As he pry his arm away from Toni. He basically ignore everything Toni has said to him early. Why should he dignify him with a response. Haru didn't know that Toni went to all his game. Maybe it he actually like Toni he would of thought it was sweet but it was just disturbing. Haru  didn't want to hear it. “ What are you doing over here anyway Sora? Isn't your next class the opposite direction?" he said as crossed his arms lightly. It wouldn't take long to get to the art room. He just needed to go down the stairs and to the right. So he had at least a minute or two to spare to chat with Sora before having to leave. 

Haru was sure Sora was going to meet up with his girlfriend. Or perhaps cut class so he could go smoke on the rooftop. Haru warned him many times that those were just cancer sticks but the boy always see to shrug it off. “Well I will see you at practice.” he said as walked down the hallway not paying any mind to Toni. Who he wasn't sure if he was still standing there or not. Haru walked fast as he walked down the stairs with ease at a quick pace. He then walked into the art the smell of paints, clay and perfume enter his nose. Mrs. Sachiko always put on a strong smelling perfume. Haru had grown used to this scent. 

Today Haru was happy when he was told by her that he would be allowed to use the canon camera today. The classroom only had three so it seemed that two other students would be getting to use them today as well. He was happy that the didn't have to work in groups. He carefully took the camera from her. He was told he had 20 minutes to go take a few pictures of something inspiring, silhouettes and something green or blue or an animal. Last choice was up to the student. Of course the students were not allowed to leave the campus but that had at least 20 minutes to work on the assignment. The assignment would be due by the end of next week or when everyone got the chance to use the camera.

Haru quickly thank his teacher before slipping back out the door and into the hallway. He first decided to go to the roof. He quickly walked up the two flight of stairs. He made it to the roof top before looked around. He then found the perfect spot. He took a picture of the city view. It was beautiful sight with the dark clouds that seemed to be forming in the sky. The smell of rain blew in on the wind causing the shiver. He sighed softly as he brushed his ivory colored hair back in a simple but swift motion. 

Anime_freakToni Loove   27d ago
If I don't reply after a while, please send me a PM. I'm awful at this shit.

Toni Loove

Toni had taken up on the newest drawing project instead- He preferred using his hands. He was sad that Chiharu considered him annoying, but he would take that over a bully or something like that. 

He made sure to leave him alone that hour, and for that matter, the rest of the day. He made sure to leave later so he didn’t see him on his walk. He wasn’t sad or anything- but he figured that perhaps Haru was truly in a bad mood.

Toni definitely didn’t expect to be threatened and beat by Haru’s friend, though. He didn’t know high schoolers were capable of such things. Normally they left him alone because he walked home with Haru. They lived in the same neighbourhood by the school. 

It was a fractured wrist, busted lip, and black eye. He was told that “Haru wasn’t a fag,” and that he should stay away from him from now on. 

It made sense. Did Chiharu send them after him? Was he really that fed up with Toni? He just walked home after that. 

When he was Twelve, his father went to jail for beating him and his momma. He almost killed her, and she got into drugs. Toni loved with his grandma now, and hadn’t been hit ever since. He forgot how much it hurt. Not just physically- But emotionally. 


Toni Loove came to school in a cast, and with a small bandage below his lip- they hadn’t actually his his eye too hard. So it wasn’t swollen. He didn’t stop at ‘Football Bitch’s’ locker. Toni grabbed his own books, and just watched Toni get his books. Not in a creepy way- Just to make sure he wasn’t looking at him.

-Karasu|Chiharu|   25d ago


Chiharu only glance at Toni for a second it wasn't noticeable thankfully. He was surprised normally that boy came flocking to him and was calling him names by now. He must of had a new interest, with how quickly he walked away. It was also odd as Haru was sure Toni was okay the other day but today he had a few bandages on his face. He had yet to notice Toni wrist. Haru simply shrugged to himself as he headed to gym class. He left most of this things in his locker. He closed his locker and walked away quickly. 

He sighed softly as he to gym. It seemed they would be going out side to run on the track today. It sounded like they were going to have 25 minutes to run four laps. If they finished early they could play basket ball or any other physical activity they please. Haru eyes seemed to sparkled when he seen baseball bats. He always enjoyed baseball but his father wanted him to play football. He honestly couldn't wait until school was over. Then he wouldn't have to worry about what his father thought. Sure he would have to go to college but that meant he could choose somewhere out of state. He was sure he would get a scholarship with his good grades and that fact that he was fairly good at football. 

Once the class made it too the track a whistle was blown signaling them to start running. Haru took off running being careful to pace himself as he did. It didn't take long for his friend to catch up to him they both ran together. It took he two of them about 15 minute to run the track four times. The two boy were tired and sweaty after that but thankfully the mange to get some free time. Haru wanted to play a little baseball but he was so happy when he sat down in the bleacher that he just could find the strength to move. It felt good to just sit, of course it didn't take long for the gym teacher to yell at them to go take a shower. 

Oh the locker room, Haru hated showering with everyone around, he had no choice. He found an empty stall after grabbing a bar of soap from his gym locker. He sighed softly as turned on the hot water. He carefully took off his gym clothes and folded them. He stood in the water and started to wash himself with the bar of soap quickly. Once he was clean he rinsed off and then grabbed his towel. He dried himself before walked back to his locker. He was going to have to remember to bring all these things home to be washed soon. Thankfully no was around so he quickly changed back into his normal attire. He sighed softly as he heard the bell ring. Next class was cooking that was a class he shared with Toni. He wonder if Toni would come to cling to him or if he was going to be distance. Haru didn't know why this thought kept swirling around in his mind. He shouldn't care at all if his little stalker had found someone else to cling too. Yet that thought kept coming back to his mind not matter how many time he tried to shove it aside. 

Haru quickly ran to his locker and got out his messenger- bag, he slung the bag over his shoulder.  He quickly headed to his  cooking class. He wonder what they would be making today. Last week it cookies, and the week before that it was pasta. 

Anime_freakToni Loove   25d ago
If I don't reply after a while, please send me a PM. I'm awful at this shit.

Toni Loove

Toni didn’t have a buddy to help carry things around, so he was a few minutes late to his class. With a sigh, he shoved the door open with a mumble of struggle as he sat down. 

They were going to be making muffins from scratch. He struggled to mix and read the book as he did so. The teacher expressed concern, as he was very good at this class. He reassured her that he was perfectly fine.

He would wave at Haru, and smile- but that was it. He avoided his gaze with pure… Sadness. Why was Haru acting like that? Didn’t he send his friends after him? He’d keep being nice. No matter what- He still liked the man. 

He continued to mix the ingredients, sighing softly as the book closed on him. It hurt to have to stir and read and crack eggs- but he needed to pass this class. 

Now that people saw that him and Haru weren’t friends, Toni was fre range for bullying. Not that he minded. After being what you would call “Emo,” and “acting gay,” he had gotten used to the bullying and harassment. He liked flirting with the people who bullied him! Toni just didn’t have the energy to right now. 

-Karasu|Chiharu|   22d ago


Haru tilted his head when he seen Toni arm was in a cast. He really wasn't paying much attention to him until now. He wonder what happened to him. Haru really didn't get the chance to ask since the teacher started class. Haru sighed softly as he looked away focused on his cook book. Oh muffins, he thought to himself. At least they got to pick the flavor. He decided on strawberry cream cheese. Haru carefully cut the strawberries and then added them to the plain cream cheese that he slowed mixed into a bowl. The cream cheese slowly turn a pale pink colored all that was left was to mix together with the muffin batter. 

He carefully mixed everything together in a large bowel. He was happy when he finished mixed and was pouring it into the muffin tin. He was a little worry they wouldn't rise fully but they did enough that the teacher passed him. He was happy when the woman complimented his choice. He then notice that Toni was struggling. Seeing as he had few spare minutes he decided go assist him.

“What happen to you? Did you fall down the stairs with those ridiculous shoes?” he said softly. As he helped Toni pour the muffin batter into the liner in the muffin tin. “What flavor did you decide on?” he said softly doing his best to make small talk. It wasn't like he hate Toni but he did get annoyed with he boy sometimes. Perhaps the two need to have a good long talk but that was rather hard with his tight schedule. The next class he had  was history. Toni was in a different class so it wasn't like the two would really chance to talk until lunch.  “Let have lunch together today…I think we need to talk.” he said softly as he cleaned up the dishes around Toni area. 

Anime_freakToni Loove   21d ago
If I don't reply after a while, please send me a PM. I'm awful at this shit.

Toni Loove

He allowed him to do so, cleaning and mixing. He had passed with a B, only because the teacher knew he was good at the class, and it was only because of the cast that he didn’t pass. 

Toni was nervous as the next two hours passed. He couldn’t even concentrate. He normally was bubbly and flirty, but now he was struggling to even speak to the teachers.

He did his best to comply, grabbing his tray and filling it with his food. He scanned the room, sighing as he approached the table full of football players. “Uh.. Hey.” He smiled, and the men laughed. 

“What’s he doing here? The fag thinks he can sit here?” One of them laughed, elbowing Chiharu. “Does he think he can sit with us? Haru, kick him out!” They laughed, and Toni shifted uncomfortably with a sigh.

-Karasu|Chiharu|   18d ago


Haru found it odd when the boy didn't answer him but he must of had his reason. He sighed softly as it seem time fly by. It was now lunch time. Haru glared at his friend of elbowing him. “He may sit here…” he said firmly. There was no stopping his friends from their jokes, harsh comments, but he could at least let Toni sit there. “Let talk elsewhere… Want to go eat on the roof top?” he said softly as he looked at Toni. “Don't worry I will help you carry your things.” he said softly. As he stuffed his lunch box back into his backpack.

He carefully picked up Toni tray and backpack. “Come on.” he said softly as he lead the boy out of the lunch room and up the four flights of stairs. He smiled softly as he open the door revealing bright blue sky that had a few fluffy white clouds. The weather was nice it wasn't to hot or to cold. “So what happen to you? You are not acting like your cheery self?” he said softly as he started into Toni eyes that seem to break the eye contact quickly. Haru sighed softly as he crossed his arms over his chest. It was clear he was going to stop staring until he got an answer. 

Haru let out a soft sigh as a light breeze blew some of his ivory colored hair into his face. He swiftly brushed it as tucking it behind his ear carefully. He was sure his friends were going pester him at football practice wondering what this was all about. He really didn't care, he was worried about Toni. Sure he did get annoyed with Toni but he never wish for anything bad to happen to him. “Look I am sorry I snapped at you the other day and call you annoying… Between you and them I just get frustrated. If I am lucky and can keep my grades up. I might be able to graduate early.” he said with a soft laugh. He was sure his father wouldn't allow it. He could only dream, right?

Haru sighed softly as he sat down next Toni. They still had at least 15 more minute before lunch was over. He just hope that Toni would answer him. He sighed softly as he got into his backpack and pulled out his lunch box. He sighed softly as pulled out his turkey and cheese and sandwich. He took a bite of it, before glancing at Toni.


Anime_freakToni Loove   14d ago
If I don't reply after a while, please send me a PM. I'm awful at this shit.

Toni Loove

Toni glanced up at him, and blindly followed him to the roof. Would he push him, or explain himself? It was a concerning place to go after everything that had happened. For some reason, Toni followed him. The boy followed him blindly.


When they sat down, Toni ate silently as he listened to Chiharu. He thought that what he was saying was relevant. He definitely thought that Haru was smart enough to graduate early- But that thought hurt him for some reason. Why would he leave him..? They were friends…


“You can do whatever you put your mind to..” He muttered softly, looking up at him. “You're smart- And already have such a good reputation built up.. Any college is going to accept you with full-ride scholarships.” Toni smiled, tilting his head as he spoke to him. Then, he turned back to the other question. So what happened to you?' It was almost a punch in the gut.


It confused him why he was asking.. But he digressed. Maybe Haru got a kick out of making him say it. “You're football bitch friends beat me up.” He laughed softly, getting comfortable again. “I'm a guy whos gonna kiss youu~  Whooow.” He laughed, tilting his head yet again with a smile. “Don't worry, though..” He turned back to look off to the fence on the roof. “I'm not upset at you for it..”

-Karasu|Chiharu|   3d ago


Chiharu listen to Toni speak to him, as he ate his sandwich in a couple of bites. The soft white bread, creaminess of the cheese, and the smokey of the flavor of the turkey. It was all so savory today. Or perhaps he was just eating fast because he was nervous? Why was he so nervous. Was it because his mind was cling to those words kiss? Or the fact that his so called friend beat up Toni. He narrowed his ice blue eyes in a fit of frustration. He felt rather guilty even tho Toni told him not to worry. “I am sorry they did this to you..” he said softly. “That was wrong of them to do so…It is not their decision on who I let near  me or who I kiss... Do they really think I can't handle you?” he said with a soft laugh. As he rubbed back of his neck, he seemed to making situation a little more awkward than what it should be. 

Haru sighed softly as he stuffed his lunch box back into his bag. It seem they has about 10 minutes before lunch was over. “Either way I am sorry, I will make sure they won't do anything like this again.” he said softly. As he seem to be staring at the ground nervously. It wasn't like him to be nervous especially around Toni. The two of them have known each other for long time. Haru never really expressed interest in women or men for that matter. Haru sighed softly, he was almost done with high school he was yet to have his first kiss. Why suddenly did he want to kiss Toni? Was it because he felt back or did he actually truly like him? 

He sighed softly as he pushed those feelings aside. “I think class is about to start again. Shall we walked their together? I can carry your bag for you.” he said softly as he stood up. He then held out his hand to help you to your feet. Your fingers laced for a moment as he carefully pulled you to your feet. “Come on” he said softly as he helped, you carry your backpack and empty tray back to the cafeteria. Walking to class would be easy since the two of you had the same class together. It was time for history. Haru let out a soft sigh, hoping there wasn't going to be another quiz. He hoped it would just be a reading assignment. 

“I hope there's no quiz today…"  he mutter to you as you both walked the halls. Haru was going to make sure nothing happen to you. He would keep you safe from harm. The thought of kissing you still crossed his mind. For not he was going to keep those thoughts tucked away for now.


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