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Level Range

3 Players: 3-13

4 Players: 1-12

5 Players: 1-11

6 Players: 1-10

Milestone most likely

Expected Level Table

LV 1

Coda Pier/LV 1

LV 2

Timbre Mountain/LV 2

LV 3

Eternal Fanfare/LV 3 and up

Rhapsody Road post

Trumpet Road Post

Death Knell Pass

Shooting Star Post

LV 4

Little Trumpet Village

Vistani Camp

Black Wood Forest

Allegro Post


LV 5

Cold Melody

Dissonant Ruins

Snow March Pass

Cresendo Bridge

Allegro Village

LV 6

Snow Song Isle

Snowfell Village

Shadow Parade Pass

LV 7

Prancing Meadow

Abandoned Tower

Greentop Mountain

LV 8

Floating Waltz Isle

Eternal Refrain Desert

LV 9

Feywood Domain

Diminuendo Marsh

LV 10

Lugubris Composition

LV 11

Encore Castle 




Eternal Fanfare Valley has been in mist for hundreds of years. A circle of trusted advisers as well as Mist Walker Vistani know whom the Dread Lord is. Though many are unaware and have slowly become part of his Magnum Opus. 


Aeric had wanted his Magnum Opus to live on forever, he wasn't content hoping it would be remembered. His song is out in the world but dying out. (His fear realized) but in this valley he was a beloved Bard. An adventurer of great talent and power who had saved the valley from rogue soldiers and even a dragon among his old party. His songs and tales had earned the valley a new name. Once called Falldust Valley now is the Eternal Fanfare Valley.

He had scoured and explored the valley before coming across a temple. One temple had offered dark and forbidden knowledge of lichdom but one that had fit his needs. One that would cause his song to be remembered forever. 


Those spirits who live in the valley are reborn again and again. Those seeded with the Magnum Opus lose a piece more every time. The toneless are those drab and colorless, Aeric doesn't understand that his Magnum Opus is doing this nor will he believe it without proof. (Alternate BBEG/Conductor)


Valley had cloud giants before,storm giants (a few) and a bronze dragon.

Aeric had grown his armies and influence fighting against them.


Plot Revised 

Aeric came to this continent Fall Dust, refugee home to several astral elves. Slowly accepted by the Storm Giant Lord and his fellows alongside the bronze dragon mother. The matriarch and “Thorn” is the Storm Giant lord.

Here however the Astral Elves were followed, Aeric and his party had came only to make a name for themselves.

Herron had wished to create a kingdom of peace were his astral elves could live

Alexander wanted to live forever in his deeds with conquest.

Gawain had wished to serve Clara and serve as a permanent reminder to the evil that laid in the dark. (Kept alive by Aeric's magic/Phylactory will die when Aeric dies.)

In the great war that was to follow. Githyanki had and Mind Flayers had come to find this Astral Elf division. 

Aeric lacked the power, and his lifespan was finite to end the war. His songs and tales had drawn in others to fight on the behalf of Falldust.

It was than he learned of the Lunubis Composition. A temple that the Astral Elves had tried to protect, they were not just simple refugee's but had found it's powers should not exist in the Material Plane. The Mind Flayers had wanted it and though the Gith had a shaky alliance they too were demaning it's contents.

They were to destroy it and it's findings but Aeric wanted to learn more and more. He was convinced it would have the answer needed.

After much time had passed, Aeric had a student. Perhaps one he had even loved, it was never made sure. Maria, his first disciple. In time, she was slain and his songs as time went on slowly were forgotten by the outside. Forgotten in the embroils of conflict.

These were everything to him, Alexander a brother in arms he had grown close to.


He had a tough choice to make.



And the promise that Maria's soul would be reborn and be by his side again. (Disciple but maybe more feelings.)

He had to eliminate Alexander who was touched by the divine. Merge his soul with his own. Than the secrets of his Magnum Opus were whispered to him he only needed a song.

He had decided on two songs.


And the second (workshopping)

Ramuh had seen his Astral Elf kind reject the wisdom of the temple. Rejecting knowledge, and in time rejecting Aeric despite saving them. Ramuh had renounced his people in order to serve Aeric, the King of Music a lord of the land. He is the the Orchestra Knight. 


In his journey aiding the Astral Elves they had created a blade. The Roaring Symphony blade. One Aeric and Alexander had wielded. Built by impressing the Gith in their writes they worked with the Astral Elves. It drew power by Aeric and Alexanders souls. The ambition of conquest. The “Roar” and the Passion for music. The “Symphony”


Many still look up and worship Alexander here.

And many who are old enough wonder where Herron and Gawain could have gone. 

He now has three disciples that serve him as well.


Richard, an aspiring bard of Blades that wants to entertain with sword and song.

The Black Bard Koyunn (The conductor/Luck Billowstone in disguise keeping tabs on Aeric.)



Githanki Hum:

Fire in the skies,
Blood in the water.
Look to the spirit,
Turn from sensation.

Threat comes from beyond,
Safety from within.

Crush flesh and bone,
Mind and spirit soar.
Inner passions rule,
Change destroys all.

Threat comes from beyond,
Safety from within.


Mind Flayer Quote

Oh, most delicious morsel, perceive my appreciation of your unique gifts: Your brow―exquisite in its simple symmetry―is shapely, hinting at the delicacies contained therein. It is merely the wrapping, a fragile package concealing tangy treasure. Snuggled close, warm and most beneath pale bone, fatty coils of succulent gray meat quiver to be plucked, to be exposed for the appreciation of all, before inevitable, ardent consumption… Ah, that hits the spot.

Dark Power: The Conductor/Luck Billowstone


Eternal Fanfare




Guard/Knight/Son of Gawain





Madam Eva

Esmerlda: (Maybe)

Rickten: (Maybe)

Vincent Amberdeen:

Anastasia Whitesong:

Leondard Cesar:




Failed Mind Flayer Attempt/Reborn perhaps


Jack Archer:



Dark Gunslinger:



Church Hunter:


Hunter in Little Trumpet

Githyanki Survivor:


Recalls fighting alongside the Astral Elves.

Storm Giant


The Lone Surviving Giant.

Bronze Dragon Spirit Maybe:


Death Parade

Black Bard Pupil

Richard Blades Bard Pupil

Galatea Bittersong

Romana: Paladin/Bard Pupil: 

Ramuh Von Archapello: 

Sworn brother of Aeric and had once betrayed the Astral Elves for him.

Jack Howl

Pirate Head of a group that ended stranded here a long time ago. Jack can't put a finger on it.. But he never came to trust this place.

Flint Sparx

Jack Howl's first mate, but was booted out when suspected of killing the dwarf. Will return if his name is cleared. 

Rogue Vampire

Johny Blaze:


Werewolf Head



Aeric Von Archapello

Use Intoner and S/Bard character sheet spell list etc.

"My instrument is my weapon. Every battle is a song, every war a symphony. And the cries of the fallen harmonize perfectly with every note."

Battle Theme


Embers is Magnum Opus


Like many Bards Aeric was once a paladin. He had came in the name of an old kingdom hundreds of years ago. (Radiance,Fractum) came to slay a dragon that had fled here.

He was to take a piece of it to the kingdom to prove it's demise.

His friends.





They had all fought beside him and though Hiroshi and Alexander were slain they had defeated the powerful beast and it's followers. 

What he hadn't known.. Was the fact they were lied to. The being itself was divine and the king had only wanted greater power.

The dark power of the continent had shown him this revelation. 


His deeds meant nothing.. Yet his songs had brought smiles to the people still.


Perhaps drove herron mad and Imprisoned Gawain to “Protect them”.

In time by creating a statue of Billow stone he grew the power to make Gawain a Death Knight to keep him alive forever.

He won't lose what is his.


In the meantime his current pupils serve as place markers for the passion that was Maria.

Aeric Goals:

Find the Reincarnated Maria

Destroy the Rogue Vampire that had pretended to be a pupil.

To learn from outsiders his music has flooded the world. Perhaps.. He can find a way to be reborn outside the plane if his music kept growing. 

To have his perfect eternity continue forever.


Feel free to come up with a reason how these treasures ended in each place. 

Treasure Locations

1 of Swords—Avenger

“The treasure lies in a spirits grave, in hands once clean and now corrupted.”

Copper Dragon Spirit in Death's Parade Pass

2 of Swords—Paladin

“I see a sleeping conqueror, a servant of light and the fallen brother of discord melody. The treasure lies with him.”

Alexander's Tomb in Encore Castle.

3 of Swords—Soldier

“Go to the mountains. Climb the white tower guarded by the lone giant.”

Greentop mountain


4 of Swords—Mercenary

The thing you seek lies in the dancing hall of a lost soul.

The treasure lies in a crypt in Castle Emberhall Dancing Hall

5 of Swords—Myrmidon

Death Knell's and Death tales, look for a giant's final resting place in a cold and lonely place.

Death Knell Pass


6 of Swords—Berserker

In a land of snow, souls who have not yet lost flow. Find the lost Melody they will guide you.

Snow Fell Village

7 of Swords—Hooded One

I see a faceless Conductor, his temple is what you will seek beyond the Barren Deserts. 

Lunubis Compostion Temple

8 of Swords—Dictator

I see a throne fit for a king, 

Castle Encore Throne Roomm

9 of Swords—Torturer

There is a town where all is not well. There you will find a house of corruption, and within, a place of vile corruption

Mind Flayer Trying to be a noble in the Eternal Fanfare Capital. 

Master of Swords—Warrior

That which you seek lies in the womb of darkness, an alien lair a place long forgotten.

Dissonant Ruins

Stars (Clubs)

1 of Stars—Transmuter

The treasure beholden to an Elf who has lost his mind. Only when his mind is restored will he bequeath the treasure.


2 of Stars—Diviner

The Fey, Mysterous and playful. Foolish and wise, this is where I see you're treasure

Fey Domain

3 of Stars—Enchanter

I see.. lost jackals, sprawling in a marsh 

Marsh, the lost melodies. 

4 of Stars—Abjurer

I see a Samurai, long fallen near a temple of great evil. Seek his grave out and prove yourself worthy.

Hiroshi's Grave, a fallen warrior spirit (Githyanki rite bestowed upon him and had learned Githrenki way of inner peace)
Protecting the realm. Near Lunubis Compostion Temple.


5 of Stars—Elementalist

The treasure is hidden in a place a dire deal was once struck.

Lunubis Compostion Crypts.

6 of Stars—Evoker

I see a windmill, and a champion of light, now lost to the eternal circle.


7 of Stars—Illusionist

A man is not what he seems. He comes here wielding weapons new and odd clad in black.

Mysterious Gunslinger. (Give him a quest to earn it)

8 of Stars—Necromancer

In the meadow a town I see a being beyond the stars. 

Elder Oblex in Prancing Meadow false town.

9 of Stars—Conjurer

I see a floating isle! A place of hatching and growth

Floating Waltz Isle Githyanki abandoned hatch ground. (Underdeveloped Gith here)

Master of Stars—Wizard

Look for an island covered in snow.

Snow Isle

Coins (Diamonds)

1 of Coins—Swashbuckler

I see a village of music, surrounded by the forest.

Allegro Village

2 of Coins—Philanthropist

I see.. An icon, an idol of a man singing and dancing for those around him near a holy ground. 

The Icon possesses the treasure. 

3 of Coins—Trader

I see scorching sands, a city of danger and coin.

Eternal Refraim Desert City, Hot Tempo. 

4 of Coins—Merchant

I see a man, cursed in love and ill in blood.

Leonard De Cesar

5 of Coins—Guild Member

I see a bridge, a figure guarding the treasure.

Cresendo Bridge, NPC guarding the treasure. (I'll choose)

6 of Coins—Beggar

I see, an elf of the stars not yet lost in despair. He has grand ambitions, aid him and the treasure shall be yours.

Araren has it back at Coda Pier. Will have a quest however.

7 of Coins—Thief

I see.. Soon a thief of handsome make will steal a grand treasure. He will hide in the largest city.

Flynn or Jack steal a treasure and hide out in FanFare city

8 of Coins—Tax Collector

The Vistani have what you seek, a woman they have lost that is you're key.

Vistani Camp near capital.

9 of Coins—Miser

Home away from home, look to the discordant soul's second dwelling.

Aeric's home in Eternal Fanfare.

Master of Coins—Rogue

I see a pack of jackals in icy mountains.

Snow pass toward Snowfell Village.

Glyphs (Hearts)

1 of Glyphs—Monk

The treasure you seek is hidden behind the sun, in the house of a Icon

Icon's home.

2 of Glyphs—Missionary

I see an other worldly missionary, he is in dire straits. Death Knell's in the mountain pass.


Death Knell Githyanki survivor.


3 of Glyphs—Healer

Look to the west. Find a pool blessed by the light of the moon.

Little Trumpet blessed pool. (Alexander's Pool)

4 of Glyphs—Shepherd

I see a lone hermit an a isolated mountain of frost

Cold Melody.

5 of Glyphs—Druid

An spawn grows atop a hill of graves where the ancient dead sleep. The Jackals can help you find it. Look for the treasure there.

Marsh Graves


6 of Glyphs—Anarchist

I see a den of criminals in a scorching city.

Thieves Guild

7 of Glyphs—Charlatan

In front of the castle of looming discordant melody, a crafty ally has hidden the treasure.

8 of Glyphs—Bishop

What you seek lies in a pile of treasure, beyond a set of onyx doors a place of sorrowful composition. 

Lunubis Composition Treasury 

9 of Glyphs—Traitor

Look for a wealthy woman. A staunch ally of the discordant soul, she keeps the treasure under lock and key, 

Noble in Fanfare

Master of Glyphs—Priest

What evil? A messenger beyond the stars. Fast asleep.. Only through divination will it reveal itself in that evil temple. For now it slumbers. 

Star Spawn Emissary in the Composition Temple. 

Aeric's Enemy

Artifact (Joker 1)

Look for a man clad in black, a weapon that spews black smoke.


Beast (Jack of Diamonds)

A vampire betrays the lord of Discordant Melody. He may serve you yet

Rogue Vampire

Broken One (King of Diamonds)

I see a man of faith now lost in the cycle of death


Darklord (King of Spades)

No, this cannot be, a being beyond the stars wishes to befriend you. 

Luck Billowstone (looking for a new heir as Aeric's sanity is slowly slipping.)
I also see a Bard clad in black who will serve by you're side.

A. Donjon (King of Clubs)

Your greatest ally will be an elven wizard. His mind is broken, but his spells are strong.

B. Donjon (King of Clubs)


I see a man obsessed with death and it's counterpart. His unique connection to that delicate balance will serve you in the trials to come

Andrew Von Wilhem Veiss.

Seer (Jack of Clubs)

Look for an elf of the stars living among the humans. He has suffered a great loss at such a young age.


(reaction as that is her brother)


A. Ghost (King of Hearts)

I see a fallen samurai of a fallen order of heroes. He lingers like a ghost near the temple of evil

Hiroshi's Ghost.

B. Ghost (King of Hearts)


I see a saint of red hair reborn from beyond the mist. Clumsy as he is mighty.

Percival (Played by either Blakely or me. Side Kick Paladin with subclass however. In plate armor with a +1 sword tied to him)


Executioner (Jack of Spades)

Seek out the son, a man who's lost his memory and his purpose. Though called a pup he has a lions soul just like his father before him.


A. Horseman (Joker 2)

I see a dead man of great repute, a fallen brother. His body deep in the dark castle. Bring him back to the realm of the living and he shall serve you well.

Alexander Wright


A. Innocent (Queen of Hearts)

I see a young woman with a kind heart. She is strong in body but weak in resolve, she wavers between good and evil. Show her the way and she will serve you well.


B. Innocent (Queen of Hearts)

Maria Reborn if not a PC

A. Marionette (Jack of Hearts)


I hear a puppet creaking, a creature made by man's hands. Sever the marionette's strings and she will aid you.


Mists (Queen of Spades)


“Ahh it seems the cards have deigned for me to travel among you, still they allow us enough freedom to try our hand once more. What say you?”



Raven (Queen of Clubs)

Find the leader of the furred ones they will serve you well lost in melody as they are

Leader of lost melody. 

A. Tempter (Queen of Diamonds)

I see a woman—a Vistana. You must hurry, for her fate hangs in the balance. Find her at the lake!

Lost Vistana woman

B. Tempter (Queen of Diamonds)

I see a man, torn in his teachings as a pupil. A man that has yet to come to new resolutions. Find him and he will serve you well.

Richard but may betray them depending. 

Aeric's Location in the castle (Awaiting)


Artifact (Joker 1)

He lurks in the darkness where the morning light once shone—a sacred place.

Strahd faces the characters in the chapel (area K15).

Beast (Jack of Diamonds)

The beast sits on his dark throne.

Strahd faces the characters in the audience hall (area K25).

Broken One (King of Diamonds)

He haunts the tomb of the man he envied above all.

Strahd faces the characters in Sergei’s tomb (area K85).

Darklord (King of Spades)

He lurks in the depths of darkness, in the one place to which he must return.

Strahd faces the characters in his tomb (area K86).

Donjon (King of Clubs)

He lurks in a hall of bones, in the dark pits of his castle.

Strahd faces the characters in the hall of bones (area K67).

Seer (Jack of Clubs)

He waits for you in a place of wisdom, warmth, and despair. Great secrets are there.

Strahd faces the characters in the study (area K37).

Ghost (King of Hearts)

Look to the father’s tomb.

Strahd faces the characters in the tomb of King Barov and Queen Ravenovia (area K88).

Executioner (Jack of Spades)

I see a dark figure on a balcony, looking down upon this tortured land with a twisted smile.

Strahd faces the characters at the overlook (area K6).

Horseman (Joker 2)

He lurks in the one place to which he must return—a place of death.

Strahd faces the characters in his tomb (area K86).

Innocent (Queen of Hearts)

He dwells with the one whose blood sealed his doom, a brother of light snuffed out too soon.

Strahd faces the characters in Sergei’s tomb (area K85).

Marionette (Jack of Hearts)

Look to great heights. Find the beating heart of the castle. He waits nearby.

Strahd faces the characters in the north tower peak (area K60).

Mists (Queen of Spades)

The cards can’t see where the evil lurks. The mists obscure all!

The card offers no clue about where the final showdown with Strahd will occur. It can happen anywhere you like in Castle Ravenloft. Alternatively, Madam Eva tells the characters to return to her after at least three days, and she will consult the cards again for them, but only to discern the location of their enemy.

Raven (Queen of Clubs)

Look to the mother’s tomb.

Strahd faces the characters in the tomb of King Barov and Queen Ravenovia (area K88).

Tempter (Queen of Diamonds)

I see a secret place—a vault of temptation hidden behind a woman of great beauty. The evil waits atop his tower of treasure.

Strahd confronts the characters in the treasury (area K41). “A woman of great beauty” refers to the portrait of Tatyana hanging in the castle’s study (area K37), which contains a secret door that leads to the treasury.





Coda Pier

Floating Waltz Isle

Lugubris Composition

Vistani Camp

Trumpet Road Post

Little Trumpet

Death Knell Pass

Timbre Mount

Snow Song Isle

Eternal Fanfare Capital

Rhapsody Road Post

Shooting Star Post

Allegro Village

Allegro Post

Snow March Pass

Snowfell Village

Blackwood Forest

Cold Melody

Dissonant Ruins

Cresendo Bridge

Shadow Parade Pass

Greentop Mountian

Eternal Refrain Desert

Feywood Domain

Prancing Meadow

Abandoned Tower


Encore Castle


Tarroka Cards Reading


Roaring Symphony Blade

Dancing Blade/Flame Tongue Longsword. (Can shift into a rapier)

Story: Written Above

Fated Ally

Instrument of fate

Story: Something that Herron had aided Aeric in designing. Blessed by the dragon of yore, an instrument that plays one's truest desire. An instrument that can dispel the darkest of thoughts. (The intent of Modify Memory)

Rhythm drums +2 (statwise)

(For non bards a Pearl of Power)
Can also cast Modify Memory at 9th level. (Important for fixing those with Magnum Opus.)

Conductors Notes







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