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Samuel Lucian

This is Samuel Lucian Exiled King of the werewolves. 

NightMare   69d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


Here is Hisan but I might change his picture.

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Bringer of Nightmares...



It seemed that danger had found Hisan once again. After being discarded by his family Hisan was forced to fend for himself. Which led to him being an easy target. It seemed like this game of hunter and prey was much more complicated than he original thought. Hisan just so happen to be flirting with death some might say. The person he seemed to take a liking to was a man in about his mid to late thirties. The two had gotten some what close despite the age gap. Hisan had just turn 18, he was still young some might say but he was in love that was all that matter. Hisan didn't know the man was vampire slayer. 

Hisan father was against him from the start, dating another man was out of the question. His father had big plans for him and marrying into the noble family, was one thing his father had in mind. Hisan refused which lead to a big fight him getting kicked out of the house. He was able to with his “friend” at his house. Everything seemed to be going great until it became time to feed. Hisan had come home late that night it seem the man was waiting for him. The pale blonde hair body was then roughly pinned against the cold steel door. His slender frame honesty did help the matter.

The man whispered into his ear telling him he knew what he was. Hisan was nervous, and tried to deny it be the man didn't believe him before he could do anything the man attacked him with blessed knife. The smell of blood filled his nose causing him to trembled and reveal his sharp fangs. The lust for blood seen became clear, in his mind as he easily shove the vampire hunter off of him. Hisan was able to get away to way with a few minor cuts and scrapes. 

Hisan quickly fled into the forest. Hisan knew he had to be careful since he was entering werewolf territory. As he continue to run his pale green eyes dance around the lush canopy. His heart was racing as he did his best find shelter. It was then he stumble upon an abandoned looking house. That would be perfect place to hid and recover. Hisan pulled the front door open quickly. He then stepped inside closing and locking the door behind him. When the turned around he greeting by a strange figure. His heart began to racing rapidly in his chest. It seemed the no words would form in his mouth. Hisan awkwardly stood there staring at the tall figure before him.  “H-Hi” he said in a soft tone. It seemed he had entered someone house, judging by the scent it was clear that was a werewolf's home.

Samuel Lucian

It had been a slow night at the bar a group of maybe four of five girls sat at the bar sipping on their variety of different fruity drinks all giggling and talking really loud trying to be heard over the music that seemed to be playing in their heads. One of the girls only leaned back in her chair and raised her mug to show she wanted another round of drinks for her table. A well built blonde male came around from behind the bar only to step up to the table. His voice a deep earthy type of tone to it.

I'm sorry ladies I can't give you another round of drinks. We did last call almost an hour ago. We are also about…” checking his watch he saw it was way past time to close. “Actually we are already closed. I am sorry but you must vacate the property so I can clean up.” one of the girls just moaned a little and whined about how she wanted just one more drink before heading out. Her hand streched from the table up to the male's chest and down it stopping just above his pantline. Taking and removing the hand the male had placed her hand back on the table.

No, can do ladies. Besides I already have a person in my bed waiting for me.” a sly wink from him and the girls seemed to only melt a bit more for him. The group had gotten up and each one tried getting the male to leave with them or at least when he was getting off to met up with them for some…extra fun times. While the male only shrugged it off as the alcohol made the ladies brave and the men upset about how they would flirt with him constantly.

As he locked the door behind the girls he got to work cleaning up. About halfway through he heard a voice call out from the kitchen. “Head home Sam I will finish up.” it must have been the owner of the bar.  The young blonde male stepped behind the bar and looked into the office. “You sure Dean? I can always stick around and help you finish?” nodding the older male returned to the paperwork that seemed to be sitting on the desk in disorganization.

Letting it go Samual placed his rag on the bar, the glass he was cleaning away before grabbing his jacket and leaving. While it was winter time and his body could handle the cold he didn't want to freak anyone out by being in just jeans and a tangtop. Putting on the jacket and driving home he looked at the place he called home. While to others it could be considered run down it was the most cherished thing Samual had in his possession. It was his family's estate before it had been moved to where they were now. Of course that was also before the Old fart that called himself King of the werewolves had taken his crown from him when he was but a child.

The young male had pulled into his drive and gotten out of the car quickly going up the front steps to the ivory door. Opening and closing it behind him he never locked it as no one ever came out this far, at least not without a reason to and they usually never made it back either because they were lost all the way out here in the woods or Samaul hunted them down like they had done to his own kind. Samaul was infact a werewolf and while tonight was a full moon he had as a child learned how to control his shifting. Getting in the shower after stripping off his cloths he didn't hear anything, at least not until the sound of the door lock sliding into place. Once that sound touched his ears the male slipped from the shower and turned it off. Sneaking around he found himself face to face with a young boy probably no older then nineteen or twenty. Taking a deep breath he could smell a dirt and copper tone clinging to the boy. Before moving himself the male had spoken saying hi.

Without saying anything back Samaul rushed the male and pinned him against the doorframe his face a few inches away from the male. Taking in a deeper smell it was the scent of Hazelnut and Cinnamon that had caught his attention this time. 

Who are you?” Samual asked the young male as he felt the slight chill from the winter wind on his naked form. Not waiting for an answer Samual took another deep breath this time it pinged in his mind who this was, but there was no way? How could a male be his mate? More so a vampire? It was only then he realized that he felt a delightfuly sensation in his manhood that only proved his point even more that this was his mate.

NightMare   65d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...



Hisan stare at the handsome blonde man but only for a moment. Why was he so damn handsom.The way he smelt, the way the water was dripping from his bare skin and hair made him even more hypnotic. Before Hisan could say or do anything the handsome man had pinned him against the cold ivory colored door. Causing him to flinch before pinned in place by strong muscular arms. “I-Im so sorry… I thought this house was vacant…” he said softly as his voice began to falter with fear. “Clearly I have mistaken… I am really sorry…” he said as he looked down towards the floor. His pale cheeks had turned a little bit rosy. It was clear that Hisan thought Samuel was attractive. The sweet scent of his skin, the smell of fresh soaps and forest clung to the man skin making his mouth water. This man was intoxicating, could feel his fangs growing long by the second. He need to get away and get way fast. 

Why did he suddenly have the urge to just bite this man all over and claim him as his? Such an odd feeling to get when staring danger right in the face. Hisan had learn his lesson the hard way. You had to be careful who you fell in love with. Perhaps he should of just give up on it all together but it wasn't like he had a home to return too. Hisan pale blue eyes started into Samuel's just for a moment before he looked away. Well if this was the end maybe it wasn't so bad? I mean being murder by a sexy guy at least he got to see something beautiful before his died right? 

Hisan wince as little as he held his chest. His pale fingers had a crimson liquid seeping into between them. He must of accidentally reopen that wound again. The that man missed his heart thankfully but just so happen to stab him deep enough to make it rather painful. Normally this wouldn't  been an issue but since the hunter had special blessed weapons meant for killing monsters like him. Also it had been quite sometime since he fed properly. Hisan didn't know what, or how he was even still standing but he was. Must of been the desire to watch his father empire crumble beneath his feet. He was still young and had a lot to learn. Hisan bit his bottom lip as he had to think of way out this and seduction was not one of his best skills.

Hisan pale blue eyes danced around the room as he tried to think of something. It was then his notice a couple of hoodies or jackets hanging neatly next to them on hooks by the door. If he could some how just reach on of those and catch the man off guard. He had to move quickly. The slender male used his smaller frame to his advantage press himself against Samuel only for a moment. He slipped out from under the male's arms very quickly avoiding being grab and slammed against the door again. “You look cold… let me help you with that…”  he said as he threw Samuel jacket at him. He was thankful the man stumble back enough for him to unlock and open the front door. Of course the ivory door was now stained with a crimson liquid. It was mostly on the black color hand and lock. He quickly slipped outside, she shiver at the cold wind blew he had to keep going. Although he really wish he could of play with the werewolf a little long. 

Hisan could feel his lust for blood growing by the minute. He couldn't stay near that man for another moment. Lord know what would of happen if he did? Other than getting into another fight. Hisan ran as fast as he could putting at good distance between him and Samuel's house. The only problem was that it was snowing no matter how far or fast he ran he was leaving behind tracks. Hisan stop at large oak tree leaning against the frozen bark. It hurt, his chest his lunges everything. He let out a soft pants as he tried to catch his breath. Maybe he should of just let that wolf kill him end his pathetic life. Then his father would win? He couldn't give up yet, not yet he had to go one. Before he could step way from the tree he collapse due to the blood loss. If he could just rest for a little while he could at least stop the bleeding. 

Everything began to fade to black. He was cold, really cold. He was still alive, he could vaguely hear the sounds frozen grass being crush under powerful feet. Hisan couldn't make out the figure whether it was man or wolf. The figure was just a blur. A single tear slid down his cheek. Was this really the end for him ? Maybe he should of stay with the tall handsome man but even thing he didn't know how things would of turn out. Considering he was a werewolf things probably would ended badly anyway. At least he got to live for a little bit longer. He at least got to see it snow again. Hisan always found snow to be pretty. It was delicate, yet beautiful. The way each snowflake shimmer in the light. How it cover up everything so beautifully. 

Samuel Lucian

Samuel had only watched as the boy wiggled around in his arm Not really caring to try and figure out what it was that had changed. How was it that a vampire could be his mate? Most of all how could it be a male? even more so one so young? He understood that the moon God had always matched the werewolves of the world together with mates they would bond forever and on their eighteen birthday they would find them, they would then bond and their lifes would be bound together until the day they died. But sense Samuel's partner was a vampire would that mean he would live forever and at this age at that? More conflicted about the thoughts swirling around in his head he only felt the fabric of the leather jacket float over his head which caused him to stumble back.

Hearing the door open and close quickly the vampire must have gotten away. Pulling the leather jacket off his head he let out a deep breath. Was it from relief or a huff of air knowing he would have to go after this boy before he died? He could smell the not so normal blood that had pooled up on the floor where he hung above. Going out into the forest with yet again nothing on he followed the steps in the snow. As he rounded a couple of trees, he saw the male laying there under a tree the blonde hair hard to miss against the snow, but it was the other presence there that had his full attention. A lone figure a knife in each hand specially made to kill vampires, likely also blessed it make it hurt more when the vampire died. Not thinking about it Samuel reacted and quickly.

Gripping the man from the back and putting all his force into it he put the figure into the ground as he did so he heard a sharp intake of breath from the person. It meant they were still alive, but of course it wasn't there that the male stopped. Ripping the blades from both hands Samuel pinned the person down using his knees to pin the person's arm away from their body so they couldn't reach anything else. Also pinning their legs in a wide spread with his feet. Leaning down towards their face he could see it was another male. A faint smell of the vampire hung on the male. Almost like they had lived together, like the hunter had played with the vampire before attempting to kill him.

It would of course explain why the vampire was injured in the first place, but to play with their target is what drove the wolf inside of him far more into anger then anything. Leaning down and while trying to control his own voice Samuel spoke to the hunter. “If you leave the forest now and never return you will live, but know if you come back you won't have a second chance.” only thing that answered was a laugh and an attempted blade came from their mouth as they rotated their head aiming at Samuel's throat. Quickly reacting however Samual pushed their head to the ground and yanked their bottom jaw off. Screams escaping the figure as Samuel went and pushed harder their skull finally gave out and then silence accept for the wind and the breathing from now Samuel and the vampire who it seemed was out of it.

Walking over Samuel picked up the creature and cradeled him into his chest as he walked back home. Placing him first onto the couch and walked to the bathroom and pulled several bandages from the medical kit there before returning. Undressing the male and looking over his wounds Samuel patched him best as he could, but he also knew only blood would fully heal him and unless he wanted to kill him he couldn't give him his own. Thinking about it the male returned to the body and strung it up like a butcher would a deer or another animal. Placing a bucket underneath the human he cut the body open and waited as the blood drained. Once it was finished, he returned to see the male had woken up even if it was only slightly. Handing over a cup full of the red liquid Samuel didn't speak.

Once the cup was out of his hand the male stood up and walked out of the room to his own bedroom. Placing on himself some shorts as it was slightly rude he was still fully nude with guests. Throwing also a tanktop on he returned to the uncommon guest. seeing he was heading to the door Samuel only reached it in time to slam it shut. Putting himself between the vampire and the door was likely not the best idea, but it was the only way he could make sure his mate stayed alive.

Why are you trying to run away? And most of all what has you all the way out here?” his words were blunt, as the male looked dead square in the males. Stepping closer Samuel was but inches away from the male again the urge to mark his mate right now was screaming in his head and in more intimate parts of him that were likely showing, but he dare not find out. The scent once again hitting his noise. 


NightMare   58d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


Hisan could vaguely hear voices. The sound of someone speaking then followed by the scent of blood. Hisan open his eyes briefly. They shut again as he heard movement. He then felt himself being lift up and cradled so gently. He could feel the warmth coming off the wolf's skin. It felt so nice that he couldn't help but to nuzzle in. Before passing back out as his body did it's best to heal. The next thing he knew was felt pressure on his chest along with a singing sensation. It cause the vampire to open his ruby colored eyes. He tried to pry away the hands that were causing him pain. He was unsuccessful at doing so. His vision was still blurry, so it was hard to see clearly who it was. Judging by the lingering scent it was the man from before.  

He sighed softly as he the man left for a little while. When the man returned he was handed a cup of blood. It didn't take the vampire long to finish the cup. Almost instantly he felt better, the wound on his chest closed all that was left was a small scar that was hardly noticeable. It would soon fade away the more meals he ate. Hisan sapphire colored eyes danced around the room he was back in that man house again? Hisan carefully sat the mug down before stand up and fixing his shirt. He quickly pulled his t-shirt on, and then his brightly colored cardigan that seemed to be stained with a little bit of his blood. Before the vampire could slip back out the door he was cut off by him. At least he was wearing clothes this time, as his pale face became rosy once more. 

Hisan couldn't look the man directly in the eyes, it was too embarrassing after see him naked. Hisan would admit he was down right handsome maybe even beautiful. “I-I don't think you should get this close me… Why I am out here really doesn't concern you… What is to you if I live or if I die… We are born to hate each other kind…” he said in a soft yet somber tone. “Please let me leave… You will be endanger if I stay here…" he said with a sigh as he nervously stood  shifted from foot to foot trying to decide if he should back way from the man that seemed to closer than he should be. Hisan had only been on the run for at least a day, really didn't take long for that human to find. Poor Kenji, perhaps the poor bastard would still been alive if he didn't follow him this far out into the woods. It seemed that some humans didn't know when to quit. Nor did they remember that woods were a dangerous place.

Hisan sighed softly as he step back from the man. Normally werewolves just smelt like wet dog but he didn't. This guy smelt like heaven. That was just dangerous. Hisan delicately place his hand on Samuel giving him a small push back hoping that he would get the hint and back off. Deep down Hisan knew the wolf wasn't going to back down that easily. Wolves had their pride after all. Hisan sighed softly as he eventually got the urge to glare at the wolf. His sapphire colored eyes narrowed. “ You are not going to move unless I tell you something to put your mind at ease." Hisan let out a sigh as he crossed his slender arms over his chest. 

“ Thank you for saving me but I probably would of been better if you let me die… You see… I am wanted criminal after all. Defying the vampire kind is consider treason after all… Even if you are his own flesh and blood…There is that a good enough answer that you will let me out the door? he said dryly. His own father was the reason the hunter figured out he was vampire. It seem his father was still angry with him. Would continue to be until he either died or surrendered his own pride. Hisan was stubborn he wasn't going to bend to his father whims so easily. If this man didn't move he was going to make him move. 



Samuel Lucian

Samual only stepped closer as the male spoke, but it had earned him a push back from the young vampire, while it did push him back quite a bit it was still not strong enough to push him far. As he slid back a couple of feet the male only returned to where he was standing. As the male spoke about how it would have been better had he been dead instead of alive Samual took that as a que. In a quick flash the male had pinned Hisan to the marble stone floor, but in the same motion moved everyone out of arms reach to make sure he couldn't just whip up. As the male seemed to struggle under his body weight Samual only got heavier as the fur started to appear on his arm. While it wasn't a full moon he could still turn into his wolf. and it was just as deadly as the hunter he had killed earlier. Letting out a warning growl it was both a threat and a dare for the male to try something.

You want to die that badly I can do that. A simple flick and I could break your head off your body. I could put my hand through your chest and pull your heart out if you prefer the painful method.” leaning down to the male while this boy was his mate and normally wolves did not harm their fated mates, but the boy not only became irritating really quickly about wanting to be dead, but more so pointing out the obvious that their races were suppose to hate one another. Normally yes vampires and werewolves were not bounded were even meant to kill one another, and yet instead of killing him earlier when he was in the snow Samual had saved the male and was regreating being granted life. 

Also you are out here in my territory and expect me to just let you walk out of it with your life after coming in and acting like nothing happened? I killed a human hunter and cleaned up after it including removing any traces of him at all. The woods will take care of the scent, and the humans will never find his body.” as he spoke he tightened up his grip on the male's throat he spoke in more of a growlish wolf tone then a human.

I do not care what kind of problem you could be, but now you are my problem you are mine. If you run I will find you, I will drag you back here kicking and screaming if I have to.” the male released his grip and stood back up, at this point his cloths torn off and while fur had grown it seemed to disappear to have him once again naked in front of the male vampire.

Now, we need to get you a change of cloths before the blood attracts more of my….kind. to this place.” turning around the male trudged his way to the closet close by tossing out shirts, pants, shorts, etc out into the open flying on the floor as they landed.

NightMare   53d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


Hisan was taken by surprise when Samuel pin him down on the marble floor. His icy blue eyes narrowed as the man put his weight down then got heavier in a matter of seconds. The wolf snarl and growl threatening him but they were all empty despite the fact that wolf had put his hand around his neck so tightly. Hisan bit his bottom lip out of anger, two crimson beads of blood appeared around the sharp fangs. It was clear that Hisan was struggling with this wolf before him. It seem as if he was going to speak he seem to silence himself. Blood dribble down his chin when the wolf got off him shifting  back into a man. Hisan laid there, watching and the man walked away to pull things out of the closet. The sound of the clothing falling to the floor as it was strewn about so carelessly.

Hisan stood up slowly, he wiped away from his chin. His eyes were crimson as he stared at the wolf who had turn his back to him. Oh how he just wanted to smack him. How dare that flea bag threaten him. Hisan seemed to clam himself down as the thought about what to say. His calmness didn't seem to last long.  “It is not like I meant to come across you or your fucking house! … I thought this shabby house was empty… Clearly I was mistaken…About that human… Thanks … Thank you for killing my stupid boy friend…” he said with heavy sigh. As he contemplated on what to say next. It was clear there were a bunch of thoughts swirling about his mind. Finally he opened his mouth.  “Fine Mr.Wolf  I will stay here but let see how long this is going to last… I am sure we are going to end up killing each by the end of the week.” Hisan then bent down and picked up t-shirt that the wolf had thrown out of the closet. 

“You want me to wear this? ” Hisan sighed as he held the shirt up to himself. It was like damn dress, Hisan knew he was smaller but this was just embarrassing. He quickly threw the shirt back at the wolf. He sighed softly as he looked through the wolf's clothing. They all had Sam's scent on them. It was a pleasant scent but anyone asked of corse he was going lied say it smelt like wet dog. “Okay… Fine I will change into your clothes… You better close your eyes or look away."  He said as took a few steps back. He took of his cardigan, then his t-shirts. Once those were off he slipped into a tight black t-shirt. He made sure to change quickly so the wolf couldn't see the scars  on his back. Of course it was rare for a vampire to even have scars. Then again maybe the wolf wouldn't even notice but they way he liked to stare he was sure he would. The scars were not small, biggest ones were on his back. He had a few on his wrists and other various parts of his arms. He quickly changed his jean into smaller pair that wolf own. He was thankful they were black. It was then his eyes landed on an off white sweater which seem to put a faint smile on his face. He quickly pull the sweater of corse it was to bit but the vampire seem pleased as flapped the sleeves around like a child. 

After he was done chaning he went through all his pocket. He pulled out a worn chain that seem to have a heart shape-locket. He quickly shoved that back into his jean pocket. He then pulled out his smart phone that seem to have at least 10 missed calls. 2 voicemails and at least 30 unread texts messages. After all Hisan was still young did have a decent amount of friends. Most the calls were from his younger brother or his father probably checking to see if he answer since the line appear to be active. Of course Hisan always delete all message he didn't plan on to listening or reading   them. He sighed as he shoved the phone back into his pocket. 

There were only a few other things the vampire appeared to have on him they quickly go shoved into his jean pocket. Hisan fold his clothes and then looked towards the Wolf. “Happy now?" He said as crossed his slender arms. Hisan let out a soft yawn he had no idea what time it was but he was starting to get sleepy. Hisan spotted the wolf's black leather sofa. He made his way  over to the sofa and sat down. He sighed softly as he looked around. The wolf's house was pleasantly decorated. Hisan spotted a couple bookshelves that were filled with books. A tv that was covered in thin layer of dust. Before realizing Hisan fallen asleep were he was sitting. I guess running for your life and then facing a werewolf was rather tiring.

Samuel Lucian

Samuel had missed what was yelled at his way. His rage still blinded him and made him mostly deaf to what the young vampire was saying.. As the clothing was being tossed, he got some of his anger out as it kept him from punching the young vampire into the ground. As he finished clearing out all the clothing from the closet he stopped and looked at himself. Perhaps clothing was something he needed to put on as well. As he stepped away from the closet, he found himself some underwear which he put on quickly as he realized he was once again naked Infront of this fledgling and while not normally embarrassing for a werewolf but to be fully exposed Infront of their mate was a different matter. 

Samual had found some Jeans and a Loose blue tank top which he put both on quickly. As he came out of the closet to see Husan had grabbed some close from the pile. It was the words that had caught his attention though like Hisen was going to be embarrassed changing in front of him. Samuel only shrugged before speaking. 

You do realize I have seen you fully undressed already?” Pointing to the bandage under his shirt that was wrapped around his chest. “Who do you think took care of your wounds while you were…Out.” the words came out in a slight tone. While it wasn't fully true as he never removed the male's underwear he saw him without shirt and pants. He had to after all make sure there was no more wounds anywhere else and wash away the blood before he could fully bandage up the wound. Shrugging again he just turned around as the male just seemed to put his foot down about it. Rolling his eyes he heard the shuffling and turned around covering his eyes with his hand.

You done changing now?” before peaking through his two fingers and removing his hand as he saw the vampire picked out dark black jeans and a pearl white sweater with. Having his arms crossed in front of him Samual walked around the male to check and make sure everything was set. Watching the male seemed to Yawn and make way to the sofa Samual only raised a single eyebrow in puzzlement. As Hisan sat on the sofa Samual disappeared out of the room for a moment. a few moments late he returned sitting on the sofa next to the young male. 

"Couple of things. One you never gave me your name. Two You won't be sleeping here on the Sofa, There is a spare room just there."" he motioned to the left side of the stairs where a dark red cedar door was. “My name is Samual, not mr Wolf, Mr wear, or anything of that nature. The only people who know I am what I am in my life are me, myself, and I. And well now you, but I would like to keep it that way.” The last bit was put as a matter of fact not a sort of request.

Also I go by Sam.” holeding out his hand he looked down at it. “As for Phones.” Holding a phone in his hand he passed it to Hisan. “Your more likely to track danger here keeping your phone then using what people in the underworld call a burner phone. Its something you can just throw out after a few phone calls and it helps you keep in touch with those that are…..Important. while not putting others in danger. This means you are going to have to go out into the forest sometime and break your current phone otherwise they will keep tabs on you using it every time its on.” Placing his hand back on the back of the couch after having the phone taken from his hand. Once again stating the last bit as a matter of fact type of thing not an option of debate.

Before you ask, Yes I know how all this stuff works, I use to before being…. banished from my species a highly feared assassin and even more so when I got a target I never missed.” Looking around himself at his things he saw the dusty tv, he was never home enough to use it constantly at work or constantly trying to figure out how to retake his throne. The books were constantly used. Most of them were written details of the packs' records passed down every generation sense they had started. The kitchen while not in use often still had some sense of being lived in dishes in the sink which he had originally planned on cleaning before the events of the day had happened. Humming of the fridge coming from the kitchen itself. Returning his eyes to Hisan he looked at the male.

Of course if you feel like you don't want to sleep alone you could always join me in my bed. I am sure its big enough for the both of us.” while more being a sort of joke it had a serious tone to it as well. 

NightMare   46d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


 Hisan listen to the mans words. Hisan's eyes widened “Oh so then you did see…how embarrassing… You pervert!" he said softly as glared at the Sam. Who seemed to be looking him over closely.  “What are you looking at now…" he hissed before blushing as he tried pushing various thoughts out his mind. “If you saw everything then you shouldn't have to circle me… " he said as his arms remained crossed. Hisan made his wait to Sam's leather sofa. He was sitting there silently until Sam came and sat down next to him. 

 How kind, he was going to let him stay in a spare room, that seemed to make him smile softly. It was then the man asked him his name. “Right I suppose you would want to know that… “ he said softly as he was hesitant to give him his real name. " It is Hisan… You may call me Chise if you would rather… all my friends do." he said with a sigh. Hisan listen to Samuel speaking to him about his phone. He understood what Samuel was saying it would be smart to get rid of it. “So you are going to let me wonder out into the woods by myself? Interesting, aren't you scared I will run? Sure you said you would bring me just really how far are you willing to chase me?” He said before letting out another yawn. As he handed the small burner phone back to Sam. Hisan slender fingers grazed sam's hand ever so slightly as he handed the phone back. It was clear that melatonin was slowly taking over the vampire's mind. What Sam said next seem to make the vampire smirk.

 “Only if you carry me big boy!" He said with a taunting laugh. He was sure the Sam was just joking, he wasn't really going to let him sleep right next to him? To his surprise he felt Sam's muscular arms pick him up easily.  “Oh!"  He really shouldn't of opened his mouth. Hisan sighed softly as carefully wrapped his arms around the Sam's neck. He felt like a princess being carried. He was surprise when they got to Sam room. Of course the room was nice, and did seem to have a decent size bed. It had to be at least be a queen size bed. Hisan blush seemed to return his pale cheek, he was only thankful that the room was dark. Hisan could make out a couple things in the room there were at least two windows, a dresser and a smaller door that he assumed was another closet. 

Hisan gasped as he was dropped on the soft bed in a rough manor. The feeling of the soft blankets and pillows engulfed him. He was drowning in the Sam's scent. Why did he like it so much? Should he be repulsed by the scent of a werewolf ? He was honestly surprised that Sam actually went along with this. Then again the man did offer. Why did he say what he did. Maybe the thought of sleeping alone in a strange place was too much to bare? Or the fact that he almost died? Sure it was normally to want to be comforted such event right? Yes that had to be it the only reason he was in here was because he was being pitted and nothing more. Why did he keep lusting for more. Before anymore thoughts could creep into his brain he quickly burrow under a couple of the blankets before Sam even made it into the bed.  “G-Goodnight…” he stated quickly. His face was still hot with a deep shade of rouge that crept to his ears at this point. Thankfully the wolf wasn't going to be able to see of feel the heat coming from his face if it was buried in a pillow. Everything smelt like Sam it was intoxicating.

Hisan found it hard to sleep with the man laying right next to him. So he laid there silently, he eventually fell asleep in the early morning hours. Sleep for Hisan wasn't normally pleasant thing. As nightmares seem to plague the boy mind causing him to twitch and turn. Until he was against Sam who was probably disturbed from a peaceful slumber. Hisan was still sleeping, wincing slightly as tears crept out of his closed eyes. Hisan was having another nightmare of his father. His father was often cruel to him, telling him he was just about as useless as his mother. Of course whenever his father spoke about his mother the young vampire seemed to lose it. He loved his mother, his mother was very kind to him. Hisan end up grabbing on to Sam tightly until finally the nightmare was over. Hisan heart was still racing rapidly in his chest. Hisan didn't wake up until the sunlight came pouring in through gap in the curtains. 

Vampires didn't bursting into flames as soon as the sunlight touched them, it was just myth. It was something the humans came up with to put their minds at ease. Sure the sunlight made him feel sick and he couldn't move as fast as normal but it didn't kill him as people wished it would. It was more of like a pounding headache that occurred. Hisan pull the blankets over his head. It was then he realized he was using Sam's chest as pillow. Hisan's face became a bright as strawberry. Maybe he wouldn't notice Hisan carefully moved away from Sam hoping not to wake him or disturbed him. It would be his luck the Sam was already awake. Hisan made back to his side of the bed carefully. It felt cold over here since had been laying on who was very warm. He let out a soft sigh of relief as he near nothing from Sam. Hisan closed his eyes again hoping to get at least a few more hours of sleep. 

Samuel Lucian

Samual had looked over to Hisan as he yelled out about him being a pervert with a raised eyebrow with confusion. Letting the comment slide about how if he saw everything, he shouldn't be circling go he continued on. learning the name of his mate seemed to make the wolf go even crazier. It wanted him to claim the male already vampire or not. It wanted to know what it smelled like up close, and tasted like, or even smelled like when the pair of them mixed together. Samual had to reign in the animalistic side of his as the male in front of him kept speaking. He had wanted to be called something besides his name, but what was it? Chise that is what it was. The words had came, but they hadn't clicked until Samual reigned in the urge of his animal side. 

Hearing the words about wondering in the woods he only laughed and got up making his way to the door and opened it. A gust of cold air letting the vampire see that outside was far worse then in the house. “You want to leave, by all means. No matter where in this forest you go I can find you. I am sure you are not wanting to go far though considering there are others like me in the forest as well who would ripe you apart instead of saving your life.” closing the door he nodded towards the bedroom. He was going to say something about going to bed, but Hisan had taunted him saying he would only sleep in the same bed if Samual carried him there. Crossing the room and sweeping up the male before he could protest he carried him to the bedroom. 

Taking in a deep breath as they walked Samual took in all the smell of Hisan and had to hold back as the animal tried to take control. Once they were in the room definitely the animal side of him kept pushing harder to get out but he kept himself in control. As they reached the bed he tossed Hisan to the bed. It wasn't long however before he was once again shirtless crawling into the bed. Hisan turned away from him, but Samual only curled up into the male wrapping his arm around him like a pair of lovers would. Pulling him close to his chest. 

While sleep was evasive at first as the wolf cried out for him to claim his mate before he went to sleep the male shut it down and eventually went to sleep. Early morning he woke up and felt lighter waking up even more he noticed Hisan was scooting across the bed. While the male started to fall asleep Samual scooted to the side of the bed and curled up to the male. As he buried his noise into the nape of Hisen's neck the animal side of him began to scream again, only getting worse when Samual noticed that both males had ended up in nothing but underwear while in bed. Eventually silenced Samual fell back asleep.

Waking with a jolt Samual saw Hisan was cherry red his body curled up with Samual the pair facing each other. 

Well good morning.

NightMare   34d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...

Hisan blushed more when Samuel seemed to speak to him their faces were so close that noses almost touched. His heart was fluttering in his chest, as he seen Samuel dark eyes staring at him so intensely. Hisan knew the look behind those eyes, it was hunger. Why did he just now notice it? “I suppose it is morning… As for it being good that is a different question…” he said softly. As he reached for Samuel messy blonde hair. He ran his fingers through the man's hair gently. Until the sudden urge to pull it came to mind. He pulled the man hair in a playful manor. “I don't know what happen to my clothes but I am going to blame you for this. I think you deserve to be punished." He said tauntingly, his voice was still sweet sounding and yet gentle. Perhaps he should rethink his actions, before that though could cross his mind. He already pulled Sam's hair, a little harder this time causing the man part his pale-rose colored lips ever so slightly. Hisan blushed, as he pressed his lips against Sam's. Sam's lips were a lot softer than he had originally though. 

Hisan bit Sam's bottom lip softly causing the man to part his lips a little more. Hisan heart was racing at this point, his face had become red as strawberry. He remained persistent, as he slid his tongue into Sam's mouth. It was no surprise when his tongue was greeted by Sam's. Hisan tongue seem to mingle with Sam's only for a moment. He suddenly pried himself away from Sam as he felt his own fang's getting long. His eye color even changed to a bright ruby red. He quickly covered his mouth. He got out of  bed before Sam could even reach to pull him back. Hisan let out a soft pant as he removed his hand from his mouth revealing long fangs that exceeded past his pale lips. It was clear his plan to make Sam squirm a little failed. It seem to back fire on him he wanted that man to be one struggling to hold back, little did he know the man already was. Hisan picked up the black jean and slipped them on long with black t-shirt and white sweater that was way too big for him he chose to wear it anyway.

 “Alright big boy I think it is time I pay you back for throwing me on the ground. I will wait for you outside…Be prepared to have your ass kicked" he said as he walked out of the bedroom. Hisan made his was down the stairs and too the front door. He slipped into his shoes before opening the door to the bitter cold. The cold felt good again his face which seemed to still be flustered. Why he did, what he did seemed to be a mystery to himself. Why did it feel so good, he wanted more. As he touched his lips running his slender fingers over them. They were still warm and slightly damp from where he kissed Sam. Hisan quickly shook his head trying to pushed those thought from his mind. 

He smiled when he seen Sam who really didn't take long to get outside. Perhaps Sam was scared the vampire was going to run again. Maybe something else was still on his mind. Hisan smiled as he waited for Sam to make the first move. As Sam try to grab him Hisan quickly moved out of Sam reach. “Oh whats the matter big boy… Still in a daze from my heavenly kiss?" He said as he licked his lips tauntingly. The two dance around the front yard for a while leaving footprints everywhere. Hisan managed to pin Sam against a frozen tree. Hisan knew this was going to last long because expression on Sam's face changed. Hisan did his best to keep Sam pinned to the tree but he could feel Sam pushing him back as his feet started to slide. Hisan wasn't going to give up that easily. He pushed back harder against Sam until the tree made an unpleasant snapping sound as it seem it was going to break from the pressure. Hisan quickly jump back a good distance from Sam. He was going to throw this man to the ground. It was pay back after all. 

Hisan ruby colored danced as he watches Sam's movements closely. He manage to dodge, Sam's grasp but was still grazed by the mans strong hands. “I will leave you frothing at the maw today big boy" He said with a grin. As Sam vanished from his sight. Hisan seem to let out a small laugh. It was time to show this man what he was up against. It was time to take the man's favorite form, and use it against him. Hisan quickly jumped into the nearest tree. When Sam went to reach for him. He was greeting by snow color fur a wide open maw. Reveal sharp pointed teeth of a wolf. This wolf seem to have an extra set of canine teeth as he growl at you. Hisan jump down on top of Sam. Forcing him down to the ground, he carefully pinned against the cold snow. Perhaps it was because he caught you off guard this sudden change. Hisan amber color eyes stared into yours. “Oh what is the matter are you so amazed that you are at loss for have words?" He said as sat down on the man chest. Letting Sam get a good look him, as his snow colored tail tapped against Sam's side. Hisan had always been able to shape-shift, his favorite thing was to turn into a snow colored wolf. 

Hisan let out a sigh as painful memory stirred up in his mind. His father used to harshly scold him, for shape shifting into such a dreaded animal. Now he was free, from that wretched man. At least for now anyway he was as he looked down at Sam. It did seem to matter what form he was in those dark eyes still wanted to devour him. He could feel the man powerful gaze. Hisan got off of Sam waiting to hear the man speak.

Samuel Lucian

Waking up slightly Samuel only woke fully up when Hisen had all but mounted Samuel. This had caused the male to wake up fully this time seeing the male almost fully nude, only thing that saved him was the underwear he had on and even that was very revealing. Seeing the underwear barely holding in the outline predominate. Hisan had of course blamed Samual for him being all but nude and perhaps it was for he produced so much heat he made even a vampire undress themselves. While on top of him Hisen seemed to be fixated on something he couldn't seem to place. It was then the tug on his hair came which caused a heat to grow in his abdominal area, this time while the male seemed to be playful with it he tugged a bit harder which had caused the heat to grow even more this time A kiss had happened when Hisan tugged on Samuels hair. Their lips met at first, but Samual had managed to have his tongue intrude into Hisen's mouth the pair wrestling around until Hisen pulled away. Getting up Hisen got dressed this time his underwear definitely showed the outline of his manhood. Samuel stood and before hisen could put on cloths pressed himself up against him placing small kisses on Hisen's neck as he arched back into Samuel. The pair got dressed Hisen in the clothing he had on before they went to bed, and Samuel in the same as before as well only instead of shorts he had on jeans this time. 

When the pair stepped outside Samuel wanted to make sure Hisan did not burn up in the sun, however it didn't burn him at all like most myths would do so, instead it seemed to only slow him down from his vampiric speed like they had at the night. It was of course likely that night allowed vampires to blur the vision of their targets of course, but instead this let Samual move just as quickly. Of course the match went as he expected Hisan while smaller was faster, and far more agile then Samuel. Letting him play on those Samuel had allowed Hisan to dodge as much as he could attempting at grabbing him and such as well in feints not really attempting to fight.

It wasn't until Hisan disappeared behind the tree and reappeared pinning Samual to the ground this time instead of a blonde vampire with blue eyes it was a white wolf with golden eyes. Of course the wolf sat on his chest and talked having the same voice as Hisen, only had a more predatorial tone to it.

If you believe this is amusing I will show you a wolf.” Pushing himself off the ground and moving Hisen he removed his clothing and placed it on the side as to not ripe it apart. Allowing his wolf to take control the creature took on its natural wolf like state, only to grow in size much larger Standing over Hisen now the wolf itself made it seem like the form Hisan had taken was nothing more then just a tiny puppy. A low growl escaped from Samual. 

A wolf is an animal, you mock my kind thinking you can match us.” lowing himself Samual transformed back to human and like the first time they had met he was fully nude. Concentrating enough Samuel's gaze had it seemed forced Hisen to transform back to his human form only like Samuel without clothing. Covering his eyes with his hand Samuel held out his own cloths he had on.


NightMare   20d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


How entertaining… ” he said as the Hisan that sat nude before Samuel turn back to snow and melted away. It was simply illusion but it was pretty believable trick. Hisan jumped down from the tree with a light thud. He was fully clothed. His eyes were still strangely colored one being amber and the other being sapphire blue. It seemed the blonde coloring from his hair had faded away. It was only a small price to pay, getting to see beautiful sight like he did. Perhaps it was stupid of him not to be scared of the wolf that stood before him just a moment ago. How could he be when he was infatuated by it. Not only that he was attracted to it. 

Hisan gently knee down in front of Sam as he gently stroked Sam's soft blonde hair. “Aren't we all just a bunch of animals…” he said whispering into Samuel ear before nibbling on it softly. Out of instinct Hisan moved to kissed Samuel's neck wanting so badly sink his fangs into it. Hisan let out hot breath on Samuel's neck. Hisan backed away from Samuel and let out a soft sigh. It seemed like he still had a lot to learn before he could take down a werewolf. That was going to be hard now since he was falling in love with one already.

Before Hisan could do anything else a familiar scent tickled his nose. Hisan quickly shoved Samuel down just in time as two sliver blades pierced his chest. Hisan's blood splattered staining Samuel, and the crisp white snow a dark shade of crimson. Hisan looked rather annoyed. “Oh great… the old man sent you instead of coming himself…” he said in a sarcastic tone. He coughed spitting up more of his blood. Hisan winced as he pulled out two needle like blades from his chest. It caused more blood to spill and splatter on Samuel. He threw the two sliver blade aside making sure they didn't get anywhere near Sam. Hisan wasn't sure if the stories were true, if werewolves were really allergic to sliver. He didn't want to take any chances. Hisan slowly stood up holding his chest, as blood slipped through his slender fingers. His strange colored eyes changed to a bright crimson as he looked in the direction of his brother who was at least a few good yards away. “Sammy… Darling why don't you go home… It seems I have some trash to take out.” he said with hiss. As his mouth began to salivate, his fangs seemed to grow longer due to the blood loss. 

Before Samuel could say anything Hisan had already darted off, chasing his brother deeper into the woods. The two finally stopped in the middle of a clearing and they circe each other. Until the sound of more needle like blades were throw of course this time they missed, hitting the frozen ground with a small thud. The smell of blood, silver, and other scents lingered in the air. Hisan wanted nothing more than to sink his fangs into his brother. A revenge so sweet, he could almost taste it. Hisan was having such a good day so far with Samuel of course his brother and father always seemed to ruin the things he enjoyed the most.


The smell of cigarette smoke, high end cologne soon plagued the air. From a great distance, stood a man in the shadows. He was well dressed, in formal attire he seemed out of place standing there. He was fairly tall from what you could tell, he had raven black hair, lavender eyes. Those eyes were locked on you. “So it seemed the bastard's child is playing with exiled.” disgust seemed to cross the vampires mind as a hastily let out a puff of smoke. “Father wants you to return home now… You had your fun, it's time you return to where you belong… and start bettering this family value for once... Even if are nothing but leech to this society." he said dryly looking at Hisan. 

It didn't take long for Hisan to catch up to him. He wasn't really trying to get away from Hisan. Simply lure him away from Samuel. Jasper knew a little about Samuel's family how strong they were, he had no intention of fighting him. He was only here for his brother. It wasn't like he wished to be here, his father demanded it. At least his father said he could have some fun with him. Hisan was a stain on their family reputation. If he had his way his brother would of been dead along time ago. No his father found some usefulness for this wretch. Hisan thought he had choice, no freedom to do as he pleased.

With a flick the wrist he threw more blade at Hisan. Hisan moved out of the way each time but, there was only so long before blood loss would get to him. It seemed like it was already starting too, considering the wretch was already salivating. Jasper had a feeling his younger brother was going to try to bite him. Try, was all he would be doing. Jasper let out another hasty puff of smoke as he carefully dance around his brother clumsy moves. Annoyance. Jasper was getting really annoyed with his brother when he finally caught him off guard. He threw Hisan so hard that Hisan went crashing in and through trees. Leaving a nice trail of destruction. Jasper slowly made his way through the wreckage. He then pinned his brother to the tree by stabbed four blades into Hisan.  One in each wrists and thighs. It must of been rather painful by how the young vampire scream. 

“Oh shut up… I know father has done a lot worse to you… It seems like someone has fed you blood recently... Such a pity, you seemed content… Rather than watching your surroundings. Just remember brother it doesn't matter where you run to no one can save you from your fate. he said as he place a blade against Hisan throat which seemed to silence him for a moment, before that brat could get any words out. Jasper stared into Hisan ruby colored eyes. How it disgusted him so to see such face looking at him. It was then he seen Hisan left eye change to an amber color. A gift from a wolf was it not? What a sad ending tale he thought, of course the wretch had no memory of it thanks to their father. “Perhaps I should just rid you of that…” He said as he raised his arm looking as if he was going to stab Hisan in the eyes. Jasper sighed as he lower his hand.

 ”Unfortunately for you it will not undo all the damage you have done… You are still father's bastard child have a debt to be paid. Now stop being such a disgrace to the Kanashimi name. Come home with me now and your little friend will not be harmed… If you stay here I will make sure you both suffer. Understood? he said as he pressed the blade to his brother cheek. Watching a crimson bead form into a small stream as he roll down. Jasper heard the sounds rustling branches. No doubt it was the man from before. He then glared at Hisan and told him to call Samuel off. Hisan just seemed to start laugh. Which made Japser rather uneasy. Jasper pressed his silver blade to Hisan's throat it seemed to silence the brat.

Jasper looked around nervously. It seemed it was time for him to go, considering the rustling in the bushes was getting louder and closer. Jasper did not want to face a werewolf. "Fortunate for you… I have to go… Remember what I said… Come home… I will be kind to you give you another day. Just remember this. Do you really think two different species could coexists considering their history of hate? Do you really think that man has an ounce of love for you? You are nothing but a flea to him. Seeing as his brother got silent it seemed his words must of gotten to him. Jasper quickly dart off, vanishing from sight as what was in the bushes stepped out. It seemed like the vampire had gotten away this time. Leaving Hisan pinned to the tree. It was clear that Jasper did not care what happen to his brother. He was sure his father was going to be very displeased with him. He wanted to make his brother suffer and let his words sink into Hisan head.


Hopefully you don't mind I added some drama. 

Samuel Lucian

as the vampire shifted and rolled him to have the silver spikes hit himself in the chest Samual let a low growl emminate from him. Be it a threat or a promise he didn't care someone or something had hurt his mate and they would pay for it…dearly. Not only did they do that, but they entered his territory unannounced. As he shifted his weight between his feet the vampire was off chasing something in the woods. It wasn't very hard to keep track of them of course his sense of smell was much higher then any normal animal. Samual's abilities were considered much stronger than even a normal werewolf let alone the others in his family. Perhaps it was the fact he was a seventh generation werewolf that willingly turned on the blood moon each generation becoming stronger then the last. As he walked back into the house He returned outside fully clothed a cellphone in his hand already being dialed on.

The connection went through and before anything could be said Samual spoke. “Raph, its hunting time. I'm at safehouse seven. Thirteen clicks north four west. Just a little past the Greenery Border.” without any more words Samual hung up and threw the phone against a tree shattering it in seconds. Pulling out a second phone he dialed another number.

“Jen darlin, I need ten bags brought to the usual drop off place.” a quick pause he paced a little bit on the front porch. Stopping as his eyes turned from their normal Ice blue, to a Golden Hazel, and then to solid black. Eventually returning to their natural human color. “No Jen, The special bags. We will be having guests…” another pause moment before he went on. “I expect a Duke, or a noble anyways, So bring those bags.” Hanging up that phone he put it in the chair on the front porch and started walking following the sound of battle and the scent of his mate. Eventually he began to see the battle field the crushed trees, and trampled natural forest. 

Intentionally making noise Samual drew into the open field seeing Hisen pinned to a tree blades in each limb. Slowly grabbing and pulling them out he pulled Hisen to himself. Slipping a knife from his boot and making a small slit in his wrist just above the main artery to get enough blood flow, but not enough to kill him. Samual placed it to Hisen's lips and with a powerful voice to leave no other option.

“Drink.” was all he said as he put his face up to the sky. It was the smell of sulfur that told him what he wanted done had been successful. It was also the smell of gasoline that caught his attention, Four, no Five vehicles had arrived back at his house. Opening up his ears he could hear every word being spoken at both locations. It wasn't long before Samual arrived at the house with an injured vampire mate in his arms bandaged up his arm still bleeding, but a lot less then normal. Of course the male had no shirt on as he had torn it apart to bandage Hisen's wounds up and the jacket he had on covered the male sense the cloths he did have on were now in tatered rags. 

After placing the male on the couch it wasn't long before a group of Hunters came and knocked on the door. Opening it the head male nodded Raph stood to the side to show their capture of Hisen's brother of course now awake he was bound by chains and ropes even had several contraptions around him that if he did manage to break his bounds would go off taking both his head and all his limbs away from his torso. Not to mention the guns that trailed on him had special bullets meant to not only harm but kill vampires and werewolves alike.

Samual only nodded to the door on the left of the stairs. “Chain him up and bleed him, I am sure the hungerier he is the more questions he will answer. Not to mention I don't want him dead. I am sure Dad dearest will want him back and show up at sometime to collect him if not attempt to get him back himself.”

Once the men were gone Samual sat down on the couch next to Hisen hearing of course those in the house cleaning it up for their guests.

Raph is what those close to him were allowed to call him. He was born under the name Raphiel Blind. His lienage was that of vampire hunters that could be traced back to the middle ages, but none outside of himself and his best friend Sam knew what he did or who his ancestors were. Raph had of course set up a team meant to hunt down Royalty and nobility alike. Knowing his team would take losses he trained them constantly to take on more powerful like vampires and see through the abilities most of them had. While daylight killed off lesser vampires it only hindered Nobility and had no affect at all on the Royals of the vampire world. It was a trait he wished that was untrue, but Raph had developed a way to make sure it hurt and potentially killed them. Sitting on his black leather couch the male had started to relax a bit when he heard his phone go off. 

Looking at it he didn't recognize the phone number, but answered it anyways. Before getting anything it he instantly recognized the voice from the other side. Samual the werewolf exiled prince was calling him into action. Everyone on his team wanted to know why Raph didn't hunt Samual himself and that answer was simple. Samual could easily have killed them, but he didn't he instead kept them on his payroll. While Samual had an unusual job as a bartender where he wanted he didn't have to work he had a fortune, he did it instead to keep his time and mind occupied. Samual was also the only known werewolf that Raph feared out of all of the known werewolves. Once the phone line went dead It took five minutes for Raph to get the exact location and his team together close enough to the area not to cause a disturbance to the werewolves close by or throw their scents around. 

It also didn't take them long to locate what it was Sam was wanting. Trapping the thing and knocking it out Raph just grabbed the male by the hair and lifted it up to look upon the dead thing. “Yeah Take him to safehouse Seven, Sam will tell you what to do with it. Also be sure that those trailing it have the Silver UV bullets. The sunlight will slow them, but the silver will kill them because of the poison in their system." As he finished he got on a phone and called out to the number that had reached him earlier only to have it go dead. It was like Sam to not keep a phone to long. Not to mention Sam used burner phones anyways to make sure he never got tracked by anyone or anything. If he wants you to know where he is he would tell you himself or show up in front of you.

Following instructions once they got to the house Raph placed Jasper up in the cell Pulling his chains through rings on the wall to make it so he couldn't move anything outside of his head swinging left and right. Pulling him into an x shape off the floor so he couldn't get any momentum to break the chains. The cut the back of his ankles a few times before the wounds stopped healing before leaving the room Letting the blood collect in a basin just below him. Upon returning back to the main floor the men including Raph nodded and left. Of course several men pointed out that Samual had a vampire on his couch and more humans bustling around his house then usual. Raph of course put a stop to the gossip as the team pulled away.

It was after Samual had left the property that Jen had arrived. Jenny is what many called her, her birth name was Jenifer, but she hated it so she went by Jen most of the time when it meant business, but Jenny was what she was mostly called. It was the russling of the old styled armor she wore that she knew had caught Samual attention. See Jen was not only a doctor in the human world, but an old fashioned hunter. She hunted Vampires specifically because it was vampires that had killed her family and she would one day return the favor of killing the creature responsible. She remembered hearing their screams and their pleas for their lives and it haunted her even to this day. Perhaps it was the blood splatter on his face that day that would forever etch it into her memory, or perhaps it was the bodies that had pilled up before she could put her family to rest. It was however by her hand that her family would be returned to the dead and stay that way. She had taken their heads and buried them apart from their bodies. Mother, Father, two older siblings, and an infant child all of them turned and hunted down by Jen herself.

Pulling up to the house she grabbed her bag from the passenger seat and jumped out. her Team of course following close by each hand picked by her to make sure Sam and whomever else was protected. Setting up teams of five there was four each. One on the second and third floor, the other two on the main floor. Well hidden that they could assault from any direction, but also in sight whenever needed. As the team approached the door Jen held her hand up for the groups to halt The phone lay on the porch, but Sam was gone which she expected. Inside the phone was the key to get inside. She had rushed in and set everything up. It was the loud boom of the front door that made everyone pause, but of course Jen knew vampires couldn't enter houses without permission, so unless Sam gave them access to his house they couldn't enter. Returning to their work Jen went downstairs to see Sam with the little vampire child in his arms. Placed on the couch Jen went out to her vehicle and returned with blood putting it like an IV into the vampire who seemed to go in and out of Consciousness from the blood lose and with no sight of it stopping she had to have drastic measures. Pulling out a knife and lighter she would cauterize the wounds close. This had of course earned her a side eye from the werewolf Sam which made her shutter a little as goosebumps ran down her spine. Placing the blade a few times before the vampire shot up in pain it wasn't until Sam had him pinned to the couch with a single hand to his chest could she finish she closed the final wound and hung another bag after.


Drama is Welcome…. I hope you don't mind I made some myself :)

NightMare   16d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


Hisan felt a small relief from the pain, after Sam had removed the blade from his wrist and thighs. He knew why his brother stabbed in those places. It wasn't to kill him, but to leave him in agony and woe. His brother's words were what seemed to put his mind in dismay. Hisan closed his eyes as he felt Samuel arms around him. The warmth coming from Samuel was comforting but the thoughts that swirling around in his head made him seem discontent. Hisan hissed when Samuel wrapped his wounds. The bleeding didn't seem to stop. It was then the smell of something delicious flooded his nose, followed by the words drink. Hisan turned his head way. “No!” he said in almost a whisper. Hisan ended up bitting his bottom lip rather hard. Two crimson beads formed as he did his best to keep his jaw clamped shut. Despite his protruding fangs that seemed to have gotten longer as Sam touched him.

 Hisan mouth started watering, as he thought about sinking his fangs into Sam's wrist did occur to him. He pushed that thought aside as other things were still weighing on his mind. “Don't be foolish big boy…” he said in a somber yet bitter tone. He winced as Samuel picked him up. Hisan closed his eyes when he open them again, he was on the black leather sofa. He could hear the people around them whispering, which seemed to make him very uneasy until finally there was silence. Except for the voices in his head that started calling out. Hisan seemed to be hold his head as snuggled closer into Samuel trying so hard to ignore the voices. Until one seemed out weight all the others.

Hisan seemed to be lost within his own mind. Everything around him appear black, it seemed like he was all alone. It was silent. Until a voice spoke, it kept telling him that they were better off dead. Who? What did it mean by that? Why did this voice keep begging for him to let him out? Was this one of his fathers tricks? No there was no way it was his father, this voice sounded just like his own but different. “Oh Hisan I am just part you that you have kept locked away, deep in the crevasses of your mind… Don't worry when you let me out you will fully understand…”  the voice said. “W-What” he seemed to mutter to himself. At this point it seemed like he was talking to himself saying strange things under his breath. 

It was then a figure appeared in his mind. The figure looked just like him, except for it had amber colored eyes that seemed to burn bright like a fire. The figure spoke to him in that same taunting voice. It seemed to laugh when Hisan asked him again who he was. Apparently it still wasn't clear. “I am you… I suppose you may call me Chise if that will put your mind at ease” he said with laugh. “Chise?” he said softly of course no one else in the room could hear this voice but Hisan. Only thing they could hear was when Hisan would mutter strange fragments of a sentences or words. 

Hisan ruby colored eyes shot open as he felt the heat and the stinging, and agonizing pain. Along with the smell of burning flesh, the strange woman cauterize his wounds. He wanted to reach over and tear the knife way from her, but a strong hand kept him from doing so. It was Samuel of course but that kept him restrained. Tears seemed to form in the vampires eyes as his bit his bottom lip trying keep his cries silence. Hisan try grabbing Sam's hand to pry it away, but ended up gettin a hold of Sam's wrist instead. His nails seem to dig in, tearing open the lesion that Sam had made earlier that day. Of course it didn't seem to phase Sam much. Hisan was so happy when the woman had stopped torturing him, by this point he was glaring at Samuel with tears still in his eyes. Hisan eventually notice the crimson liquid staining his fingers. Oh how he wanted to lick it off. It wasn't like he was stupid, such and act was meant to stay behind closed doors. 

He could hear most of the peoples thought around how they hated his species. Hisan sighed, as rolled away from everyone after tearing the IV out of his arm. He hated needles, this feeling of uneasiness. Hisan wanted nothing more than to sleep but he had a feeling he was going to be getting much of that. He left out a huff as he tried to bury his head in the leather couch. He found that to be uncomfortable. He could still hear people's thoughts swirling around his mind. He wanted to close them out all of them, even Sam at this point. Hisan sighed as he slowly stood up on shaky legs, he slowly walked to the room that Sam had originally told him he could stay in. He just couldn't take it any longer he had to get away. He decided to ignore the fact that he could smell Jasper scent near by. There was no way that coward was going to do anything. Little did he know his brother had been captured. Hisan softly closed the door behind him. As he glanced around the room he seen cheval mirror in the corner of the room.

Hisan approach the mirror, he touched the glass hating how his reflection looked. He sighed softly as he looked back towards the door. He was kind of surprised that Sam didn't come bursting thought. Hisan touch the mirror and it almost seemed to ripple, which meant he could step inside. Hisan stepped inside the mirror hiding in the reflection of the room. Even if Sam did come bursting in it wasn't like he was going to find him that easily. It was quiet here, only thing Hisan could hear was his own thoughts. Hisan scent was still lingering in the room, and if you looked in the cheval mirror you could see Hisan sitting on the floor by the bed. That was, if you even looked there in the first place. Hisan had brought his knees to his chest, had his face buried. However when you looked toward the floor by the bed you found it empty. It was if mirror was place tricks on you. Hisan felt bad leaving so abruptly, he need time to recover and hearing people thought only seemed to make things worse. He would defiantly have to make it up to Sam later. He still need to thank him for saving him. It seemed the words of his brother were still plaguing his mind.



Getting captured wasn't part of the plan. Jasper had no idea how this even happen or what he was up against. These people were good, perhaps a little too good. He had no idea they were even coming, how they moved so fast it was frightening even for a vampire. All he could remember was getting stuck in the back of the head with something blunt. 

 All he wanted to do was what his father asked of him, that was to make Hisan come home. How in the hell did his brother even get involved with someone like this? Jasper had always thought werewolves were just dirty glorify dogs. He thought they were such mindless creatures but this guy seem to have everything planned out. It was if he was waiting for something like this to happen? 

When he woken again, he was in minor amount of pain. He could barely move which he found to be rather uncomfortable and irritating. His lavender eyes became a bright crimson. How ironic he thought, he basically did the same to wretch of a brother of his. He could feel himself getting weaker as the  blood seemed to leave his body. Angry seemed to flood his mind as he wished he could break free with this strange contraption there was no chance of getting of this unharmed. Of course it also didn't help there were also many guns pointed at him. All Jasper could do was let out a sigh, hopes that his father would actually come and rescue him. 

He was sure his mother would throw a fit until his safe return. That all he could hope for. His mother would save him she always did. Jasper once neatly comb hair had now become messy and bramble. It seemed his fancy clothes had gotten torn and dirty from the scuffle. If he ever did get out of this he would make them all play. Especially his brother he would make that bastard lick his boots, he had some that was. His normally did wear those thing, he stuck to the higher end of clothes as it what his mother wished for him to wear. 

└── •✧• ──┘ 

Esmeray Noir Kanashimi was her name, she was a beautiful woman in most eyes. With a slender body, with an hour glass figure. Long legs that filled her tall boots well. Her dress was perfect for her frame, a slit up the side along with nice v shape that display her other assets well. Her hair was a beautiful silvery color that remind you of moon light. She kept her  hair often tied back in a tight bun. Luring people in with her looks, perhaps that was how she became the step mother of that wretched child. She seemed to catch Hisan's father Virgil by the mouth. It didn't take long for him to make her his bride. Seeing as they were both from noble or royal heritage the wedding went out without a hitch. 

Well almost, she had to dispose of Hisan's mother first that wasn't hard to do. Some simple arrangement just like that she was gone. Leaving Virgil to her, of course she had her son from her previous marriage. She loved  Jasper dearly. He was her pride and joy she made that clear when Virgil brought Hisan to stay with them. Esmeray had tried getting rid of Hisan before, by leaving him out in the middle of the woods. That didn't seem to work as the child some how returned home unharmed. She would constantly nag Virgil, about Hisan which seemed to annoy which seemed to annoy him. Virgil would constantly beat Hisan for no reason. Well she was the reason but Hisan didn't know that.

 Even now that brat was continuing to be a thorn in her side. Her heel clicked and clatter as she paced the floor of the living room. The wine glass that was filled with blood splashed as she paced the floor in the living room. She was restless, ecsepcially since Jasper was yet to return. What happen to him? Virgril promised her that nothing would happen to her beloved son. He was yet to return. Something was was wrong, then a chilling thought ran down her spine as she tried to look into Jasper mind. It was vague but it was clear to her that he had been capture or something. Judging by his last though the woman began to shake until the wine glass slipped from her hand and shatter on the floor.  “My darling son has been capture.” she said in a frantic tone. Until she started screaming Virgils name. 

╚════.✾. ═╝

Virgil let out a heavy sigh as heard Esmeray screaming from down the hall. He was sure the whole house had heard it. He shook his head as went to comfort the woman. She was his wife after all despite fact the two had hardly gotten along. They were always fighting about some or other. The man that enter the room was tall, and muscular. He had dark hair that seemed rather messy. His hazel eyes seemed to show almost no emotion as he wrapped the crying woman in his arm. He sighed softly as he tried to comfort the woman. Even that didn't seem to clam her down. Virgil left the room and sighed softly as he closed his hazel eyes.

What to do? It wasn't like he excepting this but if push came to shove he would simply get rid of Jasper. Perhaps that is what he should do. He can't have that brat squealing on him. He had no idea that Exiled prince was this prepared. Nor did he understand why Hisan was still there. What did that man see in his worthless son? Jasper was the one that everyone admired. Vigirl paced the hall contemplating on what to do. 

Jasper had failed him and he didn't take lightly to failure. Grant he had never laid a figure on Jasper before. It seemed this was enough to anger him. Anger him to the point where he decided to end Jasper himself. As he curled his hand into a fist. It felt as Jaspers heart was stoping. Of course he could hear Jasper cries and pleading that he could be more used to him. It seem like the boy was better off dead now. He had been caught on one of the simplest task. Virgil didn't care how strong these people were none of his sons would help prisoner especially not the exiled werewolf king. 

Jasper's body seemed to be burning from the inside out. The vampire screamed in agony as it became a charred blacken husk of man. It didn't take long for remains to crumble into a pile of ash before whoever eyes were watching. Of course he was never going to heard the end of this from Esmeray. He could easily blame it on them or even Hisan for that matter. If Jasper wasn't able to do his bidding, then what use was he to him? Pathetic almost as pathetic as Hisan. Hisan was lucky that he couldn't dispose of him. He probably would of done it a long time ago if it wasn't for Claudia taking an interest in him. Claudia family was very powerful and from a strong line of vampire. He himself was the son of Dracula of course not many knew that. If he could get Claudia family as ally then there would be no problem over throwing anyone that stepped foot in his path. But of course Hisan had to be difficult. He didn't like Claudia, or girl for that matter. The thought of that only seemed to make his blood boil. He didn't care what Hisan like only thing he cared about was power. Jasper had always been the most charming of his sons. Jasper never really caught anyone eye like Hisan did. Virgil sighed as he rubbed his temple out frustration. 

Why did the Exiled King take an interest in Hisan? Perhaps his son could be useful after all. As another crooked smile crept across his face. How hard could it be to take control of that weaken body and used it against the one he loved. As he try to look into Hisan mind. He found he was unable. Which seemed to anger him until finally he sat down in his chair, after returning to his study. It was then that Claudia came to mind. Perhaps he could use her to gain what he wanted. Not only did he want Hisan to suffer but he also wanted that Exiled king to face a dire down. He was going to have to make some arrangements, as soon as he did things were going to get messy. It seemed that all the weak and lesser spawn that Jasper had brought with him were dying left and right. It was no surprise to him, but perhaps they would like a taste of one his creations. Virgil sighed as he snapped his fingers, the sounds of a horrify howl seem to echo thought out the house. Before the sound of a rattle chain could be. Virgil told the creature where to go. The creature slither and slinked into every shadow it had available. Changing it's shape and form every time it moved. Of course it did cause quiet a scene as it got closer to the safe house. The UV bullets did seemed too slow, it down but as they shot it the more vapor it released into the air. It didn't take long for the vapor to start to having an effect the people. The weak minded ones were plagued with nightmares and swallowed by fear. While the other fought with pounding headache. The creature inched closer and closer to the house. Until finally it stood at the door way. “Come out come out where ever you are Hisan… It's time to play… Unless you want this safe haven of you destroyed” of course this wasn't the creatures voice. 



I do not mind one bit  =^._.^=  I added more hopefully it is enjoyable. 

Samuel Lucian

Samuel had watched and waited for the “King” to arrive, but it wasn't going to happen. He already knew that to much time had passed. Knowing each vampire had a unique gift to themselves it was unlikely that one of the Nobility in the family wouldn't have had a sense that their crowned prince had been taken as a sort of “hostage” made the male laugh and loudly at that. Hisen had settled down and had managed to make it into the room where the pair had rested. Not wanting to disturb him or really hurt him more Samual had left him be and just waited.

Eventually deciding a different approach he went down into the basement and looked upon a charred corpse of a former noble vampire. Stepping up to the thing he could hear the slight breathing still going on, but the damage wasn't even from him. “Damn, Daddy must be mad at you.” Stepping away he went to one of the walls and clapped a knuckle to the thing. “Its a good thing I have ways of reducing powers within these walls, otherwise you'd be nothing more then a pile of ash. I can't have that just yet.” Nodding his head slightly a pair of people came in and started a blood transfusion into the male that hung on the wall as they did it was only enough to rejuvenate him to be a full body not just a charred body anymore. His hair restored to its natural luster, but of course still a mess from the tussle and would be so until he could comb it out. His cloths now all gone as while he could heal himself Samuel only guessed his couldn't restore cloths. 

Looking at the male Samuel once again stepped up to him grabbing Jasper by the chin and forcing him to look up at his own eyes they changed from their ice blue to the deep red his wolf was known for. “I might be a Murder, but if its not any benefit to me it doesn't happen. While our species do not like each other, we are not at war anymore. So I will release you, however you will take this message to your parents.” Leaning in close to the vampire ear he kept a tight grip on his chin.

That if anyone comes after what I claim they will face my full wraith. And not even Dracula can save them if I chose to come for them.” His words of course rang with truth, everyone knew that Dracula was only scared of far and few things, but the Exiled wolf was one of those things. after all Samual had nearly put Dracula in the ground as a teenager, now as an adult he has only become more powerful. Dropping the male down to the floor Samuel bent down blood bag in his hand as he handed it to the male. “You can leave, The door to the outside is to the right when you leave this room. Also a warning you try and follow me and you will hit a barrier. I know that vampires require permission to come into any home you go the wrong direction all you will find is a lost maze.” 

Standing up he watched the vampire long enough for everyone else to leave the room. Samuel went out of the room keeping his senses open to make sure the vampire didn't catch him off guard, of course that also required him to be able to pass the UV lights that were placed in the hallways Which had been left on except for those that let him leave.

Upon getting to the ground level he heard the howl of some of the troops, of course he expected Jen to take care of her own troops, perhaps he would check on them later, but while many saw their own personal fears they knew nothing could come and actually affect them and those who had gone slightly insane were only recruits and would either be trained even harder to deal with the stuff they could potentially face when fighting vampires or be forced out of the group and into a different organization for the hunters group. 

Samual had heard the voice from the creature and opened his front door. Stepping outside with the thing on his front porch he only had a wicked smile on his face. Snapping his fingers the entire yard from the forest to the walls of his house were covered in lights removing from the creature of any possible escape or even attacking really. Samual had only growled a command of sit to the creature and while it resisted a lot it still had to listen as it was still a wolf in nature and must listen to the true king. 

If your Master wants his child he can come and collect him personally, not send some pets to do it. Now leave or you face your own death here. Threatening the house of a king is out of order for a noble." walking back inside Samual had expected the thing. He had only heard rumors from his contacts in the vampire world that someone had been kidnapping werewolves to experiment on them and to find out it was Lord Virgil only made it that more clear who he was dealing with. Nodding to Jen he had turned off enough lights so the creature on his front pourch could leave and return to its master. 

NightMare   10d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


Hisan ended up falling a sleep for at least a few hours. When he finally return it was dark outside, slipping out the mirror silently. He glanced around until he found the bathroom door. He quietly walked inside hoping not to alert Sam, but he was sure the sound of running water would. Hisan didn't bother to lock the door because deep down he knew that man would run through a brick wall. Hisan was happy when his eyes landed on the large claw foot tub. He was thrilled, to be taking a bath of course he pour a bit of Sam's soap into the water hoping it would bubble. Hisan slipped into the tub of hot water, which he seemed to be enjoying. Of course it would of been better with some rose petals, but this would due. 

The hot water and soap felt great as he submerge himself deeper into the water. Hisan stay in the tub until the water has become cold. He made sure wash his hair and rinse off properly before getting out. The bathroom was a rather peaceful place. The dark tile with the cream color walls. The matching dark wood, creamy color counters. Perhaps it was so nice because it smelt like him. Maybe he was just lovestruck. Sam scent was comforting, even thought he really should of been scared of him. Hisan just couldn't seem to be, not when those strong arms wrapped around him so delicately. Sam arms seem to put his mind in a numbing bliss. He of course would never say that to him. 

After about a hour or longer Hisan walked into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. The hardest part was finding clothes that fit him. He really did care about the shirts that hung off him but the underwear and pants were a different story. After some digging Hisan finally found some pants and underwear that would fit. Again he chose black skinny jeans, that seem to show off most of his slender curves. He really did get his mothers curves. Hisan let out a soft sigh as he found a shirt along with black and white hoodie. It seemed the vampire was freezing cold when Samuel wasn't around to warm him up. Hisan yawned as tidy up the closet since he had to do some serious digging. He put things neatly back on hanger and folding other garment carefully placing them back on the shelf.

Hisan let out a soft yawn as it seemed he was tired again. It must of been since his body wasn't fully recovered. Hisan crawled into the bed and wrapped himself up in the blankets. His mind did start to wonder why he could hear his father voice. It wasn't like him to show up out the blue. Perhaps it was because Jaspers scent still lingered. Hisan couldn't seem to fight it anymore. He fell asleep in Sam bed and curled up in his spot. Hisan was nuzzling into his pillow trying to drown himself in Sam scent. Rather embarrassing sight but thankfully he was alone. He was going to smother that man with love when he seen him again. Or at least leave him wanting more.


Jasper cough choking on the air as it filled his lungs, it seemed he was saved from certain death. He was stricken with fear with when Samuel approached him, and grabbed his chin forcing him to look into his eyes. How odd he never seen a wolf with red eyes before, it was terrifying. This whole situation was unsettling. Perhaps the worst part was the fact that he was naked. It was rather cold, he shiver when the wolf got close to his ear. Snarling with such a deep voice, eyes that looked like they could devour him in one bite.

Jasper couldn't help but too blush as he felt Samuel hot breath on his ear. It was one of Jasper weak spot, he bit his lip to hold in a soft squeak. Jasper had to get some clothes on before people started to notice things. It wasn't like he liked Samuel but his ears were rather sensitive place. After receiving the message. A bag of blood was place into his hand which seemed to leave him in a state of bewilderment. “W-Wait…”  he said in a soft voice. Jasper stood up on shaky legs.

Jasper lavender eye looked back into Samuel's for a moment before he looked away. “…Something wicked this way comes…” he said in a soft voice. Japser made his way to the door. He opened it, Jasper stepped out side. He sighed as she shifted into a rather bat with extra fluffy fur around his neck. His eyes were still lavender colored. Jasper quickly flew into the sky and heading in the direction of home. Until something strange had caught his eye. It was a silver haired woman walking thought the forests looking very out of place. Jasper flew into the tree and watched her from high above branch.


Claudia was getting rather impatient waiting for Hisan to return. So she decided, to go find him. Claudia stop in place when she seen a hideous creature go running past her franticly. She finally made it to the house. Standing on the porch was a rather peculiar man.  “Such a hideous thing… ” she said softly. It seemed like she has been traveling for while consider her heels were caked in mud. Her dress seemed to be torn in a few places. “I am Claudia Aubert, you may call me Lady Claudia” she said as she bowed her head to Samuel. "You will have to forgive Virgil it seems he has gone mad over the years. Living in delusions… Perhaps you are similar to him?” she said with a catty remark until she seemed to be smiling again.  “I believe you have something of mine, I insist you return it to me now.” she said in a dry tone. Her ruby colored eyes glare straight into Samuels.  “Do not worry I did bring you some gifts for your troubles.” she said in a sweet but eerie tone. 

She held out a strange ball of sandy colored fur. She placed the small cat into Samuels hands. Whatever she placed into Samuel hands was currently sleeping. It looked like a house cat but the there was a foul scent coming from it. There was no tell what it really was. “Hisan… Don't keep me waiting honey. I mean unless you want me to start telling your boyfriend here all your dark little secrets?” she said with a small laugh.  She placed her slender hands on her hips as she casually waited for Hisan to appear. She knew that bastard could hear her. 

Her eyes seemed to sparkle as the slender male stood in the doorway. His white hair seemed rather messy she would have to fix that later. “Ooh darling I knew you would come!” she said with a small laugh. “Now get over here… It is time to leave. You had your fun with Sammy, … I will forgive you for that" she said in a soft tone. “It was nice meet you”  she said as she waved at Samuel in a casual manner. She didn't care how rude it was to Sam, Hisan was her. 

This man didn't want to see her angry, perhaps she would give him a taste of it anyways. She was rather upset with Hisan for staying way for so long and with this mongrel! Her cheeky smile seemed to fade as she looked directly at Hisan who was so nervously standing in the doorway not daring to move. She balled her small hand into a fist causing the poor Hisan heart to stop beating for a second until sudden pain. He starting coughing as blood poured out if his mouth. Such a fatal trick, she could do since the two had once shared each others blood. Oh how she wanted to sink her fangs into Hisan neck. It was then a small black bat smacked her in the back of the head with it's wings. Tugging on strand of her hair. She snatch the bat out of the air swiftly.

 “I wonder what this would do” she said as pulled roughly on one of the wings. Black bat that seemed to be screaming in pain.The bat screamed as it thrashed around in her tight grasp. It seemed at this rate she pull the poor creature wing right off.  

“Stop it! I will go with you… just let the bat go…” he said softly as he was still holding his chest. Hisan was reluctant to move from the doorway given the events that just occurred, but he didn't seem to have much of a choice. He looked at Samuel with such a sorrowful gaze. “I'm sorry… I-I will be back…” he said as reach to touch Sam cheek but he quickly pulled his hand way after realizing it was covered in blood. As he stumbled towards Claudia. She dropped the bat and grabbed a hold of Hisan's shirt collar. She pulled him into a kiss which he couldn't seem to break way from until she pulled away. Hisan frozen in place as he tried so hard to register what happen.  “Now come along then.” she said as she turn away from Samuel still hold tightly to Hisan's hand. Hisan still seemed to be frozen in place, until she tugged on his hand harder. “I wouldn't try to follow us…Unless of course you think you could live without Hisan?” she said with an eerie giggle. “I am sure you could  after all, You only just met him a couple of days ago he will be easy to forget. Your still young I am sure there are plenty of she-wolves or other creatures just dying to get their hands on you.”  she said with a small laugh. “You see we are fated lovers. This arrangement was set when we were both young children.” she said. As she looked at Hisan who seemed so emotionless just like a doll. “Goodbye now!” she said. 

It was then a blinding orb of light appeared in her hand. It was far too bright for anyone to look at directly. It was perfect for a get way or at least a good distraction. Claudia drew a strange symbol on the forest floor that seemed to burn until finally a strange door open. She pulled Hisan inside in an instant the two were standing in Claudia family home. The strange portal seemed to disappear after the two had step inside. There was a strange burn mark on the forest floor. It was demonic sigil. It seemed another webs of lies was starting to unfold.



Perhaps you were beginning to wonder what Hisan had gotten himself into? Maybe you didn't wonder that all began to wonder what really was going on with Virgil head. The woman did say he was going mad. Hisan seemed to struggled to break free from Claudia grasp. That was until she slipped a strange black ring on his finger with a glowing red gem in the center. It was then the boy stop struggling, he seem to have to obey. He followed the woman blindly. At time the boy would pause or seem to stop moving until the ring tighten forcing him to move once more. It seemed the wedding would be held tomorrow at sunset in bellowing hills.

Why a wedding would be held in such a dreaded place? Because it was what the bride wanted. The hills weren't too far from the forests edge. Not many dare to walked into mist, that potentially lead to certain death. As it seemed no life was sustainable in such a place. The grass seemed charred as if it had been burn the trees all looked withered. It was perfect place for a vampire and demons alike.

・゚·:。・゚゚・ ✩ ・゚ ・゚·:。・゚゚・

“What a bitch” a familiar voice said. It was then the black fluffy back changed back into a man. Pulled his own arm back into it's socket with a loud cracking sound. He winced as moved his arm at least it no longer hurt like it did. This time Jasper was fully clothed. “Well at least she gave you Nora…” he said as pointed to the small ball sandy colored fur, that was still sleeping. “If you can wake him up he should be able to take you to Hisan” he said softly as he lit a cigarette the filled the air with a polluting smoke. “Good luck waking that thing…” he said as he turned to walk way. It seemed Hisan wasn't the only one who hated Claudia. 


Samuel Lucian

Samuel had only nodded to Hisen as he returned to the living room. A women now seemed to stand on the wolf's front porch. While she claimed to be a Lady it was far from it. She smelled a lot like venom and copper. The scent of blood it must have meant she hunted and recently or she had packed for such a departure. Of course she must not have known the exact location of the place otherwise she wouldn't have the mud on her shoes, or the rip in her cloths. It must have meant that the stones were doing their job on the borderlands. 

Looking to Hisan Sam only nodded he would let the male go, of course that wouldn't be for very long. While the women held her own for what she could do the exiled king had not yet released himself or allowed his animal to take complete control. Had he done that even Hisan could have gotten hurt mate or not. Watching as the scene went down Samuel only raised an eyebrow as the lady Claudia seemed to hurt her "fated" lovers" is what she called him earlier. Of course if that was the case it meant that she was hurting herself as well. As she left the scent of sulfur had hit Sam's noise and strong at that, but there was an undertone of cinnamon and jasmine along with sea salt that took its place. 

As the cat seemed to not move from where Claudia had put it down at on the pourch Jasper appeared in his more humanish form instead of the bat returning his shoulder to its socket speaking of how the cat could lead him to Hisen. Samual had put up a finger before the words Goodluck could leave the man's lips. Pointing down he just spoke the command to Jasper even “Sit” before he could leave he obeyed the command Samual had given him.

Pulling out his phone again he dialed up a number this time it rang a few times before he hung up. It was the footfalls on the stairs that had caught his attention first. “Tell Jen I am heading out. Take care of the cat, if you can wake it up, if you can't its fine.” Nodding only the men in black picked up the animal and lead it off into a different room. It was at that moment Samual's phone rang. Picking it up Samual just looked at Jasper directly his eyes flashing from their natural ice blue, to a golden yellow, to their unnatural red color.

Ah Micheal, just the person I was trying to reach. I'm calling in a favor. Send me all the information you can on this Claudia Aubert that you have. And tell your brothers Gabrial, Uriel, Jerahmeel,  I have a mission for them.” Hanging up the male looked towards Jasper with a nod towards the house “You were injured trying to save your brother from this Claudia. There is blood bags in the cabinet to the left of the fridge. Be sure to only take what you need to heal. And inform your father this Claudia will either be dead or a fate far worse for vampires. Turned.” his words held no doubt to what he was saying and it would happen.


A few hours later and Samual was standing on a hillside looking at what looked to be an abandoned Castle with the crest for the Aubert family on its gate. Of course the male knew better the vampires would hold themselves up here to make sure humans can't find them and those in power would flaunt it by taking up their old family castles. It was easy enough to get into snapping a couple of vampire necks as he went. Sitting down at a table of solid marble it wasn't long before the alarm was raised and both Lord and Lady Aubert had found him sitting at the table. 

You have something of mine and I will see it returned.” it was the yelling that had caught his attention for a split second and in that second the male jumped at him only to be smacked and pushed to the ground by a fully grown werewolf jaw only inches from the male's throat ready to snap. Samual let out a growl and the wolf backed up a little bit.

Let me rephrase it. Your daught Claudia has something of mine, and I will see it returned..” a pause for a moment and it was in that Pause that both Lord and Lady understood what was going on. It seemed confusion was on the lady's face for a moment before she motioned to the hills outside. It seems their wedding was to take place in a few moments. Nodding a thanks Samual gave another low growl and the werewolves seemed to not only swarm the entire castle but made sure that the vampires were locked in rooms any trying to escape was not killed, but instead turned into a werewolf themselves.

Samual had only thought how primitive the werewolves were compared to his kind. They were creatures turned and forever cursed to walk like in the form of a wolf. His kind while considered werewolves outside of the werewolves themselves they had “evolved” to change between forms and while they had lost the ability to turn vampires and other supernatural beings into their own kind the primitive ones kept that ability.

About half an hour later Samual had walked into the wedding ceremony at just the right time. His hand Raised. “I object to this wedding.” in his hand he held a scroll which he then tossed to the priest who unrolled it. His eyes went wide looked at this being in front of him and back to it. Looking to the lady he could only seem to shake his head no.

By all means Father read it out loud.” The priest only stammered a bit before he could actually read what it read.

“I hearby Null and void any contract, Marriage agreement, or any trade between the Aubert and the Kanashimi. This will include the Marriage between Hisen Kanashimi and Claudia Aubert. Any future dealings will be held within my presence and all final decisions shall be mine to regard. Signed King Dracula first of the Vampires. Co-signed by The seven Deadly sins, rulers of Hell and its claims.” 

Samual had only waited to watch as Claudia turned to face him confusion on her face. “Your poisonous gas doesn't work on me, because of the Silver Nitrate my suit gives off. And nanotech allows it to repair itself instantaniously while also still giving off the Nitrate.” Holding up a hand before she charged at him in full rage which he could see she was becoming angry. “Ah nope, you see you don't want to do that either. You harm me, or even Hisan in anyway your entire family, no actually your entire clan will be given a fate worse then death. You see I found the old werewolves you father was sent here to destroy. I may or may not have given them a way to slip into the castle. They are under orders that if I or Hisen die your entire clan is to be turned into wolves.”

It was then a howl came out from over the ridge. a Wolf appeared on it began to walk towards the group. Samual walked up to Hisen. Removing the Ring from his hand Samual placed it back into the Lady's hand. “I am also aware your family are not vampires Lady Claudia. And I also know now that the wolf is here that everything is in place. If you harm Hisen or me you and your people will starve to death here. you see I made the area around your home Holy grounds. Even made it so no supernatural beings can enter or leave the area.” Seeing the young lady try and use her power he only laughed a bit. 

You also won't be able to use your powers anymore unless you leave the area.” Giving a whistle Several people appeared on hills around the what should have been a wedding presession all of which placed something into the ground. Upon touching the ground each one began to glow. Hearing the lady scream and jump at him Samual only moved out of the way to have her land on the ground on all four like a feral animal. Looking towards the wolf he nodded towards Hisen. The wolf picked the male up and took off quickly to be chased down by Claudia.

Samual slid in the pathway “You want a fight you will have one.” Removing his clothing he began to shift, but not into his normal wolf form, no instead he took on a more... animalistic nature. However upon finishing transforming the wolf split in half blood spraying everywhere and infront of Claudia was now a far more feral wolf.

The fight didn't seem to happen as Claudia even backed down from the creature that now stood in front of her. Samual did have the nickname Exiled king, but the one name every demon, angel, Vampire, and werewolf knew was the Blood king a creature of unknown origins as old as the races themselves, Samual had a direct bloodline to that man, so in truth he was part demon, part angel, part wolf. He was a creature that could end vampires if he wanted by turning dracula himself into a wolf.

Shifting back into his human form Samual looked to Claudia his eyes still the glowing red. “You threaten me, or mine again. You will wish death had come for you. As for your younger siblings they are safely tucked away in their rooms. Your parents are in the dinning hall. Wolves all around I will collect them when I leave, but know they can at any time come back, so I wouldn't try anything if I were you.” It was then Samual turned and left his final words hanging in the air.

NightMare   8d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


The sounds of screams and howls could be heard just as father asked if there was any objections. She was so close, to having Hisan to herself.  “How dare you…" of course by this point it was already too late to stop Samuel and his invading men. She growled at the man that stood before her, and her lover. She tried her to keep him away but Sam easily pushed by. She even try attack him but end up falling on all fours like an animal. The man continue to laugh and cackle at her. Her black wedding dressed seem to be getting in the way making it difficult to move. She snarled until she decided she would have no choice into giving Hisan back. Of course she was threaten by such a hideous creature that seemed to spray blood everywhere. 

“Oh so you are one of his offsprings? Disgusting.” she said as she seemed to have no choice other than to listen to the man words. It seemed that his game of cat and mouse was over. She stomped of after, Samuel turn way from her leaving her nothing but his callous words. She sighed softly as went back into castle only to see it flooded with werewolves. She sighed went to her room after slamming the door like a child who was throwing a tantrum. She screamed in her room after jumping on her bed. There has to be away to over throw this king but how or who?


Hisan has stood there emotionlessly he was waring rather formal clothes. As they seemed to have strange artifacts of gold draped around him. These clothes were rather uncomfortable and itchy to say the least. The clothes did seemed to compliment his slender frame well. When Sam approached him, the ring tight around his finger and the gem glowed a dark red tell him to fight back. Hisan only seemed to have a small golden dagger on him. There wasn't much he could do other than to obey. He swung the small knife at Sam. Watching as weapon merely scratch the man. Sam easily knocked the weapon of Hisan hands. He jerk his hand out Sam's a couple of times before the ring was removed. 

Hisan pale blue eyes looked into Sam's ruby eyes. Hisan's heart seemed to skip couple of beat. As he didn't know whether or not to be scared of him. Something in his mind told him he should be, part of him just couldn't. “My love…" he said softly as looked at Sam. He wanted to reach for him but was hesitant. “Thank you for coming for me… You really didn't have to… I promise I would of returned to you!" he said softly. It seemed the vampire started to blush, he had more to say, but before the could get another word out, the large wolf scooped him up and carried him away. Hisan sighed as he burry his blushing face into wolf's thick fur. This wolf wouldn't be able to tell he was blushing right? He didn't understand why he got so bashful around Sam. Maybe it was because his heart really did belong to him. He was honestly so happy when he heard Sam's voice object to this wedding. Oh how he wanted to jump into his arms asked to be carried off into the sunset. That was a selfish thought. He sighed softly as tried to push those thoughts away. 

He was taken back to the home that Sam and him resided in. “T-Thank you.” he said softly looking at the large black wolf. Hisan sat down on the porch. He decided he would remain outside and wait for Sam's return. He was sure that Sam would be coming home soon since the man seemed to have taken care of the situation so easily. It was rather frightening how such a man could do that. There wasn't anything his honey couldn't do. Hisan sighed softly as he started to wonder, what if he wasn't good enough? Would he be discarded just like before? His father seemed to have no problem discarding him. Hisan couldn't help the tears that started to swell up in his eyes. His tears trailed down his cheeks. It was then a small foot steps could be heard until finally the sandy color cat had made back out to the porch. It seemed Nora slipped out man's arms suddenly, causing the poor creature to be dropped. Which it then ran way making its way it's master. 


"Master!" the cat cried as it shifted from a cat into a more human like state.  Of course Hisan had told him many time not to call him that. His sandy blonde hair was rather messy, but thankful his rather large ears cats, that often got made fun of help distract from that. The creature's name was Nora. He seemed like an ordinary neko, but he wasn't. Hisan seemed to have a soft spot  for the little guy, as he wrapped his arms around the slender cat-boy. Nora was rather small, he was even sorter than Hisan. He was a feisty little thing, that even vampire's seem to fear. Nora gently wiped away Hisan's tears away with his thumb. Nora wrapped his tail around Hisan as he started to purr hoping the vampire wouldn't cry anymore. 

“Master why are you crying?” he said softly  as his pale blue eyes met Hisan's. Nora was confused on what had happen because it seemed he had been a sleep for many years. Everything around them seemed rather different. “Where are?” he said softly thumping his tail on ground. Hisan seemed to sighed as if he didn't want to really answer. Nora continued to purr hoping to make the man feel at least a little. Nora cat like eyes spotted a tall figure in the distance. His tail instantly bottle brushed. “What or Who is that…” he said softly as he whispered into Hisan ear. He flatten his ears against his head because  he could smell all sorts of scents coming from this man. Nora was unsure if he would even be able to protect Hisan. 

Nora shivered as he looked way from the approaching figure. He figured Hisan knew who the man was considering how his heart beat started to change. Nora sighed softly as he shifted back into a small tabby cat. He crawled on top of Hisan shoulder wrapping himself around Hisan as if he was a scarf his ice blue eyes did not leave Sam. Hisan gently petted Nora's head which seemed to make him start to purr again and settle down. 

Hisan sat there nervously unsure if he should move or just wait. His heart began to flutter, the closer Sam got. It seemed tears still stain his cheeks as he lowered his head. Thankfully the hood over his head kept most his face silhouette. He felt as he shouldn't look up at Sam as he wasn't worthy of it. He had to be save yet again, he really did feel worthless at time. Sam did say he would hunt him down no matter the cost. 

Jasper has did what Samuel had commanded. Of course he really had no choice other than to sit so he did. He shiver as Sam stared into his eyes, he didn't break eye contact. He nodded after Samuel said he could enter the house. He decided against it. Because he really did need to get home. After Sam departed he did as well but in the opposite direction. It took him a while to get back home. When he did return home he found horrid scene. 

As he walked into house he found blood splattered along the once finely decorated walls. Portraits, pictures and other artifact were either torn, shatter, or broken. Jaspers lavender eyes wide as he looked around the room trying to picture the scene that went down.  He made it to the living room. He found his mother her heart ripped out of her chest, a look a horror froze on her face. Jasper sighed softly carefully closed his mother eyes with a swipe of his hand. Tears swelled up in his eyes as he gently stroke his mother cold cheek. He would make sure she was  given a proper grave.  

After leaving the living in a state of bewilderment. He made it to his father study. As it seem the same thing had happen to him as well but his death seemed to be a little more gruesome a his eyes had been plucked  out and his heart torn from his chest in a rather violent matter. It was then he thought he seen something but out of no where an explosion was heard and the whole house was lit a blaze. 

Jasper was pinned under a burning beam. Was this really how he was going to die. Not knowing who killed his mother or his step father? He struggled to move as it seem he was still weaken from the fight with Claudia and deciding not to take any blood that Samuel offer. He was regretting that now as he lungs began to fill with smoke. If he made it out of this he would make sure who ever was responsible for this that their world would come spiraling down.

Samuel Lucian

Sam had shifted back and laughed as the female ran away, he was finished with the Aubert Family, of course that didn't mean that their child Claudia wouldn't try and get revenge on him. He had done exactly what he said that he would do. As he returned to the castle grounds he gathered up all the werewolves and had them leave. all scattering so they couldn't be followed back to their den. Of course thinking of this Samual had also cut a deal that the werewolves wouldn't be harmed, The border would be established where the forest to the West of the castle would belong to the werewolves and the forest to the East would belong to the Aubert family. 

Once all done Samual had returned home. He was walking up from the forest itself when he had caught the smell. The cat from a few days ago the one that Claudia had given him had of course grown stronger. Shortly before he got to the front the smell weakened out. Of course that didn't mean he didn't see that the cat had transformed from a fully grown adult down to the creature it was no that stared at him. As he approached he was on a phone call, this would be the last one from this phone of course before it was torched. “James, Safe house Seven, I have need of your assistance again…Yes I am aware you are a hunter. You will get access to all the knowledge my family has collected…Yes sense the first of my family line. Yes that reaches all the way back to William.” After reaching the front porch the male had hung up on a phone call Tossing it as hard as he could against a tree he waved his hand and almost instantly the phone caught fire, like it was him doing it, but anyone who had a fast eye could see that it was from a flame thrower on the second floor.

Grapping Hisen's chin with his index finger and thumb he lifted the male's face to look at his own. “Don't doubt yourself worth. Not even you look down when I come.” as he spoke he drew closer and closer to the young vampire. “You understand.” he didn't allow for an answer before planting a kiss on the vampire's lips. This time without the fighting of tongues. Pulling away he removed his hand from Hisen's chin. Picking him up completely having the male wrap his legs around his waist he looked at the cat dead in the face when speaking this time. 

You don't have to hide either.” the words were spoken in a flat tone not threatening nor commanding, but not exactly leaving any room for questions either. As the male carried the two into the house another vehicle pulled up from outside. From the backseat out came a male dressed all in white.

Ah James, I didn't expect you to get here so soon.

As the car jumped and rolled the male in the back just grumbled a bit about how they should have picked a better place to call home base, but instead it was so far into the woods. He guessed it was because of the lack of visitors and the easily defendable place that was why it was chosen. Rolling up to the house the male jumped out of the back seat to be greated by the exiled king and a young vampire wrapped around him. Raising an eye he shook his head. Turning around he went to the back of the jeep and opened it up. This time tossing out another young vampire. Recognized as Jasper who was badly burnt. “We found him in the Kanashimi estate, however the estate itself was on fire likely caused by some form of magic. He was the only surviver, at least the only one we saved.” getting a Nod james walked into the house placing Jasper this time on the couch with easy. Even though vampires were supposed to be heavy it seemed this male had no issue moving him even at a young age. 

Looking around James could tell they had been here for a little bit. “Whats the mission?” Watching as Samual pointed to Hisen and hearing his words threw the boy off. “I want you to protect my mate.

NightMare   1d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


Hisan blushed softly as Sam lifted his chin making him face him. Before he could say anything at all he was stopped by a rather sweet kiss. Hisan kissed him back softly his cheek becoming even more shaded in rouges. “Thank you.” he said softly. It really didn't take long for Sam to scoop him and Nora up. Hisan seemed to laugh as Sam spoke to Nora. The small cat's tail couldn't decide if he was clam or frighten. It didn't take long for Nora to jump down landing on the floor with a soft thud. Hisan felt as ease being in Sam's arms until a strange child stepped in. Hisan blushed softly as he jump out of Sam's arms. His eyes widen as he seen Jasper in such a tragic state.

“Jasper" he said softly as he approached the poor charred vampire that barly seemed to be clinging to life. It seemed like fire really enjoy his company consider this was the second time he was almost burn alive. Hisan reach to touch Jasper was suddenly pulled in closer. Jasper ripped the strange clothe Hisan was wearing. Making the hole around the neck little bit wider than what it should be. Hisan wince a little as the sharp pain of teeth tearing into his neck. The smell of blood lingered in the room. Hisan sighed softly as he didn't move he would let his brother feed from him. Jasper seemed to return to his normal state. Even his clothes seem to be restore thankful with a bit of his power. “That's enough” he said as he tried to push his brother away. Jasper pulled way but then slammed Hisan on the floor. Hisan seem to have he wind knock out of him, as he stared blankly up at his brother anger face. “What the hell” he said with a hiss. 

Hisan glare up at his brother waiting for him to answer him. Perhaps there was still a bit of ash stuck in his throat or maybe he was just to anger for words? Hisan wince as his brother slapped him hard across the face. Causing his lip to bleed it seem he also bit his tongue. Hisan was unsure of what to do. Normally Jasper didn't do these kind of things. Hisan sighed softly as he closed his eyes assuming his brother was going to strike him again. Of course by this pointed Nora shifted back and tackled Jasper slamming him roughly into the floor. Hisan sat up looked over at the two still in a sate of bewilderment. 

“You bastard” he said as threw Nora off of him. “How dare you defend that monster… He just murder our fucking family and tried to kill me by setting the place ablaze…” he said as he glared at Hisan who was sitting on the floor stunned. “You can't even deny it can you… ” he said dryly looking at his brother who seemed to be refusing to answer him. It was then he felt the sharp pain of Nora's claws in his back. “Get off of me" he snarl at Nora. The two had never gotten along. Hisan was lucky to have such a faithful familiar, even thought their family had tried for years to kill him. Cats really must of had nine lives.

“Brother… I have no idea what you are talking about… I didn't do it…" he said softly until Jasper mutter the word liar under his brother. Hisan seemed to let out soft sigh a long with a crooked smile. “Well what if I did do… what the hell are you going to do about it?” he said in callous tone. His eyes shifted from sapphire to ruby red as it seemed like he was finally angry after listen his brother speak so heartlessly to him. He has endured his family abuse for years. What if he did snap and slaughter them all in a fit of rage. There was no telling what he did when he was under that Claudia's control. In the back of his mind he knew he did such a vile thing. Hisan seemed to sigh as looked over at Jasper. “I have heard enough out of you." he said as he glare at his brother. “Just go to sleep on the sofa let the reality sink in…"  he said as slowly stood up turning away from his brother.

Nora was still at Jasper throat just dying to sink his claw in deep and tear this vile man apart. He had no choice but to listen to Hisan. He sighed softly as his ice blue eyes glare into Jasper lavender one. “Choose your words wisely flea… remember the shaky ground you walk on… there no telling when you will fall” he said as stepped back from Jasper who seemed to have given up on attacking Hisan. “Hi-Chan, where are you going?" he said softly as he looked at Hisan. He could tell his neck was still bleeding. The slender vampire answered him telling him he was just going to change out of these clothes. Nora nodded and sat down on the sofa next to Jasper smiling. It really seemed to make the vampire uncomfortable. 

“So tell me flea… Why did you think Hi-Chan killed your parents? Maybe you did it! Crying out to be noticed by that guy over there" he said as pointed at Sam. Who now seemed to be looking directly at them. “You are so lucky that Hi-chan likes you… either wise I would of grant your wish to join your parents in death…" he said as he retracted his claw like nail. It was clear that these two didn't get along. Nora stood up and made sure to smack Jasper in the face with his long tail. It caused the vampire to sneeze a couple of time. 

Jasper was silent, after that staring at the blood that stained the wooden floor. How pitiful he had become. He truly was alone now. His mother who cherished him, she was gone. Why? Who would do something so cruel. Of course his family had a few skeleton to hide. It only seem to make since that his brother was the one who killed them. Who else would of even known how to get into that labyrinth?  

Jasper sat on the sofa his head buried in his hands. As continue to think about the matter trying so hard to picture what happen. No matter the conclusion all he could think of as his brother. His brother hated their parents. For years they used to keep that child chained up in the basement. Enduring nothing but  the solitude.



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