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1. Your father, the king, was at war with the neighboring kingdom. One day as you were walking through the forest an arrow flew by you then someone jumping from a tree and onto a horse, it looked like a woman but you got your gun out and fired then something fell as she ran. You approached it and it looked like a tiara. You took another look at the arrow then pieced everything together. It was the daughter of the king that your father was at war with. But you had thought there was only a son. You go after her to return the crown but she is gone. Days later you see posters saying the princess was missing so you go to look for her.

2. A young Knight is entrusted with the safety of a Princess, the only thing is that he is a member of a secret plot to overthrow the King. The Princess, quite naive to her Father's dealings, is oblivious to this and only draws closer to the Knight as the Kingdom begins to fall apart.

3. Your friends dared you to do the devil's dog ritual. a game you play to summon the devil's dog and in return it'll Grant you protection. You'll know it works when you get large scratches on your back. It works but the devil's dog actually appeared. She claimed to go by the name Bellatrix.

4. You work at a large mental hospital for the mentally insane and crazy. It's your first day and while you're walking through the quiet halls, out of nowhere you hear a loud scream. You ran to where it came from and opened the heavy metal door, there was a girl in a tight straitjacket strapped to the table. The doctors were doing experiments on her and didn't even bother to knock her out. The girl struggled to get away then one of the doctors injected her with something and she was out.

5. In a world where vampires and humans coexist. It is your first day in school, your school is made up of mostly humans with a few vampires. There was a rumor that the vampire princess was coming to your school.You get excited at the idea and act normal as you go to class. Later a group of girls push you down and walk off laughing. You thought to yourself 'Is this how it's going to be for the entire year?' A few days later there is a somewhat tall, vampire girl who roamed the halls. 

6. Ash was undercover out in a local club, socializing with a possible associate for her mafia, when (your character) approaches, offering a couple drinks and hints at a talk. (your character) seems to be a nice person, a little bit random yet a bit funny. When you least expect it, cops bust down the door of a club, looking for a person that matches the person you met just now, saying their Mafia. You had managed to sneak the number out of her as they try to sneak out of the club

7.your walking through the forest and see a brown sack with overgrown vines holding it up and inside it. You remove the sack and see what looks like a person but messed up, she was tangled in the vines, upsidedown. 

8.You were lost in the forest and the snow was getting harder and thicker and the sky got darker, suddenly you see a large mansion that looks abandoned. You get inside and sigh, it was much warmer in here. Suddenly you hear footsteps and you hide then you see a tall 6'4 ft tall woman walking down the hall, you wonder if you should approach.

9. It's the middle of a zombie apocalypse and your out with your group patrolling your base until you hear a rattle in one of the trashcans, you broke off from your group to check it out as you assumed it was a raccoon. You lift the lid to find a harmless looking zombie girl. She knocked down the trashcan in an attempt to run off but gets caught in one of your groups traps. Your group runs over and you pull out a knife and quickly cut the net, freeing the girl. She ran off as your group yelled and argued about it.

10.(a very old FNAF security breach plot) you worked at the new Freddy's pizzaplex and you go to the alleyway after your shift and find a large 90s themed  rabbit animatronic. You bring it in and after some maintenance it's good as new.

11. You were walking on the beach when you heard someone singing quietly. It seemed to pull you, or hypnotize you, to walk over to it. You get close and see a silhouette of a person sitting on the large deck. You look closer and see that she has a fish like tail. You approach her but as you get close to her you kicked a old soda can, spooking the girl, causing her to jump off. You ran over and peered over the side only to see the tail swimming into the dark. The next day you go back to investigate when you see a large fishing boat but they were pulled something large and heavy up. You look close and see that it's a girl. You quickly jump in the water and swim that way as you were a quick swimmer so that you could free her as you seen this as wrong.

12.Your a bounty hunter in a world where there is a mythical creature called a griffin. They were dangerous and would attack anyone they seen. One day you set up multiple traps and after some hours one of them went off. You caught a griffin, they were usually small but this one was huge, it hardly fit under the net. It growled and made a few sounds as it tried getting away. It was scarred up and had a rope around its beak, it seems someone else had caught this one before but it got away. You locked the griffin in your basement then went to eat. It made a loud bird/lion sound which sounded absolutely terrifying. The next day you checked on it but the only think that was there was a small winged girl curled up. You searched around for bit to try and find the griffin but couldn't so you went up to the small girl. She then jumped at you to attack, you dodged out of the way.'re a new prison guard who was sent to watch over what they called a demon. You heard a few other guards joking a bout it and sighed then went to see what this demon looked like. It looked like a regular girl sitting in the prison cell on her bed. she looked small and skinny as though she has never been fed. She held her knees and looked like she was gonna cry.


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