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Eternal Sonata

Tavern/Inn/Central Hub

BillowStone Statue/Church

Is a church for the Billow Stone or the “Conductor” deity. (Is really a dark power gaining power from worship and the magnum opus.)

Andrew is the church but he's connected by another power. (Raven Queen)



Pirates hiding out here under a guise.


Orchestra Knight's

Knight Barracks

Jack Archer

Garden of Respite

A garden center of sorts.

Market Square


Place for shopping for supplies. Splintmail and Daggers that are +1 are the best a certain dwarf has.


Giant Memorial 

Giants statue in honor of the storm kings battle against the dark army. (No one knows the dark army is the other worldly threat except the Astral Elves.)

Vistani Camp

Astral Elves live here as well, as to avoid conflict. 


Open For More

Special Events

Aeric's Performance

When they first arrive to the capital, there is much talk of a grand performance by the Arch Duke himself. He will perform a song himself.


Aeric's Invitation

Pupil's Meetings

Ruhah's Dance

Lost Melody Approaches

Help in the Prancing Meadow

Coda Pier in Trouble

Noble Squabble

Mind Flayer Infiltration

Notes Below

An idea, other worldly horrors slowly and surely crop up as an issue. Things that don't seem right.

A woman staring out her window on a second floor.

Children who stop singing and dancing abruptly and stare at one another in a circle.

All due to the star emissary (Luck) and 


Two opposing Nobles


Rogue Vampire slowly causing issues as well.

Liam a nobles son


Half Elf Noble NPC


And head of Astral elves NPC needed.




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