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Muse A and Muse C were twins, Muse C was the golden child, with perfect grades, and perfect manners, his parents were proud. Muse A.. was the total opposite, with bad grades, and bad habits; he smoked and drank.. However, They're both devilishly handsome. As years went by Muse C got himself a girlfriend, Muse B. Muse C never tells her about his twin as he was ashamed of him. Muse A does know about her and secretly watches her, which causes him to fall in love and wanted her to himself so he does. He kills Muse C and takes his place as Muse B's boyfriend. However Muse B does notice little things about Muse A, his manners are different and he isn't sweet anymore..


All characters are 18+ as it makes me more comfortable. Also I'm looking for dom characters, I am a switch. Also you won't have to play 2 characters for long. Please send me a message on Discor if you are interested!

My username: wifeofjonahhauerking

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