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spider man across the spider verse

By lilsunrose
Backup thread

Hi, I'm looking for a Hobie or Miles to write against my oc! we can talk details later!


Currently WIP

OC Info


Name: Spider-Flower / Spider-Women. To the world she is spider-women but in the HQ she calls herself spider-flower

Real name: Flora Reed

Hero or villain: Hero

Are they a spiderman/spider woman: yes

Suit description or pic: The webbing of her suit is a pastel purple with the solid part of her suits being a bright pastel green. The webbing parts are on her chest, both her legs that go up to her thighs and her arms are the webbing part with their being two strips in the middle of her bicep being a light bright green. There are two strips on her lower leg between her knee and calf being the same green. the side of her suit is green as well with the thigh part being green. Her hood is purple without the webbing and the inside of the hood a dark green with webbing inside. ( I have a picture too, won't let me upload.)

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Occupation: Works at a music shop


Height: 4'11ft, her shoes in her spider suit makes her appear taller where she is 5'5ft
Weight: 123

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hair Type: Stops midway to her shoulder blades

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color:Tan

Race/Species: Human

Distinguishing Features: She has two piercings, a nose and medusa 



Allies: Miles, Hobie, Pavitr, Gwen

Rivals: Miguel O'hara

Crush if any: Hobie

Friends: Gwen, Miles, Hobie, Pavitr

Family: 1 younger sister and 1 younger brother. Mom and Dad

sister(s): Lillie Reed

brother(s): Oliver Reed

Dad: James Reed

mom: Oliva Reed




Primary Traits: Courageous, Bravery, Kindness, Teamwork, Hope, Humor and Forgiveness

Favorite food: Pizza and Chips

What they do to relax: listen to music, go to her friends dimension 

Intelligence: Honor Roll when she was in school

Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper

Skills: Good at Swinging

Likes: Music, visiting her friends, likes playing the guitar with Hobie, having tea with Pavitr

Dislikes: Villains, Miguel

Habits/Quirks: She fidgets with her fingers and piercings a lot.

Fears: Losing her family and friends

Motivation: Protecting the innocent 

Powers and Abilities

Powers: Common Spidey Sense

Abilities: She's very flexible as she had to learn to be better at swinging

Weapons: none

Gadgets/Tech: she needs a web slinger as she can't produece her own webs

Physical Weaknesses: She's not that strong compared to some spider-people

Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: She is very forgiving and kind, she takes it to heart if she loses a clivian or someone she was supposed to save and protect.


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