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Fire & Firstborns

By Fushen
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Before mankind rose to colonize the land called the Kingdom of Raeth, it once ran wild with magic, intrigue, and all manner of creatures. Ever a selfish species and determined to establish order, however, humans all but wiped out any traces of remarkability. Some dregs of its influence remained in the world, but the instances of encountering it were few and far between.

The king was one of those rare exceptions to those encounters.

King Micah was the first in a long line of rulers to ever show genuine interest in anything otherworldly. While it may have only been because his firstborn indicated traces of magical capabilities, it managed to alter his perspective all the same. He threw all his power and resources of the throne behind his demand to hone his child’s natural talents and, in the meantime, declared an immediate halt to all persecution or destruction of Raeth’s supernatural entities.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the land began to fix itself. Healing herbs returned to the riverbeds. Whispers of woodnymphs danced in the breeze.  And perhaps the most impressive of all – though few knew how it came about – King Micah gained one of the last dragons as an ally. It made executions extra interesting.

Although the king and his firstborn rejoiced at the gradual return of magic, they were in the minority. Many people, such as the firstborn’s younger sibling, remained wary of the witchcraft and opted out of interacting with it when possible. It was only when the king became desperately ill that they turned to the resource. It was up to the firstborn to save the ruler using all the skills they’d learned throughout their lifetime. But something went terribly wrong. King Micah died, killed by the very magic he sought to preserve. Killed by his own child.

The people of Raeth raged and hungered for justice. The younger prince had no choice but to order his sibling’s execution. And, newly antagonized against all things magic, he’d use the opportunity to bait the dragon to carry out the order before slaying it and everything like it in the land. Two birds, one stone.

The day that the young prince summoned the beast, he also had archers lying in wait. Meanwhile the firstborn was bound and gagged, awaiting certain death in the middle of the castle courtyard. Hoping to at least save one life that day, the former heir managed to wriggled free of the restraints and warn the dragon about the awaiting ambush just before the creature could kill them. The arrows were loosed. There was a deafening roar. Fire rained from above. The dragon barely escaped not only with its life, but that of the firstborn’s too.

The pair found temporary shelter in the dragon’s lair, and much to the firstborn’s surprise, the dragon shapeshifted into a human. Now both wanted criminals of the crown, they must depend on one another to survive in a world that seeks to snuff them out.


In search of a literate partner to play in a world of dark fantasy, romance, and revenge.
Both spots of the Dragon and Firstborn are open and not beholden to any specific gender. We can more discuss details together.

~This roleplay is for ages 21+ only. Mature themes will be used throughout.
~Illustrated character art strongly preferred.
~Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation are all expected, but I’m not gonna flog you if you make a mistake here and there. If I’m not trying to decipher a coded message in your posts, we’re good.
~Paragraphs of posts are preferable. It’s a good general rule of thumb to just offer enough to work with – whatever that means to you.
~I expect a partner who is just as capable of contributing to the plot as I am. This is just a rough sketch of an idea, so it's completely flexible. I'd love to collaborate with you throughout this process so we can create a story we both enjoy.
~There is no pressure to post here. Whatever your schedule is works for me. If I haven’t heard from you in a couple months or so, I might reach out as a courtesy checkup, but there’s seriously no rush whatsoever.
~If you find somewhere down the line that this roleplay isn’t for you anymore, just let me know. We can tweak or drop it right then and there, no questions asked.
~Shoot me a message if you're interested!

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