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a wrιтerѕ eѕcape

By ButterflyRose
Backup thread

Hello & Welcome!

As you can clearly see I'm on the hunt for 4 more story lines.  I'm on the hunt for some partners to help get my creative juices flowing. I'm a multi paragraph writer, and I can write pretty well if I say so myself. Sorry if that comes off as cocky... That's something I'm not trying to be... So enough of that. I do have a lot of ideas that I would love to bring back to life, so I'm looking for someone to expand on those ideas with. I'm always open for any and all ideas! I love plotting with my partners, and I'm willing to put a thread on hold while we plot where we want to go next.

I can play up to 4 different characters inside of a thread, and I'm willing to do smallish groups as well. I personally don't like doing groups, because those tend to die really quickly for me, but I'm willing to bring in as many characters as possible to help move the story line along. I can do any pairing, and genre you can think of. There are a couple of topics I will steer away from, and I will list those do's and don'ts down below. I'm mostly active on my days off for a couple of hours, until my boyfriend gets home from work, and then after that I will not be. Real life does come before writing after all, so I would love to have a partner who can understand that as well! Not sure what more to cover here, but here's some things I am looking for in a partner.

Requirements for writing with me.

Number One: I love to hear what my partners have in mind. I love talking to my partners and getting to know them.

Number Two: Playing more than one character, I love, love, love that so much. Plus it helps move the storyline along.

Number Three: Letting me know if I need to change anything about my post. I would love any input you can give me. I'm always wanting to strive to be a better writer.

Number Four: Someone who understands that real life comes first. Like I said above, I do work full time, and do tend to take time with my posts.

Number Five: Someone who loves all kinds of genres. I can go from Romance to Horror all in one. Supernatural, Real Life, Dark, whatever you can think of, I'm willing to try.

Number Six: If there's something you don't like, please tell me! I will tell you the same thing as well. Like I said above, I love talking to my partners.

As of right now, that's everything I can think of. I'm sorry for the solid wall of text, but I can't think of anything more. If I think of anything I'll make sure to try and add it here, or whatever. SO yeah. Let's make this fun for the both of us! I hope you all have a beautiful day/night wherever you are from, and I hope to hear from you all soon. Thanks for reading this far!


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