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NightMare   76d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...



Tragedy struck leaving a wounded heart once more. Nora older sister Ame was murder by a vampire. It happened again but why her? Nora had no idea why a vampire or vampires were targeting her or her family.The authority told the same thing they did when her parents were killed. The vampire attack were common amongst the rough vampires that deify the council. Although it was very tragic there wasn't much they could so for her. Nora felt broken more than anything, the Threatening, blood stain note on wall didn't make her feel any better.  

The note read: This is your fault Nora! You are the reason your family has been killed your a monster… Nora couldn't stop seeing those words. They were burn into the back of her mind. The authority advised her to move away from here. How could she? She barely had any money of her own, how could she just give up her home so easily. Sure it was in a secluded area which made it dangerous. She couldn't leave she she knew that. Despite being told to Nora didn't. She cleaned the house up the best she could went on with her own plans to catch this vampire. She would tear them down on by one if she had to. Little did Nora know what was about to happen next. 


Nora dreams were often plagued with nightmares. Sometime they were of her sister getting killer. Other times it was when she as little girl. Her mother told her to run, the sound of screaming could be heard. Nora could vaguely remember the vampire who attacked her parents. The smile he wore on his face so carelessly, it made her blood boil. The other thing that plagued her dreams was the vision of this large cat. What did it have to do with her? The ivory haired girl sighed as she bent her cat liked ear back against her head. There were so many question running through her mind that she wasn't paying attention to what she was doing. 

Pain. Nora hissed as she realized she had cut her hand while trying to make dinner. “Damn it..”  she said, as  blood ran down her palm to her wrist. She stepped away from the counter and to the skin. She stuck her hand under the cold water watching the crimson liquid disappear. Thankfully the sun was just setting and all the windows were closed and locked tight. There was no way a vampire was going to get into her house that easy right? He has before she mutter to herself. As she wrapped her hand up tightly in an old cloth. Thankfully she didn't ruin her dinner.

This time she was ready for him. Leaving small traps and weapons all over the house fore herself. Why when would he come back? It had already been almost six months since her sister was attacked. In her mind she was ready for him, maybe something else deep inside was ready for him too. Something more dangerous than a normal house cat. 

To most vampires, nekos were just house cat. Centuries ago vampire used to keep neko as slaves or pets, using them as food, making them do other various things. It was until the council decided to step in free the neko from this horrid life. Maybe some vampire never really got over that? Or maybe the feared something else. Long ago before the nekos were enslaved there used to be roomers of werecats. Werecats were supposedly extinct. As neko family generation went on some neko had some of the quality of werecat that cause a ruckus amongst the vampires. Vampire were having a hard enough time with werewolves they didn't need to worry about these damn cats. So that was why the decided to enslave them. The council decided to over rule them saying that there was no way this was happening.

Nora had no idea she was actual living proof of dangerous being. She had no idea why this vampire was attacked her family. Maybe  soon all these questions would be put to ease when she was met face to face by her familiar foe? Nora just happen to fall asleep in her bed room with window open ever so slightly. She was sleeping peacefully with her flee colored that blanket pull to her chest. Only thing that was reveal was her head and neck. That seem to have a small simply chain that held a silver heart shape locket.

Simply_Random~Lucien   75d ago


Movies, books, and TV shows all show the world about the supernatural. Tells them their version of what they are. At times they are offending and other times it's hilarious. The supernatural is real. We are real. Co-existing for the better or worse. One thing they all agree on is keeping their existence a secret. Although there is q handful of supernatural wanting to come out and rule the pathetic humans. Show them who's more powerful and dangerous. Those creatures needle to be eliminated.


Everyone now and again, from the centuries Lucien has been alive, there would be a human who knows about them and would work with them to solve mysteries that would link both worlds together. It's been a while since a human was part of the supernatural council. A leader of each species would be called upon for the supernatural council. Again, for better or more. You need to put all pettiness and emotions aside the best you could to solve whatever it is that brought them all together. It's not always easy.


Lucien is the leader of the vampires. He owns several establishments. Most are hidden so it'll only be for the supernatural. With that establishment, the no humans rule is his most strict rule. Whoever decides to bring a human will be severely punished.  No matter what kind of supernatural creature you are. He even got the approval from the leaders of the other creatures. The vampire gets tired of dealing with the humans.


The previous vampire leader was corrupt. If you gave him enough money he would look the other way as one would do whatever he or she pleases. No one was safe. Even the previous ruler's sibling who tried to take over wasn't strong enough to do so. Being a leader is serious work. No days off. Lucien was appointed to be their new aleader. He already had power, followers who obeys and are loyal one way or another, and just simply knows how to keep order with an iron fist. Especially when it came to incidents with the normies. He would take care of it and help their police force before they can even get th chance to sniff the air for anything.


Nothing is worse than dealing with the council and the humans. No one wants to see eye to eye. It takes forever to get to the point and get shit done. Then again the supernatural council is the same way but bloodier.


Lucien looked out of the penthouse window. The world looks grey. Boring yet calm. Nothing relaxes you more than watching it rain from this view. He was about to walk away with his new pet greeted him by the window. Both watched the beautiful dark twisted night. All of which was ruined of course. The buzzing of his phone was interfering with their peaceful bonding. Klaus, his right-hand man, called to inform him of a pattern forming. Rumors of it being done by a vampire. Possibly a ruthless one. It didn't take long for noises to form in his office.


Sighing, Lucien scoops his kitten and heads to his office. Opening heavy oak doors. Fresh faxes were done printing. “Hmm...” he fumbles through his sealed lips.


His eyes blacken reading the reports. All similar crimes. Yet this thing hasn't been captured. The world changes but not the monsters. Nora Nekomura. Poor girl. She's a young Neko. Death seems to follow her from what he's reading. He arranged for a car to pick him up. He needs to end this. Before a council meeting with the other supernatural is required. Klaus will meet them there. Mochi, his kitten, will be tagging along. Can't leave this thing alone when it thunders.


Lucien went to go freshen up before leaving. A quick shower, fixing his hair, none wrinkles clothes, and of course Orfeo his kitten. His pet’s name in Italian means "darkness of the night". It fits the vampire leader, doesn't it? Feel fresh and clean th vampire leader left the luxury of his home to deal with this matter. He needs more information on this rogue vampire. Who better to help? Nora Nekomura. She was his last target. For now. Perhaps she's withholding useful information out of fear or for something for more stupid. To get revenge on her own. The thought alone made him chuckle. Especially with the history of their people.


It took a while to reach her home. It only took seconds for the area to be crawling with vampires. Klaus walks up to the vampire leader to inform him the neko us sleeping. Lucien’s eyebrow twitched hearing how the window to the bedroom which she sleeps in is fucking open. Orfeo was placed on the closet surface that was near the open window. The kitten did its thing by making its way to the girl. He patiently waited for her to wake up.


“Wake. Up.” he eventually snarls. Orfeo attempts to tuck himself under the girl's head. He is such a cuddle bug. “We need to talk.” he eventually adds looking at his phone, “What do you know about th vampire who keeps attacking you neko?”

NightMare   74d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...



For once Nora was actually having a decent dream. She was dreaming of her family once more. The time her and sister spent playing in the woods. The strange figure that often watched them from a distance. Of course when you were a kid you didn't seem to notice the things you should of. Nora tossed and turn a little bit until finally she found peace was bless with what seem like a rest for not that was until. Her cat like ears heard something out of the ordinary. 

Nora cat like ears twitch as she heard the sound of the window opening. Along with a little thud it was then she felt a silk fur. She was greeted by a furry little companion. Nora icy blue eye shot open as she was greeted by the black little kitten. It didn't stop her from little out a hiss but how could she be mad at a defenseless child. She sat up quickly, careful enough not to hurt the kitten. The sight of Lucien being in her room made her blood boil. She bent her cat like ears back letting out another hiss. Her ivory colored tail flickered be hind her in rather irritated motion.

Talk… you say.” she let out a little laugh. “I have nothing to say to the likes of you…” she said as she glared at him. Of course it was another vampire that entered her house with out her permission. It just made her blood boil with anger how, she just wanted to knock him down a notch. Judging by his clothes and the way he spoke he was a high ranking vampire to say the least. Just another flea in the system, she thought before letting out a snarl. 

“If I knew anything… or could remember do you really think I would be standing here… While my sister…my parents killer roam free? …” she said as she looked away. She could help but to shed a few tears. She looked away from the vampire and sighed softly. It was then she got a pounding headache. She sighed as she held her head, she was thankful to still be sitting in bed. A voice in the back of her mind said “don't you want to pounce on him? Don't you just want to sink you teeth, claw into his pale flesh? Don't you?” the voice kept saying on repeat. “No” she said before covering her mouth. 

“I-I think you and you kitten need to leave….” she said as she got out of her bed. She was very wobbly on her feet. It didn't take long for her to find her balance. Once she got out of bed it reveal her simple white dress she was wearing along with a bracelet and necklace. The necklace was tucked inside her dress but the chain shimmered in the moonlight. She grabbed the vampire hand and lead him down the hallway. Pulling him towards the front door. The vampire hand felt soft but at the same time it was still as cold as death's icy grip. That was until it suddenly felt warm. It seemed the wound on her hand had reopened once again. She quickly let go of the vampire and told him to go out the door now. Nora had no idea that her blood had such a sweet and alluring scent to it.

Simply_Random~Lucien   73d ago


Lucien didn't react. His hands were tucked in his pants pocket, eyes used to his shoes. Hmm, when did his left show get a starch? He needs it to be shined. His eyes left his shoes to look at the Neko. He did so as she turned her head.


Is she blushing or does she have a fever? A fever seems more realistic. She did have a window open. Again, idiotic thing to do.


The second this thing touched him, he quickly raised his free hand. Can't have her dying for touching him. He did rudely wake her up. His thoughts were interrupted feeling her pulse slowly get weaker. She does feel warmer than it should be. Either the Neko girl is sick or she's going to be. “You sleep with a window open and then attempt to offend me. I came to the conclusion that you're stupid and rude. Therefore a liar as well. What can you tell me about the person who killed your family member?...”


They stopped. Shortly after the Neko quickly removed her hands. For a split second his hand got warmer and wet. Wet... The scent of her blood hit him. He could feel everything in his body reacting. Odd. Something like that hasn't happened in a long time. Before he could snatch her wrist to help her, her helped save her life.


Lucien could sense they were going to get attacked. He was quick to push her behind him. The door was torn off. He would normally physically injure his men but there were too many coming. The vampire did what he thought was right. He aimed his sharp nails at their throats. Klaus eventually joined but by then all was done. Klaus growls at the Neko. The leader of the vampires couldn't tell why. He tool his time to punch go best friend in the face. It normally puts him in check.


“Something is wrong with this one.” Klaus growls, trying to control himself. He coupe tell she's not right by the smell of her blood. Then again he never smelled anything so sweet. Yet he can't help but to feel like he smells something else. He can't even explain how he could even smell that she's no normal Neko.


Lucien said nothing. Using his speed, no one new he left his spot to look for some crazy glue and water to wash the wound. He's no doctor who won't sew you up or be rational and put pressure on the wound. He grabbed her hand and began to work. “Get Ofero and put him in the. Did anyone find anything out of the ordinary?”

“No sir. All looks at it should appear. His last attack was on the ago.” Klaus replies snatching the kitty a little too fast making it cry. It received an aggressive, protective growl. “Your wound doesn't look like a defense wound. Are you clumsy as well?” he was getting ready to snap his finger, but the smell of her blood affect them. “Are you going to clean it up?” her blood poured out like water. He takes out a fabric napkin to clean what touched him. The process was weird. The way the spot tingled after wiping it off... Perhaps Klaus is right.


“I think we should take her... Go pack Your things. Stay the week. Don't make me say it again. Whoever keeps coming after you have killed many times before. You're the first one who he went after more than once. If his pattern is correct with the information we gather hew going to strike again. Stay under my protection, the Vampire king.”

Simply_Random~ Blair   73d ago

~ Blair

Is this real? Is it a dream? Why must she relive the horrors? It was like watching an old black-and-white film with no sound. There's rain, rubbing, trees, feeling afraid... Everything seemed out of order. No matter how it played it was always the same. Always.


She awoke to the anxious thudding of her heart and cold sweat upon her brow. The nightmare had left her anxious and unable to sleep. Yet, at the same time, she could not bring herself to get out of bed. Tears streamed down her face, from a nightmare that had stirred up painful memories and emotions she thought she had buried long ago.


What is a witch to do when you can't sleep on a mandatory day off? Work.


Blair Halliwell. She's known for her talent. Always learning. Trying new magic. She's a risk-taker. Also born with royal blood. Unfortunately made out of wedlock and that's was frowned upon growing up. They kept her on a tight leash but can only do so much before their true powers arises. Not to mention she loves to read. Reading is knowledge. Knowledge is power.


The which slowly crawls out of bed. Slowly removing the clothing that is drenched with sweat and fear. With a twist of her wrist and snap of her fingers, noises began to echo her quiet home from the bathroom. A warm shower is needed. It amazed her that she can no longer sleep through the night. With how heavy the wind felt she knew it was raining. There's something else mixed in the air.


Something is happening. Something big is going to cause a stir in the supernatural world. Another report of a young which gone missing. The others haven't been found. Alive or dead. The assumption is that a witch is helping them out. No locating spell can find them. It's as if they vanished. Not even the smallest trace is left behind.


Word has gone out to all the leaders. Little by little the others are sharing their information. It's hard for the leaders to share their failures. They would rather deal with it on their own. However, humans are disappearing as well. More than usual. What makes it different is that they're disappearing in the supernatural properties. It's causing a bigger stir. It's been a while since the leaders got together for something serious.


Blair got lost in thoughts. It wasn't until she wiped the foggy mirror did she realize her bath was over. How long did she take? Why is she losing herself to something unknown? Sighing, Blair began to pamper herself. She would rarely use scented things to make her stand out. She took extra time and care on her curls. A quick winged eyeliner, some highlight to make her cheekbones pop, and a neutral lipstick to finish it off. A pair of black high-waisted jeans hugged her curves. A long sleep crop top was enough to cover the rest of her. To finish off her off-duty yet professional outfit, she put on black knee-length high heel boots.


Blair looks up sensing someone got stuck in her trap. Whoever came unannounced is stupid. “B it's me. They summon you.” shouts a familiar voice. Trixie.


So the thing, Blair mumbled a chant releasing Trixie and reactivating the trap. Trixie whistles at the witch. “You look normal for once. Going on a late date?”

“Couldn’t sleep. Let's go,” she mumbles standing next to Trixie who created the portal for them to travel.


They reached the outside of the leader's home. Others were summoned. It didn't take long for them to be briefed on ways been happening and to go out on patrol. Trixie and Blair got their team and went off. Their first stop was a breeze. Seems like the previous owners moved. It made it easier for them to examine the precise.


It was their second stop that annoyed Blair. Vampires. Her team was quick to take care of the vampires outside. It allowed her to enter the home with a missing door. “Was she attacked again?” Blair asks looking around the home.


Lucien growls. It did nothing to her. She stops in front of the Neko. “Let me heal you. It'll be quick and painless,” she says reaching out a hand for the girl to place her hand on top of hers. “I'm Blair. Right-hand woman to the leader of all witches.” she turns her head to face Klaus. “I assume you're here for the same reason. Word has gotten out. By the way, four more were abducted tonight. Two being in your club Calico Jack. Rumors have it we have a few days to resolve this before a council meeting is required.”


Trixie came in skipping. She twirled around Klaus. They have this on-and-off sexual relationship. A few words were exchanged but Blair looked away.


“Blair is it? She's under our care. Feel free to tell your leader.”

“I thought she would go with you. The people who enslaved her people because of fear...” it made the witch wonder if it was true. Did she agree to do with him nevertheless? “Feel free to reject his protection. The witches offer their assistance. You may stay with me. Second or third safest place amongst my people.” she offers with a smile.

NightMare   72d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...



Nora listen to the Lucien speak to he. So he thought she was ignorant, rude and a liar. Before she could angrily shove the vampire out the front door. He quickly pull her behind him in a swift movement. Before she could even blink it seem there were vampire just crawling around her out scratching at the windows and door until finally the front door was completely ripped off the hinges. “Animals”  the voice in her head shrieked. Her eyes flickered between icy blue and amber as she watched the vampires fight. She could hear them saying how she was different. It didn't take long for Lucien say that she was staying with him. 

She narrow her eyes, it let out a huff before she could say anything else more people appear before her. She backed up into the wall shiver as she looked between Lucien and woman who claimed to be Blair. The woman delicately took her hand and heal her wound in a blink of an eye. It was clear this woman wasn't a vampire she seemed much kinder and gentler than a vampire. 

“I am not afraid of those pesky fleas….but I think you might be right… living a week with them would be living nightmare…” she said with hiss as she looked at Lucien. It was clear that Nora didn't like Lucien very much despite his handsome features. It was his personality that got the best of him. “Thank you… Flea King but I bid you good day.” She said with a snarl as she followed Blair a few feet away from him. Maybe she should of been more grateful that he saved her from those animals. Part of her just bring herself to thank him. It was clear he didn't like her she didn't like him.  She made sure to smack him with her tail before walking away with Blair. Thankfully she was able to pull her tail away from the vampire probably wanted to rip it off. Despite the fact she hit him some what hard with her tail it was very soft and silky. 

NightMare   72d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...



Watching a great distance was Ichigo. Ichi was a very friendly member of supernatural council. Most creatures often mistaken him for a human. It seemed the no had ever seen his true from. Even the Vampire king couldn't tell if he was monster or man. Ichigo often display himself as a man in his  twenties. His hair was mixture of color which made him look young. It was kept short, his eyes were also a icy blue kinda like Nora's. Ichigo slender frame didn't do him much justice either.

 Ichigo had been watching Nora for quiet some time now. He honestly did feel bad for the poor girl but there wasn't much he could do. Ichigo let out a soft sigh before head back into his high rise apartment that just happen to look over Blackwoods. Some might ask how Ichi was even able to make out figure from the distance he was. Thankful he had a few magic tricks of his own. 


Ichigo let out a sigh and a soft yawn. It was clear he was ready for a nap. Most the member of the Supernatural council saw Ichigo as weak and lazy. There were even some that wished to seem him off the board. Of course there was much large issues at hand. Nora situation wasn't the only thing that the council was worried about. Many creatures, and humans seemed to be disappearing. Lots of people assumed it was the vampires at fault because of all the rouges defying King. Ichigo had a feeling it was much bigger that that. Part of him believe that this situations was some how all connected to Nora but of course that was only a possibility.  Ichigo sighed softly before heading to his bedroom where he plopped down on the bed. He was sure he was going to be getting a phone call bright and early from Blair.



Simply_Random~ Blair   70d ago

~ Blair

Would it be wrong to get cocky? Blair did her best not to grin. Knowledge is power. Knowing one’s history came in handy.


One could tell that the Neko resents the vampires. There’s no hiding it. A normal feeling after what she’s been through. Blair clears her throat to get Trixies attention. It obviously didn’t work. They were too close and if she didn’t stop it they would do it right there in front of everyone like horny little rabbits.

“Trixie. We need to go.” Blair orders, “Go pack a bag. A portal will be waiting for us.” She tells Nora sweetly.


Blair waited outside. Trixie stayed inside to keep an eye on Lucien and Nora. Jaláis stepped out to start a conversation. They both sensed something but okays shrugged it off. Blair didn’t. They were being watched. The magic felt familiar. She couldn’t put her tongue on who or what it was. Not yet.


“She needs to be with me. Tell your leader.”

“I’m simply following orders Lucien. She’ll be safe. This should give you the opportunity to examine her home before we do. For the record I don’t like unexpected guests at my door. Find a way to let me know before you appear at my door with at least an hours notice.” Blair eyes the vampire king. He’s not bad looking. His manners and choice of words on the other hand…


Trixie practically danced out of the house. “We’re ready.” She exclaims happily.

Blair nods. She informed the other to go on without her. Trixie will take over.” Blair opened her own portal before stepping half way in and offer Nova a hand. “Come on.” She kept an eye on Lucien. He is obviously irritated. Some of the witches could see it and stepped forward changing creating a barrier just in case. His eyes flashed red. “Take this up with my leader vampire king. Be warned though. My leader isn’t in the best mood with the fuckery going on. I don’t wish to be summoned decline the vampire numbers.” Before he could get the chance to reply, the portal closed. Blair showed Nova around her home. Gave her the the options to pick which guest room she would like before going to make some tea. The sun should be rising soon. Assuming it’ll stop raining.


Blair should warn Nova that all leaders are displeased and moody. Not that she’s to be blamed. Only because the leader would want to see her at some point. Unless Blair is told to leave them alone she won’t leave the Neko’s side. Sighing, she leans against the window drinking her tea. They should go to sleep. Blair could use a nap.


“We should rest. Trixie will stop by in the morning. I’m going to run a few errands but She shall keep you company until I return. It won’t be long. Help yourself to whatever I have while you’re here. I’m going to take a Power Nap. I have my own sleeping tea if you can sleep. I suggest using the smaller bags since I don’t know how you’ll react to it. I had Trixie sleeping for 3 days. But it was also the most peaceful time ever.” She informs her with a smile. It was such a glorious 3 days. Trixie can act like such a child sometimes.


Blair excused herself before going to her room. Another quick shower to get rid out the outside clothes and crawling back to bed. She was lucky enough to get 90 minutes of sleep before she was up again because of Trixie. Sounds like it stoped raining but it was still cloudy. Blair sighs as she gets ready again. She’s planning on getting breakfast before seeing Ichigo at his place. Perhaps he has information she doesn’t. The faster they end the disappearance of the supernatural and humans the faster she can stay and work from home.


She’ll be nice and magically appear in front of his door instead of in his kitchen. Trixie pulled that shit twice and she’s ready to kill the young witch. Can’t have Ichigo saying the same thing. For now.

Simply_Random~Lucien   70d ago


Lucien could feel the evil in him growling. If this continues the growl will seep through. He couldn’t feel his chest tingling in attempt to release a nasty blood hurling growl.

He can understand why they hate him. The previous rulers were kind. He’s not like them. Yet he doesn’t feel like it’s necessary to prove to them otherwise. It most likely won’t change anything. Once when history is said and done that’s all everyone can remember. Always the bad. Never the good or rarely the good.

The tail whip thought. He wanted nothing more but to pin the snarky bitch against the wall to show her a glimpse of what he can do if he chose to go down the heartless path. She’s pressing his buttons.


“She needs to be with me. Tell your leader.” He managed to say through his teeth as calmly as possible.

“I’m simply following orders Lucien. She’ll be safe. This should give you the opportunity to examine her home before we do. For the record I don’t like unexpected guests at my door. Find a way to let me know before you appear at my door with at least an hours notice.” These bitches are getting under his cold immortal skin. A low growl was escaping. He is fuming.

He follows them outside. Eyes red out of rage. Demonic side ready to chaos a scene. It didn’t help that a quarter of his men were dead because of her ducking blood. Seeing the mages and witches form a barrier at his anger intensified his feeling by tenfolds. It’s been a while since he lost his temper. Who do they think they are? This is why he’s single. This is why he doesn’t have a female companion. This is why he adopted a stray cat to fill his loneliness. A gust of window blew his way. Ichigo? Isn’t he a human? How hasn’t anyone detected him. What if he goes show the world about them.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!

Right now he’s all for a bloody council meeting with all the stupid leader. Todays task was supposed to be an easy one but it proved to be as difficult as finding the thing responsible for all this missing people.

NightMare   68d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...



Nora quickly pack a small suit case with a few things. She had a few clothes that she was able to stuff inside the worn suit case and had a few holes in it. Along with a few small canvases, there was even a paint brush slightly sticking out of the suit case. “I am ready” she said a she fallowed Blair not bothering to really look at Luci until they were all outside. She knew he was pissed. She could feel his icy glare boring holes into her back. “Anger doesn't suit you Luci…” she said as stepped into the portal disappearing with Blair. She wasn't afraid of him instead it just woke the creature inside or the voice that would often speak to her.

At time she couldn't even hear the voice but lately the voice had become louder making its self loud and clear. It was frightening at first but calming at the same time. Of course if she told anyone that she was hearing voices in her head she was just going to sound like a crazy person. Nora sighed softly she looked around the house. She decided to pick the room with window toward the north. She really was tired nor did she feel very good. Maybe if Lucien had been kinder to her she would of stay with him but no. The only nice thing about him was the little kitten he had brought with him. 

Nora thought about drinking some of the sleepy time tea but decided against it. Maybe she would get up later and drink some. She walked into the small room. It was small but cozy, the walls were a nice peach color. There was only one window but it was big. She really wasn't sure what she would see outside the window but at the moment. She didn't care. She was ready for some sleep. 

She put her suit case under the bed and then got in the bed. It didn't take her long to fall asleep. She curled up tightly in the floral quilt.  She slept peacefully for once. It had been a long time since slept that good. She didn't wake up until evening. She sat up in the bed looked around the room. Where was she again? It then all came back to her she was at a Blair's house. She yawned rubbing her eyes. She was going to have to ask her were the bathroom was she was in need for a hot bath. Nora brushed her hair and her tail before stepping out of bedroom she was sleeping in. Her pale blue eyes danced the halls as she looked for Blair or Trixie. The house and room seemed silent. 


Simply_Random~Lucien   68d ago


Lucien waited for the rest of the fucking witches and mage to leave before ordering his mean to clean up the mess. He pulls out his phone to call the leader of the witches. No answer. He didn’t realize the phone in his hand crumbled and pierced his skin. 
Klaus takes the phone out of his leaders hand before escorting him to the car. Lucien was silently happy to end this, this… bullshit. Everything about todays event was straight up bullshit. Once the car started moving he searches for his tablet. A mass email is about to be written up. He demands that the witches give him Nora. If a vampire is causing all of this shouldn’t they be the ones to protect her? Save her? Save the others? 

Lucien didn’t go home. He went out to meet with someone from Faeries realm. They owe him big time. He can call in a favor. He’s not ready to air out how he managed to get a few favors from them. That story may be for another time. Right now he needs them to side with him. They weren’t convinced. What made him want to sink his teeth into the cars leader was when suggested that the witch who took Nora from him stays with him as well. Might as well have an extra helping hand. They may even toss in a fairy guard as well to show some good faith. 
Lucien reluctantly agreed. Fuck it. Nora and the witch can share roomed like teenage girls in middle school or high school. Whatever. The times have changed. Math have changed yet again. He’s losing track of shit. Shit that isn’t important. The faes did him a solid. Transported him back to his realm. Except it wasn’t to his home. It was to a hallway. Where… why… he walks down the hallway, bottoming the links to his sleeve and roles up his sleeves.  The smell… the voice… Blair! But she’s not alone. Within a second he was at the door banging. He can easily rip the door of the hinges but destroying the door little by little satisfied his hunger to be violent. “Where. Is. Nora?”

NightMare   68d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


Ichi (Ichigo) wasn't surprised when Blair showed up at his door step. He heard the knock on the door and opened he greeted her warmly and smiled softly. “What a pleasant surprise” he said with a velvety sweet voice. “I am surprise you aren't in the kitchen this time” he said with a small chuckle. “Please come in and sit down… I will make some tea for you and I have a pie just about to come out of the oven. So I hope you are hungry.” he said with a small as he lead the woman into his home. Despite his causal and youthful appearance his house was spick and span. The scent of cherry danced through out the halls. Making the house small rather sweet. 

His house wasn't huge but it wasn't small either. Everything seem semi modern that was expected from a human? Everyone thought he was human yet they didn't seem to question the fact that he could use basic magic. “I assume we have a lot to talk about!” He said as he walked into the kitchen. He filled up a the kettle and then placed on the stove top. It would only take a little bit of time for the water to heat up. He went back into the living room. He sat down in the rocking chair. The was a crossed from the black leather sofa. 

“I take it you met Nora” he said with a small laugh. As he rocked in his chair slowing. He waited for Blair to answer when he did he smiled softly. “She is a little spit-fire isn't” he said with another laugh followed by a cheery smile. It was then his smile faded. “You know those two are fated right…” he said in a firm tone. After he said that he place a down seven tarot cards revealing the first one was the lover. The cards tat followed after that weren't that good. Some of them were meaning there was a good chance her fortune would come true. “I suppose you don't need me to tell you that” he said with a small laugh. He then heard the kettle whistling. He stood up and walked into the kitchen. When he came back he had a small teal color tray with silver handles. He then place it down on the small table that sat in front of the sofa. He made sure carefully pick up the tarot cards before siting the tray down. He was sure that Blair notice that the deck he used was all cat. Each card had a cat thoroughly decorated as the card implied. He smiled softly as he picked up his tea cup and plate with fresh out of the oven cherry pie. He smiled softly as he took a sip of tea. It tasted lovely especially after he add some nutmeg too it. 


It was then Ichi saw his front door go flying. He let out a small sigh. “You do know those are expensive…” he said a he glared at Lucien. That didn't stop the blonde hair male from greet him warmly. In fact he walked right up to Luci and gave him a hug then handed him a plate of pie and tea.  “Please come in and sit” he said with a cheery smile. Maybe his smile was a little uncomfortable  Luci or maybe the fact that the young man just walked right up and hugged him they they were brothers reuniting after many years apart. Ichi went sat down next to Blair. He snapped his finger making Luci sit down in the rocking chair. Even the door seem to reappear on it's hinged yet to them he was still seemed like a human with a few tricks up his sleeve.

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~ Blair

“This is what happens when I try to be nice.” says jokingly. Again, could have done it. But Trixie have done it to her twice and it annoyed her soul. This is why she does want people over.


“I was going to bring some Starbucks but our go-to spot is closed for renovations. I'm trying to not use my magic for evil” B graciously walks inside. She removed her shoes first. She finds it rude to talk into a home that isn't yours with shoes on. “You don't even know. Plus I have this nagging feeling…” B watches him. He's too happy. Why does he look so cool calm and collective? “Spying on me or her?” she says half-jokingly.


If it was get that would be normal. But to Nota? Why? He normally knows more than he lets on. “You don't. Although I don't think it'll work out. You didn't see the hatred towards vampires pour out of her.” as of on queue the tarot card seemed to help prove her thoughts. However, seeing the reverse 7 cups seems to give the odd couple hope. Then there was the image. A beautiful Siamese cat with seven bowls of food. All in different colors.

Blair was about to grab the card as if she was in a trance.


Wait, why is she… “Fuck.” she mumbles hearing the door crashing. Her head slowly turns to face the way. Whoever came in like that is going to regret it. Her eyes squint towards Lucien.


Again, Ichi is freaking calm! What on earth is wrong with… D-did just let him? Did the vampire louder allow it? Wait, there it is. He's freaked out. Same Luci Sake. From the looks of it, he was going to leave. However, the door we magically fixed, and had no choice but to sit. Gotta love magic.

“Blair. You shouldn't be using your magic against me like that.” Blair picks up her plate of pie. Half wait towards her a big pile of wipe cream appeared on top of it.

“Magic is a beautiful thing,” she replies making the fork appear in her hand. “He doesn't get any. He isn't worthy,” she says leaning towards Ichigo.


Lucian fixes his collar. Clears his throat. “You should be receiving orders soon,” he says using his supernatural speed to take Blair’s cup of tea. “Why are you even allowing a human to witness your magic? You know it's against our rules.” he eyes Ichio. The longer stared the more he begin to realize perhaps he is not a human. He's not a fae.


Blair began to eat her pie. She sways her head from side to side. “Interesting. It's different.” she takes another bite and begins to sway her head again. “Can't be Cumin. Not cinnamon… nutmeg?” she asks looking at him. She naps her head up seeing a small portal open and a letter dropping from it. She was quick. Using her magic she had her plate and letter levitating. The plate lowered close to her lap. While the letter floated at eye level. After reading it she catches it on flames. “You. Son. Of…” Lucian rocks his side to side telling her to stop. He didn't wait. He was quick and kept to his word. He’ll get Nora. But to have her stay with them? That's ludicrous! “Orders are orders. I was never told what time to go. We'll see in two days then. Just know I'll be using magic to keep our rooms safe. No vampire is allowed to enter them.” she warns him.  She then turns to Ichiro. “As much as I don't want him to know anything I need to know. Plus it'll make it easier for me not to explain the things I know when I end up doing something stupid..” Blair takes a deep breath, “What do you know?” she asks now adding ice cream to her plate.

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Bringer of Nightmares...



Ichigo starting laughing as he watch the two bicker like an old married couple. If the cards had not told him other wise he was sure those two would be together. It seemed the wheel of fate had other plans in mind for Luci. Ichi laughed again and stood up. “My my it really does seem like the wheel of fate is putting those two together…” he said as he looked at Blair he was sure Luci was confused about what he was even saying. Ichigo then turned and smiled softly look at Luci 

“Perhaps there is something you had forgotten about yourself? he said softly as he stood up and walked toward Luci. Ichi seem to be staring at the vampire but he was sure it was making him uncomfortable. ”Sorry for staring at you… can you tell me where you got this?" he said as he moved the collar of Luci's shirt to the side. Revealing a faint scar, that was hard to see.  Ichigo slender finger traced over the small scar. In an instant a vision,… no a memory appear in Ichi's mind. Which cause Ichigo to burst out into laughter as Luci pushed him away making fall to the floor with a light thud. He was sure the vampire was weird out by him touching him so casually. 

“You really don't remember do you?… You will soon enough.” he said as he stood up. He was curious to see how the this was all going to play out “Well Blair is you need out of house you can alway come and visit me!” he said sweetly we a wink. He sat back down picking the tea cup that he had delicately placed on table. He sighed softly as he took a rather large drink of his tea.

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Bringer of Nightmares...



Nora decided she would help out by clean the house up a little bit since Blair was letting her stay here. Nora started by dusting, she dust each bookshelf, picture frame, windows and other items that seemed like they could use a dusting. She didn't go into any of the bedrooms but she defiantly worked, in the living room, kitchen. Trixie told her not to get into trouble she tried her best to stay out the the room Trixie told her about. Once she was done dusting she started cleaning the floors. She was able to get a bucket and rage from Trixie. She fill the bucket with soap and hot water then quickly got to work. Once she was cleaning the floors thought out the living room, kitchen and hallway. She did the small amount of dishes that were left in the skin. It took at least two hour before she was satisfy with the floors. She was happy that the floors looked spotless. Once she was done she was finally able to take a bath. She was thankful to Trixie for making it a bubble bath. 

Nora took off all her clothes and jewelry, she slipped into the hot soapy water. It felt great against her skin, she was enjoying her bath. She giggled as she play with some of the bubble that stuck to the tip of her tail. Nora leaned her head back against the edge of the tub. This was nice it had been a long time since felt so relaxed. Nora didn't get out of the tub until the water was getting cold. She had made sure she was throughly cleaned and rinsed before getting out and drying off. She then slipped into another plain white dressed she had pulled out of her suitcase. 


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~ Blair

Ichi seems to be loving all of this. He's also not being direct. He's like a serious jokester. The way he keeps messing with th vampire king thought… it worried her. She knows when to stop but does he?


He seems to be right about Lucien and Nora being mates. Only the All Telling and the mate bond matching tattoos would tell. She's seen it several times. They way once they accept it they get a matching mate tattoo. Amber is a wolf friend of hers. Four pups. Single Mother. Turns out the wolf king was her mate. At a get-together, the King’s wife made a scene. Her pups appeared out of thin air to protect the mother and within a minute of the king examining each pup he ended up getting a mate tattoo. They all know if you're royal and their type of kind council obeys it they can make you marry another royal to keep the royal blood strong and neglect their true mate.


Blair was done with all of this. Dealing with Lucien and Ichigo who keeps a ring stranger than normal. “I don't know. You seem more into him. Don't want to interfere with the bromance.” she gets up, “Thank you for your hospitality. Until next time.” she winks back before disappearing. She drops onto her bed and sighs. This isn't going to be easy to tell Nora.


Blair changes her clothes into something more comfortable. She walks out and the scent of cleaning products hit her.

“Trixie did you have her clean?”

“No she did it on her own. Plus how else was I supposed to entertain her and keep her safe?” Blair rolls her eyes.

“You're in believable…” She heads to the kitchen to make a cup of cold brew coffee. “I have news. Nora you're not going to like this.” she signs and turns to face them as her coffee was in the making. “Lucien met with our leader… we are to stay with him until this is resolved. Nora and I. Trixie if you would like to…” Trixie disappeared. Of course. She sighs again. “Luckily the message didn’t say when. I told him we’ll be there in two days. It’ll give me enough time to get a layout of his home. Plans ways to escape or use the elements around his home. You have two days to mentally prepare. We’ll definitely be out numbered. Don’t worry I told him I’ll have a spell on both our rooms to prevent anyone who isn’t us to enter. Okay?” She’s not going to tell her about Ichigo and his fate bond crap. They’ll meet soon enough

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Fate? What the fuck is the nut job talking about? Either way he just proved that he’s not human. Perhaps a crossbred? What the hell is he?!


“Excuse you?” Is he saying Lucien is purposely forgetting something? What is there to forget? Doesn’t he know vampires lives forever. Remembers everything. Yet he can’t help to think of someone he met a handful of times in the past. Weird but wise he wasn’t an ordinary supernatural. What was it… why is this fuck face touching him.


“I’m sure you think you’re cute but I’m not gay. There’s also a thing called personal space and invasion of privacy. Touching a leader without permission gives you jail time. Something all leaders agreed upon.” He adjusts his collar and run his fingers on the same spot he touched. Blair left him. He was going to tell her to bring Nora tonight but this freak…


He sighs. “I shall be leaving too. Touch me again and I’ll have you imprisoned for a year.” He informs the guy before leaving. “Oh and that tea is enjoyable. Thank you.” He adds before slamming the door.


He blurred to the car waiting for him. It drove in silence. He needs to get home to get it ready for the girls and do some work. Plus it looks like the sky is clearing up. He shouldn’t be out when the sun is.

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Bringer of Nightmares...



Nora accidentally dropped the mug she was holding after hearing that. The mug broke into two pieces and she bent her ears back. “I am sorry” she said as he carefully picked up the pieces. Even thought she was careful she still cut herself on the mug. “Sorry.” she said as she quickly got a rag to clean up the blood that happen to fall on the floor. She then went to the sink and put her hands under the cold water stop the bleeding. She sighed softly as she pinned her ears flat agains her head her tail flicker quickly thumping again the cabinets Nora went from really happy and care free to anxious and stressed. 

“I would rather go  stay back at my house than to be anywhere near that fucking FLEAshe said in a rather dry tone. She hated man with a fiery passion. It was when she looked back at Blair that her necklace had moved just right revealing a strange looking scar. Perhaps, Ichi wasn't as crazy as he seemed. Nora had no idea who Ichigo was. Nora sighed softly shaking her head. “I think I am going to lay down now” she said as walked down the hallway before she closes the door. She apologize for breaking her mug and dirtier her rag. She then got into the bed and pull her knees up to her chest. 

It was clear that Nora wanted no part of staying with that vampire. He was rude, and handsome all at he same time. Her made her feel strange when she as around him. Like part of her like him but the other part just wanted to tear him apart. Maybe she should of been scare him but she wasn't. She sighed softly as she stay in her room for most of the two days.

She even refused to eat anything. She knew they couldn't go against the council so there was chance of getting out of this. Oh how she wished she could just go home and enjoy her simple life. She just wanted to sit down in front of her bay window and paint. Since her house was out near the forest or county side she had a good view of the forest and sunsets were just breath taking.

“ Do you think we could stop by my house soon?… I really want to paint the sunset one more time before we have to trapped with that damn flea…” she smiled sweetly swishing her tail behind her. She really hope that Blair would agreed to  her request. Maybe she would even show Blair some of her other painting that possible help some clues. 

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Bringer of Nightmares...


Ichigo laugh at the vampire king's threats. The council wouldn't lock him up, even if they wanted to they couldn't. Little did they know he was a member of the council but most of the time he was doing field work since most the members thought he was a human. Ichigo sighed as Blair said he was interested in Luci that wasn't the case at all. Luci personality really was going to be the death of him.

“I just had to see if the mark was still there…” he said looked at Blair. His ice colored eyes seem to dual as they all assumed he was gay. “I am not gay…” he mutter before she disappear. He sighed softly as he watched his guest make there leave. He let out a soft yawn with a flick of his wrist he locked the door and even put a spell on them. It was clear that he really didn't want anyone uninvited coming in this time. Ichigo went to his bedroom, before going to sleep he decided to take a hot shower. After he was clean he slipped into a t-shirt and comfy shorts. He was happy when he crawled into bed. It was so comfy and he fell right to sleep. He had been up for the last  24 hours it was time for him to get some rest. 

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~ Blair

Blair watched Nora. That neko is going to be depressed soon. She can feel it. Blair attempted to snap her fingers a few times to unbreak the mug and clean up the mess while holding Nora’s hand to heal her. However, the news is bothering her more. It made her curious to know why. There’s more than she leading on. Like Ichigo. Of the tarot cards and Ichigo say she’s destined to be with Lucien, ichi and her can be cute. Two clumsy super natural. With Ichigo’s power he would fix everything Nora breaks.

The next two days were a blur. Nora didn’t leave the room. Blair barely ate. Drinking wasn’t an issue. Especially when she has wine at the house. Blair packed her things when she couldn’t sleep. She cleans against the cold lard window. It feels amazing against her warm skin. Night like these when she can’t sleep, it made her wish she was seeing someone. To fill in the void. Fuck, now she can’t help but to think about her ex.  The only the intimate memories played in her head were the intimate ones. That was until she saw a lightening striking the sky. It did a 180.


Blair was doing everything she can to make it stop. It was as if there was no controlling it. She couldn’t stop it. It was giving her an anxiety attack.

“Please no. No. No. Please.” She began to whisper.

Before she lost herself in her head she teleported herself into water. She doesn’t even know where. All she knows that it’s cold. Looks like the sun is coming up. She had to quick her legs as fast as she could to get to the surface. The colder it got the bright it got. She ended up reaching the surface. A dolphin jumps off her head.

“Fuck. Me.” She mumbles


Yet again she teleports herself into her bathroom. She needed to take a quick shower. Okay she lied. It wasn’t quick. It was long enough for her to push those memories back inside the pandora box. Blair doesn’t feel like herself. She forced herself to put on clothes. It wasn’t her usual pants, shirt, and a sweater. She went with a jumpsuit with an open back and a leather jacket. Wheeling her suitcase into the living where she met Nora.


Poor thing. How can she say no? Blair grabes two large traveling much that container home made chia latter. “For the nerves. Come on.” She says opening the portal and pushing her things inside.


Turning to pace Nora she had her cup floating before she began to chant and poke Nora’s head, right shoulder, the middle of the chest, left shoulder, and then her belly button. To end the chant she combined for her wrist is and a magical cuff appeared glowing transparent blue. “A protection and GPS spell in case I’m not around. I’ll be able to detect and find you. I also will feel any negative emotions so if I sense you’re in danger I’ll come. Okay? I’m going for a walk. Nothing should happen. Stay inside. The house is under heavy protection my the witches council.” Blair changes her leather jacket to a long cardigan before going for a walk.


On hour later, Blair reruns. “It’s nice out here. Quiet. The house needs a makeover though. It’s out of date. I would so get a wrapped around porch and have different types of chairs on each corner with a waterproof chest container wine, snacks, and a comfy blanket.” the thought of it had her smiling and getting tipsy toes with excitement. It gave her the chills when she levels her feet back on the ground. “Okay, come on. If we go now you may catch the sunset from his windows. All the walls facing the outside are windows. Privacy windows. So no one would see inside. Even with magic. He got the very, very expensive one. There’s hundreds or thousands of watches spells on them. Plus he lives in one of the highest penthouses. A lovely view or so I’ve heard.” She opens another portal and walks through. “Klaus.” Blair says staring at Lucien’s right hand man. By his side was Trixie. Ooh that girl is such a hoe.


“Don’t say it. Shut the hell up.” She says turning around and started walking to most likely show them their room. Trixie hands Blair an enchanted necklace. They began to hold hands and chant while holding on to their enchanted jewelry. They are just casting the spells Blair told Nora about. When it was over they each went to their room.


Blair had the one at the end of the hall. Nora was in the middle and Trixies was at the other bed. Only difference is, is that. Lair only has one solid wall. The rest are bloody fucking windows!

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Bringer of Nightmares...


Returning Home

Nora was so happy when Blair said yes to letting her go home. She was about to run inside and show Blair around but before she could the woman told her she was going on a walk. “W-Wait!” she said but unfortunately it was too late. Nora wanted to show Blair the hidden room with all her paintings but the woman had already left for a walk. Nora sighed softly as she sat down with her easel and a large canvas. She then got to work painting the forest edge but in the middle of the canvas was a large tree that Nora planned to ask Blair about visiting. Preferable without that damn flea. Nora sighed softly by the time Blair had returned she knew it was time to go. Nora didn't care about this damn flea's mansion she just wanted to stay home. 

Nora stood up and followed Blair through the portal. Her tail flicker as soon as she saw Luci. Nora said nothing she kept her head down refusing to even look at him. She followed Blair to the room she would be staying in. “Thank you Blair for today” she said with a smile before entering the room. She sighed softly as she stepped inside. The room felt cold and isolated. Nora sigh as the door closed behind her with a small thud. There was on small window in her room. Nora walked to the window, she open the velvet curtains. She looked outside to the garden of red roses. She smiled softly and thought they looked so beautiful. 

Nora decided to crack the window open since she was told no vampire could enter her room. The night air and the scent of roses was nice. She yawned as she walked overt to the bed. She then fell sleep in the soft bed. The blankets were all so soft and cozy the only thing that seemed to trouble he was the fact that they had his scent on them. Nora surprisingly slept peacefully until the sunlight came pouring in through the window. She yawned and stretched before walked into the window. She wished she could just run away from all of this honestly. She knew she could the faster this vampire was caught the quicker she could go home. 

“Nora come to the sacred tree..” said a sweet but friendly voice. “I don't know the way…” she said but the voice was  quick to respond. “I will show” it said. “I don't think I can get away…" she said with a soft sigh. “There a secret passage through the garden…I promise I will make sure nothing harms you along the way…” the voice said softly. Nora was hesitant at first. She carefully climb out the window and end up in the rose garden. She then did as the voice said and followed it through the garden. She was able to slip out out of the garden thanks to on of the fence post being broken. It was covered by thick roses. Nora got pricked and scratch a few times but she made it out. She made it into the forest. It was then she came to a large tree with pure white bark and silver leaves.

Nora gasped when she seen the beautiful tree. She walked up to the tree and looked around it seem he was all alone until young blonde boy stepped out from behind the tree. “W-Who are you…” she said the man smiled at her warmly I am Ichigo. He said “Why did you bring me here?” she said softly. Nora do you remember this tree? he said softly looking at her.  Nora stared at the tree she couldn't remember why this tree was special other than she had seen it many times in her dreams. Nora shift she was still a little anxious being this far in the woods but she could still see Luci house. She was sure Blair would be here soon. Nora carefully walked around the tree and running her slender against the strange colored bark. She felt at ease when touching tree.

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~ Blair

Blair didn't care what the others were doing. She can sense that they are still in their room. Yet again, she was looking out the window. Her view is nothing special. 

Why couldn't Nora have this room? She is the one who likes to paint. This would've been perfect for her. After unpacking, B left her room to go look for the devil. Klaus was already waiting for her. He leads her to Lucien's office. All these fucking windows are going to drive her insane. 

“Any issues arriving?”


“Did she share anything with you that I need to know?”

“She calls you a flea and she would rather be anywhere but here” Blair gives him a big smile. He doesn't seem to assume. Lucien leans back against his chair. A black kitty appears around his neck. He didn't seem phased by it though. 

Blair waited for his orders. He wasn't doing or saying anything. With great annoyance, she gets up. The second she did he did as well. 

“Take us to the garden.” he demands of her. Blair closed eyes to sense Nora. She wasn’t feeling anything negative. She’s safe. She avoided attaching positive feelings. She doesn’t wish to know if she gets frisky with someone. Sighing she cats a portal. They both stepped through to see Nora and Ichigo. 

“I’m getting tired of you.” Lucien growls at Ichigo. “You have no right to be here. Disobeying laws again. Even other leaders don’t show up unannounced. There’s always a warning. Even if it’s with a 5 minute notice. Can’t wait to lock you up.” He stops to look at the tree he normally ignores before looking at Nora. 

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Bringer of Nightmares...


Forbidden Fruit 

Nora didn't have much of a clue about this tree. Other than it was really pretty. It bark was white like snow and it even had silvers leaves yet it bare still bared a bright red fruit. It truly was breath taking she walked around the strange tree wonder what it had turn out this way. The way bark twisted and turned. Nora climb into the tree looking it over. She almost thought about eating one of the strange fruits. Decided against it. She listen to Ichi tell the story about the tree. How it was two start crossed lovers. It was an odd story none the less. Nora sighed softly as she happy sat in one of the branches until she saw Blair and Luci appear before them. She crossed her arm and let out a hiss.

“Why is he here” here she mutter letting her tail smack against strangely colored bark. It was clear that Nora didn't want to see Luci. “The last I knew the forest belong to everyone.” she said dryly before jumping out of the tree. “Here” she said as she handed Luci one of the strange fruits that came off the tree. “You should eat this.”  said sweetly hoping in the back of her mind that it would turn Luci into a frog or something. Or even better a cat!  “Maybe if you eat this you will be more attractive”  She cover he mouth hoping that the man didn't catch the word more. She quickly moved away from Luci wonder what he was going to do. Was he going to eat the fruit or would he just throw away. Maybe the vampire would fall for her trick because in all honesty she was just curious what would happen if the man would actually eat the fruit.

Would it kill him? Or would he enjoy the strange fruit. Friut that hung from the branch of the tree were all a bright red color they sort of looked like strawberries but they were more heart shape. Love-fruit is what came to mind but she doubt they make that flea lovey. It seemed like that man gave up on love a long time ago 


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Bringer of Nightmares...



Ichigo seem rather annoyed by the man request and threats. Perhaps it was time to give him a taste of his own medicine. Ichigo smirked at Nora handed Luci the fruit. With his magic that didn't seem like his normal Magic he made Luci take a bit of the fruit. With that single bite it seemed to have done something like Nora had originally thought. It turned Luci into a beautiful black Maine Coon Cat. The once tall muscular man now was nothing more than a beloved house cat. Nora eyes seem to sparkle as she seen the gorgeous cat. His fur was very soft and way his fur looked it almost looked at if he had a lions mane. He was incredible fluffy now. Somewhere in the mix of his fur was his little black kitten who looked very confused.

Before Luci could even move Nora had scooped him up. She purred at she held on to the large cat that desperately looked like it want nothing more than to escape from her arms. Ichigo smiled softly as he walked over to Blair. “MiLady why these two have ther fun why don't you join me for a picnic. The shade under this tree is rather relaxing and I have brought tea.” he said with a sweet smile. As he took her hand delicately. He lead her into the shade with a snap of his fingers. A red and white checker blanket appeared. It was large enough for two people to share. On top this was a large basket. Inside the basket was thermos pack with his favorite chamomile tea. There were also sandwiches other sweet treats waiting in side.

“Oh I also brought this bottle of white wine if you are interested in it.” He said with another smile as he sat down with her.

Simply_Random~Lucien   64d ago


“Did I say anything? Besides this is my property. I can enjoy my flowers if I want.” he is getting annoyed of this neko now. He didn't even care she said he was kind of cute or something in between those lines. Not when this supernatural annoyance is here. 


He was getting ready to talk back when he was forced to eat the fruit he knew better than to eat. His eyes went from Blair to the nuisance. She didn't do it because she looks shocked but this dude. This… “Meow. Meow. Meoow!” fucking him me. The thought to himself. It didn't take long for him to be scooper up by the other pain in his ass. She's squeezing him to death. This is how he goes out… his kitten appeared meowing. Fuck. This is going to be the longest 24 hours ever.

Simply_Random~ Blair   64d ago

~ Blair

Blair kept to herself. Ichigo wouldn't have come for fun. What is he up to? She crosses her arms watching. Listening. It was getting boring until Lucien was forced to eat the unknown fruit. Like magic you see on TV a small amount of smoke appeared and there was a cat where Lucien used to be. Her eyes were wide. How the hell… this isn't good. 

Before she had to change to protest with what Ichi did, he grabbed her hand and leads her to a picnic they magically appeared. If it want for him saying he has wine she would be ripped him a new one. 

“This better not bite me in the ass. It's against the rules to harm a leader. Even if you are one. You can lose your title.” yes, she knows. He's too cocky to be doing the things he did if he wasn't one. It apparently takes a while to get used to being a leader. So she heard.

“Easy with him Nora. He can and will punish us for this. Don't forget he got claws now.” she shouted to the girl who seems to be loving this. “So what future are you trying to make happen? Can't keep changing fate. We need Lucien to be on our side to find all those who are missing. A council meeting is set for two weeks from now. This won't end well.” she explains laying down. Might as well get comfortable before it's ruined when Luciem turns back. She's under his orders for now. Blair summoned a cart full of goodies behind them. “What do we do now?” she asks greeting Lucien’s kitten. 



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Bringer of Nightmares...



“I know but it nice to see the two together for once.  Look at how happy she seem… I am sure you didn't know she could purr or smile like that” He said with a soft smile. He poured himself some tea and sipped it slowly before laying down on the blanket and looked at the clear sky. Everything seemed so peaceful. Except for Luci over there who was growling and hissing up at storm. It didn't stop Nora from holding him close. She was purring so loud that he could hear it from where he was. “Love is blind as they say…” he said as closed his eyes. It was so peaceful the birds were singing the scent of flowers filled the forest nicely. 


Suddenly there was a shift in the air. Within only a few minutes the sun seem to disappear as if solar-eclipse had occurred. Ichigo sat up quickly, it seemed as if they had been surrounded. the scent of death that linger in the once flowery smelling air. “Nora! Get over here! …" he said as he shiver it felt as if something bad was going to happen. Suddenly he felt as if he could move but only watch at the scene that was playing out before them like a nightmare. Crows cawed  eerily in the distance. The sound of other animals fleeing.  

What was happen? Where was this coming from? How could no one sense this until now? Ichigo was sure this part of the forest was safe thanks to that tree. Everything seem to be changing drastically. Some of the spawn jumped down from the tree tops. They surround Nora was holding tightly of Luci the cat. It seem that these were failed mindless vampire  frightening none the less. 

Nora was shaking slightly her ears were flatten against her head. It was then one of the spawn snatched Luci from her hands. Nora screeched in ear deafening tone to give him back. Nora hissed angrily baring her small feline like teeth. Spawn was circling her, she was too concerned about getting Luci back. 

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Bringer of Nightmares...



“I said give him back you disgusting parasite!” she said angrily. Spawn were very unappealing and mindless. Nora paused for a moment then realize that strange scent. It belong to that vampire. It was him these were his mindless minions. Nora hissed as she scratch the spawn that happen to be holding Luci. She was actually her claws slice those this strange monster skin. The spawn scream throwing the cat. Nora caught Luci held him closely to her. The spawn pounced on her she whimper as they dug their claws and teeth into her soft skin. She was surprisingly able to scratch and slash a few spawn way from her. There were too many of them. 

Nora was scared but at the same time she was anger. Nora ice blue eyes changed to bright glowing amber color. Nora let out what sounded like a scream that changed into roar. Ichi and Blair could barely see Nora and Luci under all the spawn that had pounced on top of them. What Luci could hear was the sound of cracking bones. It sounded painful, Luci was surround by soft sleek ivory fur.It was probably smothering until suddenly the spawn went flying revealing a rather large cat like creature. It was clear this wasn't a normal cat but a were-cat walking in it primitive form.

The large cat looked similar to a mountain lion but was a little bigger than one. Her left paw had a strange black and red appearance. Her claws were a lot longer on that side. Nora easily slash and claw down any of the spawn that approached her and Luci. Once they finally had a change she picked Luci up by the scruff of his fur she took back to the tree with the other. She was able to get him there safely but it seem spawn wasn't going to give up so easily. They soon came back with rope and chains pulling the large cat  down. Nora roar and swiped at the mindless creature it was clear was around somewhere. Nora tail flicker behind her rapidly. Her amber color eyes scan the forest. 

Shortly after the large cat was pin to the forest floor. The sound of horses  could be heard in the distance along with a carriage of some sort. The rattle of it's wheels, whipping sounds of the reins. Nora hiss as she struggle to keep her head up. It seem like Blair and Ichi could barely move the same went for Luci. He wasn't able to change back thanks to that fruit. Ichi did say the fruit effect wore within 24 hour but they would end quicker if given a kisses by the one who gave them the fruit. Nora was the one who gave Luci the fruit. Of course in this form there was no way she was  going to be able to kiss him. Nora wasn't even sure how to change back. This was all still new to her.

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Luciej was going to make her stop. This isn't okay. This unknown supernatural is… is… fuck that ear scratch feels good. Ugh. Fuck. He called for a bit but kept meowing. His own pet left. He said that he'll go enjoy the shade with the magic finger girl to are if he can get some fancy cat food. Traitor. All for food. 

Weird how he could understand the kitty. His whiskers began to tingle. Shiver. Something. Something is going to happen. He can sense it. No one seems to sense it.come on Blair!

Within seconds the place got dark. Darker than he's ever seen before. He was good at hiding emotions. But how little body trembled. Traitor. He doesn't understand what the hell is happening. Where the hell is Klaus? 

Nora ended up shifting. He heard stories of certain nekos who can shift. He doesn't remember much. He was never into Nekos. Not like the others. He coupe care less for their kind. As long as they show respect, respect would be shown back. Don't get him wrong. He has imprisoned a few. Eventually, let them go. That's the most harsh thing he's done to their kind. His don't body caused him to pass out a few times from the fear and pain. Lucien went to go help Blair. He kept trying to open her enchanted necklace. The locket needs to open. Stupid small soft paws!

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Trixie was with Klaus. He ended up seeking her when Lucien met with Blair. She won't admit it but she's in love with a vampire. All was fun in games until something shifter causing them to stop in the middle of some intense intimacy. Klaus left to go get the rest of the men. 

Trixie freshened up bit the longer she took the hard it was to move. It took everything in her to use her enchanted magic. It was a token from their leader to use only in emergencies. This is an emergency. Within seconds she was by Blair. “What the hell is going on? Why is there a tiger? Where is Lucien?” Blair could only move her eyes. And this first kitty was being… even with the enhanced powers it was hard to breathe. Trixie stopped the cat and helped Blair open her magic pendant. 



“For suck sake. Finally.” Blair shouts slowly moving. This is no ordinary vampire. “Ichigo do something.” she says trying to stand by kept falling back down. 

Trixie and her held hands. It made things easier. Although she fears the longer they help each other their leader will arrive. They can actually use the help, to be honest. Blair takes a deep breath and began to unlock a few things within her. She learned from a wide witch now to store some magic for rainy days. Time to use some. Trixie is more of a nature kind of girl. Using the tree to help give her powers. It took longer than normal to build a shield. Anything unwanted would burn. Them mindless fucks kept burning. As they caught in flames, those on Nora or Lucien didn't hurt them. Trixie managed to send a message requiring backup. 

Then they appeared. The other leaders and some extras. The faes. The witches. The Lycan. Etc. 

Before they could attack, the thing that appeared disappeared. The sky cleared up. You can hear orders being shouted. 

When asked for Lucien, Blair lied and said he wasn't on the grounds. If the others found out what truly happen they would take this tree and experiment on the fruits. Her leader was disappointed in her. He said how she was distracted and it got the best of her. Until further notice, she isn't the right hand. Trixie is. All Blair did was nod. When the Fae Queen asked about the oversized cat Trixie lied and said it was one of Lucien’s pets. The girls opened a portal for the two kittens and oversized cats to walk through. Blair had no choice but to leave Ichigo to fix what he started or attempt to. Trixie had each cat press their nose against one another. Something needs to work. They can't have Lucien stay a cat much longer. 

“Just kiss,” Klaus says knocking down the door. He knew which small soft paws were his lord. “It's the only way to turn back. Like the humans say a true loves kiss or some shit.”

“Norw. Shift to your normal self and kiss him. Pretend he's prince charming. We need him. If the other a find out about what happened no one is safe. You. Lucien. Or the magical tree.” 

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Bringer of Nightmares...


Making an appearance 

It wasn't long they were all greeting by a maniacal laughter. Watching the whole scene from Lucien's desk chair was Lord Valen Cain. Valen had mysteriously disappear many years again due to the possibly accounts of treason. He was from old blood, the vampires that tried to approach him were easily turned to dust before his feet. He let out another laugh as he stood up. Standing before the was a tall man. With long ebony color hair, his clothes seem to be from an older era but they were nice. He was in suit of sorts with a red over coat. He had black cane that seem to match his attire. His shoes were shined he looked flawless. 

His cane hit the floor hard as he approached the group. The pressure that he put off and  the shift in the atmosphere was suffocating. “What a pathetic group… you all think you can beat me…. Even he couldn't do so… Even your little council can't save you…" he said as threw Ichigo to them. Ichigo had settle things was about to come here but was caught of guard by Valen. Valen had beat him pretty bad considering the amount of blood he was covered in.

“Ichi… you should change out of that human husk before you truly die… it would be such a shame to watch you died so easily brother…” His voice was harsh and dry. “Unless you are already dead….You poor bastard” he said with laugh. With a flick of his wrist the witches, Lesser vampire (Klaus) went flying in a blink of an eye. They were pinned to walls by an invisible force. That left Ichigo, Nora and Luci to his disposable. His ruby colored eyes lock on to Nora. He knew he smelt ancient blood in her. Before he reach for her snatched Lucien up and laugh. “How funny… the vampire king nothing more than a pathetic cat…I was honestly hoping for more of a fight from you before I take your throne as my own…But what can you do…” he said as pull the cat close he then bit down hard on the small cat neck. Sucking the blood out at a rapid. Before he could finish the cat he was thrown to the floor by Nora who seemed to be able to move freely thanks to that old blood that swirled through that body of hers. There was something else he wanted form her. It was sure that somewhere deeply embed in her body. His crimson pearl that seem to have been stolen from him many years ago. 

The large lion like cat roar at him standing over Luci. She bare he long teeth at look as if they belong to a saber tooth tiger. “Such a shame I won't get to enjoy sucking you dry… Especially since your blood is rare…” he said as he quickly moved throwing Nora hard to the ground. Every time she try to move he would throw back down on the floor.  “Whats wrong kitty-cat can't keep up? … Don't worry I will reunite you with your family in the after life.” he said before he could knock her down. Ichigo grabbed one of his ankles causing him to fall on his face. Valen his hissed as he quickly got up he was greeting by Nora who bit down hard on his shoulder. Digging her sharp glassy talons into him. I did not phase him, at that moment Valen plunge his hand into Nora chest. He pulled out a small red sphere that seem to glow crimson, a smile appeared on his face. He then threw the large cat hard to the ground. 


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Bringer of Nightmares...



Nora growled at the vampires and everyone telling her to shift back. Don't they know she would of she could. Ew kissing that flea made her let out a low growl which seem to have startle them before they were interrupted by a crud laughter. Nora knew that laugh, her amber eyes locked on to the vampire. Before anyone could really do anything they were all tossed aside like dolls. Ichigo was roughly throw before her feet, Nora could see he had been beaten and cut at least few times with a knife or sword.

When Luci got snatched up she could help but to feel angry. It was as if her body acted on it's own. She attack the vampire. She was thrown down so quickly but they didn't stop her from getting back up she had to try. When the Valen spoke about sending her to the afterlife with her family she seem to have lost. She had bit the man hard almost snapping the bone but the vampire didn't seem phased by her at all. It was then she felt a sharp pain in her chest as her ivory fur began to be stain with crimson. She  was then thrown to he floor near Luci. She had no idea what he vampire had just pulled out of her body it seem to be something of value to him. 

Nora struggled to move but with on shaky large paw she pulled the small black cat closer to her. “You are cuter as a cat…” she whispered softly before cough up blood. She shift back kissed Luci lips softly. She was sure some of her blood had enter the Luci's mouth. Her pale rose colored lips were cover in it. She seemed to be choking on her own blood thanks to that vampire puncturing her chest possibly her lunge. She could tell Luci was hungry or at least need to feed since his fang appeared to be rather long. She wouldn't put up fight if Luci wanted to feed from her. There wasn't much she could do at that point anyway. Other than lay there holding him close to her if only for a moment. 

She shiver as she pulled his head closer to her neck. She closed her eyes wait to feel the pain of his bite. She could feel her face turning red as she was rather embarrassed. She let out a soft moan that could barely be heard when Luci bit down on her neck. It was a strange feeling she felt as his fangs pierced her skin she seem to enjoy it. She gentle ran  her finger through his ebony colored hair. Even thought she claim to hate him and only think of him as a flea. It was clear she didn't want him to die. She held tightly to him until finally he pulled way from her neck. Nora made sure to give him again softly on the cheek. “Kick  his ass Luci…” she said softly as rolled to her side clutching her chest. Nora could no longer keep her eyes open. She closed her eyes and everything seemed to go black. She was greeted by 3 familiar faces. A tear slid down Nora cheek.

Nora was greet by her mother who hugged her warmly. She was so happy to see everyone. She wanted to embrace them all but it seemed as she tried she phased through them.She didn't understand under her mother spoke in a somber tone that she wasn't dead yet. She still had a long life ahead of her even thought right now it seemed like she would die. 


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Bringer of Nightmares...



Ichigo couldn't stay in his human form any longer. Before Valen could stomp on his head he shifted into his true form. Valen was blocked by large deer like antlers that seemed to glow faintly with a heavenly light. Ichigo appear almost deer or hose like except his body was cover with blue colored scales as if he was a dragon. His mane and tail flowed like a river of light behind him. His hooves clatter against the floor as stomped. He shoved the vampire away easily. It had been so long since he had changed into this form. It felt strange but it also felt natural. 

“I haven't call you brother in a long time… Not since you betrayed me and the council. The council we started all those years ago and for what? That stupid pearl?” he said with a snort.  “You have gone mad with power… It seem to have consumed you from the inside out…” he said firmly. 

Ichigo sighed softly as Valen charged at him. Ichigo stopped him with his antlers. Valen hissed as he was pierced by Ichi antlers. That didn't stop the vampire from pushing Kirin back. Ichigo sighed as his hooves had no real grip on the floor was it was no surprise that Valen could push him so easily. Valen tighten his grip on Ichigo antler as it seem he was trying to break them. Ichigo jerk his head back and then ram the vampire hard  pinning him against the wall with his antlers. 

Blood dripped on the floor. The vampire looked almost as if he had been defeated until. He started laughing again.  “You thing you have won…”  Valen said as he disappear from the Kirin grasp. He then reappeared on Ichigo back. No matter how hard he tried to buck him off he couldn't 


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(sorry it a little short I am getting sleepy)

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Luciem is over being a stupid cat. Why couldn't be transformed into something nigger? Not a kitten. He would sigh but he's afraid to meow instead. He couldn't be more thankful for Blair. She understands things she shouldn't like hiding the fact he has a magic tree and he's temporarily a fucking kitten.

Once again things rook a turn. He felt someone powerful in his home. Someone who isn't a leader. He's new or is he? I'm seconds he was captured. Hanging by his for around his neck. What's the bloody proper word for it? Whatever. All he did was hiss in this powerless form.

It's happening again. Nothing is making sense but or is. Klaus was right when he said something was wrong with Nora. Her blood is rare? How? In what way?

She was defending him with her life. Someone who obviously hates his kind because of this bloodsucker. It was when he beat her and drank her blood. His blood began to boil. He can feel his eyes darkening. His won't body is viciously vibrating.


“Kick  his ass Luci…” Lucien pressed his tiny forehead against hers.

‘I’ll do my best,’ he said to himself. He did something he knows she would give him an ear full for doing. He licked her blood. There's a reason why he killed her family and it was for their blood. How magical can it be? He pounces on Blair to wake up. When she started groaning he went back to drinking her blood. Only the ones already coming out. He doesn't have his fangs. He could hear a quick whisper. She was chanting. Think. Think dalmit! He heard them say something about a kiss. How the fuck do cats kiss. He watches Nora blackout. His anger made him feel weird. She's dying because she protected him and for what? He could have sworn he heard her take a last breath and with that, he transformed back to himself but bigger and with more hate for the world.

He left them knowing Blair would take care of them. Despite being demoted. He turned on the sprinklers to wake the others up as he went straight to the vampire.

“Nice to know I'm not the only one who hates that fucker.” he says referencing Ichigo, “This is my home. My turf. My visitors you're hurting!” he snarls. Never in his life has Lucien used the bat call. The sound coming out of him could only be heard by vampires. He's summoning them all. Fighting this fuck face should give the others time to come up with a plan. For now, he’ll use his strength, rage, and Nora’s blood to fight him.

*fighting scene begins, lol*

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Blair felt so weak. This guy took down the council. No one should be that strong. Yet here he is. This underwhelming pressure was messing with her. Lucien woke her up.

Ichi is right, they look like they're destined to be. Their weird interaction has her sole strength. She's not dying like this. Not when she hasn't experienced real love. She wants her ex to regret leaving her for someone else. Yet have the balls to claim he misses her just to sleep with her.

B had both Trixie’s and her exchanged necklace. She never felt power like this. She didn't move but created and healing circle to heal those closest to her. “Nora wake up. We need you. Help us, help you to kill this fucker. Get revenge for your family. Give yourself that peace.”

When Trixie woke up she went to heal the others. Blair isn't going to sit by and let the council die. It was so hard to move but the fact she was able to move is not taken for granted. When she reached the outside without a portal, seeing everything firsthand. Damn. She looks to see the vampires fighting. Using her blood, she kneels and presses her hand in the dirt, chanting to use the earth element to help slow down the evil fuck. She can feel the tree's pain when they would break but it was enough to help him down when it matters. “Ichi!” she shouts when a swarm of them evil naya began to attack.

What surprised her was to see the head witch using her natural fire magic to turn the sky red and burn those who wish harm to them. The mage was still out cold but through the soil, she felt magic heading her way. When the window blew a message whispers in her ear. Only for her to hear. He's letting her borrow his magic. Prove that he was wrong to demote her. Prove to everyone why she was chosen amongst more experienced and reload le mages and witches to be the right hand. Second in command.

Blair started with forming a barrier to those who aren't fighting and having a golden light heal them in the process. It was easier to do what she wanted and not have to chant to make them happen. She would move Lucien to prevent him from getting hit. Using the elements against the vampire. “Ichigo we need a plan as of yesterday. I don't know how much longer my body can handle all this power that can't my own.” right now she's praying for it to end. Her body is slowly getting ready to give out

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Bringer of Nightmares...


Valen didn't seem to bother by the witches attempt to stop him. He had his crimson pearl back that was all that matter. He narrowed his eyes as he seen that Lucien appear to be a vampire once more. He let out a soft laugh it was clear that Nora was dying. Despite the witches attempt to save her. How annoying the sounds of other vampires and other creatures approaching. Valen just sighed as he used his powers to summon more spawn that soon flooded the halls fighting against the approaching vampire. 

“Don't worry… You will soon join her in death…You and everyone else in room will soon parish...” he said dryly. He unsheathed his sword and then lunge at Lucien. He missed his sword hit the wall putting a decent size hole in. Valen hissed as he attempt to slash Luci again. It seem the vampire was rather fast. That wasn't going to stop him. He would spill all of their blood. They would be nothing more than stains on the carpet. 

It was then he was met with sharp antlers. The sword and the antlers collided several times until the sword went flying. “Brother…is this really how you want things to end.” of corse Valen was just saying this so that Ichigo would let his guard down. 

Valen and Ichigo went way back. Back before the council was even there. The two of them had an unlike friendship. Thanks to Valen unstoppable hunger. Valen had though that Ichi was a human attempted to attack him but he was mistaken and greeted by the great beast. After that the two became friends. They even got a group of creatures together to form this council of course no good deed goes unpunished. Valen's beloved was killed right before his eyes. Ever since then the vampire seemed to have snapped. The council he worked so hard to create betrayed him. Innocent blood was spilled they just seemed to sweep it under the rug. 


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Bringer of Nightmares...


I hear you Blair… Look I can take us all back in time but we must some how prevent Valen from getting the upper hand… I need you to come to me… Do you think you can do that? If I take us back in time maybe things will turn out differently…  There is price that must be paid… Those two will have no memories of each other the love they share up till now will vanish, they will start over as if being reset. Perhaps we can get the two together quicker this time but they are both so stubborn. He said all this to her telepathically. Only the two of them would remember what truly happen on this day. 

"I can do my best to hold him of a little longer… I will let you make the choice if you so choose I will continue to fight. If you rather go back in time then let's do it… The choice is yours but it seem we are fighting a losing battle at this time.  

It seemed that kirin had only glanced at Blair that was all Valen needed. The vampire punch the creatures so hard that he smashed into one of the large mirrors. Glass shatter around him and crimson blood splatter on it the floor but the vampire wasn't done yet.  It seemed the neko had put all her fate into Lucien to save her. Despite hating him she did have small soft spot of Luci. “NO!” Ichigo said loudly but was unable to stop Valen.



Nora gasp cough and choking on air but those ice color eyes remain shut until Valen used his magic to pull the neko before him. It was then he sunk his sharp fangs into her neck. Instead of sucking blood out of her forced some of his own blood into her. Just a drop or two was enough for him to take control of her body. Sure her mind might have been against it all but there was nothing anyone could do. Valen told Nora to kill Lucien who was stand closest to them. Nora struggled but the bite mark burn making her feel agony as she tried her hardest to defy it. Nora couldn't stop as it seemed her body moved on it's own. She approached Luci at first it seemed harmless until her nail grew into long claws agasint her will. 

Nora looked at if she was about to cry but the crimson tint in golden eyes seem take hold. She scratched Luci with her sharp nail ripping into his skin as if it nothing more. It was then a tears roll down her cheeks. Valen laugh as he watched the scene play out before him like a horror movie. Betrayal at it's finest. Valen soon smiled at the destruction that he seemed to have cause. It seem like this fight would be over soon and the outcome was looking great for him. Despite everyones attempts there wasn't much they could do. Valen was going to make sure everyone suffer and lived in hell like he had. While Nora was bust with Lucien. 

Ichigo staggered over to Blair. He was barely able to stand thank to a large sliver of glass that was stuck deep in his rear leg. He had to get to Blair before Valen did.Then fell before he feet. “I hope you have decided what you would like to do…”  he said as he looked up at her weakly. Ichigo might not of looked like he was doing much but he was doing his best to keep the doors sealed. Keeping the spawns out side so they couldn't enter the room. With doing so that meant the Valen was also sealed into the room with them. Valen heavy foot steps were approaching them his blade was drawn as he was ready to cut them down into little pieces. 

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Sorry it is a lot I thought it might be good to throw in some twist and turns I just want to keep things interesting and challenging.

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Lucien doesn't remember the last time he was in a good fight. Who the fuck is this guy? Can Nora’s blood be what's giving him the power to be this strong? It would explain killing off her family. Why not make a deal with them to get their blood when requester and not slaughter them? The dal could've lasted for many years to come if that was the case.

He can sense that he is losing. He's trying his hardest. Every time he thinks he has the upper hand it was as if everything holy wanted nothing more than for him to fail. He isn't simply fighting for himself but for everyone else. All the supernaturals and the humans that were captured.

He keeps hearing the vampire calling Ichigo brother. They are obviously not the same in many ways. Perhaps it was all the annoying shit Ichigo does that made him go evil. He doesn't blame him if that's the case.

Blair is doing a good job keeping his spawns away. Just about a handful world get through. It was taking forever but little by little more vampires kept showing up in the garden going after Valen. It was a nice break. Klaus was with Trixie trying to help the other councils. Worthless. How can they be the most powerful of them all and this random vampire claims to be stronger? It made him question Nora’s bloodline again.

The founding fathers of the council were created to make peace. How are they claiming to be greater than the council? He watches a good portion fight the spawns that would survive Blair's powers. All of sudden she began to glow. The Queen which must have given her, her powers as well. This was rare. This will be the second time in history they've done something like this.

Lucien wasn't healing fast enough. He walks to the beaking circle to get a boost. He say down near Nora and ran his fingers through her hair. It's taking everything in him not to be like that monster and sink his teeth into her. He would make sure to make the sensation pleasurable and not painful.



==not sure where to go with him now…===

Simply_Random~ Blair   53d ago

~ Blair

Blair is over it all. She's exhausted. Ichiro looks like tell be the next one to die. Lucien had the same financial expression as her when they kept saying, brother. Brother?

Ichigo is a big flirt but yet secretive. It's like she doesn't know the real him. When he spoke to her telepathically she froze. Her magic kept on going though. One thing that some witches forget is that when you use elements you need to give them an offering. She gave the death element her blood some magic. It's been helping her without needing her to tell them what to do but she is getting weaker. That was until she felt another powerful surge. The Queen’s magic. It's so much stronger than the King’s. Her Burgundy hair that is always mistaken for fark brown began to glow showing it's reddness. Her secret magical tattoo began to glow along with the rest of her body. She began to use more force against their enemy. It gave the vampires more of a chance. She saved a fee vamps from being brutally injured. This is a losing battle. Without speaking, the earth provides an apple from the tree.

“Let's do it. How far back are we going?” she asks jogging to his side trying to heal him during the process. He needs to hurry before they get attacked. How will she explain this to her council? Can she even do so? Ugh!

“You need to explain everything. No more secrets Ichi.”

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Bringer of Nightmares...


Frozen in time 

Everything seemed to freeze in time, as the two made to each other. It was then a rip appeared before their eyes. Ichigo lead Blair inside the rip of time. It was strange almost like entering a tunnel of darkness until sudden you were surrounded by different mirrors. Each mirror was a different moment in time. A different memory some might say. It was then a cute framed mirror appear before them. The mirror had a pink pale frame. Painted in the center of the frame was a dark pink bow. There seemed to be something written on the bottom of the frame all you could read was Nora Ketsueki. 

Ichigo shifted back into a human like form. This from was different from his usual youthful - happy-go-lucky appearance. He seem much more mature. His hair was a lot longer too. His blonde hair draped around his shoulder. He sighed softly as he carefully tucked a piece of loose hair behind his ear. He really didn't like appearing like this in front of others. The only one who him like this was Valen. This form normally got a lot of attention thanks to how he looked. "I am not fully sure but we could go back to when they reunite again…If you look here it seems like they were once friends" he said softly as he carefully grabbed the pink colored mirror and handed it to Blair. The mirror started to play a memory, a forgotten memory it seemed. 

The memory showed a young neko girl play with what looked to be a vampire. That young girl was Nora, she was happily playing with Luci. Even as a child she didn't seem to be scare of vampires like most nekos were. She told the vampire who was Luci that she enjoyed spending time with him. It seemed like not long after that her family was attacked by Valen. Years seem to go by the girl seem to forget all about that memory.

 “It is really a shame… because he never used to be that bad… When I met Valen it was by chance… He even help create the council we work for today… I even consider him my brother… Everything change after Victoria was kill in one of the war. Of corse Valen blamed the council for not stepping in time. Valen and Victoria were from old blood as they say. It was hard for her to give up owning a neko slaves. I think you understand how this ends… I can't take us back to Nora childhood but I can take us back a few weeks. This would take their memories as a price but maybe we can think of something to stop Valen while those two fall in love… What do you have in mind Blair?” he said softly as he looked into her beautiful eyes. Ichi would admit that Blair was a very attractive woman. Putting that thought aside as they had many more things to think of and attend to.  “I am sure you have more questions I will answer them all the best I can." he said with a soft smile.

Simply_Random~ Blair   32d ago

~ Blair

Blair didn't think she would make it on time. It was as if they were fighting to reach the finish line and Ichigo is the prize. It didn't matter that she was using her gift to heal him from a distance. He isn't healing fast enough!

“Ichi!” she shouts as the earth helps give her momentum before she jumps towards Ichigo.

The second they touched time froze and everything changed. It was dark but Ichigo had enough strength to walk. It felt like it took forever but then there was something shining at what a tunnel. Are they entering or exiting the tunnel? There were mirrors everywhere. Blair looked at one of them. It's a memory. She turns around to ask Ichi where the fuck they are but he was different.

Blair gasoed. He wasn't an anime anymore but he went himself either. He went from a happy young hipster to… a model God thing. Blair quickly looks away. His voice was different too. Well, damn.

Part of her wanted to touch a mirror, but she's not stupid enough to do so. There's no telling what could happen.

Ichigo began to talk. He touched a mirror. He's fine. She's still not going to touch one though. The mirror he was holding had a pink bow. “Holy shit…” she says confirming what he said. They did know each other. She was just a baby. They look like friends. Happy. Then it got dark and boom Valen is seen that's how it starts…

Blair turns to look at him. He was already looking at her. She scrunches her eyebrows for a few seconds. He is distracting. “Stop staring…” she whispered.

The witch closed her eyes and had her palms facing one another. It took longer than she wanted for an apple to appear floating between her hands. It was an apple from the weird tree. “Nora instantly changed when her turn to a wee cute kitty. Let's make it happen sooner.” Blair then wiggled her eyebrows. Hopefully, it works!

Now that the apple is with them, it is easy for her to make it disappear. “Fuck yeah.” she says crossing her arms, “Especially all of…” she swirls a finger painting his at him, “all of this,” Blair says arching an eyebrow.

“Alright. Time traveling isn't my thing so what are the rules? Are we going to have to avoid our past selves? I need to know what to expect before we go back in time.” Blair is excited to see how this works. Yet terrified. The previous time traveling required to touch. That was life and death. Now he's... In this form. It's weird. Perhaps simply touching him with a finger will be enough. Or are they going to have to hug or embrace each other somehow?

“Ready. Let's go.” Blair says taking a deep breath. Hopefully, they can rest a bit before things go crazy again.

NightMare   25d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


“Do not worry they are frozen and cannot move right now. They don't even know we are gone… We are pretty much invisible to everyone right now… This realm will not stay open long. So let do this quickly… Just remember after we do this they will not remember us. We will have our memories, but theirs is the price of this. They will not know each other now. I mean it seems they knew it each, but those memories seemed to have been forgotten. ” he said as he grabbed a hold of Blair arm gentle. He touched the pink mirror once more this time it got bigger. It looked like a full body mirror but as soon as Ichigo stepped forward. He took a deep breath before stepping side the mirror. He pulled Blair along with him.


"Alright we are currently back a couple of weeks. Nora should be at her house just like she was when you first found her. As for Luci. I assume he is at his home getting an ear full about the vampire attack. Now remember they don't know us yet. I can try to get Nora to come of the tree, if you want to drag Luci to it? Remember it's in the forest not too far from Luci house. I will see you at the tree. Do not worry you will not run into your past self, because you are yourself. he said with a faint laugh.

As let of Blair's arm, he made his way to Nora house. He had to think of away to get her to the tree. Perhaps she would be sleeping and he could just carry her there. That was the only thing he could hope for right now. Ichigo made his way to Nora's house. It was dark out but lucky he could see in the dark. He noticed her window was open. He carefully made his way up to the window. He slipped inside, she was sleeping just like he had hopped. He carefully picked her up and carried her out the front door. Thankfully Nora was sick so she was sleeping heavily. 

Ichigo made it back to the tree, he carefully laid Nora down under the tree, after covering her up with a throw blanket he happen to grab on his way out of her house. Ichi stood there silently hoping that Blair was able to work her magic and get Lucien. 


Simply_Random~ Blair   25d ago

~ Blair

Did he just tell her not to worry? They need to worry. What they do from here on out determines how their future ends! How many redos can they get? They can keep meeting with everyone future. There will be repercussions.

Blair could still feel her leader's magic within in. She quickly stores them in the enchanted pendant that was given to her. Just rk be safe. She may need it doing this crazy idea of his.

Everyone loses their memory but them… that, that is something. How does he know all of this? How many times have he done this? Blair didn't know she was holding her breath when he touched her arm before touching the mirror. Oh, now it expanded in a second to a long wide mirror. She felt the end finally leave her alone.

Ichigo will get Nora. She'll go get the vampire king Lucien. They'll meet in his Garden with that freaky tree. They got this. Before she could protest he pulled her in. She needed a second. They should have discussed a backup plan.

Yet here they are, a few weeks before everything. How far did they go back? Before or after her sister died? Ugh, whatever. “See you soon,” she tells him before using her powers to create a portal. In seconds she was at Lucien club. There she met Klaus. “I need to see him. Now.”

“Blair…” he looked frightened. Then she came out of the club. Trixie. Trixie ditched their plans for some… that whore. Her face went pale.

“Yea, yea. Ya are fucking but not together. Whatever. I need to see Lucien. Is he here or at home?”

“Home. He’ll be here in an…” he stops seeing a portal open in Lucien's hallways, right in front of his office door. “How…”

“Trixie, I order you to stay here. Enjoy your night. Don't follow.” Blair says smiling hiding her hander. Blair didn't movea an inch. Her portal moved to her. The second she was in, it closed.

“What now…” she heard him saying before opening the door. Blair waves before opening a portal right from under them and they are both by the tree.

“What the fuck is going on? Why are you all in my home? unannounced.” Blair ignores him and uses her powers to put up a barrier to prevent anyone from getting in or out.

“Part one, accomplished. So…” She didn't know what to do from here. Ichigo knew more about this situation. He needs to let me know what to do. She can force-feed him the apple. Have Nora see him as a cat and fall in love with him. Or she can rock both their hands and have them hold their bloody hands together and make what was once known, known aka bring back their memories.

NightMare   16d ago
Bringer of Nightmares...


“The choice is yours.” he said softly as he waited for Blair to make a move. He had placed Nora down on the ground. It seemed she had a fever. He could understand why the child had gotten sick. Since the sister had been murdered only a month ago. It must of been hard for to remain in that house. She had no where else to go. Nora shiver slightly but it seemed she didn't open her eye. Ichigo was glad she hadn't stirred too much to notice she was no longer home. 

Ichigo looked towards Lucien, who seem rather confused about that matter.  “ This is Nora, the girl you assign to help. Seeing as she might have valuable information about the vampire who slaughter her family. I fear she had no memory of the vampire. Maybe if she work with you could help her. Perhaps you could stay with her for a few days maybe the vampire will return to the scene in hopes that he can Nora. After reading her file closely it seems she had werecat lineage so that could be why he attacked her family.” he said softly as he crossed his arms.

Ichigo then looked back towards Blair wonder if she had made a choice be between the devil's fruit or restoring their memories. Ichigo notice Nora starting to stir more so he looked toward Blair with hopefully eyes.


Nora suddenly sat up graspig the blanket in her hands tightly. “Where am I?” she said  with a soft tremble as she looked around at the people. “Is this a dream?” she said as began coughing. It was getting harder and harder for het to keep her eyes open. It didn't take long for the sick neko to fall back to sleep. It seem like her fever really did cloud her mind. 

Ichigo let out a ragged breath, that was a rather close call but thankfully it seem to buy the more time. To figure out what they wanted to do with the two. After Blair had made her decision. It was time for the two of them to step back and watch as the two slowly started getting closer to each other. Ichigo wonder how long it would before the two of them kissed. It seemed like things were working in their favor for now. Ichigo took Blair's hand, “Let leave these two alone… Valen will probably be coming in a couple of days. So while they are enjoying each other company, let go have some fun of our own. Of course we will stay close by if they need us. How about we go to Dinner Blair? Is there any where you would like to go?” he said as he snapped his figure changing his clothes to something more modern. 

Simply_Random~ Blair   1d ago

~ Blair

Blair sighs. The choice is up to her. He can be a pain acting like a Buddhist. She tried to not extra any emotions. She watched Lucien as Ichigo explained the situation.

Her eyebrows furrowed a she noticed Nora began to move. Fuck. She hasn’t even decided. Lucien hasn’t even said a word. How would should know which way to lean when he’s not reacting. The tension between her eyebrows relaxed a bit when a Ichigo looked at her and Nora fell back asleep. She must be a sleep talker…

Blair decided to do both. Using magic She mad whipped up to plates with some Apple Pie Cookies. Of course Lucien’s has bits of pieces for the forbidden apple. She didn’t put much in his so he doesn’t stay as a kitten for too long. She then creates a barrier for both their plates. Only they can access their plates. Whenever Lucien turns and Nora kisses the random stray kitten their memories will return and so begins a new path for them all.

Lucien looks like she’s debating something. Blair steps back snaking her arm around Ichigo. “Call me when you really need. Take care of the girl.” She tells Lucien. As she was taking a step her outfit changed into something comfortable and not beaten down from a fight. Blair is now wearing a casual knee length olive green dress that hugged her in the right places with black ankle boots and a long cardigan. Her hair is now lightly curled.

“Oh, i know you wish to be close but can we stop by South Korea? It’s the original location for a bakery that’s now goma international. Paris Baguette. I’ve heard good things. We can get yum yums to go!” Blair is excited. She would be okay if they don’t go to South Korea. As long as they go to a Paris Baguette bakery. Just as they were leaving Lucien began to eat his pastries. Two cookies in and poof, a kitty.

Simply_Random~Lucien   1d ago


Nothing is more irritating than getting more reports of missing people. People who went to his club. He’s very strict but yet stupid people get temporary balls and attempt shit. This is by far the craziest shit anyone’s ever tried. He’s able to keep shit under wraps. Can’t have the Guam’s or the council sniffing into his business.

Lucien was home. He didn’t feel like going to the club. Not when he’s full of annoyance. But he also needed to arrange a few things before going. His phone began to buzz. Klaus.

Before he could answer a something magical was happening. Lucien slowly  stood up watching magical lights appear and boom a full portal. He makes his business to know what he can. Therefore who knew who Blair is. As he was about to speak the room changed and he was deep in his home garden.

“What the fuck is going on? Why are you all in my home? unannounced.” Blair ignores him and uses her powers to put up a barrier. Lucien growls.

He then heard her say ‘Part one, accomplished.’ What the fuck does that even mean?

Lucien was preparing to fight. He looks down at a neko sleeping. This shirtless whatever he is began to talk. Informing him that this neko Nora can give him insight to what’s been going on.  So this is Nora Nekomura. Her parents passed in an accident and her older sister was recently taken from her.


She’s a Werecat lineage? It’s been ages since they encounter one. Once upon a time there was pure utter chaos in the vampire community. Vampire were having a hard enough keeping the werecats in like. Than with the werewolves. Things have gotten better with the werewolves after it was aid the werecats were extinct.

Lucien isn’t sure he can trust someone he doesn’t know. But Blair, Blair is one of the best. Either the second hand or some shit with the Witches. He doesn’t remember witch.

What confused him more was watching them to react with one another. As if they didn’t just kidnap him and possibly this neko. Now they’re talking about going on a date? Lucien tried to walk away but Blair’s barrier was keeping him in. Before the left Blair gave them a pastry. Fuck. Two and a half bites of her cookies and either his surrounding for bigger or her got smaller.

Lucien was going to yell at Blair. Instead he fucking meowed. He tried again but ended up meowing again. This can’t be happening. Why is it cold all of a sudden. Lucien kept cursing but it came out as multiple meows before giving in and curling up next to Nora. She was radiating body heat and he needed to be warmed up before he dies as a fur ball.


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