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ShieldHero-     53d ago

Zymir Crane



Possibly taking Escher’s place


A young man who lost his party when they came to fight Strahd. He was kept. He didn’t know for what reason exactly, but in the end he only felt like a caged bird. A caged bird that wasn’t interested in singing any longer.


He is friendly with Ana and with her he began practicing to be a bit more martial.


Perception: 10

Investigation: 10

Insight: 10



Salem Von Zarovich


Wizard [Possibly Chrono]


Perception: 12

Investigation: 15

Insight: 14


Salem cares deeply for his father, but he is also a rather curious boy. He feels like he needs to go out into the valley and look around.


His father does a lot of things he isn’t quite sure he agrees with. He stays out of the fights believing they aren’t his to deal with.


He is close with all of the wives and the husband. He looks to the wives as his mothers. He cares about each of them deeply. He likes to go to Ludmilla because she’s intelligent and they share a lot of information back and forth. He likes Ana because she’s a wonderful woman. She embodies strength and beauty and he finds that to be a great thing. He likes Valenta because she’s very motherly to him and protective. 


His favorite person in the whole castle is Rahadin. He likes to spend his time with the dusk elf when he isn’t spending time anywhere else. Sometimes he is a silent shadow to Rahadin.




Perception: 16

Investigation: 13

Insight: 16

Lorelai Daiyu



Possibly taking the place of Ireena


Over and over again. Her life continues to repeat. Her death continues to repeat. Of course every time is different and of course she never ever remembers.


This latest incarnation is not interested in the vampire's advances. She has been bitten twice and she isn’t happy about it.


She quietly has been hatching a plan. A plan to get close to the vampire and then to end his life by her own hand. A dark yearning to purposely get close to him and watch as he is shocked when she is the one that spills his blood and ends the long life he’s lived.


Maybe it is her soul tired of being reborn and growing dark and cold… Or maybe this new incarnation deep down is just a dark person.


Victor Vallavich


Perception: 10

Investigation: 11

Insight: 10

Stella acts like a dog.

No remorse for Stella and no childhood connection.

All will not be well.

Found a scroll for the Glyph. 

Interested by Jacks dark arm/magic.

Wants to be free of Barovia, doesn't know he killed his own servants.

Chosen by some strange dark force to empower him. 


Perception: 11

Investigation: 9

Insight: 11


Perception: 11

Investigation: 9

Insight: 11

Plot Hook

Mordred and Lorelai are leaving Barovia after they have discovered they were not truly related and putting their father to rest.

They have together put the children of Death House to rest. Learning of a strange windmill.


Also stopping a drunk named Radu from causing problems. Learning of madam Eva's prophecies possibly helping them.



Strahd has talked to his son of the Zarovich blood and growing into one's legacy. 

Strahd has called his favorite husband and son for a meeting upon learning from a Vistani spy where Mordred and Lorelai are heading.


Victor is intrigued by Jack's strange demonic and dark power.

Jack isn't sure what to make of Victor. He is gruff when taking orders from Edward but he listens to him and his son.

There were assanation attempts upon Victor. Jack had not tolerated those attempts and has without asking for Victor's permission slain those who would cause him harm.

Those who complain of the dark company that Edward has. His son and Jack have been kept into stock brigades. They are teased for awhile before being released however so that the town will remain light hearted.

Jack and Victor are forbidden to travel at day unless going on important business or agree to smiling to those they meet.


ShieldHero-     59d ago


ShieldHero-     58d ago

Tome: [Echanter] I see a kneeling woman, a rose of great beauty plucked too soon the master of the marsh knows of whom I speak.

Symbol: [Wizard] Look for a wizards tower on a lake let the wizards name and servant guide you to what you seek.

Sword: [Necromancer] A woman hangs above a roaring fire, find her and you will find the treasure.

Ally: [Artifact] Look for an entertaining man with a monkey, the man is more than he seems.

Showdown: [Horsemen] He lurks in the one place in which he must return to a place of death.


Zymir: 6 Days Mordred Charm


ShieldHero-     48d ago

Two Vampire Spawn escaped.


Current Place:
Vampire Spawn fought.

Ludmilla spared Zamir.

Bones returned.

Jack died.

Luck's favor used Jack revived. 

Jack owes Zamir once he discovers how this was performed.

Fated ally discovered Alfred Von Strix. 
Level 5 gained for finding fated ally.

Long rest obtained.

Edward somewhat handled.

Fiona not handled.

Orphanage not handled. Bonegrinder not handled.

Perhaps gain an invitation soon.




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