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Every Hex is 2 miles

12 Hexes a normal day. 


LV 1

Coda Pier/LV 1

LV 2

Timbre Mountain/LV 2

LV 3

Eternal Fanfare/LV 3 and up

Rhapsody Road post

Trumpet Road Post

Death Knell Pass

Shooting Star Post

LV 4

Little Trumpet Village

Vistani Camp

Black Wood Forest

Allegro Post


LV 5

Cold Melody

Dissonant Ruins

Snow March Pass

Cresendo Bridge

Allegro Village

LV 6

Snow Song Isle

Snowfell Village

Shadow Parade Pass

LV 7

Prancing Meadow

Abandoned Tower

Greentop Mountain

LV 8

Floating Waltz Isle

Eternal Refrain Desert

LV 9

Feywood Domain

Diminuendo Marsh

LV 10

Lugubris Composition

LV 11

Encore Castle 


Coda Pier/Slumber Haven


Here the guards will try and detain the party at Slumber Haven, saying that newcomers are held at the town unless they can verify who they are dealing with. (A meaningless gesture to show they are able to leave.) As they send a boat out (it can't go that far.) The guards however say they are dealing with a new pirate problem and they aren't sure who it is from the newcomers lately. (Another reason not to trust the party.)


An old fisher, Jospeph Yarkins (A dwarf) was found dead at the lighthouse. (He saw the boats returning and reported it to the guard. He was supposed to be off duty but was being a good Samaritan for his people.)

A pirate and his crew recently entered by the name of Flint Sparx, his crew had mutinied after he was framed for the murder. He dips in and out of fishery and abandoned house. Trying to find a group he can pay to break out.


The captain of the guard, Derek Longstar (Knight statblock but Splintmail instead of Chainmail.) The town has a dozen guards and two dozen militia commoners. 

The noble that rules here is Edward Francois, he has a noble statblock. However he has a shield on his side and 16HP along with multi attack. He is sickly and has asked the cleric for help and though it can be restored slowly it returns. 

Flint's Crew has 4 Bandits and 1 Bandit Captain. Flynn himself has a Spy stat with a rapier and studded leather. As well as 16DEX. Making his AC 15. H 


1: Slumber Inn

Anastasia Whitesong likes to sing here, she says that Coda Pier or the Slumbering Haven (Called by both) reveres music. That in fact the entire continent/island does does.

She'll know a bit about the capital and it's noble. When looking at Anastasia song, play Forget about it. Make a contested charisma save. (Or ask them if they agree) Charisma save vs her performance. (They can use performance if they decide to dance.) If she wins they'll feel compared to meet her, and perhaps do a small favor for her.

If they win she'll find herself staring at them and feel compelled to do the same.

Fail by 5 or more and this effect is stronger.

She has seen Flynn around but something about him seemed so charming and innocent.. Against her better judgement she didn't turn him in. The bartender is a Toneless and seems to struggle connecting. 


At night Flynn tries to meet back up with her.


Here in the tavern is also a Knight from the capital by the name of Mordred. His father has left him a letter upon his death that something was wrong with the capital. He has helped fight off werewolves and captured a few pirates (or helped in) won't join the party for now. (LV 3 vengeance paladin) He plans on heading back to the capital since he has the proper papers. He will mention that he wished he had time to check the church out and it's star like nature. (If approached) 


2: Rest Haven Church 

Celestian Church, to the stars,space,twilight those connected to Tea can feel here as well. A strange church.

Araren Holidur that means DustStar Twilight Dew

Has the creature paladin statblock

Has defended the town from a pack of werewolves before, wears plate armor and can cast magic weapon. He has been dealing with a recent haunting of a short statured ghost. (Takes persuasion DC 12 to convince his theory that it's the dwarf who's missing.)

Ghost Haunting Skill Challenge DC 12. (Spector Statblock if failed but will give a clue at defeat)

3: Gambling Hall

Alan Rider. He can wears a hood but loves to gamble, he is the captain of Flints crew and mutinied because he didn't agree with killing that dwarf. (Believes him being framed.) Is a bandit captain. Rolls a coin/dice to decide who he attacks every turn. Luck of fate. (Rolls a new at end of turn and allows player to see who he'll target)

if troubles caused he'll try to avoid combat and attack them later as to avoid the guards. 


4: Barracks



5: Statue of Selune goddess of Lycanthropes and the moon. A rival for the goddess of twilight. History check could let one know that Selune and Celestian aren't usually worshipped on the same plane. (Faerun vs Greyhawk)

6: Lord's Manor

Edward is here, and will maybe invite them for dinner. As a welcome and maybe once as a thank you for everything. He knows the secret his captain keeps. He has correspondents between himself and a noble from the capital that lets them know all is well and being kept secret. (What secret is not mentioned)


If there is anything fishy he is accompanied by 4 Guards. 

7: Fishery 

Solek Yarkins, Joseph's brother provides fish and the like. He has access to his brothers old journal which talks of ships coming back rather quickly. As well as his crush on the lovely Anastasia but she is too obessed with the noble/lord/musician Aeric.

8: Coda Pier

Where our story begins! Either woke up here in this strange place.

Took a boat/adventure hook.

Here they are met by Derek Longstar and 3 guards. He offers a formal greeting and ask they are fairing and if they were bothered by thugs or pirates. 

9: Weapon Shop

Dragonborn named Willfang 

10: Anastasia's Home

Anastasia's Home.

Anastasia will ask them to come over if they come close, to give a letter. One that mentions they wish to hear a great song from a 

11: Armor Shop

Dwarf named Dorothy. 

12: Lighthouse

Can find clue's through perception and investigation.

Weapons that were used weren't on Flint's person.

Perception: DC 12

Large slashing marks and a scuffle of brute force against brute force.

Investigation: DC 12: Deduction that it could not have been Flint, but if not met yet someone with brute force of Medium build or bigger with heavy weapons and armor did this. 

13: Gates

All dozen guards are here! And roll a D6 and the knight will appear in that many rounds! A D4 for how many rounds till Edward appears. Flint will come up and try to save them as they have a common enemy. 


Special Events:


Once bandit captain defeated/Once Knight defeated/Once they reach the mountains

Become LV 2!

Rewarded 300GP for the quest if an NPC gives a reward.


Timbre Mountain

In the Timbre mountains there are scoundrels and pirates that lie as well as strange beast that linger and hide. There is a roaming werewolf pack as well as a bandit pack. Here they take advantage of the chaos but are at odds with the remaining werewolves and wolves. (They have silvered weapons) A former knight leads the bandits. Hoping to grow some military might to storm Encore castle. He feels something is very wrong on this continent and was once a Fanfare Knight.

Kavian/Dragon Born Knight


Start With Timbre Mountain Pass 2 Map. Have a Werewolf (Worshiper of Selune trying to tear down the Fanfare Knights) fighting a few Pirates with silvered weapons. The werewolf is here trying to strike down Kavian.

Werewolf statblock vs 6 Bandit statblocks.


Timbre Mountain 1: 

Depending on which side was helped. 6 More bandits will appear or another werewolf.



A dark path up that seems to have less light: (Timbre Graveyard.)


A path that remains to have more sunlight: (Bandit camp Map)

5 Bandit Rooms

Room 1:

Cooking supplies. 

Treasure table roll.

3 Bandit statblocks.


Room 2:

One Bandit statblock with studded leather and shield


And another bandit.


Room 3:

3 Healing potions

Possible patrol as well. 


Room 4:

Kavians hidden notebook

Spy Hiding.

2 Guards.


Room 5:


2 Bandit longbow archers maybe

1 Guard



If Werewolf helped and some bandits escaped alarm set off

Werewolf Assault.

If bandits helped a werewolf attack of 4 werewolves. (2 For the Players)

Patrol Alarm

Patrols: If guards not returned by an hour alarm will set and they will head off.


LV 3 Milestone here! 


Eternal Fanfare

Capital City

Sandbox within a sandbox.


Knights of Fanfare

Werewolves lost.


A rogue vampire (Maybe mentioned before)

Special Scenes/Hooks



Nearby area's.

Vistani Camp (For reading)

Pirates Faction

Rebellion Faction

Meeting the BBEG and handling Pirates faction

Special Events:


Rhapsody Road Post

Road Post Sign will mark the nearest area's

Right (Desert Town)

North: Allegro City

South: Eternal Fanfare

Roll Random Encounter.

Trumpet Road Post

Roll Random Encounter

Left: Little Trumpet Village

North: Eternal Fanfare/Coda Pier

South: Tracks of a caravan. (Vistani Caravan)

Death Knell Pass

The pass toward Little Trumpet.

May have Pirates here or werewolves as well. 


Werewolf Hideout here.

Room 1: Entrance


Room 2/Alcove:

Room 3:/Shallow River:

Room 4/Water Room:

Room 5/Tree Stump Abandoned Camp:

Room 6/Ithlid's Camp:

Room 7/Ithilid Prisoners:

Room 8/Rowboat: Werewolf Fighting Ithlid

Room 9/Giant Skull: Giant Lore, Jack Howl putting differences aside with Werewolves to fight Ithlid's. There is a strange cloaked figure (Rogue Vampire that has made a deal with the Ithilids to overthrow Aeric.) Watching and taking notes trying to use the Werewolves and Pirates as vessals. 

Rogue Vampire was someone Aeric and his party had defeated some time ago in saving this land before.

Room 10/Cauldren Room Ithilids/Inteliect devours Feasting on werewolves and Pirates perhaps.  Githyanki survivor here possibly. 

Room 11/Treasury Armory

Room 12/Exit Pier

Special Events:

Ramuh's Duty

If party is defeated perhaps have Ramuh come to clean up shop and introduce himself as head of the Knights. If not defeated he will come and introduce himself thanking them for the aid.


Werewolves and Pirates may try to clash once more unless persuaded otherwise.

Jack has 8 Bandits with silvered weapons and Flint (Spy statblock with Rapier and studded leather) 

Johny Blaze only has one werewolf not hurt. (His childhood best friend.)

Jack Howl: (Is actually CR 5 or 6)

Werewolf Leader: Has werewolf statblock. Except 90HP and 16 DEX/STR/Con. (13 AC)

Prof bonus to acrobatics/athletic's: +5 to both

Saving Throw Prof to con and str: Save for both +5

Can rage and reckless attack on demand/Rage +2 Damage 

Still uses Claws but changes are

+5 to hit and damage is 2d4+ 5 (5 with rage) 


Ithrid Ambush


Short rest interruption (Only once)

Shooting Star Post

Road Post sign will mark the nearest area's

Special Event Possibly

Little Trumpet Village 


A little village with a strange bard as an icon will love the term idols and such as he is called “The Icon”
Some Abbot parallels here with a kind burgomaster. 

Will create a puppet instead of a golem that can be the perfect apprentice as many do not satisfy him. He has discovered Aeric is secretly a romantic as well so had decided to make the puppet female.


The Icon:


The Living Doll:

Richard: First Pupil


Burgomaster:  Leonard De Cesar, the Cursed King of Trumpet Village. He cannot gain an heir that would continue his bloodline. He is a paladin tied to a strange dark blade. Won't share this so easily as a strange demonic woman is harrassing him. He has sent for help, but due to the pirates and werewolves many return afraid is tempted to go himself. However the priest a Church Hunter woman. Lady Teresa urges that his power has long kept darkness at bay in the city. She is a priestess of Selune and Celestia. 


He is a flirt, but woman can never stand to be around long or withdraw. The Church hunter is an exception but she has her vows of celibacy. 

Special Events:

BlackWood Forest Quest


Something related in the Black Wood Forest, a legend of an old music box with magical properties the soul of a lost musician in it. A rumor, he wants it for his doll to be complete.

Richard's Approach


Vistani Camp

Reading and the like will take place here and some lore dumping.


Gabierlla Esmerlda:

Luck Billowstone

Special Events:

Longstar Visit

Derek Longstar coming to visit the Vistani, him and Gabierella share a father but have different mothers. She inherited the divining arts from her mother. He will be visiting to see how she is.

Blackwood Forest

Music Box Quest Tied Here



Rogue Pirates


Two int devours 



Jack Archer who had stopped some pirates. 




Liam has come hunting for the music box himself. (Swashbuckler NPC statblock) so that he can.. Have passion in him.

Rogue Vampire spawn under Vladimier. 


The river has a spirit tied to it. Protecting the Musical box, but something threatens to corrupt it's waters. (Intellect devours fighting Whispering Ones)


Whispering Ones maybe.


More clue's/tracks and maybe some treasure.

9: Where the Fighting is taking place.


Exit (maybe the surprise.)

Special Events: 

Be stopped by one surprise NPC below.





Ithlid Attack



Allegro SignPost

Road Sign 

North: Recently scrawled Notes of a warning of ruins north.

Allegro Village to the left.

Desert village to the south

Marsh/Encore Castle to the Right

Cold Melody

Storm Giant hiding out here quest, Ithilid's and the rogue vampire perhaps.

Meet another pupil.

Dissonant Ruins

Will be links and clues to the larger play here and link to the larger ruins in some way. May mention the giants that once lived here with Copper dragons.


Ithlid's hideout here now and so does a Mind Flayer. 

Snow March Pass

Pass to the SnowFell village and may be checked by those living here. And a few Lost Melodies. 

Lost Melodies will be Were Jackals.

Cresendo Bridge


Allegro Village


Snow Song Isle


Snow Fell Village

Will be a village that resist Aeric and his believes and a more secure safe place.

Shadow Parade Pass

Dancing of life and death, a creepy valley that shows the souls “Dancing” before rebirth losing a bit more at a time. (As Aeric does not or will not believe.)

Prancing Meadow

Magic Crystals, souls or something else? 

A windmill, hermit Gawain captive by a servant of Aeric perhaps? As for servants.. I gotta give him some.

Near the windmill a town that ignores Gawain and his “Keeper”

Is really one or two giant Elder Oblex's. 

Pupils/Right hand man sounds well.

Abandoned Tower

Herron mad arc here for sure.

When revived will mention of Gawain turning into something… Else entirely. (Death Knight)

Greentop Mountain

TBA, Giant graveyard and caverns for some lore on the giants struggle against Aeric after his change.

Floating Waltz Isle 

TBA, but for now something high tech awhile ago.. Caused this. Perhaps the Githyanki that used to have a hatching outpost outhere against the Mindflayers.

Eternal Refrain Desert


Desert Map Itself

Can run into a ritual by the vampire or vampire final showdown perhaps.

Desert Town, Rising Tempo.

Here all sorts of politics. 

Chance to meet NPC's and many different quest lines.

Feywood Domain

A reflection of the world, such as the Shadowfell a slip in the knot of the weave a mirror of a place that shows a glimpse of the Fey but they cannot return.

Diminuendo Marsh

Maybe a marsh haunted house and defenitly a hidden people.. That watch over Aeric. Greatful for his deeds of past but ready to see him be free. The Lost Melodies? (Workshopping name but meet them sooner for sure.)

Lugubris Composition

My version of the Amber Temple for sure.

Encore Castle 

And my version of Castle Ravenloft for sure.



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