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Lit - Adv. Harry Potter Fandom Search.

By Cre8tiveP0wer
Backup thread

Hello fellow Harry Potter fans of Roleplay Cloud!

Thank you for stopping by to read through yet another request thread.

Before we get to far into things, permit me to tell you about myself as a roleplayer and what I am looking for in my potential partners:

  • Please be active.
  • Be courteous.
  • I only roleplay on-site. No Discord, Facebook, Email, etc.
  • Don't be shy about plotting with me; don't make me do all the work. I enjoy collaboration!
  • I am ditch friendly.
  • I ONLY write M/F gender-paired romance stories.
  • Romantic content MUST be kept PG13.
  • I am looking for literate to advanced writing partners.
  • Please use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation; While I'm not a grammar nazi, I do like to understand what you have written for me.
  • Absolutely NO controlling my characters without my permission first.

I am looking for someone who can write the role of Draco Malfoy and possibly others.

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