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[F4M] The Hidden Side of Him


Hi, I’m looking for anyone who can fill my requirements.

- be able to play multiple characters hence the title 
- Create drama, action, romance, etc 
- at least 2 paragraphs 
- I have a busy schedule and can be off for a week or two so please don’t just leave because I work.


Muse A (mother) has been married to her husband for 9 years, they have a child already and another on the way. Muse B (father) has been hiding his secrets for years. (Hidden life of your choosing). His secrets have stayed silent until your wife and child are almost killed because you are wanted. Do you choose to tell them?  

After the attempted assassination of your family Muse A goes to hide away to protect herself and her children. Ultimately choosing to leave the marriage. She doesn’t have a choice after she finds out what he really is. Getting away she sets up home in a small town in Colorado. She is hidden away from the city life and has to start new in this small rural town. Does she find love again ?

I’m keen for ideas and added concepts. I would be playing muse A along with other side characters. It will look at her side and his side of their lives.

Child can by played by you or a shared character.

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