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Twin Trick


  • A boy who lived on the outskirts of Starkwood. 
  • He was given a dragon egg after he tried to stop poachers from murdering a dragon.
  • He stood alongside a wanderer that he had grown somewhat attached to and accustomed to at the time.





















Twin Trick







Starkwood a beautiful and vibrant land, the outskirts laid the most "natural" of the land and at the capital the more civilized but in the lands between was a blend of nature and progression. "Homura" a town named over Starkwood's Homura flower. A shy flower that could bloom twice, and can only perform it's second transformation in isolation. Perhaps Trick felt a kinship to that flower, or perhaps he hadn't? He was sweet and caring, friendly and helpful but all at once people could and had overwhelmed him.




His parents had loved him greatly, his father finding Starkwood and it's beauty as an explorer. A researcher once from a kingdom far from here. His mother a beautiful tabaxi woman.





These two had grown close under the treetops and the two had prayed for acceptance from Iris the goddess of the elements,nature,freedom known as Eris the Rainbow. Though it wasn't impossible in Spiral for Tabaxi's and humans to bear children it was difficult and only through Iris were they able.



Touched the child was, Eris though hadn't set plans for a rigid oath from this young man. The only paladins she ever had after all were one's of the ancients. No, she had seen this childs spirit to be free. He would in time develop magic from the roots of his home, growing up he had learned Slyvain and Draconic both as fey and draconic beings were kind to Homura. He had taken swords and bows, training in various armors he had even picked up the skills to use shields and other dexterous weapons. He was of course most comfortable with a bow, as were most rangers but he had shown exceptional skill. He was able to slay goblins with other hunters, given the proper high ground and positioning he was stealthy so this was not hard.




He had helped run his father's alchemical shop but, but something called out to him. He loved Homura but maybe it was time to set forth and bloom? His mother always had seen this in him. On his hunt to become fully recognized as a ranger he was set off to slay two goblins but this time.. Alone. He was good at hunting the goblinoid types as well as other poachers and bounty hunters that plagued there land. There he was, a melancholy swordsman with an instrument on his back, Twin used the shadows and found himself on high ground. He was able to pick off the weaker poacher with a sneaking shot! Than fire down upon his enemies from the highground! The melancholy swordsman had used quick healing spells and inspiring tunes to keep this friendly sniper up! The two made a daring duo and in time pushed through the battle! (Becoming LV 1 basically) Twin had needed no trial.. he was now certain of this fact he had taken his first step into being a ranger.



Roger Williams was this mans name and the dragon under attack had talked to the two valiant defenders of her eggs.





Mother name: Jade Spirit (Jade or Spirit)


Father name: Wantabe Kuroo


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