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By Yewan
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{ A Place where one feels Safe, a Place where one feels at Home }


Please let this be a place where one can vent about life, How you may feel, A place to feel comfortable enough and a safe place where there is no judgement and no one to comment. Just let loose and let go of the Bad. Cherish the Happy. 


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YewanNight   58d ago


Dear Journal,

Today was a pretty rough day, The heat is really excessive and draining. In fact, this whole month has been a pain. Last month I was out of work due to a foot injury. I was given some steroids to help with the inflammation by the pediatrist. I was good to go after a week. But he put me out for a whole fucking Month. Pissed me off because I couldn't get in contact with any of his staff in the office.

On top of that work is work. I am having to stay in the store longer because they claim they want to make me a grey shirt which would be a type of manager, but our department doesn't make enough to have two grey shirts. I just feel like I should be driving like I was hired to do. Not to mention our assistant store manager Liz is a pain in the tookus. She is the only other female at my job and she walks around all high and mighty telling how to do my job and I know very well how to do my job.

On a good note though I have my Moon, who makes me feel very well liked and I am a bit surprised that he even remembered me let alone reached out a while ago now. I enjoy talking to him and have missed him dearly.

-sincerely, Night <3 

YewanNight   58d ago



Dear Journal,

   Today was pretty tiring, I was not really wanting to wake up. Not sure why just felt really drained. It doesn't help that it was really hard for me to fall asleep the night before. My insomnia must be starting to flare up. I really wish it wouldn't.

Anywho, work was work. Delt with stoopid customers and stoopider management. I went to a 3736 to get a belt for a commercial client and one of the managers bought me and whoever wanted one on his staff a drink. I was completely shocked because people don't do that at my store. I am usually the only one who offers to buy people drinks or food if I am ordering one for myself. I was so taken a back and they looked at me odd because I thought he was kidding.

When I got to my final destination the client gave me a cold water and wished me a safe trip back. Other than being tired today was filled with kindness from people I don't see on a regular basis. I hope everyone had a great rest of the day and night as well.

I do feel a bit lonesome tonight. My dearest Moon hasn't been online at all today so I do hope all is well with him. I find myself missing his interaction. There is always tomorrow I suppose.

Sincerely, Night :(

YewanNight   48d ago


Dear Journal,

   This week has been exhausting with work. We are so short staffed but then our TSM likes to make smart ass comments about us having too many Managers. If we had so many then surely, we wouldn't be so short staffed. We have the store Manager Ben, Assistant Store Manager Liz, Commercial Manager Wendell, Sales Manager Nico, Sales Manager Cisko, and Sales Manager Enrique. That's it. Only six, that's not a lot. 

Liz had to come open when she was sick and was crying because she was sick. She complains about everything. She will stretch a phone cord down an isle to call another store manager and talk shit about how much of a shitshow that our store is instead of helping out with customers. It's normally the store 2221 that she calls to speak to the Store Manager Arte.

I am glad to say when Moon doesn't really talk to me it's because he is sick. I am happy that he is better. I had missed him without even knowing. Almost everything he says makes me giddy. I like him a lot but a little scared to actually say “I Love You”. I feel like those words are special and should be said in honestness. 

Any who though my oldest son has been acting up again and this time was kicked out of daycare. We gave Sissy his meds this time so hopefully she is getting him to take them like he is suppose to.

It is entirely too earlier fo me to be up on this saturday but here I am and though it was about time for an entry. Now I gotta get ready for plasma donations.



Night :)


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